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  1. 1978parker

    VIP discount

    Hey paperboy....Thanks so much for the assistance. Greatly appreciated. Have a great holiday weekend!! 🌞
  2. 1978parker

    VIP discount

    I just purchased the 5-month VIP package. I'm already in VIP but it was due to expire on 6-26. Since Adam offered the discount I purchased early. When I checked out I typed in may30 but on the invoice it doesn't show the discount. I quickly checked my email and it doesn't show there either. So, 2 things: Would you please make sure this purchase starts on June 26th and that it is discounted. Thank you! I apologize if it was something I did wrong
  3. 1978parker

    Wikipedia Dinar Description

    Thanks Synopsis for your explanation. Much appreciated!! 😁
  4. I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere. I did a search and didn't find anything. I've read many things on this website but don't remember seeing this or if it's any significance. Can someone help? Thanks! I bought mine before 2013. I get they made 3 new denoms in 2013 (10, 25 and 50) but are the old 10k and 25k still good? Forgive my stupidity please 🙄 Dinar Images.docx
  5. 1978parker

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Well................speaking of Syria. It begins ................ or continues ............. or ends
  6. Thank you all for the thread and many posts. It has really inspired me and touched my heart. I have had many thoughts about this eclipse and what it could mean not just for me but all of us. All of you enjoy it and don't forget your glasses!! Don't take pictures with a camera or your cell phone without the proper filter. Keep small children (especially little ones with have a short attention span) from looking up between the times for your area without the approved glasses. IMO - Keep babies inside!! My son's birthday is today too which makes it even more special. I have a different prayer for him. I hope with all my heart he hears it.
  7. 1978parker

    Adam Montana Weekly May 31 2017

    Thanks Adam for everything. So many look forward to your weekly updates. Take care and try not to work too hard!
  8. 1978parker

    Adam Montana FRIDAY!! 2 March 2017

    Sorry but why does this part make me nervous.... I mentioned in my weekly Wednesday update that I'm getting a bit giddy right now. There's a good reason for it! We are at a tipping point, and this is going to either make us some money, or we're going to be walking away soon. Either way, I think all of us will be happy. Either we make out like bandits or we just say "we enjoyed the ride", right?!
  9. What does this mean? Is this why Adam had to catch a flight?
  10. Hey there, This one today. I try to open it and it goes to a screen with an alligator on it. Subject line is "Adam predicts the RATE! *SHOCK!!!!* I only copied part of it. The rest is the usual stuff, etc. ********************************* Adam Montana via 12:08 PM (4 hours ago) Cheryl, Adam Montana here with a quick "Dinar News" update for you. I finally gave in and made a RATE prediction! Read it here: Enjoy the reads, and GO RV!! Best regards, - Adam Montana
  11. 1978parker

    Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    I was getting a little nervous about my VIP renewal. While I appreciate the discounts you periodically offer I've never understood why I lose days when I renew. My last membership expires on the 26th of May and the recent membership began right away so it overlapped 2 weeks. It's done that in the past too. I just always tell myself that it will be worth it when this ride is over. A small price to pay for all I will learn and all the work you have done. Also, it's not specified in my profile but you can call me ma'
  12. 1978parker

    Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    Thanks Adam. Julie helped get my VIP renewed. I setup a new gmail account and have changed my settings. Hopefully no more issues in the future. Have a great weekend and thanks for your patience.
  13. 1978parker

    Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    Hey there again Adam, I have sent 2 emails as you stated above to renew my VIP with the progress28 discount. One on the 3rd and I put "2nd Request" in the subject line on the 2nd email dated May 6th. I still haven't heard from anyone.
  14. 1978parker

    Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    Thanks dude!
  15. 1978parker

    Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    Hey Adam or Mods. I tried renewing my 5 Month membership and it said the progress28 code is already expired. Is that only for upgrades? If it did apply (or applied) to renewals also is it because the coupon is already expired and I missed the deadline? Yeah, I'm one of those....there's always at least one in the bunch, huh? Thanks

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