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  1. Individuals that tolerate that type of behavior, in my opinion, are just as bad as the people that make those type comments. At one time, I felt that this site was somewhat better dealing with things of that nature. Therefore, I became a VIP member. Boy was I wrong. I refuse to financially support this site if the mods allow individuals to make racial slurs. I also think the buck stop at the desk of Adam.
  2. The 'monkey' comment is a very harsh remark. Some might even deem it as an racial slur. I guess we can say anything we want on this site now. Especially if it downgrading the president. I'm sorry, but I'm old school. My parents taught me that you always show respect to those in authority. Even If you don't agree with them. By the way, I think the Holy Bible teach the same thing. I have been a VIP member on this site for a while. I don't think I'll renew it. I feel if individuals don't agree with someone, that don't give them the right to slur that individual, or be disrespectful. The sad thing is the people that do this constantly on this site, then type words like they are devout Christians.
  3. Petro Dollar! Petro Dollar! The USA Dollar must remain relevant in the Middle East.
  4. It's not that easy Wheres. You have to understand, Maliki has a lot of suporters in Iraq. To arrest him right now would cause civil unreast. That's the last thing Iraq need at this juncture. Nothing relieves unreast, like money, more jobs, more purchasing power, ect. IMO, I think he will be arreasted after you see an increase in the Iraqi dinar. Right now, all the seeds are being planted of how he stole from the Iraqi citizens, how he murdered innocent civilians, how he prosecuted innocent people. Thats all you hearing in the news about Maliki. They are planting seeds in the people mind about how evil this man is. When the Iraqi citizens lives are improved with the increase in the Iraqi dinar; BAM!!! They are going to prosecute Maliki, and no one will give a rats behind about it.
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