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  1. Prominent Shiite figures challenge Iranian clout in Iraq August 20 2017 12:23 AM Prominent Shiite figures challenge Iranian clout in Iraq Recently, Iraq's prominent Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr paid important visits to Saudi Arabia and UAE. He is also preparing for an imminent visit to Egypt. Other outstanding Shiite figures now adopt al-Sadr's situation seeking powerful ties with the Arab world. This shows a Shiite confrontation of Iranian dominance in Iraq. According to analysts, Shiite figures realized that the division of Iraq by Iran and its militias would extremely harm their country. Iraqi gains Following al-Sadr's visit to Riyadh, the kingdom announced the opening of a consulate in the city of Najaf, where Sadr is living. The move was approved by Iraq's most prominent Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, which means that he agrees to such openness as he had previously called on several occasions. Sadr's visits to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were harshly criticized by Iran. Tasnim news agency, which is close to Iranian authorities, considered them a betrayal of the Yemeni people, who have been fighting the Saudis for more than a year. Tasnim accused the Saudi side of exploiting the Sadrist movement and looking for outlets for influence in the Iraqi arena. A visit to Egypt was also announced soon, as well as a series of visits by high-level Iraqi officials to Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's criticism of the military factions loyal to Iran has increased and he has been accused of breaking the law and failing to submit to the authority of the Iraqi state. Iran's associates have a history of involvement in corruption in the country. Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who has very good relations with the Iranian regime and Ayatollah Khamenei is a clear example of this corruption. For its part, Iran seeks to correct the situation and maintain its gains in Iraq through its agents and also through the conclusion of agreements between the two countries in favor of their national interests. Iran held a security agreement with Iraqi Defense Minister Irfan al-Hayali during his visit to Iran on July 23. The agreement was signed on an unconventional diplomatic speed, as preliminary talks were not held between experts and specialists from both countries. This indicates Iran's attempts to strengthen its military and security roles in Iraq in response to the Iraqi rapprochement with the Sunni Arab axis. More projects Saudi Arabia is trying to provide aid to Iraq and make the Iraqi side pragmatically inclined, regardless of sectarian differences. Iraqi Oil Minister, Jabbar al-Luaibi, said after his return from Saudi Arabia on August 15 that "the Saudi side stressed the importance of expediting the activation of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Committee to accelerate the implementation of a series of agreements in the fields of oil, energy, industry, Trade, banks, banks, joint ventures and others. " The Saudi cabinet announced on 14 August the establishment of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council to implement the agreements concluded during the successive visits of Iraqi officials in recent weeks. "The Kingdom will establish a number of health and humanitarian projects at its expense, including the establishment of hospitals in Baghdad and Basra and the allocation of a number of fellowships in Saudi universities and the opening of border crossings and the establishment of free zones for commercial exchange." If Saudi Arabia succeeds in implementing its economic projects in Iraq, this will further marginalize the Iranian dominance in Iraq.Since 2003, Iran has never established projects in Iraq. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15917/Prominent-Shiite-figures-challenge-Iranian-clout-in-Iraq
  2. Barzani: Iraq Has Violated Partnership in All Stages of the Country Barzani met with a delegation from the Association of Arab Universities Basnews English 19/08/2017 - 16:21 Kurdistan ERBIL — Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani emphasized that Kurdistan Region’s people are weary of repeating the past failed experiences with Iraq as the principle of partnership has in all stages been violated by the government. On Saturday, August 19, Barzani received a delegation from the Association of Arab Universities (AARU), headed by the Secretary General Sultan Abu Arrabi. During the meeting Barzani shed light on the threats of terror and the anti-Islamic State (IS) efforts, reiterating that the factors which led to the rise and growth of terror in Iraq remain unsolved. He warned about the reemergence of an IS-like group, calling for the elimination of root causes of terror in the country. Regarding the upcoming referendum on Kurdistan Region’s independence, Barzani made reference to the history of partnership between Kurdistan and Iraq and the adversities befell the people of the region under Iraqi governments. Barzani reiterated that the principle of partnership has been violated in all stages in Iraq, therefore the people of Kurdistan are weary of repeating the past failed experiences and have decided to hold a vote and step towards independence. Secretary General of AARU, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, commended the sacrifices and the efforts of Kurdistan Region’s people in the fight against terrorism and expressed wonder at the significant development the region has witnessed. He hoped the people of Kurdistan would be successful in securing their rights. Barzani described the relations between Jordan and Kurdistan Region as friendly and thanked Jordan for maintaining the welfare of the Kurdish community in the country. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/kurdistan/372024
  3. International Campaign Launched in Support of Kurdistan’s Independence Basnews English 20/08/2017 - 00:10 Kurdistan SULAYMANIYAH — A Kurdish organisation has launched an international campaign in support for the September independence referendum in the Kurdistan Region. The campaign, titled “Long Live Kurdistan”, was kicked off on Saturday in Sulaymaniyah by the Kurdistan Youth Council. Head of the organisation, Bilal Abdullah, told BasNews the campaign intends to win back the sense of nationalism of Kurdish youths who have, for any reason, left Kurdistan. He said but the prime goal of the campaign is to secure everyone’s support for the upcoming independence referendum in the Kurdistan Region, provided that statehood would offer a better life to the young generation in particular. The Kurdistan Region has set an independence vote on 25th September this year to allow its people decide on whether to stay with Iraq or declare statehood. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/kurdistan/372122
  4. DV, Good luck to us and keeping the faith. This is our time.....😊😁 8-19 7-12-14-26-49 PB 8
  5. IS Militants Killed Amid Booby-trapping a Car Basnews English 19/08/2017 - 19:58 Iraq ERBIL — Several Islamic State (IS) militants were killed or wounded while booby-trapping a vehicle in the town of Tel Afar, a local source said on Saturday. According to the source, who spoke to al-Sumaria News on condition of anonymity, several IS members were killed and wounded as a result of an explosion, which occurred while the militants were booby-trapping a vehicle in Hassan Kowi district, in Tel Afar. The source further added that among the killed IS members was one of the group's prominent explosives experts, known as Abu Baraa al-Halabi, IraqiNews reported. The IS militants captured the town of Tel Afar, located about 65 kilometers west of Mosul, back in June 2014. Since then the town has been a key stronghold for the extremist group. However, the Iraqi forces, backed by the US-led coalition, are currently preparing to launch a military operation against IS in the area. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/iraq/372086
  6. Pictured: Workers, artists protest to reopen closed clubs in Baghdad August 19 2017 10:09 PM Workers, artists protest to reopen closed clubs in Baghdad Nightclubs' artists and workers demonstrated at al-Fardous Square in Baghdad on Saturday the closing of several clubs, urging the Iraq government to reopen them. This comes as tens of Karrada residents protested in Baghdad, demanding the immediate shutdown of all the clubs that have no permits in the area. Following this protest, Iraqi security forces shut down most of the nightclubs in Baghdad. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15913/Pictured-Workers-artists-protest-to-reopen-closed-clubs-in-Baghdad
  7. War Media Cell forms radio station for Tal Afar residents August 19 2017 10:29 PM War Media Cell forms radio station for Tal Afar residents War Media Cell urged Tal Afar residents on Saturday to listen to a newly formed radio station and await for instructions, to know what to do when the battles to retake the city from ISIS terrorists start. In a statement, the cell said that it urges civilians to listen to radio station 104.5 FM, to know the instructions required to survive to coming battles to recapture the city. It added that it also formed a hot line, which is available for residents 24/7 to answer any questions. This comes as Iraqi security forces launched on Friday 'We Are Coming, Tal Afar' operations to recapture the city, marking the end of "We Are Coming, Nineveh" operations with the recapture of Mosul. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15914/War-Media-Cell-forms-radio-station-for-Tal-Afar-residents
  8. Sunnis in Tal Afar concerned over new IMIS massacres August 19 2017 11:10 PM Tal Afar operations Sunni leaders in Tal Afar have voiced concern the city may witness new massacres and violations against civilians by Iran-backed Shiite militias, who announced their participation in the imminent battle to oust ISIS terrorists. Iraqi forces, backed by US-led coalition and sectarian militias, are preparing for an offensive to liberate Tal Afar, the terror group's last stronghold in Iraq. Sunni figures are concerned innocent citizens are arrested, kidnapped and killed by IMIS militias on the pretext of collaborating with ISIS. IMIS terrorists have repeatedly looted houses and killed Sunnis in liberated areas to make a demographic change in the restored cities. The terrorist organization strengthened its defense lines at the entrances to Tal Afar, deployed its snipers over rooftops, and equipped car bombs and suicide bombers. While security sources said that another battle may be launched in conjunction with the battle of Tal Afar to restore areas in Sharqat, which is still controlled by the terror group. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15916/Sunnis-in-Tal-Afar-concerned-over-new-IMIS-massacres
  9. ISIS' Tal Afar leader burns group's financial documents August 19 2017 11:08 PM ISIS' Tal Afar leader burns group's financial documents ISIS terrorists began to burn their financial documents in Tal Afar city in Nineveh governorate, a local source told The Baghdad Post on Saturday. The source asserted that ISIS leader in the city ordered his militants to gather all the group's financial documents and burn it. The source noted that ISIS has taken this measure to avoid revealing its terrorists' identities in case they lost the battle for Tal Afar. This comes as Iraqi security forces launched on Friday 'We Are Coming, Tal Afar' operations to recapture the city, marking the end of "We Are Coming, Nineveh" operations with the recapture of Mosul. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15915/ISIS-Tal-Afar-leader-burns-group-s-financial-documents
  10. Smugglers help ISIS terrorists to flee Tal Afar for $5000 P.P. August 19 2017 05:12 PM smugglers help ISIS terrorists to flee Mosul Member of Iraqi National Assembly, Abbas Hasan al-Bayati on Saturday announced that smugglers in Tal Afar district in western Mosul are helping ISIS terrorists to flee the city. They receive about 3,000 to 5,000 dollars per person, Abbas added. Those smugglers also helped ISIS to smuggle oil and artifacts to outside Iraq, he further said, noting that smugglers are exploiting security breaches in the city. Abbas called on Iraqi intelligence to provide information about those traffickers in order to bring them to justice. There are no civilians in Tal Afar at the moment, only terrorists, Abbass stressed. On Friday, Iraqi army and Federal Police forces deployed its troops on the on the outskirts of Tal Afar as part of ongoing preparations to storm the city. The operation was code-named "We Are Coming Tal Afar". This came as Iraqi forces sweep governorate to oust ISIS terrorists hiding after Mosul victory. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15900/Smugglers-help-ISIS-terrorists-to-flee-Tal-Afar-for-5000-P-P
  11. Cable cut causes internet service to stop in Basra August 19 2017 06:18 PM Internet Internet service in Basra was stopped due to a technical issue, a source in Iraqi Ministry of Communications told the Baghdad Post on Saturday. This was caused by a cut in the cable connecting al-Zubair and al-Faw as well as a cut in the cable connecting al-Faw and Andalus, the source added. He also referred that the ministry dispatched its team to repair the cables and service will be restored within hours. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15904/Cable-cut-causes-internet-service-to-stop-in-Basra
  12. Sadr's visit to Cairo stirs Qatari, Iranian panic August 19 2017 03:07 PM http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15895/Sadr-s-visit-to-Cairo-stirs-Qatari-Iranian-panic#section_221
  13. DV, This is for my DV Friends who helped me out back in July....Good luck 2 us all...😊😁 Powerball Tickets: Melaustin58 9-17-37-61-69 PB 18 Jeepguy 21-31-42-52-55 PB 22
  14. Baghdad Asks KRG to Pay off Foreign Debts Without Receiving Its Share Basnews English 19/08/2017 - 15:01 Economy BAGHDAD — An advisor to the Iraqi parliament said that despite withholding Kurdistan Region’s share from the loans it has received, the Iraqi government demands Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to pay off a part of the debts. Madhat Sleman, an advisor to the Iraqi parliament, said that Iraq owes foreign governments around $120 billion. The government has demanded KRG to pay off $4.20 billion of the debt it has never received a penny of, he said. The Kurdish official warned KRG about such debts, stating “these debts are rising therefore Kurdistan Region should soon get rid of Iraq and declare independence.” Majid Tamimi, member of the Parliamentary Committee for Financial Affairs, told BasNews “Despite oil and internal revenues, Iraq’s national debt is over $111 billion.” Ravaged by years of terrorism and suffering from deepening political conflicts, the security and economic situation in Iraq is deteriorating on a steady pace, as believed by many politicians and analysts. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/economy/372004
  15. Video: Shiite civilian says only way to defeat ISIS via toppling gov't August 19 2017 03:40 PM Video: Shiite civilian says only way to defeat ISIS via toppling gov't A Shiite civilian said that the only way to defeat ISIS terrorist group is via overturning the Iraqi government ruling from Baghdad's Green Zone, a video obtained by The Baghdad Post revealed on Saturday. The civilian, who is living in Baghdad's central Sadria area, added that ISIS and the Green Zone agree in a lot of things including their crimes, rulers and regime. He added that the Iraqi government must be toppled to defeat all ISIS and terrorists in the country. Earlier, Prime Minister Haider al Abadi claimed that security forces had defeated ISIS terrorist group in Mosul city. Although security forces are still trying to regain the city where Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed militias had committed various abuses and crimes against human rights. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/15898/Video-Shiite-civilian-says-only-way-to-defeat-ISIS-via-toppling-gov-t