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  1. Wiljor....All is good looking forward to "Life After IQD" and meeting my new DV friends. Party til break of dawn...😊😊. **Same to you my friend stay safe in Mexico....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž GO RV / RI
  2. PP, Prayers are with you, family, friends and those affected by the fires in Canada. GOD BLESS
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 18 October 2017

    Adam Thanks, Good news and results are coming to a DV Theatre near us...πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘. GO RV / RI
  4. SYN, You are dead on PM Abadi has "BIG PLANS" for all of Iraq and we are about to witness firsthand his intentions IMHO. GO PM ABADI GO RV / RI
  5. CBI News 10/18/2017

    DWS112, Yota, Thanks, DV, We are inching ever so close to this elusive RV / RI of the IQD. Everything is definitely falling into place per the plan but we may see it as chaos and talk talk no action. Our blessings will hit us direct so prepare yourselves and remain calm before the storm. Too many positive articles all over the place and something has to give sooner rather than later. IT"S TIME......πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ Keeping The Faith!!!!!!! GO UNITY OF IRAQ GO HCL GO Article 140 GO RV / RI
  6. blueskyline Thanks, DV, The news is flowing nothing but positive vibes and we will see the results for all Iraqi citizens and us DV members. GO UNITY OF IRAQ GO HCL GO RV / RI
  7. DT Thanks, Excellent News....... DV, I do believe the CBI Governor will get the go ahead to push the "Green Button" sooner than later. GO RV / RI
  8. DT Thanks, DV, PM Abadi deserves all the credit and pray he has "Top Security Detail" to protect him from his enemies. GO UNITY OF IRAQ GO PM ABADI GO HCL GO RV / RI
  9. blueskyline Thanks, DV, PM Abadi is extremely serious about taking the lead and executing the words into action. "Making Iraq Great Again" GO PM ABADI
  10. Butifldrm Thanks, Excellent Article.....PM Abadi is moving forward and not allowing outside pressure from any Nations. He gave the Barzani's an opportunity to do right for the good of all Iraqis but his stubbornness has led to today's outcome. **I wonder if Kirkuk's Governor tucked tail and escaped to Erbil.....😊 GO UNITY OF IRAQ GO PM Abadi GO RV / RI
  11. DV, Good luck to us....Keeping the faith!! 10-17 5-12-24-63-65 MB 1 10-18 4-10-39-45-65. PB 10
  12. LB Thanks, 100 Percent Totally In Agreement.....Barzani screwed the pooch on his arrogance and greed to push forward with the "Referendum". Talabani''s are jumping ship quick...😊 I'm certain other KRG Parties will follow. GO UNITY OF IRAQ GO PM ABADI GO RV / RI
  13. Theseus Thanks, Well stated and very true indeed. "Barzani & Maliki" are from the same "Corrupt" system and their greed will lead to their demise & destruction IMHO. GO JUSTICE!!!!!!! GO PM ABADI
  14. SYN Thanks, That sums it all up..... Good Movie.....😁.....One of my favorites. GO UNITY OF IRAQ GO HCL GO RV / RI
  15. Yota Thanks, DV, Yes....Yes......Our blessings are truly amazing....Keeping the faith!! GO UNITY OF IRAQ GO RV / RI

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