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  1. Hello All, Please help me out, who was the guy years ago that kept dying and was resurrected more time than I can count??? I am starting to loose it...
  2. Well ladies and gentlemen we knew this one day would come to this. It may play better to have this "discussion" now rather than later once there was a unified currency, that was well established. Some of the hesitancy on planning the Big Dance and the HCL deliberations all consider a unified Iraq or a fragmented one. I hope this is finally decided so that all parties can "accept" the terms of existence an sign off on the work that has already been discussed. I am a "whole cake" rather than "crumb" guy so I understand the Kurds making their play. However, the real and encouraging observation is, "why are the Kurds making their play, RIGHT NOW." Blessings
  3. Iraq exports natural gas to Kuwait

    The cool portion of this, is that natural gas is seldom used in the valuation of Iraq's wealth when I have looked at the viability of this thing. At one time they burning it off and it appeared that they did not even care. The natural gas alone could bring the infrastructure into being ready to support advancement.
  4. Trump opens hotel in Erbil

    Good Morning bigwave and DV, Erbil is a different animal all together. This is only one of several heavy investments already pledged for the Kurdistan Region. This thing WILL happen!
  5. Good Morning All, It's so good to see we are still moving in the right direction. As the old song says, " Time Is On My/Our Side" we just have to wait them out... Blessings!
  6. Hello All, Lately, I believe they have started testing the implementation of some more of the infrastructure items. There are too many bugs,fixes, and teasers going on to simply ignore these coincidinks.
  7. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    Wow, What a Monday evening. I needed some excitement.
  8. Morning Brother Yota and DV, I agree that this renewed call will be problematic. The Kurds most definitely have a plan in motion.
  9. Investment messages

    Morning Yota and DV, I have a feeling that seeing as they know the hold-up of the non-Iraqi investor they WILL correct their practices when they are ready. I am "all-in" on this belief. Blessings All,
  10. brob, when this hits, we can meet halfway or I can pick you up when I come down from PC on my way to the Islands.
  11. The 2016 Annual Trading report for Non-Iraqi's. The format and dissemination is quite telling.
  12. Morning Yota and DV, Good to see: The Plan is still in action. All we have to do is hold on... Blessings All,
  13. Would You Invest In Iraq ?

    No problem, but my response was to you not Blueskyline. It is obvious Blueskyline knew what question he was asking...

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