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  1. CNBC reports today: The New York Fed is refusing to tell investigators how many billions of dollars it shipped to Iraq during the early days of the US invasion there, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction told CNBC Tuesday. The Fed's lack of disclosure is making it difficult for the inspector general to follow the paper trail of billions of dollars that went missing in the chaotic rush to finance the Iraq occupation, and to determine how much of that money was stolen. The New York Fed will not reveal details, the inspector general said, because the money initially came from an account at the Fed that was held on behalf of the people of Iraq and financed by cash from the Oil-for-Food program. Without authorization from the account holder, the Iraqi government itself, the inspector general's office was told it can't receive information about the account. The problem is that critics of the Iraqi government believe highly placed officials there are among the people who may have made off with the money in the first place. Full Article Here:
  2. Oh, maybe that's why I am +335? Give it up dipshat, there are only 2 and both are the LOP kids...why?.. do you want in on their gang? If not then take a hike because as it looks...nobody asked you. GFY
  3. Stay asleep like a good little have nothing to offer. As you were.
  4. I tend to agree with Scooter's 1.17...anything over a penny is ok with me.
  5. Oh wow, 24 and not 27? Ok I'll let you have that one, so it's 4-1 still. "Again I misquoted?" I see one that you present, so you just lied...nananana my dads bigger than your dad. What a Maroon.. If I had time such as you do maybe I could bump up the score even more....but na, some people have a life outside the forums. Maybe you should try it and get your head out of the LOP hole. Surprised you researched Keepm's without getting his name right. Now get kid.
  6. Very well put, common sense pays sometimes. After Saddam they "added the 3 zeros" and now they will "remove the same 3 zeros".(large denoms) Too many want to use the word "delete" and are somehow convinced they will delete the actual zeros off the bills and that is why we have the LOP gurus. So "raise" a citizens burden means removing. The citizens would have a bigger burden if all the "zeros" are left in circulation with the new small bills...but they will be fine as will we.
  7. I did debunk you at least 4 times, and none were to do with Dinar. They were to do with your bullshat and lies you claimed to be truth as you like to spin things around to make it look like your a genius or something which is a joke. You can keep on spewing your crap all you want, but your a lost cause. When I saw you post that there is 27 trillion dinar "outside" Iraq I knew you were getting flustered. Tell you what all superior being that you are, after the RV in the coming days I will take your challenge and debate you on my turf, a radio show I have been doing for 3 years. If your such an intelligent debater you will love coming on and it will be fun, I promise. It isn't any huge show, just a few thousand followers and we can debate anything you want. Love how you claim I get upset or If you knew anything about being awake, you would know that nothing is further from the truth, being awake is a new level of consciousness and that includes a zero stress level and a new found outlook on life. Your problem is common, your Pineal gland has been sealed and that limits your ability to access your third eye which can only be obtained through awakening and conditioning over a long period of time. So when you claim I am "upset", I am actually laughing at your limited ability to see what is in front of your face. Again, last post in this forum...if you can somehow present yourself in a mature manner and elevate your conversation ability to a grown up level I may answer anything you don't understand about YOUR LOP theory having little or no chance of occurring. But that happening is as unlikely as the LOP happening.
  9. Not saying you are wrong, never did and you must stop lying. I do think your quite strange to invest in something and post LOP crap 5 times a day for a year or so. If you spoke to me or anyone I know, in person the same way you'd get 2 words out and that's it. Then after you woke up I would ask, what was it you said? I already posted my theory and why, so I don't need to do it here. The only joke as you say is you, if and when you grow up I may entertain you with some words...but I doubt that will be before the RV, so "keep" talking to yourself in here. Pathetic indeed.
  10. Shabbs said they sucked 15 trillion back in. This Thing is done it will RV in the next 2 weeks. I liked your post That would back up the older "3 zeros" article, I believe it was said that they were in the process of the lifting of the 3 zeros, so if they were in the process then the large bills or "3 zeros" were being taken in slowly, still leaving enough for the citizens. IMO.
  11. I have no problem posting with others who have maturity and common sense, in fact most except you and the other LOP kid. If you read the first half of your post you might see what I'm talking about.. So I know you are hoping for an RD and I already explained my view on things and it's the same view I had long before that guy Breitling came around so I don't need to go read old posts, I stick to my game plan and remain confident. I am aware of other scenarios that may arise but I don't dwell on them, I look for any updates or other news and go on with other things. Maybe this is all new to you being so young and hopefully you come out with some knowledge, but you claim I attack you? If you want I can re-post the whole forum where you were the one who started attacking with your immature breitling boyfriend comments, then you can see when it started. I don't have time tonight to waste doing these tough guy posts, I prefer to do it in person...and I bet the demeanor would change awfully quick. See you in the posts....RV guaranteed.
  12. In your opinion anyway. Some have different translations for it. Might be "lifting" the zeros meaning removing the large bills and replacing with the lower ones. We will have to wait and see.
  13. You have freedom, just don't come out of your house. Well there is always TSA to keep you safe. TSA Link
  14. That is the most idiotic post I have ever read and I have rad Keep's, so you keep mentioning Breitling for some reason so you both sound like morons. Get over it. So basically you have invested in a currency that might make you a few hundred or thousand, and you hang out in forums because you don't work or have no life? That right there shows your minute intelligence and I have my interpretation of my own of what will happen and I am satisfied with it, so you need to get a life and stop wasting peoples time with the same repeated crap you spew period. We bow to the IQ you have and have no need to reply to this crap any longer. So go FY and get a job. Scared of my own shadow, again you have never once provided anything with evidence with your pathetic insults and if you want to go down the reality world I will only make you look even more stupid than you already have shown yourself to be. This investment forum is opinion only so you can't claim anything but if you like to wake up try me. Anytime little man. Why don't the both of you just sell the Dinar you have and go become rich like the genius you both claim to be. You have been challenged. Then you can get out and get some work and a life so you don't have to post 33 times a day each about the same crap you always claim. To put it nicely, you both think it is going to LOP or RD/RV lol, then that is all we need to know. Good for you guys now take a hike and search for a life. Pathetic. "when I get home"
  15. So if they "already" printed the 14 different denoms, then take the 9 posted on the CBI site and ADD the 1's-5's-10's-20's-100's you now have 14. So they will "lift" or "raise" the large notes with the the 3 zeros from circulation slowly and "delete" or "remove" the 3 zeros on the nominal rate leaving it at .86 or 1.17. IMO.
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