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  1. If you still believe the dinar will RV please visit ebay to purchase.
  2. Those of you who are still waiting for the New Iraqi Dinar to RV? Please go to because I have plenty od dinar to sell before the LOP. LOSS OF PROFIT. It's just a rumor but i heard at least a thousand people are selling on ebay because they know the old currency will not be RV'd. It the dropped 000's redenominated currency that may possibly RV. Check out and we will make you an outstanding deal. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys! Rumor has it that thousands are selling their New Iraqi Dinar on Ebay. That's and I believe the rumor is true. I have a crap load of dinar that i will sell you guys for cheap. It's a great collectors item. Afterall, those website owners are licensed as collectible currency salesman not investment brokers. I would like to sell all of it before the LOP. That's LOSS OF PROFIT. The New Iraqi Dinar, the redenominated currency is what will have potential for RV. Don't hate just do your own research. See you at EBAY>COM guys. Thanks.
  4. People do the research and see your money is being scammed out from under you. These websites are designed to sell you worthless paper that you will never make a dime off off. You can not cash it in. This question will not be answered because there is no answer. NONE. They make up rumors about banks waiting for a ping and a new cash out rate. US banks will not buy your dinar at any rate. EVER. They keep the lies going to sell more and more worthless paper. The Kuwait deal is a lie as well. Check the history. Use your own brain and do the research. You will see. If it's so valuable and such a good investment then why is ebay swarming with sales. Why don't we hang on to our precious dinar?
  5. Just answer the question? WHO WILL PURCHASE YOUR DINAR??? No one will. That's the magic question people. Doesn't matter how much it's worth if you can never cash in. Only the guys selling this stuff will make money. Google. Search it out. I have. Check out ebay. I will sell you 100,000 dinar for 85.00 right now. Come on guys. That's a great deal;. Go EBAY help me get my money back. WOO WHOO>
  6. Looks like you joined in March so you are new too. I have sold about $600 on ebay so far. I have a little more to unload to get back my investment. I acted impulsively without knowing all the facts. No money to be made here. I could not find a US bank that would buy this worthless paper back. GO EBAY Bids....
  7. Just wondering if any of you have figured that part out yet? Check out ebay. People are unloading their dinar because they can't find any other way to cash in without a loss. New to this sight yes.It's strange that no one can answer the cash in question without speculation. I foolishly invested in the dinar.
  8. When this so called RV happens where will you go to cash in your dinar?
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