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  1. I'M OKAY with anything that you, post. I have the CHOICE to agree or disagree. NO, I'M NOT angry, you were the first to extend the hand of kindness.
  2. If, my late husband was here, he would say, thank you. Since he is NOT, I will say thank you for him.
  3. Okay, you are not anry. You are entitled to your opinion, the man in the White House is a God fearing person and I respect your opinion. However, I have NEVER heard that his predecessor said, that the USA was no longer a Christian nation. I have many times heard his predeceesor and every other POTUS before him, read, reference recite Bible scripture and christian values. Just saying...
  4. Why are you so angry? However, I still think the question asked was EXCELLENT. I like the name and person BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.
  5. It is MORE to MORAL character than a person’s “LIBATION”. habits.
  6. Thank you for such an "inspiring" Memorial Day post, that deeply touched me emotionally. As for, "political" differences they are belief systems and opinions, which is okay. I do not and never use political "diferences" for aquiring enemies, but to make potential friend(s) with different belief systems and opinions. Truth be told, you post some subjects, I like and agree with. Have a good and Blessed day!
  7. Totally AGREE! My late husband came home with EVERY issue(s) associated with the men and women serving in war during the Vietnam Era, with the exception of "drugs". With that exception, I have always counted myself, as truly, one of the "lucky" ones. My job was to care of home, while he got better. He "never" discussed with me, his experiences in war. I was "okay" with his reason(s) for not discussing his experiences with me. War is Hell for military men & women serving and husbands, wives, relatives, friends, waititng for their return.
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