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  1. Adam, i replied to the email with my receive address on monday. any idea when the ether will show?
  2. Adam, i set up my crypto wallet per your link. pm me on how to transfer funds. thanks dog
  3. this has happened before. i don't know the exact web sight for cbi ,but this isn't it! this is pumping. stay grounded!i only follow from a distance,but i know that this is not correct!
  4. please people this is not the cbi web sight! dont drink the kool-aid or buy more dinar based on this info!. if it was important adam would be all over it! Buzzy!
  5. adam, i need info on how to update my email info. none of the links are working to message you. i am in mozzilla. dog
  6. Buzzy, nice job your cheeseheads did to my cowboys! how do i change my contact e-mail? thanks dog
  7. i actually gave my daughter a Bersa thunder .380 for her birthday this year. she has taken the class and received her cc license . she also received from me enough practice ammo and self protection ammo to practice on my range anytime she wants ! guns for everybody! upstanding citizens of course!
  8. and now i want tamales! thanks!
  9. single and zero is the recommended for single person making about over 25,000.00. they might adjust and have more take home pay during the year, but it will catch up when they do their taxes.
  10. is there any one who would like to comment on actually buying these? this is 150.00 less per million then the buy price at xchange america .
  11. i really don't know how you could kill something that majestic! i hunt predators to protect my livestock so i know the feel of the kill,but only for the preservation of my animals or myself! there are both 4 legged and 2 legged varmints that need some lead poison!
  12. i have 6 million not circulated 25,000.00 all bought from xchange america. $5,000.00 for all! western Oklahoma!
  13. LGD, the 25 note they speak of is our 25,000.00 note with the zero's removed. making our 1.000,000.00 dinar $ 3.000.00
  14. no, ramadan and the 4th. buzzy spending family time
  15. do i have to be a platinum vip to join osi reserve?
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