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  1. I'm goin' with olivesman's summation; particularly in regards to the infallibility of internet information ! 🤪
  2. fiorano, I agree, to a point. I want to pay taxes, just a fair amount, though. I Do Not want to be gouged by the dems, and that's exactly what they'll want to do.
  3. My sentiments too, dawg. Thank God, for this site.
  4. Well said, shedagal ! Scripture is appropriate in every situation.
  5. What I've heard for years, 10 maybe, is that we have 4trillion dinar. At today's rate that would equate to approximately the $35billion figure you heard. So, sounds plausible to me. Also, I'm in the camp with pricestar8's thinking. They'll probably start at around $.10, then hopefully move up from there. An additional guess is that they'll give us a short time only 1-3 months, in order to "force" or encourage us to trade in all these outstanding dinar. They'll then have all their dinar back to take advantage of, buying and selling, as the price inflates over time. I'd be completely happy
  6. Artitech, 2009 for me , too . I am ready for this to be over, over over !!
  7. Oh, this is brutal ! Unfortunately, and sadly, it's also been true in many cases. Let us pray that that particular pattern does NOT continue !
  8. Only 11 years for me, NevadaSam. I'm a relative newbie ! Goooooo RVvvvvvvv !
  9. Right there with you, Vicious. 11 years for me,uggghhhh.....
  10. gregp, I'm behind the times, here. what is xrp ? Thanks.
  11. I'm 70 years old. So, I've seen and heard much. Not ONCE, in my 50+ year working career have I heard a "former" employee speak highly of a boss who fired him. Not ONCE !
  12. Wait, this belongs on the "Hopium" board. I want to read it 50 times, and float away in my state of delirium. Woohoo !!!!!! 🤑😄
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