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  1. Hahaha! Ol' Okie even got me off the pot just long enough to make a comment. Glad to see he's still around, even if he brings more confusion and dissent than anything positive that we can depend on.
  2. Hello GregHi, Welcome to the best IQD-related website on Planet Earth, and thanks for the information. We here at DV like interesting speculation with the potential to be valid, but treat rumors with disdain; especially when they are repeatedly wrong. And, some of us can be a bit unkind sometimes. But, if you have a thick skin, and enjoy sharing with a group of folks that will always respect you as long as you respect us, then you've picked a winner and we need more like you. Billio0
  3. Thanks bobab for a fantastic deal that went flawlessly! Everything you promised, you delivered on, and anyone who has an interest should do themselves a favor and get in touch as soon as possible. I was a bit skeptical at first, and probably gave bobab a bit of a hard time, but he was always courteous and patient with me throughout. I finally received my dinar by fast USPS insured shipping, and couldn't be happier. In fact, it was much smoother than buying from any dealer I ever dealt with in the past. It is comforting to know that here at DinarVets there are standup members such as bobab who don't play games or jerk you around where business is concerned. Billio0
  4. Hey bobab, I'm still trying to get in contact with you about your IQD. I left a couple of messages on your profile. Please respond. Billio0
  5. Hi Texas1, After that 40 ounce, I can't just do a little p. Thanks for the (sic) humor. I really have missed it. Billion
  6. Hello Bobab, I am interested, but haven't done a PM before so don't know how to. Please contact me when you get a chance.
  7. When I was just a mere boy and didn't know any better, I believed that when us guys passed gas we were fartin', while when girls did it they were PUTIN'! Billio0
  8. Thanks ronscarpa for the post. While this one is way over my head, I usually enjoy reading what Backdoc has to say since he is involved in an area of investing I have no experience in. What I don't understand is why there seems to be those here who prefer to complain about these kind of posts when there is nothing compelling them to either read them, or agree with the content. I understand this to be the OPINIONS, PERSPECTIVES, AND YOUR TWO CENTS section of this website, but I guess because the post is not your own opinion, but that of someone else, it is perfect fodder for attack, which is sad. I have had my fill of participating in "squirting" contests in the past with those here who happen to disagree with my own opinions, and decided to take a break from posting any comment. Yet, it seems nothing here ever changes,and the spoil-sports continue to prevail. That said, please keep the posts coming. I certainly appreciate them, even when I don't agree with them and/or understand them. I believe that is what this place is all about. Billio0
  9. Thanks idplzr for the post. I thoroughly enjoy what BACKDOC has to say. I couldn't care less if it is correct or not; I just like reading it. Since it is merely one opinion among many, at least it has originality that is sorely missing from the usual Guru-poo-poo. Billio0
  10. Thanks ronscarpa for the post. I like Backdoc's opinions. He has a worldview rather than just an IQD perspective, and he's no worse than the Guru's who spout foolishness over any item or article coming out of Iraq that could even remotely be connected to an RV of the IQD. Billio0
  11. Simply Excellent! Thanks ronscarpa for another fine analysis by someone not full of himself who has information, and supporting sound logical speculation to share regarding our investment. How refreshing. Billio0
  12. Yep, it looks just like him to me. Hope that necktie wasn't too tight (Not)! Now,whose next on the list? Billio0
  13. Whew! With that I now have a confession. I stopped reading Adam's weekly posts a very long time ago for the very reason he has finally admitted to here. He seemed to be very "middle of the road" when it came to taking a stand, and quite frankly I felt sorry for the guy. That's because I saw him as trying to appease everyone, and failing miserable in the process. Yet, I knew this wasn't the Adam Montana I held in high esteem, but just couldn't figure out why he took such a stance. Fast forward to his last email notification on the news of the final 2 ministers being announced to parliament within moments. It was an epiphany event for me, and I immediately hurried on over here to read about it. I have defended this site against all sorts of "Haters" over the years, and that's just because I don't like Ugly. I support our 1st Amendment rights, and nowhere is it more prevalent than here at DinarVets, thanks entirely to Adam Montana. As I said in one of my own last posts, he is the Dictator here, and what he says goes., and who stays on as a member here, or goes, is his call exclusively. I just thank you from the bottom of my heart, Adam, for finally stepping out from behind the curtain of safety, and expressing the real you for us all to see/read. Thanks again! Billio0
  14. Hi Maggie123, As you have probably already noticed, the person using the name dontlop is not someone who is prone to apply normal logic or common sense to anything that matters here to us. In fact, her/his username is about as disingenuous as everything else about him/her since he/she also advocates a lop of the IQD if you will follow his/her rantings. Each and every time I have tried to pin him/her down to a position of any kind, he/she will go off on a tangent and avoid the issue. Earlier in this very post he/she asked the question, "did I understand the English language?" Apparently, she/he doesn't understand its purpose and use, because If the English language were currency, by now she/he has wasted a virtual fortune in using it here with over 10,000 posts that don't say really much of anything of substance or consequence, but are designed to incite discontent among those of us who actually care to engage in healthy discourse. She/He seems to spend all of her/his waking hours here, and therefore obviously has no other life that I can imagine, but then I could be wrong. Maybe her/his job is to troll this site for anything that can upset our members, or lure them into a verbal argument over something she/he knows little or nothing about. In fact, if you were to just look at her/his trail of comments in this one post, she/he has ranted over and over again, often in succession from one post to the next before anyone else can even respond, with lots of words that amount to shouting matches. That is her/his style from what I have ascertained. Her/His kind is the worse I have seen here in a long time, and I am now prone to just ignore her/him altogether as a result. While I'm sure that won't stop her/him from doing her/his best to fill up these forums with her/his vitriolic foolishness, the beauty of it all is that our most gracious Mr. Montana allows her/him to do so, and for that I am most glad. Billio0
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