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  1. nope I left no feeling here to get hurt..........too bad yours did over at his site!!! LOL
  2. Stryker Blog 2.3.2015 Yea THANKS VN for bring a blog not WRITTEN by you yet letting all these people here give you a pat on the back ....... if they realized it was Stryker that wrote it they would be bashing him!! YEA really GREAT JOB!!
  3. What Stryker is doing post RV is nothing like what AM is will not be asked to put your dinars in two envelopes, one FedEx the other UPS and send it to some "lawyer" in Belize 24 hrs ahead of you, then you fly to Belize only to find that you and your dinar are forever separated..........but don't despair, I will k33p you busy at one of my many post RV investments.............cause I'm taking my dinar to the bank myself, pay my taxes and live the life of luxury! Post RV never let you be separated from your dinar .......EVEN at the bank till it is confirmed deposited into your ac
  4. Katie45, please reread the the "OFAC" introduction again and this time pay closer attention before you call Stryker out. this is Stryker's response to you!!! The follow quote refers to OFAC removing the Iraqi Sanctions Regulations from 31 C.F.R. chapter V and ADDING the Iraq Stabilization and Insurgency Sanctions Regulations, 31 C.F.R. part 576 (“ISISR”) First paragraph: Quote: On September 13, 2010, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) published final rules removing the Iraqi Sanctions Regulations from 31 C.F.R. chapter V and adding the Iraq
  5. Iraq Goes International July 1, 2014, will the Iraqi Dinar? Connecting the Dots all the way to Article VIII This is a recap of my broadcast on Friday May 30, 2014 in where wmawhite and I uncover and put forth what we feel are the biggest discovery of facts ever to be uncovered in over a decade of the dinar being introduced to investors. By connecting these dots we have turned the dinar community right-side up! Up until now the gurus have had people so upside down they couldn’t see straight, many have lost everything because of these people calling the RV week after week, month after mont
  6. at least you made it quite clear what form of entertainment you enjoy studying while not posting green eggs and ham! have a great day
  7. so your comment that everyone who points out the facts Iraq is giving us are "jokers" including AM................huuuum! or is it that you don't have the ability to read and understand facts that were posted on other sites, even here on DV? maybe after 10 years you should seek another investment you feel has more potential for financial gains for yourself than dinar. just say'in
  8. I believe we are in the final stretch of this adventure of ours and here’s why. Obama releases all Iraqi’s assets back to the Central Bank of Iraq, not the GOI, see Executive Order Amendment: link Obama’s quote thru the EO: the accounts, assets, investments, and other property owned by, belonging to, or held by, in the name of, on behalf of, or otherwise for, the Central Bank of Iraq This means that the CBI can use these assets, properties, etc… to back their currency since they are in charge of the Monetary System of Iraq. The Central Bank of Iraq’s head man Abdul Basset Turki says
  9. Yender, I disagree that this "chat" BL had can be classified as "PUMPER DOO-DOO". The quote made about "During the next eight month or early next year" was taken straight from the article posted by Iraqi news. BL doesn't make money from the buying and selling of dinar, she along with people like Stryker follow the news daily and stay educated on factual news and events. If you don't, you’re one of those that is truly missing out and mis-informed on all the great news happening in Iraq lately. Stay informed and understand who some of these people are. Once you do learn who they are, maybe then
  10. You are SO right D_M...........they should use the one that was used on Saddam it work GrEaT! Make it a two-fer! Maliki is toast, he should be preparing his exit strategy to get the heck out a Dodge with his pile of cash and his life!!
  11. Here is Stryker's take on this article this morning............... It sure looks like the CBI just may be looking to move away from the daily auctions and into more of an international way of doing business. Quote: "This measure will expand special events auction of foreign currency will also contribute to the stability of the exchange rate permanently." By signing up these money transfer companies directly the CBI will have a way of selling off the petrodollars without the daily auctions. This should occur once they move to a one exchange rate system, which is the internationally s
  12. this is Stryker's comments on this article.............. This is just like the debates we dinar holders have debated since this commodity of the dinar came into play in 2004. Everyone has an opinion on what the effect these new banknote will have. Many experts believe it will cause an increase in inflation, many say it will not. One stated it has nothing to do with inflation, a few say it is just for improving cash payments and others say it won't. Of course Ahed Hassan says that printing new banknotes as a waste of time and I used this as my point that the CBI must have a bigger plan i
  13. Expense of Re-Printing the Iraqi Dinar at the Same Value Does it Make Sense? A Finance Committee member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP, Ahmed Hassan Faidhullah could be right in his statement that describes printing new banknotes as a “waste of time ". In this short article he continues: "The current currency is suitable and there is no need to be replaced.” Let's take a look at both these points of his, is it a waste of time and is the current Iraqi currency suitable but keeping logic as our guide: The CBI is spending millions of dollars to do a face lift on the same
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