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  1. I can sell you 2 million dinar using PayPal, which protects both of us. My price is $950 per million due to the fee for international sales. I have the certificate of authenticity as well as my receipts. I purchased the dinar from Dinar Banker.
  2. No thanks Eyeownu... I could go down a little though.
  3. Left message on your profile Deposit Detective.
  4. If interested please message my profile. Selling $950 per million.
  5. “The human heart is a factory of idols...Everyone of us is, from his mother's womb, expert in inventing idols.” John Calvin.
  6. BAGHDAD / With: spokesman called white parliamentary bloc Kazem Al-Shammari to make an appointment to reset the Iraqi currency. Al-Shammari said in a press statement, received a "news the future," a copy of it, that "the high volume of reserves of Iraq from foreign currency to $ 76 billion in addition to the 30 tons of gold bullion, and out of Iraq from Chapter VII, make it necessary to set a date to reset the Iraqi currency . " "The investment of this reserve big help to raise the value of the Iraqi currency compared to foreign currencies, and thus will contribute to reduce the prices of goods and commodities, would be reflected on improving the living standards for the Iraqi people and thus contribute to the insurance community and reduce crime and the fight against terrorism." Ended Let me save you all the effort. Reset = RV or Reset = RD/LOP
  7. One last many years of smoke and mirrors are needed to confuse us? That's a whole lot of smoke and mirrors. I believe they are telling us what they know...which isn't whole heck of a lot. And opinions seem to change daily based on the politics at play.
  8. get a lot of hate on these forums...don't get why people take your opinions so personally. We all want to make a profit here, but we also have to use our brains...people can always go to Dinar Peecaps if they have difficulty with the idea that this is a speculation that might not pan out. I hope it does RV...but I'll move on if it doesn't.
  9. Sometimes it's not about hope. If the hope does not trust in something that is true...then it's a false hope. I can hope all day long that I wake up as Tom Brady, but that's not an asset or something to be admired. That's something to be pitied. I hope the Dinar RV's...but it doesn't mean it will. Anyone else have thoughts on the fils?
  10. Cool...I remember some lame rumor a few years ago saying that Tiny Blair was orchestrating the RV...wish it were so.
  11. 08/03/2013 12:00 AM Accurate diagnosis of the weaknesses in the Iraqi economy Baghdad - Hussein ثغب, the Tamimi said economic researcher Edeid Xiaa Awad importance of maintaining the balance of the money supply in circulation through the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar in excess of the needs of the local market and exchange rate stability. He pointed to the need to Toviralsjulh cash foreign currency necessary for traders and businessmen to cover the needs of the Iraqi market of imported goods and services at a time when the country suffers a shortage of production due to the decline of the productive sectors, مشخصا and accurately weaknesses in the movement of the national economy. said in an interview for the (morning) The Central Bank of Iraq represents a rib of the system of economic solution to the value of the Iraqi dinar, not the solution as a whole, especially that he was who stands only in the economic arena has made ​​achievements cash under a duty cash, including the quest to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar is the U.S. domestic market ( 1700 JD / $) to (1210 dinars / $), through his followers open market operations in the sale of foreign currency and pumped through the daily auction to meet the requirements imports Iraq and the needs of the Iraqi market, a utility cash only effective instrument of monetary policy. value of the currency and the he does not can study the stability of the value of the currency in isolation from the facts of economic reality and its components essential, and that the most important merits it is based on four pillars basic It is like building a box that is based on the four columns or pillars lever that must be integrated and harmony among them as a package in the movement of their growth and development to contribute those policies in the pace of consistency in the lift and raise the value of the currency (purchasing power)., and pointed out that any imbalance in that leads to an imbalance in the balance of the value of the currency and purchasing power, these columns are monetary policies, financial and development policy, in addition to the political skills of any political and social stability and security and administrative capacity in the management of the country and hiring policies, material wealth and human resources. economic plan and said if we say that the reality of the Iraqi economy is an economy yield unilateral depends on its core resources on oil export revenues, and that there is an imbalance structurally prevail all sectors, there is no economic plan and clear comprised under wings of those policies and work to achieve their goals and ambitions, as there is a reality vague about the future of this economy, no one knows where we are going in قطارنا economic, as well as a weakness in the coordination and harmonization between those policies up often to the extent of variation and the intersection in orientations and that all of them go off متباعد different from the other. development policy and demanded Awad creating a plan or policy development in the true sense aims to develop a comprehensive economic, Valqtaat economic productivity Home (industry, agriculture) in full retreat and does not constitute only a portion (2 percent) of the gross domestic product (GDP), with the deterioration of service facilities essential for the life of the citizen (electricity, drinking water, sewage, municipal services and the environment) corresponding financial resources super budgets annually with large numbers exceeded the total aggregate limit of 500 billion dollars during the period (2003 - 2012) and the percentage of more than (70 percent) of which is dedicated to the budgets of operational and that more than half of investment budgets returned from the provinces to the Finance Ministry for the poor implementation of projects assigned to them, while the Iraqi citizen will not touch any positive improvement on the ground. weak sectors of production and pointed out that the fiscal policy is the other in another valley, it also seems to operate according to economic theory notion that the increase in consumer spending, the government leads to increased demand for goods and services produced locally, and thus the prosperity of the productive sectors of local, pointing out that this trend theory may apply to the economies of countries that have reached advanced appointed and has rules productivity actors and pattern economically and clearly defined, which does not apply to turn on the case of Iraq in the current situation Excellence already weak sectors of production and the deterioration of its infrastructure and that Iraq has become an open market fences and open fully on the outside to import all its needs from the machinery and heavy equipment through to fruits and vegetables. list of imports and concluded his speech by saying that the list of imports expanding and goes annually, according to the expansion and development of the needs and requirements of Iraqi society, In 2004 the volume of imports Iraq (8) billion dollars to rise in 2007 to 24 billion dollars, and then to jump those imports in 2011 to approximately (48 billion). and qualitative terms, what items imported Iraq (only) of tomato paste up to more than 100 million dollars a year despite the presence of more than 7 plants for the production of tomatoes was covering domestic demand but Off completely, and oil derivatives accounted for one-third of أقيام imports Iraq during the above period.
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