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  1. Seems it doesn't matter who is running govt the middle class and the poor will always get the bottom end of anything....they could solve this whole issue of tax fairness by striking down the one we use now and establishing a Consumption tax then everyone including illegals would pay their fair share. JMO
  2. Sally jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. "How is my little boy, please tell me he is going to be alright. When can I go in to see him. The Surgeon said, "I'm so sorry mam I did everything I could but he would not respond. Sally said, Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where are you God when my son needed you?. The surgeon who was silent, caught a moment and asked if she would like a few moments with her son before he's transported to the University. Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to her son. One of the nurses will be in the room with you as you wished. She ran her fingers through his hair very slowly as tears fell from her eyes. The nurse asked her if she would like a lock of his hair to keep. She cut it put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said it was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for study. He said it might help someone else to live. I said no to him at first, but Jimmy said, "Mom, I won't be using it after I die. Maybe it will some another little boy to spend one more day with his mom. She went on, "My Jimmy had a heart of gold. Always thinking of others and always wanting to help if he could". Sally walked out of Children's Mercy Hospital for the last time after spending most of the last six months there. She put the bag of Jimmy's belongings on the seat beside her in the car. The drive home was very difficult, trying to be alert of traffic and wiping tears away to see. It was even harder to enter the empty house. She carried Jimmy's things and the bag with his hair to his room. She started placing his model cars back where he always kept them in a neat line and putting away his other personal things for now. She laid down across his bed and hugging his pillow cried herself to sleep. It was about midnight when Sally awoke. Laying beside her on the bed was a folded letter. Where did this come from, it wasn't there when she laid down. She opened the letter after staring at it for a few moments and this is what it said: Dear Mom, I know you are going to miss me and I know you are so sad right now, but don't think that I will ever forget you or stop loving you just cause I'm not around to say I LOVE YOU. I will always love you, Mom even more with each day. Someday we will see each other again. Until then, if you want to adopt a little boy so you won't be so lonely, that's okay with me. He have use my room and have my toys. But if you decide to get a girl this instead, she probably wouldn't like the same things us boys do, so you can give them away and buy her some dolls and stuff girls like, you know. Don't be sad thinking about me. This really is a neat place. Me and the angel met Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven, boy you could see this place shinning for long ways. Right on the other side was Jesus all dressed in white and he had the biggest smile and said, "Welcome home my child". Behind him I could see Grandmother and Grandfather just a grinning from ear to ear waiting to grab me. They were all so happy to see me. I could hear the sweetest music from somewhere and it sounded so good. You should see this place it is awesome. It is everything the Bible said it is and more. I love to watch the angels fly in and out, Jesus told me they have to help people on earth. And Mom Jesus doesn't look like all those pictures, yet when I seen him I knew it was him. Jesus told me he has known me since I was born and he would take me to see God his father after he greets everything that's coming. We final got to go see God and he told me to sit on his knee and he treated me like I was someone important. That's when he asked me if I wanted to write you a letter to tell you goodbye and see you again one day. I wasn't sure that was allowed, but you know what Mom? God handed me some paper and his own personal pen to write with. I think Gabriel is the name of the angel who is going to drop this letter off to you. God said for me to give you the answer to one of the questions you asked him when I life stopped. Remember what you asked, "Where was He when I needed him? God said he was in the same place with me as when his son Jesus was on the cross. He was right there as he always is with all his children. Oh, by the way, Mom , no one else can see what I have written except you. To everyone else it will be a blank piece of paper. Isn't that cool. I only get to write one letter and you can read it as many times as you want to. It will never fade away before your eyes. I have to give God his pen back now. He needs it to write some more names in that great big Book of Life. Tonight, I get to sit at the table with Jesus for supper. I'm sure the food will be great.....Oh, I almost forgot to tell you I love you again and I don't hurt anymore. The cancer is all gone. I's glad because I couldn't stand the pain anymore....tell everyone I love them. Signed with love God, Jesus, and Me
  3. A group of country friends from the Pinewood Church decided to start getting together on a regular basis to socialize, play games and fellowship with one another. Once a month members would take turns preparing a dinner and hosting the group. When it came time for Al and Janet to be the hosts, Janet looked through her recipe book and wanted to find something that would be impressive. She decided on Mushroom-smothered steaks for their dinner. That would surely be a big hit. However when she went to the grocery store she found that good quality mushrooms were way to expensive. So on her way home she thought about the mushrooms and why they had to be so expensive. When she got home she told her husband, No mushroom for the dinner, cause to get enough would be to expensive. Her husband said, "what about the mushroom that grows down by the creek in our pasture". She said, "No cause wild mushrooms can be poisonous". Well he said, "I see varmints eating them all the time and they don't get sick". So Janet decided to give it a try. She picked a bunch and took them back up to the house, cleaned them good, cut them up and included a packet of Mushroom gravy mix. To make sure the mushrooms were safe to eat, Janet decide to give their dog, Ol' Spot a bowl of the gravy . the dog loved the mushrooms and he appeared fine all day. Reassured, Janet went ahead and served the steaks with her wild mushroom gravy. All the guests enjoyed the dinner and raved about how good the steaks were. Janet was pleased and felt good about of the money she saved in doing this. She hired a 17 year old girl to clean up after dinner so she could join in the games. After everyone had finished eating they all moved to the living room where they all sat around talked and relaxed, sang songs and socialized. All of a sudden the neighbor girl rushed in and whispered in Janet's ear that their dog Ol' Spot just died. Janet panicked but managed to calm down enough to call their family doctor and explained what happened. The doctor said, " he thought he could take care of it and he told her he would send an ambulance out there with the necessary equipment to do the required enemas and pump everyone's stomach to get all of it out before it does any harm. Just keep them calm and don't panic. Soon they heard the siren as the ambulance was coming up the road. The EMT's and the doctor carried in their medical cases. One by one they took each guest into the bathroom, gave them an enema and pumped their stomach. Everyone will be fine now announced the doctor as he was putting all his equipment in his cases. Afterwards, all the guests were looking exhausted as they sat around the living room. Just then the hired cleanup girl came into the living room and handed Janet a slip of paper. Mrs. Jones, she said" I've finished cleaning up and here's the license number of the car that ran over Ol' Spot. See how sometimes our minds can twist things out of proportion before we really know what really happened. It makes us jump to conclusions and make mistakes that sometimes is funny and yet sometimes it can be harmful to ourselves and others.
  4. There was a large group of people gathered close to a fence. On one side of the fence stood a man named Jesus and on the other side was a ruff looking man named Satan. Jesus opened the BOOK Of Life and started calling names of people who had believed in him and tried to do right. One by one they were called to stand beside Jesus on one side of the fence and the ones who's name was not called was to stand with Satan on the other. After all the names were called out and the Book was closed, Jesus said, "All who's name I called enter into the joy of Heaven with me for eternity, there you will see all your friends and family that is there and you will have joy and happiness for eternity. Then he turned to the ones who's names remained uncalled and said, " Stand on the other side of the fence with the one who has claimed you all your life, whom you chose to worship by your sinful nature. Depart from me now because I never knew you. Follow your master to your new home and there you will suffer what ever he decides to give you for eternity.....depart from me, you cast me aside and i never knew you. Man cannot serve two masters, this world is full of temptations and things to lure you away from Jesus and his promise of eternal life. If you make up your mind to follow Satan and partake of his sinful ways then your name will never be written in the Book of Life. As this example is true, it follows what the Bible says.....those who's names is there will be joyful and those who's names is not written there will be condemned to Satan's domain.
  5. I surely agree with you Rod
  6. Scotty was a sixteen year old that loved to ride bicycles, he lived to compete in marathons, cross country and moutain races. He had several special built bicycles, his father and uncle built in their shop since they owned it also. They were working on a new bicycle for him with new technology and he could hardly wait to try it out. Scotty had big plans for getting in the Book O World Records. He wanted to break the fastest speed on a bicycle record, thats what he hoped for one day and maybe each new bike would be the one to help him do that. The current record was 100 miles per hour. Scotty would come into the shop every afternoon after school and spend most of his time polishing and doing things to prep for his next race when he was rides to practice. He was always asking, is it ready yet, how much longer?.His dad and uncle tried to explain to him that they had to work on other bicycles to, thats how they made money to pay bills and buy food or they would go hungry. They promised him it would be ready and he could try it out this coming Saturday evening if all went well. But today is only Monday, thats too long, how about Friday, when his uncle spoke up and said we will see, OK. Scotty had been telling all his freinds in school about the new bike. He would hit his upper thigh with his fist and say see solid as a rock, course all the girls liked this. His freinds patted him on his back. Saturday evening liked to have never got there, so he thought anyway. His father and uncle had banned him from coming into the shop the lastw few days until they could put the finishing touches to it.. He rode his bicycle bacon the sidewalk in front of the shop all morning on Saturday. He stopped everfive minutes or so and looked into the window hoping to catch a glimpse of it. His dad came out and gave him some money and said they could work better if he would go get them some burgers from down the street. Scotty speeded away after the food hoping that maybe his dad was right. When he returned his new bicycle was sitting right inside the door. It was true blue and shinning bright as a star. It even had a speedometer installed on it that registered all the way up to 150 miles per hour. Scotty was so excited he asked his father if it would really go that fast. His dad grinned and said, "If you can peddle it fast enough".Then he looked down and saw a price tag with Ten Thousand dollars on it. Scotty said, Yeak right", I should be the one charging you that foor making me wait so long. Scotty climbed on it, waiit a minute son, cme eat first and there is some things we knew to explain abut this new bike. Scotty said, "No Way", i gotta try this new baby out then i will eat. Scotty's father and uncle knew they would see him until dark now. This bike had twenty gears, it was made for speed and to climb. It was the speed that Scotty was interested in to break that record. He rode the dbike out to the long straight stretch of road leading from town to the mountains. It wasn't traveled very much so there would be very few cars. He was just getting ready to see just how fast this bike would go. A park ranger helicopter showed up for a look hovering overhead for a few seconds. Ten miles long, it had rained all day the day before so lots a places was still wet. The helicopter circled him a couple of times, waved and then off they went. He knew they liked his new cool bike and had to take a closer look. Scotty started peddling and slowly increased faster and faster. He looked down and the speedometer was reading 70 mph, then he changed gears and after a few seconds looked down again and his cool bike was doing 95mph and still had room ro go. This made him smile. It was about this time that he heard a little bell ringing. He looked around and it was an old woman hot on his rear with her old bicycle. THis stunned him and here she come passing him. Granny woman just smiled passing him as she went around him and then pulled back in front of him. This couldn't be, he thought, so he shifted gears again trying to catch up as she was increasing the distance between them. She would turn around every now and then and wave in motion to come on. Was he dreaming or is this really happening. An old woman with a basket on the handle bars, a little bell and it looked like it was thirty years old is out running my new cool bike. Scotty was already hitting 98 mph and still she was up there. He only had one gear left and it made him smile because this was enough to break the record but right now he was interested in what this old woman was doing and how she did it. Finally they hit the mountain part of the stretch and this would slow both of them down. Scotty was still doing 60 peddling hard seemed like catching up with her when she took a side road, one Scotty had been on before. She disappeared around a sharp curve and when he came around it found the old woman stopped and her bike and her arm pointed to something over the side of the cliff. When he got closer she got on her bike and off she went. Scotty got off his bike and looked over the cliff to see a young girl down at the bottom, hurt and ringing her bell. She had been ringing it the whole time. She was wedged between two big rocks still holding on to her bike. Scotty called out to her but she was unconscious but still ringing that bell. Just so happens the park range helicopter made a round and saw what was happening. He radioed for help. The ambulance came, they got Jenny out and took her to the hospital. They got her broken bike out to. It was a new bike but all smashed up. Scotty told the rescuers about the old woman and they searched the whole area and found nothing. Scotty was surely puzzled now. He rode his bike home and all along the way trying to make sense out of what just happened. the next day he went to the hospital to check on the little girl. Her mom and dad was there and was very thankful he came along and found her. He told them he didn't just come along, then he told them about the old woman. Jenny was released from the hospital a few days later and they invited Scotty over for dinner, they said thats the least we can do. When Scotty arrived it was a party in his honor for what he had done. Scotty's father and his uncle and all his friends was there to, it was hard but they made it a surprise. Scotty looked up up the wall and asked Jenny who was in that picture hanging there. Jenny said, "Thats my grandmother, she died and is in Heaven with Jesus. I pray to him every night to take care of her. Scotty could not believe his eyes, he had been outrun by an angel so i could find her granddaughter. Angels are all around us in our time of need, sent to God's children through many different ways. Yes, even each one of us can be used by an angel in a time of need.
  7. How have you been Pattyangel....good to hear from you....yes I watched my Mom go through Dementia then Alzhimas and it was ruff
  8. A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law and four year old grandson. The old man had done reached the age where his hands trembled, his eyesight was failing and blurred and each step he took faltered. The family ate together at the table every night and they watched him get worse and worse spilling food. His shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult and he also knew this because he still had a good mind. Pea's rolled off his spoon and food rained down on the floor. He tried his best but couldn't help it. When he grasped a glass, his shaky hands spilled the milk over and over on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess they had to clean up after each meal. So they came up with the idea of setting a small table in the corner. THe granfather ate alone, while the rest of the family enjoyed their dinners and conversations. Since grandfather had broken several dishes he was made to eat out a wooden bowl. When then family galnced in his direction, sometimes he had a tear in his eyes. Still, the only words the couple had for him were sharp admonitions, when he dropped a fork or spilled food. His four year old grandson watched all of this in silence. One evening, before supper, the father noticed his son playing with his lego's and wooden blocks, playing like he was hammering them together. He asked his son ever so sweetly, "What are you building?. Just as sweetly his son responded, "Oh, I am making a little bowl for you and Mama to eat your food in when you get old as grandpa". THe four year old smiled and went back to work. Those words stung and struck the father deep down inside and he went and told his wife what their son had said. Tears were streaming down both their cheeks realizing what they had done. That evening, the husband took Grandfather's hand and gently led him back to the family table and for the reminder of his days, Grandpa ate with the family at the family table. And for some reason, neither husband nor wife seemed to care any longer when a fork was dropped, milk spilled, or the tablecloth soiled. Children are sometimes remarkably perceptive. Sometimes the innocense of a child is the example that God would set before us. The wise parent realizes that every day the building blocks are being laid for that child's future......and it is our task to show them the right way because we will be held accountable if we don't.
  9. This is powerful: After living what I felt was a "decent" life, my life on this earth had come to an end, I mean all of us have a clock started the second we immerge from our mother's womb and it only has so many hours, minutes, and seconds allotted to live. We are to do the best we can, try to live as close to what God wants of us and ask forgiveness each and everyday. The following is one example that might give you an insight of what it might be like when your clock stops. The first thing I remember being thrown into a scene and sitting on a bench in the hall of what I thought to be acourt house. The doors opened right by me and I was instructed by this big dark robed thing to come in and have a seat at the defense table. As I looked around it was a dreary and scary large room, like something out of a horror movie then I saw the "prosecutor". He was a villainous looking man who sit down and stared directly at me with a stare that would drive a knife through me. He definitely was the most evil looking person I had ever seen. I sat down and looked to my left and in walked my attorney, a kind and gentle looking man looking at me while he walked whose appearance seemed so familiar to me; I felt I knew him. The corner door flew open and there appeared the judge in full robes. He commanded an awesome presence as he walked across the room with his eyes fixed on me. I couldn't take my eyes off him. As he took his seat behind the bench, He said in a commanding voice" Let us begin". The prosecutor rose and immediately said, "My name is Satan, and I am here to show you why this man belongs with me in Hell". He proceeded to tell of all the lies that I told in my lifetime, the things that I stole, how I cheated others, treated others so mean. Satan told of other horrible perversions that I had committed in my life and the more he spoke the further down in my seat I sank. How did he know these things, he spoke of things I had forgotten about. I was so embarrassed that all I could think about was i' going to Hell, I couldn't look at anything even my own attorney. As upset as I was at Satan for telling these things about me, I was equally upset at my Attorney who sat there silently not offering any form of defense at all. I know I'm guilty of those things, but I had done some good things in my life, couldn't that at least equal out part of the bad I had done. Satan slammed his fist down on the table, finished with a fury, looked straight at me and said, "This man deserves his place in Hell, he is guilty of these things I have proof of and he can't prove otherwise. I tried to say something but my mouth was sealed shut.....He lived his life as he wanted and now its time to pay up".....There was silence and when it was his turn, my Attorney first asked if he might approach the bench. The judge allowed this over the strong objection of Satan ranting and raving. As he got up and started walking, I was able to see him in his full Splendor and majesty. I realized then why he seemed so familiar, this was Jesus Christ representing me, my lord and Savior. He stopped at the bench and softly said to the judge, "Hi Dad, then he turned to address the prosecutor and all his demonic things laughing and jumping up and down in their seats in the back of the court room waiting and hoping to drag another one kicking and screaming to the pits. Satan was correct in saying this man had sinned almost all his life. I cannot and will not deny any of these allegations because I seen them myself and yes this man deserves the wages of his sins. He deserves to be punished. Then Jesus took a deep breath and turned to his father with outstretch arms and proclaimed, "However, I died on the cross so that this person might have a chance for eternal life and close to the end of his life he accepted "Me" as his Savior and repented for all his wrongs.....so he is covered by my blood". My lord continued and told the judge my name was written in his Book of Life and no one can ****** him, from me. Then he turned to Satan and said, "Satan still does not understand that even though sins are committed they are to be given Mercy not Justice if they have accepted me. As Jesus sat down, he quietly paused, looked at his father and said, "I paid his debt". The judge lifted his mighty hand and slammed the gavel down with the following words. He looked at Satan and said, "upon his death this man would have been yours for all he did but he accepted my Son as his Savior and repented". This man is free to enter into the gates of Heaven. This case is over. Jesus grabbed my hand to lead me passed the demonic things trying to reach out for me but they couldn't. I could hear Satan ranting....There are several due in this afternoon.....I will get one of them. On the way out I asked Jesus, "Have you ever lost a case"....Christ smiled and said, "Everyone that accepts me and comes to me, My father gives the same verdict to all.......Case dismissed.....paid in full
  10. Great read....Goat....it kinda renews our faith with facts in the actually day of an RV coming instead of just hearing a word or two from all those who are and have been making off this this venture all along....All the double dippers are not really concerned sharing insight as they were 10 years ago....and their integrity is lacking bad. JMO
  11. Pappy was a pleasant-looking old fellow. He had the whitest hair which he kept neatly cut and combed. His eyes were blue, though faded with age, and they seemed to emit a warmth from within. His face was quite drawn but when he smiled, even his wrinkles seemed to soften and smile with him. He had a talent for whistling and did so happily each day as he dusted and swept his pawnshop, even then he had a secret sadness and anyone who knew him respected and adored him. Most of Pappy's customers returned for their goods when they pawned them and he did not do much business, but he did not mind. To him, the shop was not a livelihood as much as a welcome pastime, something for an old man to do. His shop and his merchandise was paid for. There was a room in the back of his shop where he spent time tinkering and repairing a menagerie of his own precious items. He would find things that caught his eye and repair them for sale in his shop. He referred to this room as "memory hall". In it were pocket watches, clocks and electric trains. There were miniature steam engines and antique toys made of wood, tin or cast iron and there were various other obsolete trinkets as well. Spending time in memory hall delighted him as he recalled many treasured moments from his past. He handled each item with care and sometimes he would close his eyes and pause to relive a sweet moment in time a simple childhood memory. One day, Pappy was working to his hearts content reassembling an old railroad lantern and grinning all the way. As he worked ever so carefully he whistled the melody of a railroad tune and thought of the times he had used one just like it when he was a switchman. It was a typical day at the store. Outside, the sun was shinning bright in a clear blue sky with a slight wind passing through the shop. He loved to have the doors opened and the screen doors letting the crisp air in. As he was polishing his newly restored lantern, he heard the tinkling of his front door bell signaling to him he had a customer. The bell, which produced a uniquely charming resound, had been in Pappy's family for over a hundred years, passed down through the family. He cherished itgreatly and enjoyed sharing its song with all who came to his shop and asked about it. Although the bell hung on the inside of the front door, Pappy had strung a wire to the screen door also so that it would ring whether the inner door was open or not. At first, he did not see her. Her shiny, soft curls barely topped the counter. "And how may I help you, little lady?." Pappy's voice was jovial. "Hello sir." The little girl spoke almost in a whisper. She was dainty, bashful, and innocent. She looked at Pappy with her big brown eyes, then slowly scanned the room in search of something special. Shyly she told him, she wanted to buy a present. "Well lets see, Pappy said, "who is this present for." Pappy began to make suggestions. "How about a pocket watch? It's in good condition, I fixed it myself," he said, proudly. The little girl didn't answer, she just kept walking around looking at things then she walked to the doorway and put her hand on the door. She wiggled the door gently to ring the bell. Pappy's face seemed tp glow as he saw her smiling with excitement. "This is it, this is what I want, the little girl bubbled. "Mommy says grandpa loves music." It was right about then that Pappy's expression changed. Fearful of breaking the little girl's heart, he told her, "I'm sorry, missy that's not for sale, maybe your grandpa would like this radio. The little girl looked at the radio, lowered her head and sadly sighed, "no I don't think so". In an effort to help her understand, Pappy told her the story of how the bell had been in his family for so many years and that's why he couldn't sell it. The little girl looked up at him and with a giant tear in her eye, sweetly said, "I guess I understand, Thank You anyway". Then Pappy thought of how the rest of the family was all gone now, except for his one estranged daughter whom he hadn't seen in nearly a decade. Why not he thought, why not pass it on to someone who will share it with a loved one? God only knows where it will end up anyway when I am gone. "Wait little lady". Pappy spoke just as the little girl was about to go out the door--just as he was hearing that bell ring for the last time, "I've decided to sell the bell and make someone happy". Suddenly Pappy felt good about what he was a bout to do. The little girl began to clap her hands.....Oh, thank you, sir Grandpa will be so happy. You must promise to take good care of this bell for me and he placed the bell into the brown paper bag. She looked up at Pappy with great concern and again almost in a whisper asked, "How much will it cost". How much you got to spend, Pappy said. She pulled out her little change purse and emptied it on the counter. Two dollars and 47 cents. Pappy said, "Well today is your lucky day, that's what it cost". Later that evening as Pappy was about to close up the shop, he found himself thinking about that bell. Already he had decided not to put up another one. He thought about the child and wondered if her grandpa liked his gift. Surely he would cherish anything from such a sweet and precious child like her. At that moment, just as he was going to turn off the light in memory hall, Pappy thought he heard his bell. Again, he questioned his sanity; he turned toward the door and there stood the little girl, she was ringing the bell and smiling sweetly. Pappy was puzzled as he strolled toward the child. Where did you come from, did you change your mind. "No" she said, with a grin, "Mommy said it's for you". Before Pappy could say another word, the child's mother stepped into the doorway, and choking back a tear...she gently said, "Hello Dad". This is your grand daughter. The little girl tugged on his shirttail....here's your bell grandpa and here's a hanky to blow your know. Pappy's life was complete, his daughter was back to stay and his new granddaughter was so sweet. He put the old bell back on the door and grinned the whole time. God is great.
  12. There were two babies in a mother's womb. One day one baby turned around and asked the other..."Do you believe in life after delivery?. The twin replied, Why of course, there has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what will be later. Nonsense said the first, there is no life after our delivery, what kind of life would that be. The second baby said, "I don't know but for one thing thee will be more light than in here, Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat with our mouths, maybe we will have other senses that we can't understand now". The first replied that is absurd, walking is impossible and eating with our mouths, ridiculous! why eat with our mouths when the umbilical cord supplies nutrition and all else we need, but it is so short so we wouldn't get far walking now would we. The second baby, insisted, well I believe thee is really something after we are delivered and maybe it is different than it is here now. Maybe we won't need this cord anymore. More nonsense, the first responded, if thee is life then why has no one ever come back from there? Delivery is the end of life and in the after delivery there is nothing but darkness, silence and oblivion. We go nowhere. Well, I don't know.....said the second, but certainly we will met Mother and she will take care of us. Mother, you actually believe in Mother? That's a laugh....If Mother exist then where is she now. The second said, our Mother is all around us, we are surrounded by her, we are of her. It is in Her that we live and move and have our being. With out her this world would not and could not exist. The first one said, "Well I don't see her so it is only logical that she doesn't exist, to which the second one replied....sometimes if you are silent and you focus, really listen you can feel perceive her presence. But most of all you can hear her sweet voice when she talks to us from above. Now doesn't the first baby sound like people who do not have a relationship with their Savior. Misconception concerning life after the physical death here on earth. And the Second bay like someone who chooses to believe in Jesus and what he has for us after this life comes to an end. Couldn't this pass for a conversation about life after death? Ponder these thoughts and Marvel at God's incredible plan for his children. Once we believe his beautiful truth of creation and life ever lasting, we finally know who we are and where we are going. The story about the two babies in a mother's womb got me to thinking about how we can't always see what is real and often we can not see is grander than what we can see. What is real and what is not we must come to terms with before we die. We are sent to live on this physical sinful earth and yet we tend to be mostly blind to what is real and what is not and what is coming. Our earthly bodies are made to last only so long and we pamper them from birth to death with everything likable. Your body starts to die the moment you are born and continues this transition until its time has run out. This life is intended for choice, choose the right ways and you will be rewarded in the next life, choose the wrong and you will also live forever in the next life but without joy and a hundred times of misery. We try to make ourselves think that this life is all there is and when the curtain is pulled that's it, but that is far from the truth. Living and believing this kind of misconception will bring a misery no one should ever want. How pointless is that kind of thinking. God established Free Will OF Choice for all his creation, to except him or reject him. All of us will be judged accounting to the Book Of Life when your name is called.......sit down and research this, do some thinking, His love and forgiveness is free, his friendship is free, his key to enter Heaven's gates is free.....if you ask for it. Take a look at the world around you....time is growing short then your free will to accept will be no more.
  13. Amen Brother....that's why the association of like minded Christians are suppose to lift each other up to keep us walking in the right direction
  14. One night an unemployed man was worrying about how he was going to pay his bills, that were already over due. The man was to his last 50 cents, two quarters is all he had to his name. He looked around at his wife and his children and was feeling so ashamed that he failed them. How was he gonna get food, pay the rent and other necessities. He decided to use the last two quarters and buy a newspaper, maybe there might be a help wanted ad in there. He got in his old run down car and drove down towards town. Two miles from town of all things the car ran out of gas. He got out and started walking, the rain was poring down hard, but he walked until he got to a new church being built beside the other one. He decided to duck in and dry for a little bit. While he was standing in God's house, waiting for the rain to slack a little, he felt the presence of God beside him. As he stood there the presence brought tears to his eyes. He fell to his knee's to pray.......I know lord its been a long time since I went to your church and worshiped you and I see you haven't forgotten me. I have been so foolish stepping away trying to do things on my own while forgetting you and its finally caught up with me. Lord I'm sure you know the mess I am in. It's all my fault for leaving you behind. Please forgive my foolish self I need to get back in church and I sense that this one will be the one for me and my family. Yep this is where we should be. I know you are here in this one and its where I want to be. I ask that your will be done and in Jesus name I ask it Amen. The man got up off his knee's and started on his way again to town. The two quarters jingled in his pocket because there was nothing else there to stop them. Even thought the rain was still pouring he heart was filled with joy like never before. He wondered how he could be fruitful in God's eyes when he was so far removed from the vine. He hadn't walked but a little ways from the church until a pickup truck stopped. I told him I was going to get a newspaper when I ran out of gas. Man said, "get in that's where I am going also" and while we are at it, we will stop and you can use my can for gas. By the way my name is Allen and yours, Earl nice to meet you. As they were talking they fought out the Allen was needing someone to start work tomorrow and he put an ad in the paper but they didn't put t in there. Earl said, "I am needing a job". Great said Allen If you want to work I pay 9.00 and hour to start out. Allen noticed Earl didn't put but 50 cents worth of gas in the can and told him to fill it up and he could pay it back out of his first paycheck. As they were riding back toward his truck they were about to pass the church and he ask Allen if he could stop by thee for just a second. Earl walked inside, he knelt down to pray. He said, "Father in Heaven, I wanted to stop by and give you thanks for helping me with gas and a job". Now I can go home and face my family. I will be in church from now on. Thank you again in Jesus precious name.....Amen. As he started back out the opening of the little church, he paused and said, "As Jesus once said, Oh by the way God as your son once said....."I will be back". When you walk away from Jesus and try to go your own way, he will let you learn and as time goes on things just might get tough. The road back is simple knell down admit you messed up and ask him to show you the way again....he will be glad to.
  15. The kids had made their usual hurried, obligatory pre Christmas to the little farm where their elderly parents dwelt with their small herd of horses. The kids one son Joseph and one daughter Susan that had grown above their raising and considered it a bother to have to travel out there to see them, but what helped them through was knowing they didn't have to stay long. I guess you could say they grew away from the humble beginnings of who give them life and taught them everything. The trip was the worst but it wasn't the parents that moved away. The farm where they had grown up had been named Lone Pine Farm because of the huge pine tree that sat on top of the hill behind the barn. Through the years the tree had become a place to sit and enjoy peace while they watched the old horses graze and a landmark in the countryside. The kids had fond memories of their childhood here but the hustle and bustle added more excitement to their lives and finally called them away to a different life. The old folks no longer showed their show horses, for the years had taken their toll and just getting out to the barn on those frosty snowy mornings was getting harder each year, but it gave them reason to get up in the mornings and a reason to live. They sold a few foals each year off their once prize horses. The horses even they were older gave them joy and contentment in the morning and during the day's end. Joseph and Susan had been there for two hours and had about all they could stand and was about to leave when Joseph got angry and confronted the old folks, "why do you keep hanging on here and why don't you at least get rid of the "the Old One as she was called cause she had been here the longest and could barely move around. She is of no use to you now, she hasn't had any foals in years. You should cut a few corners and save some money so you could have more or move from this old place. How can that old worn out horse bring you anything but expense and more work that you don't need. The old man looked down at his worn boots, holes in the toes, scuffed them on the barn floor and replied, "Yes, I could use some new boots I guess" as he stood next to the "Old One". He slid his arm around the Old One's neck as he drew her near, with gentle caressing he rubbed her softly behind her ears. He replied softly....."We keep her because of love, nothing else just love". Baffled and irritated, the young folks wished the old man and his wife a Merry Christmas and headed back toward the city as darkness stole the light away. The Old couple shook their heads in sorrow as they walked back to the old house knowing that another Christmas visit with their kids had not been a happy one. A tear fell upon their cheeks as they held hands knowing that their kids neither wanted to visit or be around them very long at a time. They wondered as they did each year how their kids didn't understand the peace and love that filled their hearts. So it was the sadness that filled their eyes and hearts of their kids and no one noticed the insulation smoldering laying across frayed wires in the old barn. No one accept the "Old One". In a matter of minutes the whole barn was ablaze and the hungry flames were licking at the loft of hay. The old man saw it outside his window by his old chair and with a cry of horror and despair, he shouted to his wife to call for help as he wobbled toward the barn to save their horses. But the flames were roaring now and the blazing heat drove him back. He sank sobbing to the ground, helpless in the shadow of the fire's fury. All he could think about was their horses. His wife back from calling for help cradled him in her arms best she could clinging to each other they wept at their loss. By the time the old country fire department got there only a pile of glowing red hot ambers remained. The folks were speechless and hurt as they rose from the snow covered ground. The nodded a word of thanks to the fireman as there was nothing anyone could do. The old man turned to his wife resting her head of white hair upon his shoulders as his shaking old hands clumsily dried her tears. Brokenly he whispered, "We have lost much , but God has spared our home on this eve of his son's birth. Let us gather strength and climb the old hill to the old pine where we have sought comfort in times of despair. We can look down upon our home and give thanks to God that it has been spared and pray for our most precious gifts that has been taken from us. He took her hand and slowly helped her up the snowy hill as he brushed aside his own tears with the back of his old withered hand. The journey up the hill was hard for their old bodies in the slippery snow. They stopped about half the way up to rest and fell to their knee's in amazement at the beauty before them. Seemingly every glorious brilliant star in the heavens was caught up in the glittering, snow frosted branches of their beloved tree. It was all aglow with heavenly candles. And poised on its top most branch a crystal crescent moon glistened like a glass made with crystal. They were breathless as the old man held his wife tighter in his arms. Suddenly the old man gave a cry of joy. Amazed and mystified, he took his wife by her hand and pulled her forward. There beneath the tree and its glory, a mist hovering over and glowing in the darkness was their Christmas gift. Shadows glistening in night light. Bedded down was the "Old One" close to the trunk of the tree and with her the rest of the herd. At first hint of smoke, she had pushed the door ajar with her muzzle and led the horses through it. Slowly and with great dignity, never looking back, she led them up the hill to the tree. The foals were frightened but they trusted her. The mares that were in foal with a new years crop of babies pressed uneasily against the "Old One" as she moved around. And they stood there looking at the old man and his wife. Those she loved she had not forgotten. Her body was brittle with years, tired from the hill climb, but her golden eyes were filled with devotion as she offered her gift. Because of love she put herself in danger.....for the herd and for her beloved owners. Love can outlast, out give, and conquer all