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  1. Baghdad International Airport will see the ceremony of departure of the last U.S. troops to Iraq 13/11/2011 BAGHDAD - Al Sabah "Al Sabah" from American sources informed that the last U.S. troops will leave Iraq in the ceremony of a formal will be held at the base of the Baghdad International Airport on 30 or December 31 next. They said: "All U.S. troops will leave before the middle of next month, as will a small military force does not exceed 200 soldiers to attend the official ceremony will be held at Baghdad International Airport, where they will be landing the American flag from the base of the airport and raise the Iraqi flag and playing Alnhidan by domestic of the two countries before leaving the last soldier in a military plane. The sources added that these decrees are not related to negotiations or developments to keep the trained or lack of it, pointing out that the high-level U.S. officials will attend the ceremony, while not confirm or deny that U.S. President Barack Obama or Vice President Joseph Biden of them. The head of security and defense committee in parliament Hassan Sinead, said that the last fighter for the U.S. Army left the country last Wednesday. He Sinead, in a statement carried by Iraqi satellite channel yesterday that it is now incumbent on any aircraft intending to enter Iraqi airspace to obtain prior permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Iraq or the official bodies concerned, but will be considered a hostile aircraft entered the airspace without permission. He said that Iraq sought to acquire weapons of advanced air defense to rely on its capacity to protect the air space after it was adopted over the previous period to what was provided by U.S. forces from the air cover of the country. For his part, member of the security and defense committee representative of quitting that is owned by Iraq's military forces are able to maintain security of any external aggression air was or sea or land. said Zamili in a press statement that Iraq will build defenses air again within a year from now , the time can say it as short compared to what it takes such a construction. In the meantime, the chief of Air Force Lt. Gen. Anwar Amin said Iraq plans to expand its fleet of aircraft reconnaissance in the near future and that he hoped the signing of an agreement to purchase a second set of F-16s By the next year. He said Amin on the sidelines before the opening of the Dubai Air Show on Sunday: that "Iraq has plans to buy drones in the near future," noting in a statement quoted by Reuters news agency that the Iraqi Air Force is exploring various options. However, the Secretary approved that building the air force a very complex process depends on several factors, including insurance cover, financial and human capacity as well as time. He continued that the Iraqi Air Force manages the already advanced fleet of surveillance aircraft owned by a very small number of countries in the region, "pointing out that the Iraqi Air Force proud of using the aircraft over the past few years to monitor the activities of terrorists.
  2. Iraqi dinars: Smart investment or smoke and mirrors? By Connie Thompson Published: Nov 10, 2011 at 7:57 PM PST Last Updated: Nov 11, 2011 at 8:13 AM PST Some people looking to cushion their retirement savings are getting tips about potential profits in foreign currency investments. One of the hottest currencies right now is the Iraqi dinar. Before the Iran-Iraq war broke out in 1980, one Iraqi dinar was worth more than $3 in U.S. currency. Today, one dinar is worth mere pennies. The investment theory is that once Iraq is stable, the dinar value will skyrocket, turning some people into instant millionaires. Type in the word "dinar" into an Internet search, and you'll find endless websites jumping at the chance to sell you any quantity of uncirculated dinar notes. Many brokers who sell the notes promote the huge profit you can make when the value of the dinar is eventually increased by as much as a thousand percent, or much more. But state and federal regulators warn dinar investment scams are pervasive. Many of the sellers are not registered as required. There's no official dinar value, so sellers set the price. Counterfeit dinars are a common problem. And you can only redeem dinars in Iraq. Then, there's the fact that revaluation may never happen. The state Department of Financial Institutions and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission say they get complaints from investors who lost their money. In some case, scam victims have discovered the real looking notes they paid for are fake. Brokers, financial advisors and economists warn that despite all protests to the contrary, investing in foreign currency - in this case devalued dinars - is highly speculative and extremely risky. If anyone promotes an Iraqi dinar investment (or any investment for that matter), as a having a guaranteed high return, you must accept the fact that there's a high probability you will never see your money again. There is no guarantee. And in the case of fraud or loss, you have no recourse. Bottom line: if you can't afford to lose it all, don't do it. Like someone else said, the government had to say something about it before it happened (RV) or there would be some really mad people out there.
  3. Bumper, The doctor put me on some blood pressure medicine that made my feet swell terribly......I knew it had to be the meds. because it was the only medicine I was on and I had just started going into a few weeks..........when I went to the doctors he told me that I was getting older and needed to wear these special socks......I thought "hey I'm getting old but not that old". lol Anyway I went home and looked my medicine up on the computer and found out that 1 out of 10 people got swollen feet and legs from these meds. Now if I totally trusted everything my doctor said I would have been dealing with this for the last 2 years. I had him change my medicine and have had no problems since. It's good to do the research because it's your life and no one will watch over you like yourself.......except the Lord, of course. My mom had pain in her neck for years, going down her was very painful......I had her taken off of a well known cholesterol pill and the pain was gone. All those years and her doctor never even considered the pain was caused from that. Go figure! KM
  4. Rodandstaff.............I hear ya! These days Christians seem to be the target of many people..........the world is changing rapidly.......... By the way I just love your brings a smile to my face! KM
  5. If Maliki thinks that big brother won't be watching over their entitlements in Iraq...well he needs to take his head out of the toilet!
  6. That was the first time I ever saw Red Skelton that serious! Thanks for the video brought back memories! I'm sure there are many vets that have just come home, who are happy to see their families but are wondering, 'what the heck is happening in America'. So sad!
  7. * Christians fear for their lives after the withdrawal of U.S. troops NOVEMBER 12TH, 2011 11:45 AM · POSTED IN NEWS (IRAQ & WORLD CURRENCY) 11.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) – Add comments – Kirkuk (Iraq) – A expressed clerics and Iraqi Christians, yesterday, fearing the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, arguing that their future would be “unknown.” said the Archbishop of Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah for Christians Chaldean, Louis Sako, “according to the statistics obtained, the number of Christian martyrs in Iraq because of terrorist acts Talthm after 2003, there were 905 martyrs in the whole of Iraq.” He pointed out that “Before 2003 we were so up to million people, but now it left us about half a million distributors in the northern governorates and Baghdad. ” In turn, predicted the Deacon Church of the Virgin Mary Anwar John Aziz “to return kidnappings against the Christian component, in order to pay the ransom, for their release.” “We will leave U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, a void, (especially with) the lack of understandings between the political parties after the American withdrawal, which will be the logic of force and weapons is Faisal. ” , said Saljoh when Georgis, a service agent “fear of the stage after the American withdrawal, our future unknown we do not know what will happen to us, most of my relatives went abroad and my family think this is also if returned spiral also realize again. ” In turn, said Laura Hanna, Mark, “I will leave always at the university completely after the withdrawal of U.S. forces, because of the fear of the security situation the stable. “ LINK
  8. Since Obamacare’s Passage, Millions Have Lost Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance 4:42 PM, NOV 11, 2011 • BY JEFFREY H. ANDERSONSingle PagePrintLarger TextSmaller TextAlerts Throughout the Obamacare debate, President Obama repeatedly promised, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Now, Gallup reports that from the first quarter of 2010 (when Obama signed Obamacare into law) to the third quarter of this year, 2 percent of American adults lost their employer sponsored health insurance. In other words, about 4.5 million Americans lost their employer-sponsored insurance over a span of just 18 months. This is not what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had predicted would happen. Rather, the CBO had predicted that Obamacare would increase the number of people with employer-sponsored insurance by now. It had predicted that, under Obamacare, 6 million more Americans would have employer-sponsored insurance in 2011 than in 2010 (see table 4, which shows the CBO’s projected increase of 3 million under (pre-Obamacare) current law and an additional 3 million under Obamacare). So the CBO’s rosy projections for Obamacare (and even these paint a frightening picture) are already proving false. Whether the decline in employer-sponsored insurance over the past 18 months is a product of Obamacare or of the Obama economy — and whether Obamacare is the principal cause of the anemic performance of the Obama economy — can be debated. But what’s clear is that, more than 25 months before Obamacare would really go into effect — if it’s not repealed first — employers are already dropping employees from their insurance rolls. Take Walmart, for example — a prominent Obamacare supporter. Gallup writes, “The nation's largest private employer, Wal-Mart, announced in October that new part-time employees who work less than an average of 24 hours a week would no longer be able to get their health insurance from the company. Wal-Mart laid out several other cuts to its health insurance offerings, including some workers’ ability get coverage for their spouses. Other companies have already made and will likely continue to make similar changes to their health insurance benefits…. “If Wal-Mart's decision is a precursor of how employers intend to manage their healthcare costs, the downward trend in employer-based healthcare will likely continue.” So in addition to costing about $2.5 trillion over its real first decade (2014 to 2023), looting nearly $1 trillion from Medicare over that time (according to the CBO), forcing Americans to buy government-approved health insurance under penalty of law, and amassing unprecedented power and money in Washington at the expense of Americans’ liberty — if Obamacare stays on the books, you may like your health care plan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can keep your health care plan.
  9. And we mock what we don't know and understand! I think I'll move to Kentucky!
  10. What did Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower have in common? They took care of the illegals in the right manner = Three Presidents did it, yet we never hear about it. What did Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower have in common? Back during The Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work.. Harry Truman deported over two million Illegals after WWII to create jobs for returning veterans. And then again in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexican Nationals! The program was called 'Operation *******'. It was done so WWII and Korean Veterans would have a better chance at jobs. It took 2 Years, but they deported them! Now...if they could deport the illegals back then - they could sure do it today. lf you have doubts about the veracity of this information, enter Operation ******* into your favorite search engine and confirm it for yourself. Reminder: Don't forget to pay your taxes... 20 million Illegals depend on you!
  11. Easy....God loves His children.......contrary to what many believe, He wants us all to prosper and be in good health. The bible says, the devil comes to rob, steal and destroy......but Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly.........Thanks for the post........Go RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Adam, Got your must be a really nice guy! Go RV!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I watched this on TV's great news! We are on our way.....GO........RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I'm waiting for Adam too!........
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