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  1. FEATURE-They're buying what? US investors latch onto Iraqi dinar By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss NEW YORK | Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:35pm EST Nov 15 (Reuters) - The U.S. stock market almost wiped out his retirement account, but retired pilot Ronald Scarpa hasn't lost his taste for risk. Lately he has turned to one of the chanciest investments in the world - the Iraqi dinar. "It's not a question of if, but when Iraq revalues its currency," said the Las Vegas-based Scarpa, who keeps dinars in his retirement account. "The dinar will eventually have substantial value, possibly the highest in the w
  2. Hello!!!!!!! Let me add a little more! I asked my cousin to look for the missing puzzle in this adventure. The power sharing agreement for the people. I asked him to look outside the box. In other words they might have passed or will pass the law attached to something else. Well he found it. It is the antiquities law. The CoR (parliament or council of rep.) Brought it forth on wednesday and past it on thursday. Have the pders search for it. You see the antiquities law falls under article 109 of the constitution. This article also includes (power sharing) to distribute the oil and gas wealth f
  3. Hey Steve/Ray or insert name here. What happened to you and your partners contract for 2012 that you said was written in the "new rate"? Whoever asked about the rate was banned lollll I thought you were going to fly to Iraq with DonnieR in your Cessna to get updates? You are so full of crap since you came on the dinar bandwagon. Love how you read the posts by seetrader and complain to your sheeples AS IF IT DOESN'T BOTHER YOU... your like a 12 year old fat kid that doesn't get picked to play and runs home to mommy. How pathetic are you...At least checkmaite and Adam are making dough off
  4. Central Bank: the dinar became more like a strong and hard currency! Palm - noted the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed that the dinar foreign currency covered by more than (100%) and no fear upon the volatility of currencies of neighboring countries. Saleh said in a press statement on Saturday: The dinar today has become a strong and like a hard currency thanks to the policy of the central bank in control of the cash raised in the local market, adding that the dinar covered in hard currency at a rate of more than (100%) This is a rare condition, and has a cas
  5. Economist: high exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar is a natural phenomenon does not raise concerns On: Wednesday 02/15/2012 13:57 Baghdad (news) .. According to the economist, Ismail Abdul Hussein that the high exchange rate of the dinar against the U.S. dollar during the current period is a natural phenomenon due to the great demand for hard currency. Said Abdul-Hussein (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The central bank in control of the mass of the cash raised in the local markets and fears of increasing the U.S. dollar against the dinar because the main control by the central
  6. SIMILAR ARTICLE FROM TODAY THEY ACTUALLY SAY REVALUATION OF THE IRAQI DINAR!!!! Central Bank: GDP of Iraq will rise from 180 to 350 billion dollars after two years On: Tuesday 02/14/2012 14:54 Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi Deputy Central Bank Governor that the circumstances surrounding the neighboring countries do not affect the Iraqi dinar exchange rate. He confirmed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told (the citizen) that the strength of the Iraqi dinar is derived from a link Iraq to the global economy. He emphasized that the events taking place in neighboring countries can not affect the
  7. Greeting Members, Ray and I have been comparing notes with our contacts and we have been very encouraged with the recent news coming out of Iraq. The other day one of our members posted a few screen shots which are below and a current news article to back up what our contacts are saying. Here is a current update by one of Ray's Iraqi contacts: Steve, Was talking to some of my contacts yesterday and today and just wanted to give a little update on what is happening in Iraq right now. The people over there have been getting nervous about all the currency that has gone to Iran and Syria and
  8. *** MERGED TOPICS *** Iraqi parliament calls to stop selling the dollar at auction. Follow-up - and babysit - addressed the Economic Committee in the Iraqi parliament, central bank official, to stop the sale and the dollar auction. Said Ahmed al-Alwani, Chairman of the Committee that the Committee addressed the central bank to stop the sale and auction of the dollar until the issuance of instructions that specify which authorities have the right to deal with hard currency, to ensure that leaked out of Iraq. He added that officials in the Iraqi Central Bank confirmed that they now ar
  9. Hard cash reserves ‘more than $60 billion,’ says Iraqi Central Bank By Khayoun Saleh Azzaman, February 2, 2012 The coffers of the central bank brim with hard cash from the country’s oil sales, a senior bank official said. The official, Mudher Saleh, a bank’s consultant, said the country’s hard cash reserves “are more than $60 billion” and are more than enough to cover for the total vlume of national currency currently in circulation. “The Central Bank’s reserves go beyond $60 billion and are the highest in the country’s history,” Saleh said. Saleh made the remarks following a surge in de
  10. Central Bank of Iraq announced the continuation of his policy to cover the market needs of the dollar during the daily currency auction Brother Baghdad Central Bank of Iraq was continuing its policy to cover the market needs of the dollar through the daily currency auction despite growing domestic demand by pressure purchase direct from Syria and Iran, which suffer sanctions are the Iraqi market, the main source of hard currency through trade with them. He praised the Center for Economic Information efficient performing of the Central Bank of Iraq to continue to cover the needs of the marke
  11. If Iraq does not get their act together, this can and will drag on for who knows how long. It just seems that so many people are obsessed with this investment. Let it play out within the time frame Iraq will do it in. Asking me or anyone else the same question over and over will not make it come any faster. We will continue to share the facts as we obtain them, but between those times, quit chasing the darn thing and just let it come you you when it happens. This should have happened by now, but it has not, so yes, this could go on until something major swings these leaders back in the right
  12. Central Bank plans to launch three categories after deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar. Baghdad - and babysit - the central bank of Iraq's intention to launch a large three categories after deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that the process of replacing the currency will take two years. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that "the Bank will present three categories in addition to large groups of mineral, after the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi dinar," noting that "the process of switching would reform the
  13. Financial representative: the possibility to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar end of 2013. Baghdad - and babysit - signed by the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri currency to be replaced by deleting three zeros from the end of 2013. He said in a press statement that the process of replacing the currency will be three stages of the first printing of new currency and relegated to the second and third market withdrawal of old currency, adding that he will be the completion of the purchase of equipment printing the new currency in the first half of this year. " He Jubouri:
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