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  1. What happened to the letter after q the letter after u the letter after r the letter after n the letter after n and the letter after m .com?
  2. My apologies to all. I did not know that me asking a sincere question meant I'm negative, a doubter etc. As for as having faith, I've seen Gods work and I firmly believe that anything, and I mean anyhting is possible. Bottom line is it's up to Yahweh. Peace to all.
  3. Below is some information I copied from another site. If Iraq has to sell oil at a higher price and sell domestic bonds to help cover their projected budget deficit ,how are they going to be able to pay us after the dinar RVs or RIs? Can someone explain how Iraq is going to pay for the dinar we purchased? June 10, 2010, 10:22 AM EDT By Alaa Shahine June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Iraq expects to cover a projected budget deficit of about $18 billion this year by selling oil at higher-than-expected prices, Finance Minister Baqir Jabr al- Zubaidi said. “We will cover the budget with the difference in
  4. Makes you wonder if certain people are able to cash in when this occurs. This is the second time. The same thing happened last year in November. Just a thought.
  5. Hello, My name is Melanie and I just wanted to know if someone else heard that Iraq was planning on changing its currency. And could they do this?
  6. Hello all, I'm new to this. A friend just called me and said he heard that Iraq is going to change its currency which will leave us with worthless currency. Does anyone know anything about this? Can Iraq do this legally.
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