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  1. There is a certain radio station that does conference calls all the time, they are telling listeners that they know someone that is going to buy the dinar from you at a great amount over $4 or $5 and they are asking listeners to fill out forms and put their names and phone numbers and amount of dinar they have right down to the exact currency notes so that they can contact you when this person is buying. What is this all about, have you heard anything about this. I didn't fill out anything thinking it wasn't legit, but thousands of others did. I have the forms they sent, but find this very disturbing.
  2. Thanks for chat, but how does this up tick in violence now in Iraq hurt the RV chances.
  3. WOW !!!!! You are way off base here and you need to get the facts straight before you say those things..... According to the Huffington Post, a liberal online commentary news blog Arthur Brooks wrote a book in 2007 (which you definitly need to read since you know nothing) about charitable giving titled “Who Really Cares.” He too was shocked to discover homes headed by conservatives gave 30% more than those headed by liberals. Conservatives even gave blood more frequently, as they still do today 6 years later, . As stated in the New York Times , it quotes Brooks as saying, “If liberals and moderates gave blood as often as conservatives, the American blood supply would increase by 45 percent.” He went on to admit this was not what he thought would be true: “When I started doing research on charity,” Mr. Brooks wrote, “I expected to find that political liberals — who, I believed, genuinely cared more about others than conservatives did — would turn out to be the most privately charitable people. So when my early findings led me to the opposite conclusion, I assumed I had made some sort of technical error. I re-ran analysis. I got new data. Nothing worked. In the end, I had no option but to change my views and I will admit conservatives are much more generous to the poor than the liberals are". So, the next time you hear a liberal talking about “social justice” and “caring for the poor,” maybe you can tell him that the good thoughts in his head don’t put clothes on anyone’s back, food in anyone’s mouth, nor can thoughts alone mentor a troubled kid who just needs a friend. Of course, not all liberals are stingy and not all conservatives are generous but the overall differences between the two communities are so stark that perhaps the media needs to rethink its stereotypes. Conservatives give more and care more about the poor then do liberals. Liberals need the poor for their votes and their political gains and thats the main reason they dole out huge chunks of money which in turn do not help the poor, it keeps them stuck in a never ending role of being beholden to the government. When citizens are beholden to the gov't they continue to vote liberal as its in their interest to continue to receive freebies. If the liberals really cared about the poor they would help them get jobs, offer educational programs and not continue to subsidize them. They should be weened off government assistant as soon as possible because giving the poor money doesnt get rid of poverty. A person needs to feel proud and be proud of themselves and what they do. OR BETTER YET: Maybe lefties need to put down their lattes, pick up a hammer and go help a neighbor. And when they do, they’ll get an unexpected bonus: They’ll meet some friendly conservatives who were there long before the liberals.
  4. The constant failed predicitons have left their marks emotionally AND SHE CONTINUES TO ADD TO IT. !!!!!!!
  5. Kimjackie


  6. They never have to RV and thats the reason why. Who would give up $40,000,000.00 per day? I have dinar and hope they eventually RV but it might be in my grandkids lifetime not mine.
  7. I used to like reading what Frank wrote because I was naive, but after several years of the same old lies and crap-ola now I just laugh. I have learned that these so called Gurus like to think they are so smart and we are dumb, but noooooooooooooo its the other way around.
  8. They also have another rare one on display that is half one color down one side and another color down its other side, very pretty actually.
  9. Iraq never has to raise their value, they do well enough with using dollars. If there is a war in the middle east with Syria we are doomed
  10. If we have a full on middle east war with Syria and other countries our dinar will be worth diddly squat.
  11. We hear this every year, the budget holds the key. No it doesnt !!!!!!.. As much as I want this RV I dont think anything will happen with all the fighting in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east. Raising the currency value will have zero impact on fighting since thats all they know over there. Just put the Dinar in a safe place and wait.
  12. With all the violence and killing in Iraq they may never RV, might be another war who knows with them. I am not counting on anything of value from my Dinar, but will continue to keep it in a safety deposit box just in case.
  13. Not sure why you want it but if its blood pressure----Diuretics are very bad for the kidneys. I had above average blood pressure and lowered my sodium to 1200 mg a day and WOW my blood pressure is now under the recommended rating. I went from the 140's/75 to 118/72
  14. I read that smart cards were out, is this true and how will this affect an RV or will it be the same old rate with smart cards.?
  15. Shouldnt tell anyone you have dinar and especailly dont give them your e-mail address, stupid is as stupid does.
  16. OMG dont be so gullible, WF doeesnt need us calling them either. When something happens you will hear on this site. Dont listen to TerryK EVER.... DONT LISTEN TO TERRYK
  17. Sounds all well and good to me , but doesnt it seem strange they would tell us this in advance so people would buy more dinar or people who dont have dinar would buy it. I get a queasy feeling in my tummy when I start to wonder like this and I cannot be the only one thinking like that. Does not make sense.
  18. Thanks but doubt it will be Monday. Wish it was, could use it...Wont get my hopes up........!!!
  19. If it doesnt RV will he open it again and then when it sounds like its RVing again will he close it again and then re-open it again. ? Seems to me that it should stay open til we know for sure whats up>>>No one knows if it will RV soon, No one.
  20. My question is this: If the dinar was going to revalue anytime soon why are they announcing chapter 7 and having celebrations etc. This gives more people the chance to purchase dinar and more investors getting involved. Seems to me they would not want that. Just asking.
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