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  1. UN investigates IMIS' crimes against Kurds in Kirkuk December 17 2017 05:09 PM
  2. Iran to Reopen Border Gates with Kurdistan Region: Official Basnews English 17/12/2017 - 13:20 Kurdistan ERBIL — The Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to reopen the land route border crossings with the Kurdistan Region, after it has closed them in response to the referendum of the Kurdistan Region on independence from Iraq. Tehran has decided to reopen Haji Omeran and Parwezkhan gates, but they are yet to be opened. A source from Haji Omeran Border Crossing told BasNews that the decision to reopen the Parwezkhan and Haji Omeran gates was made after a meeting between Kurdistan Region and the Iranian authorities. The land route crossings between Kurdistan Region and Iran are expected to be reopened on Monday, December 18. Meanwhile, the Iranian Interior Minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, has confirmed that they would soon reopen the gates of Haji Omeran and Parwezkhan gates with the Kurdistan Region, Iranian media outlets reported. In response to the September 25 referendum held by the Kurdistan Region, Iran closed all its border gates with the Kurdistan Region at the request of the Iraqi government which has imposed a range of sanctions on the region, including the international flights ban.
  3. Iraqi Forces, Shi’ite Militias Come Under Attack in Central Kirkuk Basnews English 17/12/2017 - 22:12 Kurdistan KIRKUK — A group of unidentified armed men attacked on Sunday a convoy of the Iraqi counter-terror forces and Iranian-backed militias in the centre of Kirkuk, a Kurdish official confirmed the report. The attackers are believed to be local Kurds who oppose the presence of Baghdad troops in their area after the Kurdish Peshmerga forces were pushed back in mid-October, according to Peshmerga commander Kamal Karkuki. The assault reportedly took place in Farmanbaran neighbourhood, which is now being cordoned off by the Iraqi forces. Karkuki told BasNews that the attackers were ambushed while leaving the scene, but they reportedly escaped the ambush. Media outlets linked to the Hashd al-Shaabi reported earlier that a group of attackers were arrested in Kirkuk. The Kurdish commander however rejected the reports and said that such baseless claims intend to boost the morale of the Shi’ite militias only.
  4. 1,000 Filipinos in Iraq Can Travel Home After 3 Years Basnews English 18/12/2017 - 00:31 World ERBIL — Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that it has resolved the issue of its citizens in Iraq as they had been stuck in Iraq for over three years. The government in Manila said it has secured the return of nearly 1,000 Filipinos, and they are assured of not losing their jobs after a trip back to their country. At least 1,000 Filipinos working in Baghdad, Basra and other areas have not been able to go home since 2014 when Manila placed Iraq under Crisis Alert Level IV, The Manila Times reported. “After more than three years of waiting, our countrymen in Iraq will now be reunited with their families in the Philippines without having to worry that they cannot return to their jobs there,” Philippines Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said.
  5. Baghdad, Erbil not keen on serious negotiations at the moment - Sources December 17 2017 07:07 PM Baghdad, Erbil do not want serious negotiations at the moment- Sources The political dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve controversial issues will not be held soon, well-informed sources said. "There are three reasons impeding the talks and they are all related to the pending resolution of the political situation after the presidential and parliamentary elections in the region next March, and legislative elections in Iraq in mid-May, as well as the international factor", sources added. Both sides recognized that the solution of the issue of oil in the Kurdistan region and long-term contracts with oil companies and loans obtained by the region with foreign parties is more complicated than they expected, and cannot be resolved by a political decision. There are complications that require an international interference in the oil file in the region. Baghdad will not be able to resolve it alone, and perhaps this is what drives Baghdad and Erbil alike to rely more on international intervention, the sources further said.
  6. ISIS leader Baghdadi held at US base in Iraq - Source December 17 2017 08:42 PM Baghdadi location spotted ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was captured in Iraq by the US and was then brought to Syria’s al-Karamah region, A Syrian source told Yeni Safak daily on Sunday. The source, who was previously a militant of Jund al-Aqsa, said that Baghdadi was first taken to the US base in Ras al-Ayn and then to a US base in al-Hasakah-Rmeilan. The source added that apart from Baghdadi, seven other top ISIS officials were a part of the group and that one of them was an Iraqi national and the others were from outside of Syria and Iraq.
  7. d.v. lotto 12/15---12/16 mega / powerball

    DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 12-15 7-40-57-63-64. MB 20 12-16 8-28-41-46-53 PB 24
  8. DV, The corrupt are definitely in a panic especially "Maliki" folks. Justice will be served bc Iraq has the backing of the U.S.A, Western countries and we hope Arab countries to assist with bringing these crooks to justice and returning all "Stolen Wealth, Property" from the citizens and the Iraqi state. "BILLIONS of dollars stolen. "Ain't no stopping us now, PM Abadi is on the move" GO JUSTICE
  9. DV, Agree with comments stated we are 100 percent moving forward and once a few more hurdles are completed the one major item left is to give purchasing power to their "Currency" which means an RV or RI. You can bet that it will happen sooner rather than later IMHO. The World is ready to receive the "New Powerhouse in the ME". GO JUSTICE GO 140 GO HCL GO RV / RI
  10. Saudi King vows to decimate corruption with justice, decisiveness December 13 2017 06:38 PM Saudi King vows to decimate corruption with justice and decisiveness Saudi Arabia's King Salman said on Wednesday his government was determined to confront corruption with “justice and decisiveness” as the Kingdom pushes ahead with its 2030 vision to wean the kingdom from dependence on oil, according to Saudi Gazette. In a televised address to the Shoura (consultative) Council, King Salman also said Saudi Arabia will work to enable the private sector to become a partner in development. “We will empower and encourage the private sector to increase its contribution to development,” he added. The King stressed the efforts to combat corruption and citizens’ participation in development. King Salman said that Saudi Arabia plays an influential role in regional and international organizations. The King asserted that the Kingdom will continue to play a leading role in countering terrorism and its means of financing. On the US decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the King said, “We renew our deep regret over US decision on Jerusalem.” “Palestinians have right to east Jerusalem as their capital, he said.
  11. Abadi issues arrest warrants against many corrupt senior officials December 13 2017 07:01 PM Abadi issues arrest warrants against many corrupt officials Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued an initial list of officials who have been convicted with corruption charges on Wednesday. A well informed source said that Abadi will supervise the investigations with first patch of 130 senior officials suspects, who are charged with embezzlement and other corruption charges. The list included: 1- Former finance minister Hoshyar Zebari 2- Former Nineveh governor Atheel al-Nujaifi 3- Former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki's military adviser Farouq al-Araji 4- Former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki's former secretary Abu Mujahid al-Rakabi 5- Incumbent MP Hussein al-Maliki 6- Incumbent MP Yasser Sukheil al-Maliki 7- Basra's former governor Majid al-Nasrawyi 8- Former defense minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi 9- Former defense minister Abdul Qadir Obeidi 10-Former head of intelligence Zuheir al-Gharabawi The list also included many incumbent and former senior officials from different branches of the Iraqi government.
  12. D.V. lottery depot --- 12/12 --- 12/13

    DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 12-12 9-17-34-51-68 MB 10 12-13 11-25-39-53-67 PB 7
  13. DV, Question.......Why is PM Abadi delaying talking with KRG to settle all outstanding issues? Possibly the corruption lists he will unveil on Friday will also include numerous KRG politicians & Senior Leaders. The World is pressuring him to meet with the KRG delegation but nothing to date. Something is definitely going on behind the scenes and soon to be revealed to the World IMHO..... GO JUSTICE GO RV / RI
  14. Abadiusuck Thanks, Let's hope the CBI will surprise us all immediately, pronto. ASAP....😊😁 GO RV / RI
  15. OPEC's oil reserves are increasing

    DT Thanks, DV, What the heck is the GOI, CBI waiting on. Almost $66 a barrel it is time to RV / RI the IQD. GO HCL GO RV / RI

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