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  1. ITs about time the legal system quits playing paddy cakes with the people who cause trouble, threaten harm, or produce liable and slander against govt officials in office otherwise we have no rule of law.
  2. This woman and I don't care that she is black, she is using that to spread her hatred around. She should be held accountable for making threats. If she had said this 30 years ago she would be arrested for threats against public officials.
  3. Funny they mention the Book of Discipline on this because the Methodist Conference have a vote coming up in February concerning letting Gays and Lesbians step into the pulpits. This is spelled out in the Discipline that it is against it and they shouldn't even consider a vote on this issue. God will not like this one bit for even considering this because they know its wrong and if it is approved I will be one that will resign from the Methodist.
  4. Heavyduty053

    Hello everyone

    I am doing good and I hope everyone in the DV family is doing good
  5. Heavyduty053

    Hello everyone

    Just checking in to let you I am still alive....miss me yet
  6. I'm sorry these people chose to be this way, to defy laws, to kill, mutilate, and destroy......They should be tried and given a choice of death, Hanging, firing squad or electric chair....lethal injection is to easy for what they have done.
  7. Heavyduty053

    An Unlikely Pair

    Ahh nannab how sweet the meme....I will remember that
  8. Heavyduty053

    An Unlikely Pair

    This will be my last story for a while, I am taking some time off, so much sickness in the family and so many other things to tend to. I wished all you guys much health and happiness and Please remember that God is there and ready to talk with you and guide your path. Those who choose to walk the path by themselves will stumble........God is good and he makes an awesome friend. You can tell how long ago this story comes from On a recent trip to the grocery store, I stopped at the Customer Service counter to pick up some pictures I'd left for developing. As I held out my pickup ticket for the clerk, an elderly gentlemen placed an empty water container on the counter beside me. The clerk looked at him and rudely told him that he would have to go to the back of the line and wait if he wanted his deposit back for his container. The gentlemen asked if he could leave the container with the clerk and pick up his deposit after he had done his shopping. I watched her even get meaner and she told him No, go to the back of the line and wait. Even now the gentlemen was polite but the woman clerk wasn't. Everyone in line could see that the old man had a bad limp and a bad leg and probably as old as he was had waited in more lines in his lifetime than all of us would ever see. This clerk didn't have to be so mean to him. I stepped back and told the old man to go ahead of me and then I turned around to ask the man behind me if he would mine. I also asked all the people in line of which all said no problem. The guy right behind me was tall had a red bandanna on his head, big bushy beard, tattooed arms the size of rain barrels and a leather vest with silver chains. I swallowed hard and asked him if he would mind if this elder gentlemen go ahead of us. Not at all, not at all. He looked at the clerk and then turned and told the young fellow to step up and go ahead. Then he turned back to the clerk and said you don't mind do you. It took a whole ten seconds probably for her to give the man his money and he was on his way. I stepped up to the counter and handed the clerk my pickup ticket. While she was doing my order, she mumbled these old people think they can walk right up to my counter and get served before everyone else. I placed both hands on the counter and looked her straight in her eyes. Now I was beginning to loose my cool. Did you noticed the old man had a bad limp, probably from the war or some mishap in his life that caused it. That gentlemen didn't deserve to be treated with your attitude. You should learn to be kind to older people because you have no clue to what life his served them. What he was asking you would not have hurt you in the least but it would have helped him. If you need this job to pay your bills and feed your family then I suggest you better take a step back and learn some patience otherwise your employment might end. About that time is when the big fellow right behind me said, "That's right and the next time I see you do this to someone else I will ask the manager to remove you." The clerk was pale faced and didn't know what to say. Between me being medium size and the big man behind me who's appearance fooled me came together with the same answer. An Unlikely pair but our hearts were in the right place. May GOD bless you and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you now and forever more........Amen
  9. Heavyduty053

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    I appreciate that everyone has a different opinion...that is a fundamental right for all of us......have a good day
  10. Heavyduty053

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    Nfire....sounds funny that you compare your rebutted comment to a street musician and yes I thank Adam for allowed me to reach to people with stories that may help lift their spirits in some way......Again it wasn't a complaint, just a comment from my perspective.
  11. Heavyduty053

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    I've been noticing the last several years that Adam has grown so busy with everything he is involved in that he doesn't have time to relay any info to this site even though all the thousands of us has been here almost since the beginning. Seems like it a bits and pieces type now and sometimes skipping a week here and there. I guess the only ones that deserve his information are the ones who pay him every month. Not complaining one bit just throwing the facts out there. in all honesty he can run his site any way he pleases, I just wished that he wouldn't forget about all us thousands who helped this site grow.
  12. Heavyduty053

    One More Conversation

    I to can recognize myself when my dad passed
  13. Heavyduty053

    One More Conversation

    I wasn't prepared for what I was about to hear when the phone rang that November morning in 2004. It was my mother on the other end of the line and she was all shook up. "Your dad died this morning", I immediately lost it crying. I didn't have a chance to say good bye. He had not been feeling well and going through dialysis for a couple of years and he had his bad days and good days, more good than bad. I had talked with him last week and he seemed in good spirits. I had written a bookd and it just got printed and I wanted dad to read it and see what he thought about it. My sister-in-law called a few days ago and said I think it would be a good idea to come visit your dad, which was a way of saying something is not right. But my dad had left that morning going to my older brothers fishing camp up on big lake and I thought that was super, give him some time out in nature. How happy I was that he had gotten to spend that day with my brother because they didn't get that much time together with my brothers schedule. The next morning when my brother dropped dad off at home he suffered a heart attack and died immediately. When we returned to Michigan, to a service that our son an ordained minister and now serving on the mission field officiated it, we waited for the deep snowfall that hit the area to melt to make the trip for the burial. The sun wasn't shinning and the graves of so many family members I knew had already passed on were sitting in a dusted light snow. I remembered how often I had gone with my grandmother on sunny summer days to attend to family plots. Now my Dad's grave was among them. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he wasn't in that grave only the shell of what used to be his body because he was a Christian. He spoke it, he lived it and his soul was at rest in the name of Jesus waiting for that coming day when all Christians will ascend to the Heavens. Knowing all this and somehow I still felt cheated. Yes he was in pain everyday but he managed to live with it and no doubt he was ready to leave this earth when the call came. I just wished I had gotten to spend a little more time with him, he was my rock, my friend, my got to when I needed advice. Was I being selfish wanting this. It was time for me for charge on and remember what he taught me and with this in mind I established this thought, "would what I am about to do make him proud that I learned from him". Along the way with a lot of reflection and pity parties, I was so glad that I had written a letter to my parents a couple of years before telling then how much they meant to me. Memories over the years and how good they were as parents. They came from a generation that didn't show outward gestures or hugs and kisses but in later years they changed all that with Grandchildren. The Valentine's Day following Dad's death I received a letter I assumed was from my was her hand writing on the envelope. When I opened it there was a computer made Valentine, written and signed by Dad. What a sweet surprise. I feel the lord allowed that to happen at just the right time, and how grateful to get that God nudge that Dad was thinking of me. I still miss Dad and even with the memories there now it can't fill the void left by his passing. I know someday I will see him again and I know thee are some things that happens that he is watching over me. When Father's Day approaches, it still hurts to walk by the aisles with all the cards for his special day . All I can do now is thank the lord for giving me a Dad that was a good provider and cared enough to be at my activities and support me. I still may shed tears at times but they are tears of joy thinking of my special Dad.
  14. Heavyduty053

    A Nickel's Worth

    Synopsis may I ask what this rant has to do with the story I put on here......I read it twice and unless I am missing something It doesn't pertain to this
  15. Heavyduty053

    A Nickel's Worth

    I presented this I think about 7 years ago but I had a strong feeling that I needed to do this again, someone out there needs to read this. What a scared little seven year old boy I was when the orphanage finally let me out of the dark closet, after two days of punishment. I took my bath, brushed my teeth with soap and dressed myself for school in the clothes the matron had laid on my bed. These clothes were gotten from anywhere and they were always too big or two small but we were made to wear them. When I reached Spring Park Elementary I just kept walking past the school building because I was so afraid the other kids in my classroom would make fun of me with all the black and blue marks on my legs where I had been whipped with a polo paddle. It didn't take much to be in trouble and I was also mad because of the way I was treated. I was given over to the orphanage because my mother died and my dad didn't want me. Crying over what the matron's and others did to me didn't help any they only laughed at me and made fun of me. They had no heart to treat kids right just because they were put in an orphanage. I walked and walked for seemed to be hours. Finally I came to this big wide street which was at the end of Spring Park Road. I had never seen a street that big before and I had never seen so many cars going up and down that street before. Across the street was a big store and the sign on top said Preston's Drugs. There was also a sign in the window that read "Everything you will ever want is inside". It took me a little while to cross the street because it scared me. But finally I caught a moment when no cars were coming or going and I ran across it. I walked into the store and noticed people sitting at a counter drinking drinks with ice cream in them. I had never seen anything like this before. I didn't know what ice cream taste like. The sign said they had everything. I had heard about a special thing and I wanted to buy one if they had it. I walked up and down the isles looking but I didn't see a picture of what I was looking for. Suddenly this old man grabbed me by the arm and it scared me real bad because that's the way the orphanage people did it to. "What are you doing in here boy, where is your daddy, he yelled at me". "I am looking for something special and I can't find it". "Are you trying to steal stuff and he was putting his finger right on my nose". "No Sir mister honest, I'm not a stealer". He held on to my arm and carried me back to the office and a policeman came in and asked me why I was not at school. I didn't tell him anything because I was afraid he would take me to jail for running away from the orphanage. So I just started crying real loud. The policeman left the office and this old lady came in and sat down by me. "Were you stealing son, No ma'am I was looking for something special" "And what might that be". "Do you have a big hug in this store?" I asked". "We always have hugs for kids in this store" she said as she stood up, wrapped her arms around me and squeezed real tight. She smiled, walked out of the small office and when no one came back for a long time I looked out the office door and saw the back door was open. I quickly walked out of the back door and I ran all the way back to school. When I got there I wasn't that late, I was the only kid that did not have five cents for milk at lunch. But that was OK, because I had laid my nickel on that man's desk at Preston's Drug store to pay for that big "hug" that lady gave me. To a seven year old boy it really was the store that had everything......That hug meant the world to me even though all my keepers were mean and hateful to me. I lay awake and cry at night wishing I had my mother and why my daddy didn't want me anymore. But at least this hug helped a little and now I know where I can get one when I need it....... Someone out there is troubled by their past and needs to know that there is someone somewhere that can be a friend. Letting a troubled past haunt you is driving your chance for a peaceful life.....Get down on your knees and ask Jesus to relieve you of the burdens that chain you down. No one is meant to live their life shackled with chains dragging them down.

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