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  1. lol there you go again DocDinar i post something new to the forum not even posted at all and the first thing that comes out is its 3 days old but yet other post stuff years and months old and they get WHAT A GREAT ARTICAL THANKS FOR FINDING IT. mybe your just mad because this can actually become and outcome of this speculation. i dont see anyone else here saying on anyone else post saying this is 3 day or so old.
  2. 7 - 18 - 2012 After much deliberation, the Iraqi government announced that, beginning in 2013, they will begin removing three zeros from Iraqi banknotes. The change will take three years to complete. Despite economic experts staying Iraq is not ready to change its banknotes, the Iraqi Parliament and the Finance Committee both support the decision to redenominate the currency. Iraq’s currency, the Iraqi dinar, currently has its smallest unit set at 250 dinars, the equivalent of only $0.20. The Central Bank of Iraq is going through the efforts to remove the zeros in order to redenominate the Iraqi dinar. MP Hassan Ozman of the Iraqiya List believes that this will work for Iraq and benefit the economy due to the measures’ success in other countries. Ozman also said that security measures would be taken to distinguish genuine notes from fake ones. Despite broad support for the decision to change the banknotes, there are some opponents to the move. Ahrar bloc MP Abdul Hussein believes that current economic conditions, including the lack of reforms in the banking sector, make it premature to change the banknotes. Despite the predicted salutary effects on the Iraqi economy, the experiences of other countries indicate that issuing the new currency may in fact be unwise. For example, Brazil reissued currency numerous times throughout the last decades of the 20th centuries. The constantly changing value of the currency caused families a great deal of suffering as they saw the value of their savings constantly being depleted. The Iraqi dinar is a controlled exchange-rate currency. The IMF permits countries with “transitional” economies to control their exchange rates. However, the dinar is not traded on any foreign exchange markets. Instead, it is bought and sold by licensed currency dealers handling existing banknotes. My link
  3. lol there you go blaming someone else for what you started and telling it was really there fault. i simple posted and then you said " No, that is what YOU are saying!!" so you tell me who started it ?
  4. sounds like you got a personal problem you need to get over
  5. as long as i am here and i own dinar i will continue to post on every single artical and post. and there nothing anyone can do about
  6. "The zeros are removed for the purpose of increasing the value of Iraqi Dinars in a way that one Iraqi Dinar will be equal to one US Dollar," they are saying the zeros have to be removed so that the dinar will increase in value
  7. there saying AFTER currency RD ( Redenomination is the process of changing the face value of banknotes or coins used in circulating currency ) which they are doing . the dinar will Equal 1 dollar. there not talking about the dinars we have there taking about the newer dinars
  8. IMHO by all the articals coming out the for years about taking the zeros are all true it just a matter of when they do it . they Will RD then after that there Currency will Grow to 3.00 mark within the 10 year mark after the new currency comes out
  9. if you want examples of currency replacing you should all look at other countries that took off 3 zeros from there currency and how they exchanged there currency cuz that is what iraq will do.
  10. DaveD great examples, i also have looked and done some research and found out the same things
  11. 7 - 16 - 2012 Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee revealed Majida Al-Tamimi "Cabinet Secretariat DED announced wait delete the zeros to 2014 because the environment is ripe for deletion. Tamimi stated in a special correspondent for the news agency news (and brother) that "there are a series of steps to produce a high-quality currency and to take measures to reduce counterfeiting of currency quality. "There is a majority in favour of the Finance Committee in the process of issuing currency await new up to take action My link
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