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  1. Dinarrock, upvote on the Sadr statement. If I remember correctly, he has for years said that he wants the dinar to be of higher value, correct ?
  2. I'm with you on that shixjr ! Taxes ARE going up down the road. Probably more than even Herr Biden is talking right now. Prepare yourselves folks. The tax ogre is in "Feed me, Seymour" mode !
  3. Yendor, "soon." ..................................Go, RV !
  4. Good to hear from you, Adam. Keep 'em coming !
  5. 12+ for me. Who woulda thunk it. Yikes!
  6. Artitech, don't worry about the hat. You won't have to eat the whole thing. I, and I'll bet some others on here, would be glad to help you choke it down if the RV happens. Go RVVVVVVVVV !!!!!!!...and DF#1, pass that gravy ! 😀🤪
  7. Half, I do too. rochester, you might be onto something here. That unsettles me a bit. Quite a bit !
  8. rw, you are one lucky duck ! 🙂
  9. It saddens me to have to say, our current administration is actively pursuing the overthrow/submission of our country. IMO, Biden is pure puppet. He simply is too mentally impaired to realize it.
  10. I like it, keylime. May it turn out to be August of 2021 !
  11. -- Sincerely Yours, Joseph Szymanski Szymanski Gallery 4020 Eastern Neck Road Rock Hall, MD 21661 Thank you, Yendor ! Thank you very much.
  12. DWitte, your second and third lines here are, as they say,"spot on." Sad, but true ! Go RV, everybody !
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