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  1. Morning Yota and DV, I have a feeling that seeing as they know the hold-up of the non-Iraqi investor they WILL correct their practices when they are ready. I am "all-in" on this belief. Blessings All,
  2. brob, when this hits, we can meet halfway or I can pick you up when I come down from PC on my way to the Islands.
  3. The 2016 Annual Trading report for Non-Iraqi's. The format and dissemination is quite telling.
  4. Morning Yota and DV, Good to see: The Plan is still in action. All we have to do is hold on... Blessings All,
  5. No problem, but my response was to you not Blueskyline. It is obvious Blueskyline knew what question he was asking...
  6. Blueskyline did NOT say the ISX he said the ESX these are two different animals. Why don't you meander over to the ISX thread and read a little...
  7. You don' joins you .... Seriously, they are not operating as of yet.
  8. Morning Yota and DV, Steadily excited.... I needed a pick- me-up today.
  9. Thanks Yota! The Correspondent banks will be key to providing the safety net that investors are looking to see in place.
  10. Morning Yota and DV, Once should be noted that since the The Federal Reserve Bank is involved it should be OBVIOUS who is behind the PLAN and that the PLAN is being followed to the T. Just wait this thing out no matter how long it takes.... Blessings All,
  11. Morning Yota and DV, Thanks Be To God, that we are right here, right now! Blessings All
  12. I can think of only a few ways to pull this off. The infrastructure must be solid to pull off what they aim to achieve. "I'M All IN"
  13. Good Morning Yota, Good to see we are still on track! I am wondering if the 2021 date is a Maturity Date or indicator of something else?