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  1. The people will lynch every member of government if they don't reverse this move quickly. They won't have to wait until June to vote them out. Politicians, by nature, frown on this. Therefore, I believe that this will be a short-lived adjustment to the value of the Dinar. Something, that will be big enough to make the citizens forget this move, will happen VERY shortly - before the public can gather up the torches and pitchforks.
  2. It says "update" the dinar exchange rate. It doesn't say "increase" the rate. Not everyone on the planet is expecting a significant increase as we in dinarland are.
  3. Find out the area they hide at and turn it into an ashtray.
  4. Just got this notice from the IRS site. Has to do mostly with QBUs ( qualified business units). I don't speak legalese, maybe it's important, maybe not. Go here Just seems like something is going on with gains/losses from foreign currencies, and anytime that happens, it makes me anxious. Anybody out there know if this affects us or not?
  5. Widespread major protests are to start October 1st. Could have something to do with tying the ISX into NASDAQ also.
  6. So, does this say that they won't pass the budget until they can pass the HCL? Am I reading into this incorrectly?
  7. RE: Dinar flow into Iran - I have long wondered about this very topic. I can't believe that the Insanians don't also know of the Dinar potential. IMHO, the dinar does NOT move in value until there is some kind of broad, verifiable international solution to the Insanian issue, and/OR...... a major collapse of the current Insanian regime ( replaced by a more acceptable, reasonable version ).
  8. MAYBE, they've finally realized that having secure, prosperous Iraq as a stable buffer zone, is a good idea. MAYBE they will support Iraq in becoming a serious member of the Arab world, instead of just a playground for the worst elements of their biases against each other. With all of this "stability" going around, MAYBE the powers-that-be will push Iraq into getting their act together and pump up their international participation ( RI/RV ). (please also note from the pictures in the articles above: the guy from Kuwait actually has TWO eyebrows )
  9. Saudi Arabia has EVERYTHING to gain in getting the U.S. and everyone else riled up at Iran. Those two countries haaaaaaaaaate each other. Their proxy war in the Sudan is ample evidence.
  10. "On March 11, 2019, the Saudi news outlet, which is known for its anti-Iran views, published a report that...." Anyone consider that this is just some Saudi propaganda hogwash? Go on, tell me you haven't seen outright lies in their articles. Go on. We always need to first consider the source before we accept info as gospel truth. This info could be true. Maybe not at all. Just sayin'.....
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