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  1. Not even close, still is what I'm hearing. Those "gurus" are just trying to make more money off of you. They try to use current news in Iraq/USA to lure you into thinking that we are very close. We are not. This has been going on for 12 months+.... Just wanna spread the word and make sure those no intel liars do not make anymore money off of their lies.
  3. Be an idiot if you want, all bank rumors are false... Banks will be the last to know or care about an RV.
  4. That would be awesome and give this board more cred. I mean I'm sure by now we're all passed this BS. "Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam! Adam!"
  5. People deserve to knowvthe truth, if you can't handle it, why do YOU keep coming back? I'm batting 1000, what are the "gurus" batting? 0-1000. "NUFF SAID." I want the RV just as much as anyone, just because I state what I know doesn't mean I'm not for this baby. Why does it bother you that I speak the truth? Out of curiosity, what's so wrong about stating facts? I never I said I don't want this to happen, I just am sick of all the BS so i put an end to it with real bank intel. Pun intended.
  6. Lol, has there been an RV??? didn't think so... So I am actually right... Right?
  7. I am a former chase employee, spoke to some higher ups, and they confirmed the story about $5.25 is a flat out lie and disgusting.... MORE BS DEBUNKED... do not let them pump you!!!!
  8. With everything being posted today, and everything probably and most like being more lies, I ask everyone , when is enough, enough?
  9. This is a pumping site, false guru opinions only
  10. See, these guys think we're dumber than rocks...
  11. I mean I honestly wish I could say different and I wish it would just RV already, but it just seems too early still... And to believe any of the false gurus just leaves us with our hands tied. I'll believe that it's not happening over it actually happening for now.
  12. No. DO NOT LISTEN TO IDIOTS who say too much people bash. FACT IS, everyone with any kind of story with any "intel" or info, or "connections" with anything regarding the dinar is FLAT OUT LYING. Many of us have been on these boards for a while and they have been lying and making up stories about how close the dinar is to revaluing since august of 2009... Those people are known as PUMPERS, they get paid by dinar sellers such dinartrade and other dinar sites to put out false hype in order to generate more dinar sales. They try to sucker new investors like yourself into thinking it's gonna RV
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