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  1. Heck, at $.47 they can have ALL of mine ! Yee hah !!!
  2. eastcreek

    Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    Uh..... go on.. :-)
  3. I'm in with this thinking. Well put, mr.unlikely, well put.
  4. eastcreek

    Questions For Adam's Update 6-21-2017

    Tagging on to PFRealtime a little bit, in addition to the oil reserves, didn't we hear a while back (3-4 years) that Iraq has discovered that it's also very wealthy in rare metals deposits ? If that's so, they can possibly ride the oil as far as it'll take them, while quietly, wisely developing the mining of the rare metals. Adam..???
  5. eastcreek

    23 Nov 2016 Adam Montana Weekly

    ...and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Yota. After Adam, you, Sandfly, Clown, and just a few others (oh, I can't forget granny), keep us grounded and steady. Thanks to you all !
  6. Hey Texas, Baghdadi is such an honorable person. You know you can trust him, right ? 😆
  7. eastcreek

    Another RV Alert.

    Amen, Synopsis. I fully agree with your final sentence !
  8. eastcreek

    Holy GRC CRAP Batman

    I vote with GregHi. Hey Greg, I'll pay all your zeroed-out credit card bills, if you'll pay mine !
  9. eastcreek

    SlappySquirrell speaks JibberJabber

    I got to 39 in pretty good shape. But 40, oh man. That threw me for a loop. Are there any numbers bigger than that ??!!?? Dear Lord above, I hope not.
  10. Yea, lots of work to do, indeed. But, "end of corruption" .....In a government ? Surely you jest ! Just look at ours. Good grief !
  11. eastcreek

    Testing! Are we back online?

    Got it, Thanks. Oh and Adam, now that you've set the date an rate................. ,,,,,,,,,, :-)
  12. eastcreek

    Questions For Adam's Update 5-11-2016

    With Abadi talking of the money smuggled out of his country, what are your thoughts on the money we bought ? I bought from Ali when he was going strong (2009), so I've assumed that I'm safe from buying smuggled money, but.......? Thoughts please, Adam.
  13. "aye !" My guess is that we're going......................."soon."
  14. One doesn't have to read beyond the second paragraph to see that the author is willfully ignorant or delusional or both. To say, as a muslim, that he couldn't understand why his name would arouse some distrust is, as I said, ignorant, delusional or both. I will use a close quote from a generation or two ago; "Life is hard. It's even harder when your're stupid."

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