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  1. "Anything" Trump does BENEFITS "COMMUNIST" Russia/Putin. I will NEVER forget Trump, Live on television, in real time, in Hilsinki with "COMMUNIST" Russia/Putin. "COMMUNIST" Russia/Putin OWNED Trump at that press conferenced. My country (USA) is like my family, we as family may vehmently disagree, but we NEVER let "outside" forces attack us in shape or form. Trump took the side of "COMMUNIST" Russia/Putin.
  2. MORE Anger and Insults. Again it's OKAY! Your INDESPUTIBLE FACT(S) appear weak at best. Will say again, if Republicans could have investigated, brought impeachment charges and or charges of any KIND period, they would have.
  3. The Repulicans could not find anyting to investigate Obama on. If Republicans could have, they would have WITHOUT "dubiety or incertitude".
  4. I THOUGHT the discussion was ABOUT Trump's decision to pull the troops out of Syria. However, it moved to my political alliation or NOT. I will NOT DEFEND my political affliation with ANYONE, or do I demand or expect anyone to defend their political afflliation with me. DIFFERENCE of opinions appear to invoke ANGER & INSULTS, if NOT in agreement with person expressing thier view. It is OKAY.
  5. I thanked you for your diagnosis of me. My only question to you is, WHY is my opinion a "conniption" and your opinion an "OPINION"?
  6. My opnion has NOT CHANGED. You are entitled to view my opinion as "deflection". Did NOT feel you were attempting to change my opinion, or vice versa. My opinion still "stand".
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