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  1. The PDF is too big to upload. Try this. You are really going to want to read this.
  2. Unfortunately the brief is a pdf file and didn't upload. If anyone knows how to link it or upload it I would appreciate it. It is a must read, and details Judicial misconduct, and Governmental malfeasance. The person who filed it went to law school for 3 years but didn't get his license to practice. Instead he is a journalist who films trials like these for oversight against judicial, and government corruption. He filed a habeus corpus in case this judge has him arrested prior to the trial just for requesting to film the trial for Daniels protection against Judicial misconduct. Judge Peterson is a Federal Judge who was appointed to the bench by Congress in 2010 so she was appointed by this administration. The misconduct, and tyranny is no surprise,
  3. I want to bring your attention to egregious Government Malfeasance and tyranny. This is not hypothetical. It is happening to one of my best friends Daniel Smith. He's facing 37 years in prison for manufacturing a legal substance called MMS. His trial is going to take place in Federal Court in Spokane Wa. on 3/2/15 Here is a news article about his case. In a related case. The FDA seized, and kidnapped 7 children because their parents had MMS, (Again legal) in their bathroom Cupboard. They were not manufacturing it. They merely possessed it. I don’t believe those children have been returned to their parents. Here is a brief filed by a gentleman who videotapes these types of cases to prevent wrong doing by our courts, and government. It is outrageous what they are doing to this man, and tyranny of the highest order. Finally. In that brief it states that the government exceeded the scope of a search warrant to seize Daniels emails including personal emails going back to 2001 which would have been 6 years prior to the “alleged” crime under investigation. Many of those emails seized prior to the scope of the search warrant were private emails between Daniel and myself, as we were in business together during that time period. I believe the Government has violated my 4th amendment right privacy.
  4. “You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream — the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order — or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path. Plutarch warned, “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.” - Ronald Reagan, October 27, 1964
  5. Obama is sitting this one out apparently which is tacit approval of Christian genocide in Iraq. Without France's intervention there would be no one coming to their rescue. I work with 3 liberal women who don't think the US should intervene, and one of them is supposedly a Christian. They said it's Iraq's problem, and they need to work it out for themselves because we can't be fighting everyone's wars or rescuing everyone in the world. That's like saying the Nazi extermination camps were a German problem, and they need to work it out for themselves. That position is objectively evil.
  6. "Muslims are not murdeing bastards". Tell that to the Christians who are being massacred all over the middle east, and Africa. This video addresses moderate Muslims rather well. Islam is a cancer on the world.
  7. "Muslims are not murdering bastards....any more than Christians are because of what the KKK does." What planet are you from?
  8. I'm wondering if it isn't time to get while the getting is good, and get something for a currency that apparently Obama is going to allow ISIS to turn into a worthless piece of toilet paper when they take Baghdad. When Iraq falls to ISIS there will be no future for Iraq except murder, deeper poverty, and more murder.
  9. He's starting to look like Hitler in charge of Israel.
  10. My dad picked someone outside the family to be executor. He's doing alright so far. I'd say one executor, but more importantly equal distribution of property, anything else just shows favoritism, and will set the family up for conflict, and hard feelings which ironically about 6 months before he died he called the family together to talk to us how important it was for him that we all be reconciled to one another, and at peace with one another, and resolve all conflicts because life is short yada yada, but for some strange reason he left his estate in a way to accomplish the opposite. He received a rather large settlement from a law suit about about 15 years ago, and lavished money and things on half of his children, and left out the rest. As an example he bought a vitamix about a 8 months ago, and thought it was the greatest thing so he went out and bought four of his children $500 vitamix's, and left his to one that he already bought one for so now she has two. There are 8 of us. He burned through pretty much all of it by the time he died so there probably isn't going to be anything left to distribute, and the house will pay off medical bills. It's tough growing up in a home where one parents love is unequal. If my mom had still been alive the outcome would have been completely different, and equal. He had a mid 1800's telescope that I thought was the coolest thing, and he said he told me without me asking that he was going to leave it to me when he died, but he actually just gave it to the executor before he died. That is not the way to treat your children.
  11. I appreciate your response. The hurt is real, but the decision to forgive and move on is really the only way cleanly forward that I see. I consulted an attorney, and the attorney said he made two agreements. One verbal, and one written, and the written agreement trumps the verbal agreement. This is a matter of processing emotions, and choosing forgiveness instead of resentment. While I was asleep 3 mondays ago his whole life was being judged. He's my father, and I love him regardless of this choice he made, and do not want God to judge him harshly for this, but to give him the forgiveness I am choosing to give him. I'm happy to hear you have/are amending your family relationships. I recognize that I am at that crossroad now, and being 55 with one heart attack under my belt my life could end at any moment as well. So I am choosing to accept this, and forgive my father, sister, and brother in law. It's decided, between now and Saturday I am going to remain in prayer, and ask God for the words, and for the spirit of forgiveness. It just helped getting it out. The next time I see my father it will be in a state of perfection where the only currency is love, and there will be no memory of material things on earth. He did this deal in 2006. He just didn't tell anyone. It is what it is now. It's a done deal.
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