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  1. Pimpy, I SSSOOOOOOO hope you are correct. You have a link to this claim that trump is supporting Zafari ?
  2. Pitcher, thank you for your Market perspective. You bring a nice breath of fresh air. Always stay truthful to us, even when it might be hurtful OK ?
  3. JoeB, just move on. What Ron has done for us here at dv, has been and is welcomed. I personally appreciate the time and effort expended in an effort to keep us all a little bit better informed.
  4. As to Kaperoni's post, I didn't remember the time frame, but I do remember that Shabs was "ready" to do this. Anybody know why Maliki stopped Shabs other than to hugely enrich Maliki, of course. AND, has Iraq gotten back any of the supposed gazillions of dinar that Maliki and friends made off with ?
  5. Master O, there are days when I really don't want to hear "realistic," I want my hopium in very strong doses ! Ha ! Overall, I'm with cjdavid on this. Clean statement, imo.
  6. Add me to the list... Ron Scarpa, how are you doing ??? We hope you're recovering quite well !
  7. OK, Thug. I can tell that's not a real one dollar bill because George Washington is moving. 🙂
  8. ronscarpa, just a word of thanks to you for bringing these to us. I look forward to these compilations everyday. eastcreek
  9. I just hit my 10th year (Feb., 2009), Brisco. I'm hoping, praying that we get an RV for my 10th anniversary !!!! Go, RV !!!!!!
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