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  1. Holy Crap! I can't believe some of you would move in with friends to avoid selling your "stash", or declare bankruptcy, or go into debt of any kind to keep your dinars... A fool and his money...If Blitzer is having tough times I certainly wish him the best, but I have seen one family member LOSE HER HOME over dinar. She just knew it was going to RV too.
  2. They've been in Iraq since 2010 and nothing has happened yet.
  3. WTX_Danny


    Just give it till Monday...Nevermind!
  4. It won't matter. Their following is so brainwashed and trusting that it never matters what they say. No repercussions and no accountability.
  5. I didn't realize anything positive had been posted. ... "most likely"...
  6. So what you're sayin' is I have seven months to buy more dinar. Yipee!
  7. I have fought for my Liberty and Rights. I continue to today. I don't see a problem with answering a question or even having my vehicle searched by a uniformed officer who is trying to protect my country from terrorists, illegal immigrants, and dopers; regardless of the effectiveness. Sorry we don't see eye to eye on this subject - thats one of the great things about living in this country - we both have the right and privilege to have our own opinions. Our definitions of patriotism simply differ.
  8. WTX_Danny


    I don't care what Tony says. I haven't bought any dinar because of Tony in years and nothing he could say would make me feel the urge to.
  9. I really hate these videos of little smart a$$ pricks. We have a real problem in this country with illegal immigration a drug smuggling and these little turds want to waste someones time by not answering a simple non invasive question like "are you a citizen". These same little $hit heads only do this to cause trouble. I have encountered some of these folks and they are usually idiots that practice a script. "Resisting tyranny" ... give me a break.
  10. It's really sad to know how many people keep believing this guy. I have a family member that routinely calls me crying and praising good that the RV is upon us because TONY said so.
  11. I hope Possum is down river from me. I don't need anymore trash from up river floating down my riverbottom.
  12. It's those pesky ALGORITHMS again! - But at least he did say "Remember I am only repeating the news as I get it." - Thats the Guru version of "With all do respect..."
  13. Personally I think the dealers are using all of the recent hype to their advantage and if Steve's sources of intel are so good why does he have to bait someone from a dinar dealer to get information.
  14. They rarely get much done during business hours so I would bet we see nothing during Ramadan.
  15. not pass GO, but please spend at least $200.00 on dinar reserves...and use PROMO CODE... - From "72 hour STEVE" Greetings everyone, First of all I want to thank Todd for jumping in and fixing a small security issues we had this weekend. I did a post and found that my account was compromised and was able to block the IP and fix the permissions in the directory that caused it. I talked to every I could that was available and they all told me the exact same thing. And that is there is nothing left to do regarding preparing for the changing in their currency value. Ray talked to his contacts also and they are confirming what I just mentioned about. They (the Iraqi citizens) are thinking that this will happen at any moment. No one is really sure as to why are they are dragging this out. The parliament is putting pressure in the CBI to move forward, and now with two very powerful articles about the immediate urgency to increase their value of their current is simply huge. Best news articles this year. As you can see, the holiday has nothing to do with anything. Many have confirmed this. So we just need to let it come to us as it will. So the question now is, are you all ready? I think most are, but for those that are waiting a bit longer, you might want to re-think that. My focus has been on financial institutions for exchanging the Iraq currency for the US currency. Great progress and looks like we will get to share very soon. I hope you had a restful 4th and a safe one at that. I am extremely encouraged with the news today. You can almost just feel that it is right there. Blessings, Steve
  16. You're doing it're math that is.
  17. So you are thinking you are going to gain a return of 2.5X your original investment?
  18. If the rate was 1000.25 and you dropped 3 zero's it would not be 1.25, it would be 1.00025. But the odd thing is - have you ever seen any talk about a "street value" or otherwise being carried out to the hundredths of a dinar. 25/100th's of a dinar is so worthless you cannot even calculate it (reasonably) or break it down in an exchange. Doesn't make any sense to me. But...if they did change the rate to 1000.25, that would give you an exchange of .0009975 and then if they did drop three zero's the exchange would be 0.9975, hence you would score a tad under a 1:1 rate.
  19. You should really quit eating fish out of the Trinity River.
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