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  1. This is garbage. Do you really think the CBI needs to put out a job opportunity on the internet for consultation on their RD. I think they know what they're doing.
  2. Your response is exactly what Easy would say. Your bank won't exchange your dinar because it won't be internationally traded. It will still be a fixed peg regime. Someday, this will trade Int'l but not right after the RD. This whole neg/pos point system is stupid. I come on and tell it like it is, in the LOP section no less. You just don't like to hear it. I don't blame you but your heads are in the clouds. I'm not arrogant even though the posts might come off that way, I'm a realist. Not trying to get anyone down, but reality is reality and nothing anyone comes on here and says will change the the OVERWHELMINGLY likely outcome of this situation. It will RD, and all we can hope for is it slowly raises over the years to a 3+ rate and we make close to 300%. Not a bad investment if that happens.
  3. Randal, are you that stupid? I'm sorry but you just don't get it. Yes, Iraq IS CHANGING their currency, and NOT adding to it. Adding to it would imply that in ADDITION to the lower denoms, the three zero notes will also be there. That is not the case. They are replacing the THREE ZERO notes with lower denom notes, also known as a REDENOMINATION! As in REPLACED! They will have lower denoms and fils, what don't you get here? I'm blown away by the ignorance. The NEW notes will have all three languages on them, which they don't now, as in REPLACED! Knock it off. Stop pumping the nonsense!
  4. I hear ya bro, I'm in the same boat. I jumped in blind like most of us here did. I not hopeful, but I'd rather be the fool that did, than the fool that didn' quote another Dinarian. It just isn't going to happen like we want. You just can't get around the fact that a currency OUT of Iraq is worth $25K USD and not worth that IN country. It just doesn't work like that. Sux big time but that's the honest to god truth. I'm not selling because that money is gone in my mind. I'm holding out for that .00000000000001 percent chance this may happen like we want. We wait.....
  5. Incorrect. Both the old IQD (the ones we hold) and the NEW IQD (Lower Denoms) will coexist and have the SAME value. I'm trying to find that picture that was floating around that showed a Turkish shop that had both values on the sign when they RD'd. Essentially, you go buy a $20 USD item, in the Iraqi shop, it will show 25 New Dinar and 25K Old Dinar. How are you missing this? 1000:1 ratio. Not rocket science....are you a secret pumper? You're always pumping the LOP CAN'T HAPPEN.
  6. Well said Blu and you're right, it just chaps my hide that so many hang on the pump and don't see the likely outcome. Thanks.
  7. Yes, an opinion is all it is. You're right, none of us know the answer. But common sense usually prevails in life.
  8. For arguments sake, let's say this happens how we would like it to. The RV comes out and there's no RD, out of country anyway. We already know Iraqis' will turn their 25K notes and it will become 25 NEW Dinar, 1:1 exchange rate. How many of the moron gurus say it will go (med, cap, and the like) is that all those 25K Dinar we hold, will magically be treated differently OUTSIDE country. Effectively rendering the LOP to in country only. So, by that logic, the 25K notes the Iraqis' have are worth the same they were yesterday, but outside of country, worth 1000x more. Hmmmm. Sound stupid? That's because it is. It can't and will not happen like that. Think about it, Akbar finds out that outside of his country, his 25K note is worth 25K USD. Well now, why don't I just mail out a bunch of 25K notes to cousin Ammar in Turkey and cash in for the 25K USD and live happily ever after. Really guys, just ask yourselves, can that really happen? NOOOOOO! It will not and never will. This whole RV scam is not in owning the currency, which is perfectly legal, it's that we were all led to believe we were going to be over-night millionaires. Listen, I've got a mere 1M Dinar. I'm in it until the end. I know it's going to RD, minus spreads, I'll probably lose 30% to the dealers. Because once this does go down, our US banks still aren't going to deal with it. Only the Dinar dealers are going to buy it back from you at another 20% spread. That's the way it is. You can piss and moan and neg all ya want, but that is the TRUTH. EasyRider, don't even bother responding to this.
  9. We will see a 300% return, IF, the dinar eventually gets back to the 3+ range. That's it. That will take a long time. Just come to terms with it guys, it's an RD all the way. Does it burst your bubble? Does it suck arse? Yes. But that's reality. This whole pure RV nonsense was sold to me by friends and family. I bought in, like you, blind. Then after a year of researching, the hammer dropped. Oh well, life goes on...
  10. I name call because I'm trying to get a point across. If it offends you, I'm sorry. Just can't stand these guys that continually manipulate and mislead people. Grrrrr!
  11. This is nonsense. So if it did RV 1:1 and they honor the 25K out of country, but not in country, all an Iraqi would have to do is send a bunch of 25K dinar notes in the mail to his cousin in Europe and cash out a millionaire, leave the country, and live happily ever after. Sorry folks, doesn't work that way. When they RD in country, it affects all bills world wide. Yeah, it sucks.
  12. It sounds odd because it's coming from that moron Breitling. Go read the research Sam I Am from the dinar d-o-u-c-h-e bag blog website. He spent a ton of time refuting everything this a-hole pumper spewed over the last two years. He's part of currency vault that sells dinars. Complete BS from this guy...stop being duped.
  13. Precisely. They could care less how much is sold around the world. They've been screaming RD for years and us morons keep buying. They're laughing all the way back to the CBI. After they RD, the MSBs will make a killing buying it all back. Just wait, its coming.
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