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  1. There will be no rv of the dinar in the next three months at the very least, despite what okie, or blaino, or sonny or adam, or steve1, or tony, or any of the other lying don't have a clue just gittin paid for lying gurus say. ********* admin edit - member was banned for this post. ************
  2. thanks for your intel, however honest and true and against the any minute now grain it may be. (document E, 6-21-11)
  3. LOL, me thinks someone really really needs to try to practice what they are a preachin. A$$WIPES, LOL, from a indignent preacher. Hyprocricy knows no bounds.
  4. The naysayers of the of any imminent rv have been batting a 1000, in other words they have been absolutely right. The proponents of an imminent rv have been batting a zero, in other words completely wrong. I am anaysayer in the first degree for the simple fact of what real news one can gleen out of all the bs coming from iraq. everything I read concerning Iraq leads me to believe they are going backwards as far as any progress what so ever on a rv. Everything I read and see on Iraq leads me to beleive we will not see any type of rv of the Iraqi dinar in the year of our Lord-2011.
  5. love that guage len, it appears to be 100 percent accurate. please use it on all guru posts and trash collector posts.
  6. Why? It's still the same old bs different day bs it has been for the last six to seven years.
  7. Rest assured, Ali has made and will make a whole lot more off of peddling the dinar and the dream rv to people than he ever would off of the actual rv, if it ever happens, of it.
  8. Does this mean what I think it does? When you try to borrow yourself out of debt it only makes it worse!
  9. The only absolute positive idiots here are the ones giving the thug a +1 for bringing the biggest known liar's bs to this site. It is a major affront and slap in the face to every sincere and honest investor here. I cannot even express how disapointed and let down I am by Bang who, once upon a time, I thought had a little something besides an air pocket between his ears. It is sad, I always have had the strongest hunch the investment was a farce, but now I find more and more some of the people whom I thought were serious investors are a farce.
  10. Well, you can bet the junkyard dogs like harry's easy no intel mug rider will keep dragging in every horse turd of rumor regardless of the fact every one they bring in have all been nothing but horse apples. As far as our investment I would say someday, not any time soon, we will see a slight profit from it.
  11. It warms the cockles of my cold cold heart to see some as stupid and imbiotic an imbicel as Frank still trying to be a force in the world. Poor Frank can,t carry a lunch sack, much less a realistic conversation about anything to do with the IQD. Some one needs to get him committed to a sanitarium before he wanders outside his front door and is lost forever.
  12. Thanks for your real and down to earth posts Mr. Rich. Trying to make the blind, by choice, because they refuse to see what is real and not what they want it to be, and the deaf and dumb, by choice, because they do not want to hear the truth, nor speak the truth, see the error of their ways, and listen to reason and speak the truth, is usually, and here especially, an exercise in futility.
  13. Well, I honestly can say it is not a scam, simply because the currency we have purchased does have value and the capability to raise in value. However I can and will call it a sham, something that is not and will not ever be what it it has to great lengths been purported to be. To put it simply, we are not completely screwed, just pretty well screwed. And that's a fact Jack.
  14. I know Frank and George listen to the the Lord and believe, I,m just wondering if isn,t Lord Calvert that they're getting their spirits and spiritual messages from.
  15. cocklebur


    LOL, Trying to use common sense and reason here will get you drawn and quartered by the kood-aid sippers.
  16. SteveI is a pure dee sanctimonious hypocrytical a-hole.
  17. First and foremost, Iraq's currency is not undervalued, They have very little if any liquid cash value at this time. Yes they, according to the experts, are sitting on a sea of black gold, but they are sitting on it, not seeing all the wealth it will someday be. Iraq owes billions of dollars to other countries and businesses that are not paid. They have way too many pieces of valueless currency in circulation, that at this current time they could never redeem for over a small percentage above what they are worth today, simply because they owe more than they have and or are producing. If and wh
  18. My question is, when it does not happen Monday, will you take the high road and quit posting unfounded b.s., or will you take the low road and go Okie on us and keep posting b.s. hoping that you might finally luck out and get it right?
  19. Sounds like an excellent rate and date. How is ole Maliki? I can't for the life of me understand why all these greedy selfish people who will give a plus to all the lies posted daily by the gurus and pumpers would give you so many minuses. I guess they will and want to believe in the known liars lies, but will stone an honest person telling an honest(lol, if there is such a thing) lie. Shame on each and every one here who red tagged you, and at the same time green tag known and proven lying pumping gurus, Shame on you one and all, talk about the inth degree in hypocrisy, I have just seen it.
  20. The only green and yellow I see is in the skitters I get from reading these pumper posts (lies). Good thing about em is they keep a fella cleaned out and regular, health and money wise, although they leave you a little dehydrated, health and money wise.
  21. The good thing about Okie is you know everything he says or ever has said, unless it has been after the fact is a lie. Hide and watch, come August, Okie will still be spouting the same crap.
  22. That means no rv this week and they're gonna keep their big mouths shut till Tuesday or Wendsday.
  23. It is very well known and documented from many many different sources that are all being suppressed by every person who can weild enough power to do it, that Barack Obama is the greatest lie and sham of the 21rst century. No one can show you proof positive where he was born, where he actually attended school, and for that matter, what his real name is. The facts that are truly know about him is,HE WANTS TO TEAR THE UNITED STATES AS WE KNOW IT APART. HE ABSOLUTELY IS A MUSLIM, THERE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN BONE IN HIS BODY. HE IS TRYING TO INSTIGATE STRIFE AND UNREST IN EVERY COUNTRY, ESPECIALLY THE
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