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  1. Tried and true Yota !! YES yours is worth catching Thank you so much for all the years of your perseverance to keep us all up to date with crazy news out of Iraq!!!
  2. Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    Throw a shoe at someone Thug !!!!
  3. Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    After reading this thread, I had to look up and see what forum I was in.... I thought I was thrown into the lobster tank !!! Come on everyone what's with all the negativity .... isn't being here after all these years reading Arabish enough to be down about ???
  4. Iraq is like the Vortex..... ALL the deals and MONEY goes in and nothing comes out !!! Just a little vent.... I feel much better now Thanks Wiljor
  5. Actually on pins and needles my daughters due date was yesterday and my grandson seems quite comfortable where he is !! How are you crazy cat ??
  6. I could swear this has been posted already
  7. Breaking News from the NFL...

    Maybe they should protest on their own time , not while they're getting paid to do a job !!
  8. 2845C854-E271-4CCA-9473-8FDBD8A9A57E.jpeg

    Beautiful Muleslayer.... she's going to have you wrapped around her little finger !!!! Enjoy your little beauty and big brother :-)
  9. Thanks Thuggie..... Daash Holes, gave me more than a chuckle on that one !!!
  10. Just another clog in the wheel !!! We just have to hang in there, something has to happen someday 🤗
  11. I read somewhere yesterday that 12% is from Kurdistan
  12. Prayer request friends!

    Prayers on the way up Rod, wishing you a speedy recovery , you'll be hitting the dance floor faster than you can imagine !!!
  13. Wow B/A you really twisted that whole conversation to suit your needs , didn't you. ??

    Hey MIT, I'm on the beach in FT Laud, heading to West Delray once they close the bridges .... If you need a place to go let me know , I'm not real sure how much safer being west of 441 is, but its better than the east side of town.

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