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  1. yup, that is what I thought too .. crazy. me-thinks that the dealers are going bonkers also!
  2. $1050 per million, for denoms of 5K, 10K, and 25K ... no 50K nor 100K listed. $1940 per million, for denoms of 1K $2485 per million, for denoms of 500 $2800 per million, for denoms of 250 $1000 per 100000, for denoms of 50
  3. Has anyone noticed that the available IQD denominations have changed with this dealer, Sterling? 100K and 50K not available today, but small denom's 50, 100, 250, 500, 1K have been added (at higher exchange rates ... in fact, the 50 Dinar note is $1000 per 100K, or $10,000 per million dinar.) Not sure when, but recent, I believe. Interesting??
  4. What a crock!
  5. Interesting that this came up here on DV, just after I had re-read this from --- where I first saw it a couple of weeks ago. Sad to say, RStefan, but this is our history in a nutshell. Anna von Reitz is an extraordinary person. We should all take heed of her words in her letter to Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago. She told him "where the bear went" ...where it went potty, PLUS she has the credentials to set the arrogant Archbishop straight. You asked my opinion, "is this the way the world is run?" Many of us on DV are pretty-much aware that this is indeed how the world is run. BUT, nobody wraps it into a nutshell like Anna von Reitz does. Great read, and great to re-read and re-read again. Hope everyone on DV will take the time to scroll up and thoughtfully read your post. Thanks! By the way ... plus 1 for you RStefan
  6. "Professor of Public Polcy" - Code words for: "a person who affirms a faith in or allegiance to something" -- in this case, allegiance to government control of everything fbo/ Federal Reserve and its funny-money.
  7. Holy Schmoly, Trinity. This is an incredible disclosure of the truth. (Is that a contradiction in terms? --- "incredible .. truth"). My, oh my, if this story grows legs, there are gonna be some real criminals brought to justice. Great post. Thanks Trinity.
  8. Mods - please consider combining this thread with Umbertino's "Who broke the ceasefire" -- very similar statements and views. Thanks.
  9. Rothsdad, so far as I can see from reading this thread, nobody else has yet bothered to look at your link. My 2-cents-worth, ... this thread has a lot of posts that are derived from sources that are presumed to be the "truth". Winners of wars "produce" the truth. Scholars call things into question, and ultimately, history does get corrected (or altered/affirmed/uncorrected) --- depending on who wins the next war. This link certainly does call some things into question ... especially that little scene where the Director pops into the scene with his "Cut" banner in hand. Is that "errata-scene" a "re-production", or was it really in Spielberg's movie? Was it edited into there by the maker of "Spielberg's Hoax - The Big Lie" ? Just askin' ... but now my 3-cents-worth. If you can answer the 3-cent question, I will give you a silver dollar ... the question is, do we believe the truth, or do we believe what we believe is the truth? As for me, that question cannot be answered until we meet our Maker, at which time, I will be delighted to hand over my silver coin to you, as I shall not need it. Great link, Rothsdad ... you often make me think, and this link is no exception. Thanks from someone who lays no claim to be a truth-detector. God will let me know someday.
  10. In the words of the Great Lao-Tzu: "It's only when you see a mosquito landing on your testicles that you realize that there is always a way to solve problems without using violence."
  11. This, my dear friends, is a BIG DEAL ... IMO. Based upon what I know about India, it comprises more-or-less one-sixth of the population on the globe. Its people are generally discontented with the PTB, and by all acounts based upon what I have been reading, the government of India is starting to listen to their people. On the one hand, India has (or nearly has) the largest on-the-ground-military in the world ... yet on the other hand, their people are a peace-loving people, ... and I know that from personal experience. The Indian people have been trampled on long enough ... raped, pillaged, and plundered by the PTB of the world. This "scuttling" ... whether the reader is pro or con ... is a big deal. This, Buti, is one very significant event, and is (IMO) another comfirmation that "the people" are waking up, standing up, and holding their governments accountable, ... first to the people. Awesome post, Buti. Cudos to you for bringing this onto DV. Otherwise, I never would have heard about it ... certainly from the Lame-Stream-Media. Thank you, thank you.
  12. Zowie, Waterman13, this link is an amazing read. Thanks ... thanks a bunch ... for bringing it. I have never seen, before this, the site -- but I will definitely be tuning into it from now on.
  13. Lawn Chair Larry, the winner of the 2008 Darwin Award is still my all-time favorite: Or you can search: "lawn chair larry".Thanks, DiveMaster. Nothing like some humor on a Friday evening to kick off the week-end! Oops. He survived, so I guess he did not qualify for the Darwin Award. Never-the-less ... really a funny story.
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