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  1. Yota, Thanks, Wiljor....Dead on education is beginning to take root and inform the masses....😊😊 GO RV / RI
  2. LB, MY SMILE JUST GOT BIGGER FROM THOSE WORDS MY FRIEND. We are going to be in shock & awe when launch of the IQD is announced by the CBI....πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚
  3. Blueskyline Thanks, DV, The National Reconciliation / Settlement will guide all Iraqi's in the best of things to come for all "Parties" & "Tribes". A new beginning will emerge for the good IMHO. God's Blessing Are Real 4 All....Just Keep The Faith!!
  4. SYN, Yup gotta love it when the PLAN comes together real nice for all of us. First drinks on me....πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š
  5. CF, Our time is nearing for sure my friend. NoviceI, This is the NEW IRAQ that will "WOW" the world. We here at DV will witness this firsthand. Our blessings are coming to fruition. Always Keeping The Fath!!
  6. Yota Thanks, DV, The KRG is slowly but surely wiping out the corruption in their Government. GO JUSTICE
  7. Yota Thanks, Syn, Truly appreciate excellent analysis and comments. This final ride to our destination is feeling better with every days that passes. Keeping The Faith
  8. Yota Thanks, DV, PM Abadi is doing everything possible for all Iraqi's & Kurds benefit. GO Article 140 GO HCL
  9. Yota Thanks, DV, The Iraqi citizens will get their justice in the near term from these lazy & corrupt politicians. Delay tactics are about to end this nonsense for good. Always Keeping The Faith
  10. DWS112 Thanks, DV, Excellent news inching closer & closer to defeat of ISIS. GO Liberation Of Mosul GO RV / RI
  11. Yota, Thanks, DV, Let pray this will speed up the enactment of all important laws in the cue. Priority One should be "HCL". Something about Jabouri is fishy.....All will be revealed soon enough....πŸ˜† Principal basket in One batch sure sounds good!! GO RV / RI
  12. 10YL My Friend you are absolutely correct. The battle against ISIS is about to end ASAP....πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  13. Yota Thanks, DV, Now we are talking to please less talk and final results from CBI = RV / RI of the IQD Always Keeping The Faith!! GO RV / RI