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  2. Disabled Iraq war veteran Leonard Cottrell Jr. alleges New Jersey State Police attempted to confiscate his firearms last month without a warrant. He stood his ground, held to his Second Amendment rights, and did not let police take them. Now, Cottrell is blaming a recently implemented New Jersey law, which he says targets law abiding gun owners. What happened? explains: Cottrell said his wife allowed the officers to search their home, including his son’s room, but they did not locate any weapons. Still, Cottrell said police wanted to confiscate his firearms — a shotgun and pistol — despite not having a warrant to do so. But Cottrell, who served three tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom, was having none of it. “No one from the state was going to take my firearms without due process,” Cottrell told Cottrell said the incident is related to a law New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed into law in March. The law allows police to seize guns from law abiding citizens who the state determines pose a threat to themselves or others — even without due process. Cottrell says he questioned the officers who showed up to his house, asking if they were there because of the new law, but they “danced around the issue,” he said. What did New Jersey State Police say? Sgt. First Class Jeff Flynn, a spokesman for the state police, declined to say whether the Cottrell incident was related to the new law. However, he told it was determined the Cottrells did not pose a threat. “Troopers responded to Mr. Cottrell’s residence in reference to the report of a possible school threat. Based on their investigation, it was determined that Mr. Cottrell’s weapons did not need to be seized,” Flynn said. Anything else? Despite being cleared as a threat, Cottrell said his son was not allowed to attend his school’s graduation. “He’s upset. He didn’t do anything wrong, and he doesn’t understand why it happened – he was just having a conversation with nothing as far as threats. It shouldn’t have blown up the way it did. But he understands it happened, there are consequences and there’s fallout from his actions,” Cottrell explained.J
  3. Iraq cuts internet services, sends forces to quell protests July 15, 2018 Written by VOA Some of the protestors Iraq's National Security Council deployed security forces and cut internet services Saturday as protests that began in Basra spread to several other cities. The council held an emergency meeting Saturday in Baghdad after protests over high unemployment, poor government services and corruption spread from Basra to Baghdad, Najaf, Amaraand Nasiriyah. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued a statement saying "infiltrators" had used "peaceful protests to attack public and private property." He promised that government forces "will take all the necessary measures to counter those people." At least two people have died in the protests in the city of Amara as protesters blocked roads, lit tires on fire and, according to a spokesman for area health authorities, fired guns "indiscriminately." One person died earlier this week in Maysan when Iraqi forces shot at protesters reportedly trying to set fire to government buildings. In Najaf, security forces were deployed in the streets Saturday. Cuts to internet service reportedly took place in Baghdad, Najafand Basra. The protests began in Basra early this week, after residents of Iraq's most oil-rich city grew fed up with its own poverty, water and power shortages, and the summer heat, which can approach 50 degrees Celsius at the height of the season. Police confronted protesters in Basra when they gathered near an oil field operated by Russian oil firm Lukoil. On Friday, the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani spoke out in a televised sermon to offer support for the demonstrators. He said it was not fair that residents of Iraq's most profitable city live in such poor conditions. In response, Abaditraveled from a summit in Brussels to Basra, where he asked the Basra Oil Company to hire more locals. Abadi is a caretaker prime minister. Iraq is undergoing a vote recount after May's national elections, stalling efforts to form a new government.
  4. POSTED ON 2018-07-15 BY SOTALIRAQ The government stopped "Facebook" and "Twitter" .. And reinforcements by 30 thousand troops to the south After the escalation of popular protests in the southern regions, the press sources said the government resorted to stopping Facebook and Twitter sites in most Iraqi cities, to prevent what he called "fueling sedition and provoking people to demonstrate," pointing at the same time to the high number of security forces that arrived in protest areas , To more than 30 thousand elements. The sources said on July 14, 2018 that "armored units deployed in large parts of the city of Basra, specifically in the presence of protesters, who erected a large marquee in the ways of passage of trucks and oil tankers and goods to Iraqi ports in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. According to local residents in Basra, units have been deployed in Zubayr, Umm Qasr, Haretha, Shat al-Arab, Sadiq, Safwan and the center of the city of Basra itself. The demonstrations were concentrated in certain areas of Basra, amid the continued influx of residents, while police imposed a curfew on people and cars around the government compound in Najaf, fearing the expected storming of government buildings tonight. Security forces tried to anticipate any advance of demonstrators towards the area of government buildings by firing into the air and deploying military vehicles and water cannons near the Al-20 Square in Najaf. Meanwhile, the Reuters reported that the demonstrators stormed the building of Karbala province on Saturday evening without giving further details. In Maysan, several cities are still witnessing widespread protests, and the same in the city of Hindi in the province of Karbala. Meanwhile, a member of the Southern Tribal Council, Sheikh Aziz al-Mayahi, said in a press statement that "the demonstrations will continue until people sincerely seek from those responsible for the administration of the country." "There are young people who have been killed in the last two days, which complicates things more," he said, adding that "attacking government interests and public funds acts are individual and incorrect, and can not be accepted." On the other hand, press sources reported that the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, agreed to isolate the army commander in Basra, Major General Jamil al-Shammari from his post, as well as to conduct an urgent investigation into the shooting of demonstrators, as part of a package of decisions will be announced in the coming hours. An official in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said that the suspension of Facebook and Twitter was part of the decisions of the security crisis cell, which held its meeting late on Friday night, and that the Ministry of Communications was mandated to oblige the service providers in Iraq by the resolution. In the meantime, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport of the Government of the Territory, Omid Mohammed Saleh, "The Iraqi government's decision to cut the service of the social networking site Facebook and the region also, and that it will be temporarily," noting that "the Iraqi government is also pressing to cut off Internet lines."الحكومة-توقف-فيسبوكوتويتر-وتعزيزات/
  5. Sounds like Iran is getting their come up ins from every angle. !!!!! Thanks Pitcher
  6. MThe US-led Coalition against ISIS, Washington and Russia all demand the mullahs regime to leave powe The US-led Coalition against ISIS, Washington and Russia all demand the mullahs regime to leave power, amid full disregard from Iran. It is expected that air strikes and intensive shelling will be waged on the gatherings of Iran-affiliated militia during the coming period. The commander of special operations of the US Coalition for Combating ISIS Major-General James Gerrard said that the coalition forces will remain in Syria pending the completion of the political process there. Iran's terrorist role According to a report published on Al, Gerrard warned of the role currently played by Iran in Syria doesn't help foster stability. He added, "We are confident that Iran backs terrorism in Syria in order to ignite violence there.These Iranian practices only aimed at hindering achieving peace and stability in Syria. The senior military official confirmed that the war against ISIS terrorist group hasn't ended yet, even in the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Force) (SDF). He announced the US-led coalition will stay in Syria until the complete clearance of those liberated areas. We are fully aware that our war against ISIS hasn't ended yet, despite the liberation of some areas by the Syrian democratic forces, Gerrard added. He pointed out that Syria is still facing the specter of terrorism, so we will remain here until reaching political settlement backed by the Syrian people. We are here in Syria to achieve stability and carry out training drills to the internal security forces in north-eastern areas in Syria to ensure that the threat of ISIS will never come back again, Gerrard added. He added that there are other parties seeking to spoil the relationship between the US-led Coalition against ISIS, noting those parties are doing their best to destroy this relationship. Iranian militias won't leave Syria In the same vein, Iran reiterated that it will maintain its military forces in Syria, despite the opposition of its ally, Russia, which called for expelling The Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and all its allied militias from Syria. Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Special Aide to Iranian Parliament Speaker for International Affairs, said that the so-called Iranian military advisers will remain in Syria under the pretext of "combating terrorism," although the lack of Iran's reasons to stay in Syria, especially after the ISIS 's defeat by the US-led Coalition defeated in Syria. According to Fars News Agency, Abdollahian, during his meeting with the Palestinian ambassador to Tehran Salah al-Zawawi, said that his country would continue its firm support for the Iranian pro-militias in the region. A big number of The Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)-affiliated officers has been killed in Syria in recent days, including expert Mohammed Ibrahim Rashidi, 32, who was killed by a landmine on the road between Palmyra - Deir ez-Zor. Two weeks earlier, Iran lost another Iranian IRGC commander, Brig. Shahruj Daye, who was responsible for the Iranian forces in Aleppo, its suburbs and neighboring northern provinces. Following Russia's announcement to withdraw its forces and militias from Syria, Iranian forces have become open targets for the US-led coalition and Israeli air forces. In recent weeks, Iran has been subjected to several raids in different areas, in which, dozens of its Iranian militias have lost their lives amid deadly silence by the Iranian media. Observers said that the coming period will witness further air raids against the Iranian militias in Syria."Presence of the Iranian militia is no longer bearable or acceptable."
  7. the citizens voted for widespread change in government to remove the corrupt hacks , the whole process is getting hijacked ... i'd be Teed off too .... thanks for the articles
  8. Today
  9. Something has to be done with Iran/Malarki ASAP. Unfortunately innocent people will get hurt or worse Good afternoon Butifldrm and DV
  10. (Natural News) A lot of people have an appetite for sugar. Studies have shown that the body’s response to sugary food starts even before it enters the body, with the brain firing on all cylinders to excite the reward circuit and produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure and reward. However, past decades have also shown that people are becoming increasingly aware of its dangers. These days, nearly everyone knows why sugar – in particular, added sugars – is bad for the health. It increases the risk of dying because of heart disease, is associated with higher rates of periodontal disease, and may put an infant at a higher risk of allergy and asthma. Of course, people still can’t get rid of their dopamine fix, turning to healthier alternatives to sugar. Recently, non-nutritive sweeteners (NNSs) have become more ubiquitous, as more food products have replaced sugar with this calorie-free option. The Food and Drug Administration has already approved a handful of artificial sweeteners, a synthetic form of NNS, including acesulfame-K, aspartame, neotame, saccharin, sucralose, and advantame. Natural forms of NNS are also becoming available. In countries like Japan, stevia has long been used as a sweetener. (Related: Stevia is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent.) This is the perfect moment to understand the science behind NNS, as well as their possible health benefits and, if ever, adverse effects on the body, according to a study published in Nutrition Journal. Researchers from the University of Pécs in Hungary, the University of Freiburg in Germany, and Paris Descartes University collected all relevant data on the health effects of NNS consumption. For a study to be included in the review, specific factors had to be met: It had to be a study on humans, it had to be either an intervention or exposure to artificial sweeteners or NNSs, it reported health outcomes, and it had no restrictions in study design or language. Support our mission to keep you informed: Discover the extraordinary benefits of turmeric gummy bears and organic “turmeric gold” liquid extract, both laboratory tested for heavy metals, microbiology and safety. Naturally high in potent curcuminoids. Delicious formulations. All purchases support this website (as well as your good health). See availability here. To get data, the team scoured multiple electronic databases for pertinent data over a period of three years. Sites included Ovid MEDLINE, Embase, and Cochrane Library’s CENTRAL database. After collecting the studies, these were then sifted and grouped depending on the nature of the research. The scoping review yielded 372 studies, of which 15 were systematic reviews, 155 randomized controlled trials (RCTs), 23 non-randomized controlled trials, 57 cohort studies, 52 case-control studies, 28 cross-sectional studies, and 42 case series (including case reports). The results of the analysis were divided between short-term and long-term outcomes, with the research team recording both positive and negative effects of artificial sweeteners and NNSs. Based on the studies reviewed, NNSs have no significant impact on a person’s appetite and short-term intake. Long-term outcomes, however, had differing results. In particular, studies that evaluated the link between artificial sweeteners and bladder cancer and urinary tract cancer show 11 case-control studies that positively link the two factors and 20 that report no association. The authors proffered that a systematic review may potentially bring conclusive results. Health outcomes between chronic kidney disease and NNS consumption were different as well – with results varying between no association to a significant increase in risk. The effects of NNS on diabetes have focused mainly on glycemic control, which could benefit from a full-fledged systematic review, according to researchers. There were no studies that correlate natural non-caloric sweeteners with diabetes, as well as weight loss. Overall, the authors highlight the need for well-conducted reviews to summarize results quantitatively and check their integrity. “There are numerous health outcomes, like incidence of headaches in association with NNS consumption, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, risk of preterm delivery, behavioural effects, cardiovascular effects or risk of chronic kidney disease, which were investigated in only few studies and further research activity is needed,” the authors concluded. “A systematic review may also help to enable formulating recommendations for subjects with diabetes and hypertension on using NNS.” With so many sugar alternatives popping up, learn which ones are good for the body by heading to today.
  11. The spread of protests in Iraq .. Charges of Tehran involvement after clashes 14 hours ago NRT The spread of demonstrations on Saturday to include other provinces in Iraq, including the province of Karbala as demonstrators stormed late on Tuesday night the building of the province, amid accusations of Iran involved in the movement of demonstrators in Iraq. The Iraqi political and political circles were confused yesterday because of the inability to identify clear leaderships for the demonstrators. Attempts to hold meetings with tribal leaders to stop the demonstrations did not stop . There were questions about the map of the institutions targeted by the demonstrators, a map different from previous demonstrations, including oil companies and ports of the south and border crossings and airports, in addition to the homes of local officials and governors . A number of activists in the demonstrations said there was no coordination among the groups in the cities, and that each march chose its objectives. The aim of focusing on the main interests seems to be to embarrass the government and force it to take action . As the government approved a national security meeting to take action against the expansion of demonstrations, including the deployment of forces to protect official facilities, cut off the Internet to prevent communication between protesters, and to issue orders to confront those who were called "marchers in the ranks of demonstrators" who expand the circle of burning and vandalism, It starts in the evening until dawn, as happened in Najaf yesterday . The security leaders reveal that the concern reached its peak with the spread of calls to a major demonstration in Baghdad last night . In the absence of contacts between the security leaders and the organizers of demonstrations, as was the case in the rallies of the Sadrists and civil forces, security leaders do not know "who is facing ." Despite the accusations of involvement of Iran through a number of supporters in Iraq to move the demonstrations, the night of clashes erupted in Najaf, between demonstrators and elements of Asaib Ahl al-Haq armed group close to Iran, against the attack of demonstrators based . The delegation representing the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr arrived in Basra yesterday morning, to receive the demands of the demonstrators, which sparked criticism on social networking sites for what was considered an attempt by parties to "ride the wave of demonstrations ."
  12. Politics The first call for Abadi to resign from his post and the government cuts the Internet in central and southern Iraq Twilight News Saturday, 14 July 2018 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has "failed" in the performance of his duties and has to resign from his post, a spokesman for Arab tribes in the disputed areas of Arbil and Baghdad said on Saturday. And witness the provinces in the south and central Iraq protest demonstrations launched from the city of Basra, rich in oil as demonstrators demand the provision of services and improve the reality of living, and end the financial and administrative corruption rampant in the state departments and institutions, and create job opportunities for the unemployed. "What is happening now in the southern provinces is a legitimate right and it is supposed to respond to the demands of the demonstrators," al-Hewitt told Asharq Al-Awsat. At the same time, Abadi blamed the riots and the burning of property that accompanied some of the demonstrations. He called on Al-Abbouti to resign from his post saying that he "failed to perform the tasks assigned to him in addition to the actions he is doing and the current and the establishment of sectarian wars, ethnic among the people of one people, especially in attacking the Kurdistan Region and the involvement of the people of the South in order to impose a policy Indeed". He continued by saying that "Today the people in the south turned the equation on Abadi, and on his failed government, which works on its interests and does not serve the citizens," pointing out that the Arab tribes in the disputed areas, this government "like the government of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Religious, and sectarian through the intervention of clerics in its policy. " At the same time, Al-Hweet warned of the expansion of the organization in the areas where it is present because of the persistence of Abadi in neglecting the people and not providing the necessary services, improving their living conditions and continuing unemployment and corruption. Yesterday saw the death of at least three people and wounded dozens of demonstrators in the demonstrations in the province of Basra, Maysan, Diwaniyah, Babylon, Najaf, Karbala, Diwaniya and Muthanna. He held an emergency meeting with the Ministerial Council for National Security, as he discussed the repercussions of what happened in some areas of sabotage by the elements of Manda. At a time when the Ministerial Council for National Security stands with the right to peaceful demonstration and the legitimate demands of demonstrators. Exert maximum efforts to provide services to citizens. " "Our forces will take all deterrent measures against these traitors and pursue them according to the law, and the abuse of the security forces is a violation of the right of the country and its sovereignty," the statement said. The Iraqi government has cut off the Internet service from the capital Baghdad and other provinces that are witnessing protests in order to contain, and destroyed. Activists on the social networking sites launched today Haztak calling for people to gather in Muzaffar Square in the east of the capital and in Tahrir Square in the center of the capital and launch a demonstration aimed at breaking into the Green Zone, which contains most of the government buildings, embassies and foreign diplomatic missions. Thousands of people demonstrated in a number of Iraqi provinces on Friday evening to protest against the deterioration of the living and service conditions and the lack of water and electricity as temperatures rise to half of the boiling. This comes at a time when Basra, the richest provinces in Iraq, oil and gas since Sunday, similar protests and is continuing so far. Demonstrators in Dhi Qar, Maysan, Najaf, Karbala, Diwaniyah and Babel called for improving the service and living conditions, providing water and electricity services, eliminating financial and administrative corruption in the state and its institutions, unemployment and providing job opportunities for the unemployed. Keywords:
  13. In a move that could kill two birds with one stone, the White House has ordered the FBI and DOJ to turn over all documents on Obama’s spy Stefan Halper. This could be monumental as everyone knows that President Trump would love to fire both Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein but politics just won’t allow it. You may or may not realize that the ultimate decider of what is classified and what is not is the president of the United States.
  14. Looks like they continue to hold the 2% line for IMF. All good for now.
  15. Al-Jubouri economy seeks the Kurdistan Region to save Kirkuk after the Iraqi government deficit Twilight News Saturday, 14 July 2018 The governor of Kirkuk, the agency RAKAN Saeed Jubouri on Saturday to submit a request to the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide the province with electricity, stressing that the Federal Ministry of Electricity is unable to provide electricity for the province because of the constraints encountered, and the Iranian side to cut the line of import from Iraq. "The problem that the province suffers from is funding, since it has not been funded since last year with one dinar," the governor told a news conference in Kirkuk today. "Kirkuk is suffering from the electricity crisis." He added that he visited the Ministry of Electricity last week and met with Minister Qasim Al-Fahdawi, saying that "there are significant obstacles to the Ministry of Electricity represented by the low processing of production, and cutting Iran to the import line." Al-Jubouri said that "in Kirkuk, we made every effort to obtain energy, and we are supplied with electricity is not enough," noting that "we sought through Baghdad to contact the Kurdistan Region we have the maturity of 150 MW in the investor Ahmed Ismail and the last mentioned to us several times that The equipment can not do that for political matters related to the region or the region may need energy. " He pointed out that he addressed the federal government to pressure the region to allow the investor to fully supply 150 MW, but we did not succeed, "noting that" we held a meeting with energy managers and included the meeting to contact the Ministry of Electricity and we may get them approval to regulate the frequency of the organization of cutting hours. " The governor said that "I contacted the Deputy Minister of Electricity in the Kurdistan Region and we have been informed that the situation is also in the region with the need for electricity, but at the same time promised to seek to secure 150 MW in Kirkuk." Keywords:
  16. ALERT: 3,000+ McDonalds Restaurants Just Found to Have PARASITE OUTBREAK – 14 States Affected! 0 This is a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product can cause serious, adverse health consequences. According to multiple sources, McDonald’s, the popular burger franchise, has removed salads from over 3,000 restaurants in 14 different states after some of their products were linked to gastrointestinal illnesses in Iowa and Illinois. The Department of Public Health, located in Iowa, reported that 15 people were diagnosed with cyclospora infections after eating McDonald’s salads between late June and early July. Because the parasite could take days to actually sicken a person, the outbreak could potentially just be getting started.
  17. Iraq allocates $ 2 billion to develop drinking water sector in Basra Jabbar al-Allaibi, the Iraqi oil minister and chairman of the ministerial committee in charge of the cabinet 15 July 2018 12:51 PM Mubasher: The Iraqi Oil Minister and Chairman of the Ministerial Committee in charge of the Council of Ministers, the Committee has developed 3 plans to implement the special projects in the province of Basra. Jabbar al-Luaibi said in a statement on the ministry's website that the projects have been classified into an urgent plan, which will be implemented within two weeks to a month, related to service axes (water, electricity, health, public services and security). Al-Luaibi said in the statement, a medium-term plan implemented within 3 to 6 months, and a long-term plan does not exceed two years. He explained that the ministerial committee decided to install a desalination unit with a capacity of 3 thousand cubic meters, pumping quantities of water to Shatt al-Arab to reduce salinity, and gave the Basra water department $ 2 billion to improve and develop the sector of potable water. The Chairman of the Ministerial Committee, the Committee decided to allocate 10 thousand jobs for the people of the province, and divided by the density of population and areas covered by appointments. The director general of the Basra Oil Company, in previous statements, that Iraq ended talks with Exxon Mobil on the construction of a giant water treatment project .العراق-يخصص-ملياري-دولار-لتطوير-قطاع-مياه-الشرب-بالبصرة
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  19. Relax folks. This is no different than the Libs in our country. Except your waiting to a payday.
  20. Promises of economic projects to quell the inflamed protests in Iraq 6 hours ago NRT The movement of protests against rampant corruption in state institutions, unemployment and nepotism in employment is a real embarrassment to the political system, especially as it expands, making Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi take a series of developmental measures in an attempt to contain the flames of rising public anger and extinguish his threat . The cabinet rushed on Saturday to take development measures to contain the protests in the south, after a number of people were killed by unexplained fire and the re-imposition of security, especially in the province of Basra, where authorities imposed a night curfew . In the meantime, press sources said that "three demonstrators in the province of Muthanna were killed, on Sunday, and wounded more than 50 others in clashes with security forces while they protest the lack of services and unemployment . She said the deaths and injuries came after security forces opened fire on the protesters after they tried to break into the provincial council . The sources said that the demonstrators burned the offices of the Dawa Party, virtue and wisdom, as well as burning the cars building of the provincial council . Thousands of people took to the streets of Basra, Diwaniyah, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Najaf, Karbala, Wasit and Babel to protest against demands to improve the poor service and living conditions and provide job opportunities for the unemployed . The ongoing demonstrations have been accompanied by armed clashes and attempts to break into partisan and government headquarters in Najaf, Maysan, Babel and Karbala. A shy demonstration took place after midnight in the Shula district, north of Baghdad, amid tight security. There were many rumors about social media about anonymous calls to demonstrate intensely in the capital, and some pointed out that the destination may be the heavily fortified Green Zone, where the headquarters of ministries and embassies.
  21. Iran and three Arab countries cancel or change the course of their flights to Najaf airport In light of the unstable security situation witnessed by the city ... arabic 15/07/2018 - 17:09 Iraq Three Arab countries have canceled or canceled their flights to Najaf International Airport because of the security situation in the city against the backdrop of popular protests in the city against corruption, unemployment, mismanagement and lack of services. Iran, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have announced the cancellation or alteration of their air routes Sunday to Najaf International Airport. "Flights to Najaf have been canceled or diverted to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad," data from flydubai, Royal Jordanian and Iranian airlines were quoted as saying. The property operated four flights a week to Najaf airport. On Saturday, Kuwait Airways canceled its flights to the Iraqi city of Najaf until further notice due to security conditions. Director of Public Relations at Mashhad International Airport Hassan Jafari, had announced that flights from Mashhad to Najaf International Airport had been diverted to another notice to Baghdad International Airport. Hundreds of Iraqis stormed Najaf airport on Sunday and stopped air traffic to and from the airport in an escalation of protests that have been going on for several days before the airport authorities announce the return to work normally.
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