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  1. Anyone know what happened to pumper Stevel & his side kick Rey? Did they already exchange? ha ha. And then there is the other side kick Woman in the know (something like that anyway) lied stating she did indeed exchange. I was always entertained by their crazy crap ola. Wonder when we will hear from them again.
  2. I'm's not a game. I answer my emails when I receive them. I have sold some dinar from ones who have emailed me. Please contact me again & I will sell to you.
  3. Just started a new job thank God.....& I even enjoy it for the most part! Anyway, I thought I was going to be on the first payroll (as was told) & I find out I am not. I am selling two 25,000 IQD notes for $60 USD through PayPal. If you are interested please email me at & there I will provide you with my PayPal email address. Thanks Dan
  4. Dang times are tough right now. Got some more dinar from my sister to sell, to help me out financially until payday from my new job. I am selling the 25,000 IQD note for $30 USD through Paypal. Once I have received the payment it will be in the mail immediately. If interested send me an email at & I will provide you with my Paypal email there. Thank you Dan
  5. Bumping my own thread....... I am really desperate for the $30 USD, is there any takers?
  6. Selling another 25000 IQD note through Paypal. One 25000 IQD note for $30 USD. Once payment is received through Paypal, the IQD note will be in the mail Tuesday (9/3/13) morning. If you are interested contact me at & I will provide you with my Paypal email address. Thanks Dan
  7. I was originally going to pick Terryk as # 1 worst guru, but after reading posts above, I would have to give the honor to TNT. He has left behind so many poop trails....the air around his posts are becoming awfully stinky.
  8. Well I have been hoping & praying not to need to sell anymore IQD that I have....but things are getting crazy out of controll. I am only selling little by little, only when emergencies arise. Hopefully this will be the last bit I need to sell. If anyone is interested, send me an email at I will then send you my PayPal email. Once payment is sent to me, your purchased dinar will be in the mail (standard shipping) immediately. Thanks Dan
  9. Yes I know it's not much I'm selling at this time, just needing a few bucks until payday. I am selling 25,000 IQD for $30 USD through PayPal. If anyone is interested, email me at The email I just provided is not my PayPal email. Once payment is made through PayPal, the IQD note will be in the mail as soon as tomorrow, shipped standard mail. Thanks
  10. Hopefully this is the appropriate place for this question. Although not an urgent matter, it is however annoying. I know there are many pc gamers here that will agree! I will first add that I am not very knowledgeable with computers & on my own subject, I have searched for the answer & have pretty much gained more questions. On to my question/questions: I have an older pc....I will buy a new one when this blasted rv happens! My pc has a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics driver. Upon researching, I have come to to conclusion that not being able to play some (not all) pc games MAY have to do with the graphics driver. Some games however I still will not be able to play of course, due to other limitations such as RAM, etc. It would seem that the last update on the driver was in 2005. It would also seem the driver had become obsolete years ago & there are no longer updates for the driver. Correct me if I am wrong. Now with that all there a replacement graphics driver thats compatible with my computer/driver? Dell Latitude D600 Microsoft Windows XP Please don't ask me what games I am hoping to play. I had tried many & could not because of the graphics card/ or driver. Maybe there is no hope for my entertainment, I don't really know....that's why I have posted here. Please don't be hard on me if I really have no idea what I'm talking about on any of the above info. Thanks
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