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  1. Rural areas of Alabama wasn't what you would call a bushel of knowledge when you compared it to the urban townships. We were taught many things and had hands on experience and common sense accompanied what we needed to learn. Survival and how to make your own way was at the top of the list. Your neighbors whether they were right beside your property or a mile apart were treated like family because you learned early on that they or you may need help in some ways and you could depend on them. No matter if it was 3:00 in the morning or midday all we had to do was get word to them and they would drop what they were doing and come running. During the summers my brother and me along with my mother would walk down the road a couple miles a make some money helping the neighbor farmer pick cotton while dad tended the farm. The years rolled on by pretty quickly and before we knew it we were 17 and my brother 18. Now I know most stories are told of big families with tons of kids and that was true in most cases. On a comical thought we all went to bed almost at dark and rose with the sun so I guess some moms and dads had to scratch that itch before going to sleep. Not the case with mom and dad though, our farm was small and they didn't want a ton of kids to feed. Wasn't long until a new family bought the farm down the road and they had two beautiful daughters, lucky us and we didn't waste no time getting to know them. They were our age and we were rush to get done with our chores and walk to school with them, you know to protect them from wild animals and such. Two years passed and all four of us decided to get married and settle down. Wasn't long after our marriage day that dad had a heart attack and passed on leaving mama with a broken heart and lonely. After all they had been married some 40 years so losing your mate was painful. We promised mama that we would make sure all the farm chores were done and we did. She was so lonely that one night she went to bed and she didn't wake up. I guess you could say dad called for his bride. We sold the farm and bought my brother and me a place of our own not far from each other. We still get together on Sundays sit out on the porch and solve the worlds problems and recall the memories that we had. Every time we passed the old farm we grew up living on, its like I can still picture my dad feeding the hogs or my mom hanging out clothes on the clothes line. Those memories will live forever and the lessons taught to survive and care about your neighbors is worth its weight in gold.
  2. LADY SARAH BELLE15127789357921241082631.jpg

    Help guide her well in her raising
  3. Kindness of the Southern Back Roads

    I wished the spirit that we grew up in was still the rule of the day. Kids today have no real discipline and love to take with them as they grow into adulthood. Over the years they are not shown love along with discipline to fit the what they have done when they have misbehaved or just the kindness of hugs for no reason.....this is what builds character in a child and its true value will be passed on to their future children. These acts of kindness has faded away and it's destruction of the family unit is taking a terrible beating. Unless we fall on our knee's and seek God's help we will be pushed over the cliff. JMO
  4. Kindness of the Southern Back Roads

    thanks guys
  5. I'm sure you've heard the old saying, you can take a person out of the country, but you can't take the country out of a person Country living especially in the South is not for everyone and sure not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot out of a person but it adds back lessons in life while living in that atmosphere that can't be taught anywhere else. Our house was built to where it was a straight shot from the front door down the hall to the back door. This was done so during the summer days and night times a breeze would enter front or back and cool the whole house then out in went. Sorta like a natural air conditioner. Yes we left the doors wide open all night long for the cool air beside back then there was no cause for alarm, we didn't have no bad folks around. Dad had a double barrel shotgun standing right by his bed and mom had one to and she knew how to use it if need be for anything that wanted to cause harm. Country living had its rewards but it also had some very difficult times to go with it. My brother and I developed our own little world, there was no TV, there was no laying out at night and sleeping till noon. The world we built and lived in, we was content. Weekdays and weekends was the same when you know what your jobs is and when it 's got to be done. Done get me wrong, our parents was not slave drivers, the only time that chores was added to us was as we grew older otherwise dad had to do them. We had free times during the summer days to walk down to the creek and catch some catfish and if we caught enough dad would clean them and that was a treat for supper. That's when mom set in to singing and cutting some potato's for fries and a big fresh head of cabbage for slaw. I remember when the fall was about to turn into winter and the cool was turning to cold Dad would select one of our hogs we had been fatting up and slaughter it for our winter time meat. Watching this process was not sickening because we knew it was for survival and mighty tasty at that. When it was time to cut the portions of meat the smokehouse had a big fire going and was barreling hickory smoke getting ready for the new meat. Shoulders, Hams and slabs of Bacon was hung from the rafters and smoked day and night for several days to cure the meat and also I might add once the meat was smoked there wasn't a bug or fly for miles around that would try to even land on it. What wasn't in the smokehouse went into a big salt box and covered with salt until needed. Salt pork when along good with honey and biscuits. Mom always had some biscuits or cornbread on the kitchen table for snacks in case we got hungry after school. When you understand the importance of why these things had to be done that way, you quickly learn that God gave us these things to waste but so we could feed ourselves. During the hot summers while we tended the garden vegetables we would pull a turnip or two and take the heads wash them off, add a little salt and it was a great snack while we worked. After the chores was done we would head out to climb some trees and sit up in there and imagine being on top of the world. The world of imagination could pass time pretty quickly. I remember once even falling asleep sitting in the fork of a tree about 20 foot up. I guess the breeze was cool and I was tried. We had our work to do and we had a free times. Mom and dad made sure we were loved and cared for. Well I guess I will have a make a part three. Until then let me know what you think........ God bless everyone.
  6. Part 1 Near my old home place there is a winding back road. IT was scratched out of an old Indian trail many-many years ago along the banks of a local river and it follows the banks of the rivers path as it twists and turns down the slow slope of the mountain to a town 16 miles away. My dad would always drive this old road in my early years because it just seemed natural and because it was the fastest way to town. We didn't go to town that much because Dad always bought enough to carry us for several weeks. Going to town was for things that we didn't grow in our gardens and meat we raised and killed from our own little farm. Life was so simple then, of course me and my brother would help with the chores because we understood that if we didn't we would not have enough food to store for winter. Going to town with our dad and mom was a treat for us boys because we knew that we would get a small sack of candy to divide between the two of us for helping without arguing and fussing about who was supposed to do what. We both knew what our chores was. We might have looked like we were poor in sight but we had a loving mother and father who if he had to punish us do so and without being mad and hugged us and told us how much he hated to. We were rich in love and care from our parents. My dad was one to share what he had with someone if they were in need. Winter time was ruff sometimes more than others but with dad cutting enough wood we were surrounded by warmth of the fireplace. Us boys didn't learn all the different things most kids learned but we learned something more valuable, to think, to care, to act with common sense. Yes we went to school and it wasn't but a couple miles from our house. It was a country school while the city below had their own school. Us boys got up with the chickens as dad used to say, did our chores eat some breakfast and dad would drive us to school in our old car. Then we would walk home in the summer and he would come get us each day in the wintertime. When you grow up knowing what's before you and what is real its amazing how fast you can learn as you age. I wouldn't trade my country upbringing and what it has taught me for anything. It has helped me develop the character that I follow today.......Next week part 2....I don't do many stories on myself so please be kind a drop a note if you like week part 2
  7. Whats waiting for us at home

    Thank you guys for the responses it lets me know that some subjects can bring a little smile or joy to someone.....Just a little word or two or smiley face doesn't matter it also makes my day.
  8. Whats waiting for us at home

    When I was a little boy I used to wait for that final bell to ring at the end of the school day. As much as I enjoyed school and being with my friends I always looked forward to getting on the long yellow bus and heading home. Once I got dropped off I would almost run across the old, shaky, swinging bridge that spanned the creek and led to my house. I would open the door with a big smile on my face too because I knew what would be waiting for me: a warm home, a warm snack, and a big warm hug. After I grew up, finished school and had children of my own I always tried to have those three things waiting for them as well. They knew too that anytime they visited their grandparents or great-grandparents that they would get more of the same. I was after all a family tradition. Of the three, however I think that it was the warm hugs that my children and I enjoyed most of all. As a boy those hugs kept me warm even on those cold snowy winter days when the house was a little drafty and everyone was crowed around the big wood burning stove. As a man giving those hugs still brought a big warm smile to my kids faces even when our meals presented less than what they would have liked. It is those hugs that I still share freely with my children even now as big as I am letting them know that what ever the world outside throws at them, they are safe and loved at home. It is those hugs that I hope will carry on to my grandchildren as a family tradition. It is those hugs that helped them form better opinions of what family life should be. It is those hugs that I hope to share one day with my Heavenly Father as well. God is love, and I can think of no more loving way to greet him when my time here in this life is over. In fact, I think his loving arms await us all if we can accept his love and live as close to his will as we can. Fill your hearts and your house with hugs for your children and let them know what it is to be loved. Home, will be the final reward with Jesus waiting for us. Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving and don't forget to look up and tell him how much you appreciate what he has shared with you.
  9. Seems like they are being taught well from a do nothing and lying Congress of the United States
  10. Traveling Light

    There is a picture of me in an old scrapbook that mom has kept all these years, well quiet a few now. It was taken by my mom and she was so proud. I decided to take summer classes for College in the beginning to get try to get ahead. I and three of my friends decided we would move in together into an apartment to save money. In the photograph I was carrying two suitcases loaded with everything I was going to need to get me through 6 weeks of classes. It is the last time I can remember ever traveling that light. Since then my possessions have grown. Most of them like my furniture and appliances are useful and practical because they make life a little easier. Many of them were also gifts given to me with love that bring me joy just to look at and hold them while I think back. Still there are times when I feel weighed down by all of them. I know if a ever move again I will need two trucks rather than two suitcases. One thought, however, brings me comfort. It is the knowledge that when I make my final journey from this world I won't be taking any of those things with me. The only things I will be taking with me will be what I have packed in the suitcase of my soul. I will be carrying every kind thing I ever did for anyone, every loving thought I ever shared and every bit of laughter over things that God would be pleased with. I will be carrying the joy, all the goodness I gave to others and all the love and hugs I gave to people who where feeling down. But these things will not be weighing me down, they will be lifting me up. I will be traveling lighter than ever before on the wings of God's glorious love for me. At some point in this life you should think about getting ready for your own final trip out of this life and into the next. Make those treasures now while you are traveling through. Make sure that worldly possessions takes second place in your heart. Always be on guard that no one or no thing takes the place of the love you have for your savior. For one day you will be unpacking your suitcase in Heaven while the Angels stand around you. May they be smiling for what they see.
  11. Blue Rose

    Why is it when I'm the one who has to start the laundry and there's no detergent? I guess it was time for me to do my dollar store run which included light bulbs, paper towels, trash bags and Clorox. I got ready and scurried around the store, gathering up my goodies, and headed for the checkout counter only to be blocked in the narrow isle by a young man that appeared to be about sixteen-years-old. I wasn't in a hurry, so I patiently waited for the boy to realize that I was there behind him. About this time he waved his hands excitedly in the air and declared in a loud voice, "Mommy, I'm over here". It was obvious, he was mentally challenged and also startled as he turned and saw me standing so close to him waiting to squeeze by. His eyes widened and surprise exploded on his face as I said, "hey buddy what's your name"....his facial expression turned into a big grin. My name is Denny and I'm shopping with my mother, he responded proudly. "Wow, I said, " that's a cool name, I was my name was Denny but my name is Hal." Hal like in Halloween? " he asked, yes I answered" Well how old are you Denny. "How old I'm I Mommy?" he asked his mother as she slowly came over from the next aisle. "You're fifteen years old Denny; now be a good boy and let the man get by." I acknowledged her and continued to talk with Denny for several more minutes about summer, bicycles, and school. I watched his brown eyes dance with excitement because he was the center of someone's attention for once. He then turned and headed toward the toy isle. Denny's mom had a puzzled look on her face and thanked me for taking time to talk with her son. Not many people will do that, they forget that he is still a human with feelings. She said most people will not even look at him twice must less take the time to talk with him. I told her it was my pleasure and then I said something I have n idea where it came from, other than by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I told her that there are plenty of red, yellow, and pink roses in God's special garden, but the blue roses are very rare and his favorite and we should appreciate them for their beauty and distinctiveness. You see people like Denny is considered special in God's eyes because they have no concept of wrongful acts. They are as a child and will always be a child in their thinking no matter how long they live. If people would stop a take a moment to talk to a Blue Rose when they are around one they catch a feeling from God that they have walked through God's special garden. Touch them with kindness and with your heart and you will receive a blessing for doing it. Denny's mom was silent for a second then a saw a tear drop down her cheek and she asked, "Who are you to be so kind", Oh I'm probably just a daffodil or maybe even a dandelion but I sure love walking through God's garden......It is awesome.
  12. Looks can be Deceiving

    We have all heard that old saying, "Looks can be deceiving". Well I got some good proof of it this morning as I was shaving. I looked in the mirror and noticed that some of the hairs in my mustache were as white as my shaving cream. Now I am sure they have been there for some time but it never noticed until this one moment. I laughed about this because I feel more alive, vibrant, and joyous now than I did when I was twenty. I got a little more proof later on as I walked through my tiny house and sat in my old, worn chair, you know the one you got worn in to fit your body. My two cats quickly jumped on my lap while a smile leaped to my face. It seems funny that in this society where fame and fortune are looked on as everything that I had found so much joy in such a simple life with very little money. It was a short time later, however, that I got the greatest proof of all. the sun broke through the clouds, shone through my window and gently warmed my face. Bathed in that golden light I felt not only the heat of the sun but also the loving touch of God on my face, in my heart and through my soul. I knew then that life's greatest joys can't be seen with the eyes at all but felt with the heart. Looks truly can be deceiving. Joy, Love, Energy, and vitality don't end when your body gets old, but can continue until your last breath and beyond. Fame, Fortune, and material things may look nice on the surface, but they don't bring your heart and soul lasting peace or happiness. This material world we live in is both blessed and beautiful, but beyond it there is another world that is even more blessed and more beautiful. We are only here for a short time. Let's not be deceived by appearances. The presentation of things to our liking can be a blessing or a curse depending on how we look at it. Do all the good you can, share all the love you can, choose all the joy you can.......But know this that all in this world is to use until we are called to our heavenly home.
  13. It must be settled tonight

    The big burly miner blinked his eyes over and ovre as he left the dark interior or the coal mine. Stopping at the faucet near the entrance, he washed hiseyes out of all the grime and caol dust that he could and then his face adnd hands, then headedtoward his little shack on the outskirts of the village. He was tired, he was filthy but his wok was over for the day. As he trudged along the dusty lane, he passed the open door of the village church. Inside, a small crowd listened intently as an entergetic man gesticulated from the pulpit. He had passed the same scene hundreds of times over the years but time there was something different drawing him to stand and listen. He stepped closer to the door...."Absolute surrender is what we must do in order to recieve Jesus Christ", the minister was saying. Ar you willing to surrender yourself absolutely into his hands, if not then you are not ready to meet your God. THe minister paced back and forth on the little area with the pulpit. "We do not know how long our lives will last, we do not know if God will let us wake in the morning". Tonight you are living, tomorrow you may not be, i bet of you , ask yourselves are you ready to stand before him. The miner was touched deep down inside and he slipped into the back pew. Am i ready to meet God, he thought to himself. All of a sudden his life and how he has lived it came before his eyes. Then the question came into being, how can i make peace with him. About that time the gospel meeting ended and the people file out. Still the miner remained in his pew with his head in his hands. Finally the minister touched him on his shoulder."Brother are you ready to meet the lord should he call for you". Blindly, the miner shook his head, I know i'm not, pleade help me find this peace with him. An hour passed as the minister shared the plan of salvation; the feeling was building inside of him and yet something was holding him back from ful surrender. "Its getting late the minister finally said, Go on home and think abut it and we can try again tomorrow night, the miner shook his head and said, stay with me a little longer, it must be settled tonight. Once again the minister explained the way to heaven thru salvation and prayed long and hard with the miner, but in vein. Another hour passed, the miner was crying and the minister was exhausted and it was in the early hours of the morning. "You must go home and get some rest or you will not be able to work" and i can't make this any clearer for you. The miner looked up nd when the minister saw the tears he said we shall stay as long as its needed. Once more he spoke of Jesus and how he laid his life on the cross for all of mankind so that we could be saved. He prayed again but it was in vein. The minister said look harder into your mind and think and let your heart belong to Jesus. The miner said again, "it must be settled tonight". again both of them got down on their knees and prayed and the miner finally seen the light coming toward him. I see it he said, i see it. You could see the glow on his face. Lord i give myself over to you , to your will. It is settled, i have found the peace of heaven. The two men knelt again thanking God for coming into this man's life. The next morning the miner went to work as usual. During the day he was sent to a distant part of the mine for some tools. When he did not return, his fellow workers went to look for him. They found that the walls had caved in and he was somewhere back in the debris or behind it. Working hard as they could with pick and shovel they were tring to get to their friend and co-worker. When they finally reached their friend he was dead and yet he had a smile on his face. That little urge the evening before was his signal or warning that his life was not right and the lord was about to call his number. Thats why the feeling grew some much as the time went on until the lights of heaven let him see what his future hme was about. Not a one of us can ever say or predict when our time is about to be up but if we trust in Jesus there will be signs and feelings. Thank God he cares enough.
  14. Prayer request friends!

    May the good lord stand beside you and guide the doc's hand's...speedy recovery my brother
  15. What we leave behind

    It suddenly came back to me, I hadn't thought abut him recently, been so busy other things just over took my mind, but there he was. It is like that memories are triggered sometimes by subtle changes in your life, something you see or a thought just comes to you all of a sudden and your mind wonders back to something you have seen, a person that passed through your life or a thought like, haven't I been here before, or haven't I seen this place at some point in my dreams maybe. Its almost always is never explainable how and why this happens but it is always something good about it. I heard someone say the words, "the circle of life" and there he was again. I might have missed this life changing event had it not been for the accident I came upon that day. Also I would have never met Jack. It was on a back road near where I live, as I came around the corner and saw the lights of emergency vehicles ahead. Off on one side of the road was an overturned car partially blocking one lane of the narrow country road. There was no going around this and now with cars behind me I was blocked both ways. Might as well sit still until they make a path. Police cars still coming up from behind me so we were locked in now. I felt uneasy just sitting there listening to my radio, so I got out and walking a little ways toward the accident. I stopped where a few people were already looking on. On person was saying, "I can't figure out how this happened, it's daylight, now if it was nighttime I could think he might have missed the curse because of the darkness". I was about to ask if the driver was injured, when suddenly a stretcher appeared from the other side. A blanket completely covered a body indicating that death had taken place. Another person said, "I hope he had his life in order". Do we ever said another person and then that question that seems out of place came out, "I wonder what he is leaving behind". Then there was silence when that one question had thrown all of us back to reality of what we would leave behind in a tragic moment. That's when Jack spoke up. "If all you've ever accomplished in life is a collection of possessions then you leave nothing at all". Then a woman began a brief discussion about how important she thought what she had worked for all her life was worth and which child she would leave what to. then she just turned and walked back to her car. Jack just shook his head and said, "all the things here on earth is only to use until we are called from this life, they are not to become that important that it takes the place of the real importance". God gave all of us purpose and we are to use materials things accordingly. What we take and what we leave all depends on what we give. As the group of people began to disperse I stayed back for a few minutes to speak to Jack. I knew that as odd is this might be at this moment, I knew there was a greater reason for me to be here and I can attribute this moment to a major change in my own life. As the car was set up on its wheels again and towed away, "I told Jack it was a pleasure meeting you, I do wish it was under different circumstance, "I said. Do you live nearby?, I asked. His response struck me as odd. "Close enough that we will met again, he said". Thenhe began to walk away disappearing around the corner further down the road. We never did meet again, but every once and a while something will spur my mind to think of him. The words he said, were not foolish, they were not meaningless, they were truthful. It was because of him that I began to see life in a different light and till this day I remember that man. Those few words had a big impact on me. Could he have been placed there as a angel, I mean no one has seen him since then and I didn't see him get into any car. He just disappeared as I watched and by the way he did say that we will meet again. Angels come and go when you least expect them but they are there in many forms. You never know when you have been in the presence one of God's holy representatives...........Have a blessed day and remember God loves you and so do I.

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