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  1. Remove this already debunked Remove this already debunked and does not belong on this site.
  2. Here we go: The fifth annual Iraq Petroleum Conference, with support from Upstream Principle Sponsor Crescent Petroleum, the Middle East's longest established private petroleum company, is currently underway in London. Bringing together leading officials and industry executives – including Crescent Petroleum CEO Majid H. Jafar – the conference is focused on the next phase of developing Iraq's oil and gas resources as well as the current and future upstream opportunities. In his presentation, titled Iraq’s Petroleum Potential: Policy Challenges Ahead, the Crescent Petroleum CEO stated that, on a global scale, and even with conservative estimates for oil demand growth, the world will need the equivalent of a new Saudi Arabia every 5 to 7 years, and that Iraq is perhaps the last untapped source of high potential and low cost oil on earth. Speaking during the opening day’s first session on Iraq’s new government upstream strategy, he said: “Looking forward, the challenge for us is to maximize the revenues of Iraq’s massive energy reserves and potential, while responsibly deploying them in order to develop a diversified economy and wider prosperity for the Iraqi people. “Iraqis maintain a strong sense of nationalism and self-reliance in oil matters, partly due to the decades of conflict and sanctions which left its oil sector isolated,” he explained, and quoted Article 112 of Iraq’s Constitution, which requires that the federal government, with the producing regional and governorate governments, “shall together formulate the necessary strategic policies to develop the oil and gas wealth in a way that achieves the highest benefit to the Iraqi people using the most advanced techniques of market principles and encouraging investment.” He added that “the development of the local Iraqi private sector in every part of the value chain, from upstream to downstream, as well as contracting and services, is a vital objective to ensure maximum local economic benefit and job creation.” Jafar was joined during the session – under chairman H.E. Thamir Ghadhban, Chairman of the Advisory Commission to the PM of Iraq – by H.E. Haider Al Abadi, Chairman of the Treasury Committee, Iraqi Parliament; Kenneth Fairfax, Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs, American Embassy Baghdad; and Hans Nijkamp, Shell Vice President and Country Chairman - Iraq. The Iraq Petroleum Conference, which brings together government and industry experts and serves as a forum to explore Iraq’s resource and business potential, kicked off at The Landmark Hotel yesterday (12 July), with international oil and gas companies from 70 countries, as well as key Iraqi oil and gas industry experts, in attendance.
  3. Adam, First off, I want to give a shout out and a hat tip to You and Sarah. You both have done an outstanding job with the instructions for the VIP members. All those that are not involved in the post RV-post RV planning will miss out on so much, i almost feel sorry for them. Anyway, my question is this: After RV and we are all locked up and the door is closed to get into VIP, what are the potential returns on the investments on some of our VIP family plans? Just a wild guess would do
  4. Our own government has too much invested in the dinar for this not to rv or ri.... fact case closed
  5. Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Japan's Mitsubishi Corp. have signed an initial deal with Iraq to tap natural gas in the country's south, an oil executive said Tuesday, the latest push to develop Iraq's energy sector battered by years of neglect and war. The deal is expected to be a key part of the government's strategy to alleviate its power generation woes as chronic power outages have led to sometimes violent protests. Shell's Vice President for Middle East and North Africa Mousnir Bouaziz told The Associated Press the deal was signed in Baghdad. The draft deal will be sent to Cabinet for final approval, Bouaziz said. Bouaziz wouldn't divulge more details about the deal. And Iraqi officials, who had earlier said the deal was worth between $12 billion and $17 billion, were not immediately available for comment. Unlike other energy deals Iraq signed with international energy companies since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Tuesday's deal was signed behind closed doors. The Oil Ministry first invited the medial on Monday, but later said the signing ceremony was postponed. The joint venture is called Basra Gas Company. Iraq will hold 51 percent, Royal Dutch Shell 44 percent while Mitsubishi will hold a 5 percent stake. Iraq burns off almost half of the 1.5 billion cubic feet per day of gas it produces. The 25-year development deal would help Iraq capture more than 700 million cubic feet per day of gas from three oil fields. The project also marks a major step in Iraq's effort to capture and put to use for generating electricity the natural gas that has routinely been burned off _ or flared _ at the fields because the country lacks the necessary infrastructure to bring the gas to market. The government sees the capture of the gas as an important step in dealing with chronic power cuts that have recently led to protests, including one last year that left two dead in Basra and forced the electricity minister to resign. Since 1990s, Iraq has spent billions working to rebuild the national electrical grid, which was in poor shape because of various wars over the past decades. Most Iraqis only get between five to seven hours of power a day. The country, which sits atop the world's fourth-largest proven reserves of crude, also holds 126.7 trillion cubic feet of undeveloped gas reserves. Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Posted in National-and-international on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 4:16 am | Tags: Read more:'>
  6. Not unless Chapter seven is lifted Or our troops are staying to defend the wealthy country, one of the two must happen.
  7. The truth..... Hold your Dinar my friend... Yes Chapter 7 must be lifted in order for Iraq to defend its wealth. Under chapter 7 sanctions they are not to have a working military. Once its officially lifted, which will not be to much longer. We will have an end to this long awaited answer.... What will the rate be is anyones guess, but just put those pieces of wallpaper away here just a little while longer. You can thank me later!
  8. I needed that one. Between this and the beer joke, this site is making a better day
  9. WINNING-----Like Charlie Sheen LMAO
  10. This is whats called a "catch all" page, it is used by internet marketers to catch all emails of visitors to the site, and a pretty good one at that, i must say. Anyone that reads this either invested or thinking about investing will want to be on that newsletter. It draws on your curiosity. They feed you just enough to make you want to subscribe. Try it and see what emails you start receiving I will bet he is selling a book or service in the very first newsletter you get. If not more will follow, with yet more sales pitches...
  11. How about cutting our government spending and then raise taxes after thats done. What a concept. Why should people rich or poor pay more in taxes, while certain individuals are taking billion dollar trips to Italy and Ireland? Oh yeah lets touch base on that Mr. President... Dont forget the 3 hairdressers for the 1st lady, yup need them along at 200.00/hour. Makes me sick.... Great Post so-so true my friend, this is how liberal-socialist pigs work....
  12. Stop with the rumors already.... Find me something that states chapter 7 fully removed. Thats what we need to be looking for... from a credible source. RI=reinstatement to the prior value
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