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  1. I will sell the 7 mil in smaller increments of 1 mil if anyone is interested. Again $750.00 per mil. Please PM me, I have to sell.
  2. Again I need to sell 7mil, I'll let it go for $5250.00, that's $750.00 per mil. I do need the money. I don't want to sell because I still believe it will happen some day, but my current needs take priority. Again, I purchased all my DInar from GID Associates, I can provide the documents. You can PM me
  3. I need to sell my 7mil dinar due to emergency, anyone interested? I bought all my dinar from GID Associates in 2011-2012. Will sell to best offer. Please PM me.
  4. Ten bucks says Biden called the wrong guy and talked to the maid instead of Maliki...
  5. Who do I contact to get a mud hut, with dirt floors, no plumbing and a bucket to s*** in. I am glad they are moving foward.
  6. I agree. Real Dinar Romors are one thing. The **** posted by some of you very respected members (and I really mean respected) is trash and you know it's trash. This site is fantastic and I enjoy reading the insightful information and also get a kick out of the positive/possible rumors. But it seems the majority of "Dinar Rumors" is the guru trash now days. Again, if you know it's trash, so why bring it over? If it's just for entertainment, then maybe Adam can make a "entertainment section" to put it in, and if you enjoy this "entertainment " you can go there to read all the guru trash. That said, do what you wish, post what you want, I personally don't care. But as this topic has been brought up and I thought I would throw in my 2cents. I will continue to open rumors because I am hungry for good rumor information from this respected site, as many are. Even if I have to sift through the ****. To all you very knowledgable and respected members, thanks for all your time consuming and hard work in helping keep me/us truly informed especially those of you that gather the news articles and translate them and then give deep analysis's of what they really mean. Awesome... Thanks.... Bobab
  7. Iraq did not pay Kuwait 30billion, The US paid the 30billion, and I'm sure we will give the the other 11 billion to Kuwait as well.
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