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  1. This is the latest post from Tlar..... Commentary by Tlar. -We should get what ultimately will be definitive results on a preliminary release from the Election Committee on Monday. Iraq may be more democratic than the US. There was a 70% turnout of eligible voters in Abar and a 77% turned out in Basra. Iran who tried to once again get Iraq to pick Maliki for a third term by pressuring the blocks last week to back him has found that their push has fallen on deaf ears. They attempted to have the Quds Forces talk to the blocks in hopes of breaking one of the coalitions but have come to
  2. I'm with you Rayzur and also feel this is exciting news. Not sure exactly what it means but sure seems like something to take notice of. I actually posted a chat log last week regarding Western Union and new SWIFT codes but it didn't get much attention but I believe it was in preparation for what we are now seeing. Here's the thread....
  3. I have seen several posts from different "gurus" on other sites regarding the swift codes and have to the more trusted DV site to see if anything is being mentioned here and haven't seen anything on it. I may have missed it...sorry if I did. Admittedly, I don't fully understand the swift codes and how they apply to the RV but thought I would bring over a few rumors and see if there are any thoughts. From 4-9-14.... [millionday] today the information was brought in by GRRR about the swift codes -- all of those that dont remember or were not invested at that time know that it has be
  4. Thanks SnowGlobe and LGD for your insight. While I'm still not convinced this is a good thing, you guys got me thinking and gave me a little hope
  5. I hate to say it but I tend to agree with this thinking. It just wouldn't seem to make sense to continue printing the large notes if they have any intention of RV in the near future. Even after a modest RV these large notes would not be something they would want in circulation and I also agree with Dogsutra, any large government transactions would typically be done electronically. Really hoping someone smarter than me can help me see it differently.
  6. I's SteveI but just thought I'd see if anyone here that has a better understanding of ISX thinks there is anything to this. Post From don't promote other sites By Stevel Greeting PD Members, This post is going to be very factual regarding this investment we all have invested in. In February I was sent some financial information regarding the ISX. I want you to follow the money now. Just yesterday I got this information. The key is to read it very closely and word for word and understand the actual importance of this huge message. ::::::: ... A cross
  7. DiveDeepSix, granted I am a relatively new member here to this site so I don't know about your friends, however I have a hard time believing that most *** people would not find some of the things you stated as hurtful..... "The Skittles come in to an area and force everyone else to put up with their BS way of life even if it means destroying the values this country was founded on. They destroy and mock marriage and family values, and push their sick way of life on little kids (that is a pedophile, Tiff can stick it). Don't I have the right to not let my kid sleep with a homo at a Boy Sco
  8. I guess the other side of that question Tbomb is, are they asking for our (the U.S. Treasury) input on their budget or are we taking it upon ourselves to advise. Buti, curious on your input.
  9. Well I have to say....I don't doubt your "OUTRAGE". Unfortunately when someone spews so much discrimination and hate it just proves why the Governor was right to veto this bill. I think the main problem is that people would have taken advantage of this bill and discriminated against not just the LGBT community but many lifestyle choices they don't agree with. All in the name of their "religious liberties" being compromised. This is just a very slippery slope for our country to slide down and would set us back in the progress that's been made regarding discrimination. I don't believe t
  10. Tbomb I understand your frustration that these types of posts don't get as much attention as they should. I agree that any other posts from the media are controlled and probably distorted much like our media here in the U.S. and that this is where we should focus our efforts. In regards to the U.S. Treasury it normal for our treasury department to have any input on their draft budget as it states? I don't remember hearing in the past that The U.S. was involved in Iraq's budget talks.
  11. I have only been following the dinar about a year and a half, when my hubby bought some dinar and told me after the fact. I will admit I started out extremely skeptical and then that turned to very hopeful when I started exploring different dinar sites and didn't know better about the gurus. I went from skeptical to thinking I was going to wake up to an rv every morning. Of course it didn't take long for reality to sink in about these gurus. Since I have become a member on this site, I now have a more realistic view of the chances of an rv. I have to admit though that this article along
  12. Thanks for your research on this Tbomb. It definitely sounds promising.
  13. Thanks for working on are such a sleuth. I really value the opinions and research of all the members on this site and you can always on TBomb to do some digging
  14. Interesting Read with links....any thoughts? Post From Bondlady's Corner Post By Tlm724 [tlm724] Good morning everyone, first let me tell you that BondLady extends her apologies for not being here, she is slammed at work [tlm724] okay here we go, this is important and I will be as brief as possible [tlm724] Iraq Is Positioning itself for a big move !!!!!!!!!! [tlm724] Let's begin by going back in time for a moment. Please have a quick look at this article posted by BondLady on June 5, 2012 [tlm724] 2012 ! Iraq is expected to become full member of WTO within two years June 5,
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