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  1. So, are they saying they want Maliki in or out??
  2. Abadi has to do this on his own because all the parliment does is argue and nothing gets done... (sound familiar?)
  3. Maybe this has something to do with encouraging the use of credit cards when they go international. Less cash and more credit and ATM usuage..
  4. I would really like to hear from a contact on the ground about what the people really think about Maliki.. we see the press releases about all the negatives that Maliki's coalition is putting out, but what do the people in Baghdad and other cities say about all the information about his corruption.. will this be another instance where they are afraid to prosecute this monster for fear of their lives? Abadi must gather all of his allies to stop and remove Maliki from the State of Law presidency and then we may see some cohesion with Parliament.. in it for the long run.. but my steps are gettin
  5. If he stays in Iran can the international court still arrest him there? There are enough charges against him that he hopefully will be brought to justice in international court as it seems the Iraqi judicial system are afraid to do anything about him. Even tho he stays in Iran he still has followers who will do his bidding to disrupt Abadi's intentions.. and was there any further articles about him moving out of the palace? Maybe someone has noticed moving trucks from his house to Tehran...
  6. Waiting to see what Abadi's response will be to this!! The people have spoken about bringing Maliki to justice and I am sure this will start a big uproar.. It will also be interesting to see what stance the US will take on this as they wanted him out long ago. I hate to say this but unless he is silenced for good, or thrown in jail he is still going to cause problems. If Abadi does not comply to this request we may see Maliki staying in Iran under their protection.. and influencing his followers from there...We wait!!!
  7. ISIS articles are pertinent, but would like a different catagory for all the music stuff.. I just don't see how those postings have anything to do with current Iraq news.. sorry to bring this up but do not like having to scroll thru all these music postings to find informative articles.. maybe a section just for unrelated postings would be helpful.. Hope I'm not the only one who never opens these up and finds this does not belong with the efforts of others to research and bring the important articles for us..
  8. No, this is also the music site for Umbertino.. but we still get some useful dinar articles..
  9. It is really thought provoking how our priotities have changed in the years since some of us have been on this ride,, in the early years it was what we could have for ourselves, now we are more grown up and grounded and our hopes are what we can do for others!! What is meant to happen, will happen!! Even though it will make a major difference in our lives, the poor suffering people in Iraq will finally be able to help their families. This will be a world changing event and I am glad to be a witness to this. We watch and wait for this blessed event...Thanks to all of the great learning we have
  10. Quit clowning around!! Clowns are ageless.. and sometimes make all of us feel younger.. our clown has given us many funny and priceless moments.. Happy Birthday Big Guy...
  11. See Adam,s answer, he is getting paid to allow these ads.. maybe gets a kickback whenever someone opens these up..why not just a header ad instead of a half page of ads? Not sure what to think about inundating this dinar information site with these types of commercial ads.. it is sad to see this happen although I understand his need to make money and VIP section payments maybe slowing down.. I visit this site daily for updates and hope Adam will reconsider this format as most people are commenting on their dislike.. please keep up with all the pertinent dinar info.. thanks
  12. They are losing the airports to keep the rats, who are not reelected, from escaping the country as they will lose their immunity. These politions have been sending stolen money out of the country to cover their butts and will flee like rats. Hopefully Maliki will be the fastest runner to the plane. We will see shortly.
  13. Now that chapter 7 is lifted when will they release their budget and do you think it is, and has been tied to the new rate? The loan they received from Japan may be at the end, could this also be an optimal time for revalue?
  14. It was reported that Iraq received a loan from Japan. Is there any information on how much is left for them to operate on.. If the loan amount is exhausted would be the perfect time to release the budget. Any thoughts?
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