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  1. It has taken me ten (10) years to tell this story. It is NOT my story, but my husband and his friend's story. My husband and his friend served in The USA military during the Vietnam Era. My opinion, they had very little in common, other than Vietnam Era (two tours), fought together in another part of the world, pledged to be friends for life and both were die-hard 2nd Amendment supporters. My husband returned home during the Vietnam Era with ALL the symptoms of war, with the EXCEPTION of drugs. His friend was NOT so lucky. The first four years of his return was the hardest. Nightmares & sweats, sounds & windows had to be the worst. Getting him to stay on his medication was no walk in the park, but "we" made it. "We" means he did NOT work, his JOB was to get better. I taught public schools, plus work a part-time job, paid all the bills and thanked God we did NOT have children, at the time. We stayed married 39 years, 10 months and 1 day, until his death. In the fourth(4) year of my husband's recovery, from the "living" curse of surviving a war (his words NOT mine), his friend's mother telephoned to say his friend was Not doing well at all. He was on drugs heavy, living on the streets, two failed marriages and had not seen or wanted to see his children. Completing his conversation with his friend's mother, my husband ANNOUNCED that he was going to help his friend, would I continue to take care of home. Promised me he would stay on his medication. Further promised, he would make-up ALL, that I had done to keep our marriage together. He left, stayed gone all most a year to take care of his friend with my blessing. My husband kept his "promise" to me and then some. My husband's friend live in one of the very southern states, tall, blonde, blue eyes, "swastika" on the back of his right arm, White supremacist (my opinion), stayed friends, until his death. His friend and him visited each other once every year, until his death. The first time his friend EVER said anything to me, was at my daughter's college graduation. He expressed, if it was Not for my husband, he would NOT have the GOOD relationship with his children. Further that my husband helped him re-establish the relationship with his second wife. He and my husband talked on the phone two to three time a year. His friend only stayed at our home 1 time in all their visited. I was most "comfortable" with this, at the time. When my husband died 2010 there were four(4) people he wanted to be pallbearers at his funeral. His friend was one of the people. I telephone his friend, told him of my husband's passing and he responded, he would call me back in 30 minutes. He called back in 30 minutes and I expressed to him my husband's request. He said "they" had first discussed my husband's request during the Vietnam Era and he already knew of my husband's request. His friend asked me, if he could come early before the funeral services to be with me. I said it was okay, ONLY, if he stayed at my house. He agreed. His friend's further, asked me, if he could have an hour alone with my husband before the "Wake". I agreed. When I picked him up from the Airport for the ride to my house, I told him I was a Progressive/Democrat. His response was, that he would NOT hold my political persuasion against me. I went on to say that I did Not know, what my husband's political preference was. He laughed and said he did NOT either. Further, that his friendship with my husband was 'forged' in a war that neither one of them had a choice with participating in. My husband's friend and I had a very good 10 day visit. I will visit my husband's grave site, like I do every Memorial Day, since his death. My husband's friend still telephones to determine, if I'm okay at least twice a year, since my husband's death. MOSTLY, I remember asking my husband one time ONLY, before he died, how could he be friends with a man with White Supremacist views. He responded one time ONLY, his friendship with his friend was NOT based on his personal beliefs, nor my husband's personal beliefs, but what they experienced collectively in a war neither had a choice to participate in. ---*9/
  2. sex scandals, corruption, Murders (don't know, YET), pay for play, Lies and make money off the USA tax payers, so Iraq does definitely have a (TRUMP) TOO !
  3. I sincerely liked this expression of FREEDOM of thought...I agree we need more of it...
  4. Thank you for your kind expression...I am a Christian progressive...and honored being a DV member...
  5. Calling me a "lefty" and yourself a "rightie", I assume you mean opposing view points...If so, you have a point...I do not need a "safe place" to express my views...the last I heard this was America...However, I still think and to me if proven otherwise...TRUMP is a RUSSIA/PUTIN, COLLABARATOR, SUPPORTER and SYMPATHIZER...
  6. You may call me any "name" you wish...THINK what you wish...TRUMP warned Russia/PUTIN, what the USA was going to do...after repeatly saying he would not say what he was going to do...JOKE...However, I will continue to CALL TRUMP a...RUSSIA/PUTIN, COLLABARATOR, SUPPORTER and SYMPATHIZER...
  7. "FREED" minds do think alike. I continue to agree with you 100%. I also continue to say that TRUMP IS A RUSSIA/PUTIN, COLLABARATOR, SUPPORTER and SYMPATHIZER.
  8. I AGREE with you, 100%. However, my greatest fear with TRUMP, he is a RUSSIA/PUTIN, COLLABARATOR, SUPPORTER and SYMPATHIZER.
  9. Russia is running this show, what Russia wants Russia will get. Trump LOVES Russia/Putins,
  10. You definitely can NOT call DONALD TRUMP a PATRIOT. However, you can all TRUMP a Russian "Sympathizer" and draft DODGER. i welcome your "down-votes" with honor and pride.
  11. If you saw this video and believed it, I am okay with that. Do I believe President Obama is an American citizen and born in the USA, ABSOLUTELY! A note for my belief: My late husband worked for USAID for over 25 years. For him to get that job, he and I was investigated for things that went back as far as junior high school. The government knew things about me and my husband that I believe no one could find out, but the government did. IF, President Obama was NOT born in this country, it would have been discovered. DONALD TRUMPS LIES and made up stories about President Obama birth, just reaffirmed my belief. Moreover, I have never questioned Donald Trump's birth and or that he was an American citizen by birth. I said he was a RUSSIAN/PUTIN SYMPATIZER by choice, in my opinion is un-American.
  12. How do you KNOW that Pro Choice and God DO NOT go in the same sentence?...Did God personally tell you that?...If and when I go before God...He will be the ONLY power to judge me for my belief...
  13. CONTINUE FROM Jaxinjersey/some how got cut off :...FOOT SPURS...JOKE... Barbara
  14. All the feedback about my comment about Donald Trump, I liked yours best. My Democrat/Progressive politically position has to do with various things I believe in, mainly God, Pro-Choice and Climate Change to name three(3). There are a few conservative ideas I also believe in. I believe all political positions bring some good to the table. EVERY, POTUS in my voting age lifetime, I have called my President, no matter what their political party, EXCEPT Donald Trump. I believe him to be loyal to no one but himself. I UNEQUIVOCAL, RESENT, his disloyality to my country. He talks a good game to a certain segment of this country, which I can forgive him for. However, countries that have been proven allies of the USA, he choose the Russians over. I will close with this last comment. I resent MOST, is what is said about John McCain/Republicain, ..."he don't like people/soldier who get captured" late husband did two(2) tours in that awful war...he did not go because of
  15. If, I did not get negative feedback on this subject/TRUMP, I would not feel like a real American. I say with PRIDE, to be a card carrying Democrat/Progressive. I have many friends and soroity sister who are Rebuplicans. However, I would not call any of them COMMUNIST-SYMPATHIZER(S). To disagree idologically, is to be American. I would and DO call DONALD TRUMP a COMMUNIST-SYMPATHIZER. He rather bash his own country, than to SAY or DO aything against PUTIN/RUSSIA. As I stated before, DONALD TRUMP is a COMMUNIST-SYMPATHIZER. Thank you for the title Mr. Nope, whatever that is.
  16. Let us not forget DONALD TRUMP and his entire family in bed with PUTIN/RUSSIANS! MOST un-American.
  17. I apologize, if I appeared to be calling you "out", that was not my intentions. I did not know that your site name was "dog". It is duly noted and I will not make that mistake again. Respectfully, Barbara
  18. Senior Member_8,323 post You have always made respectful comments on my post before and I strongly feel that has not changed. You and I tend to respectfully agree to disagree. I am not saying that suspected terrorist should not be vetted, they should be and THROUGHLY. However, suspected terrorist or not ALWAYS Muslins. There are Muslin Americans that love this country. Federally and state law enforcement's tips/information on various terrorist activities comes from Muslin-American communities, because they are Americans first and being Muslin is their faith. It is ironic, today Mr. trump said HIS Muslin friends and business associates would be exempt from this banning policy.
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