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  1. Morning Yota and DV, Steadily excited.... I needed a pick- me-up today.
  2. Thanks Yota! The Correspondent banks will be key to providing the safety net that investors are looking to see in place.
  3. Morning Yota and DV, Once should be noted that since the The Federal Reserve Bank is involved it should be OBVIOUS who is behind the PLAN and that the PLAN is being followed to the T. Just wait this thing out no matter how long it takes.... Blessings All,
  4. Morning Yota and DV, Thanks Be To God, that we are right here, right now! Blessings All
  5. I can think of only a few ways to pull this off. The infrastructure must be solid to pull off what they aim to achieve. "I'M All IN"
  6. Good Morning Yota, Good to see we are still on track! I am wondering if the 2021 date is a Maturity Date or indicator of something else?
  7. THE ISX needs more banks. I'm certainly looking forward to their entrance. Moreover, the banks have been told to play along for quite some time now. They are going to separate the pups from the Big Dogs as they fortify their infrastructure.
  8. Morning Yota and DV, The news seems to be pointing down the road toward a logical end.
  9. Morning Yota, "So Mote It Be"
  10. Morning Yota and DV, It is good to see the PLAN unfolding. I am also glad that I stumbled by this site somehow when I began researching the feasibility of becoming a business partner with Iraq. What I know, is that Adam Montana has set up a PLAN for all of us that coincides with the PLAN that is unfolding. If you have not taken advantage of VIP, OSI, and other facilitation organized by this site, you may miss the Boat (Pun Intended). For 2017, I have some serious plans to expand my personal businesses. When I began to view where I was in this opportunity, I felt very comfortable knowing that when it pops...there are several mechanisms I have already invested in and am ready to "capitalize" at the Big Dance! Thank You Adam, for having a LONG VIEW on the PLAN and choosing to Lead those of us who see what you see, in the " way of the "Ant" !!! Blessings All,
  11. Perhaps the party-line KoolAid drinking will subside... If by now, one has not come to realize that some things that occur, namely this THING, is bigger than our perceived holders of power they have failed to realize what they have truly stumbled upon. Furthermore, I would also wager that they will fail in being able to recognize the next big opportunity that is hidden in plain sight probably right in front of their faces. There is a stated PLAN. The PLAN is and will be followed by whoever the perceived leader is in Washington because the PLAN is bigger than the Leader.!!! I hope to see the party-line non-sense decrease in our discussion and we seek to really unfold what the PTB truly have tucked away in the SFA.. The PTB are Nation Building with a direct connection to every facet of Capital they can get their grubby hands on in this filthy rich Country. I pray that this Year of our Lord will also be OUR Year to "beat the Devil at His own Game!!!) I PLAN on it Blessings All,
  12. Blessings My Friends, stay encouraged and see this through until the end... I know, I will.