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  2. Thank you my friend I really appreciate it. Hopefully when the whole government is seated, we are going to see the CBI moving forward to an open market economy. Go RV Go $1:1
  3. Got it.....Thanks for the respond......Can we say October?.....
  4. It’s not about getting rid of it otherwise Maliki would be toast, it’s now how to prevent it going forward and Iraq has done enough.
  5. Nah because he or his sons would torcher them or behead them. People were not allowed to have money or bank
  6. Your never going to get it’s entrenched. Look at kuwait and how many times they have sacked their parliament and replaced cabinet ministers, they have been doing it for ten years.
  7. I Think That Shab’s Is Feelin’ The Willie ! And When The Willie Gets Excited - U Can’t See The Wrinkles ... Just Take A Hit And Go With It Shab’s !
  8. Lmb4321, let me ask u this sadams era when rate was really good, were there a lof corruptions going on?
  9. screwball

    Investing in ISX

    Any update?
  10. screwball

    Investing in ISX

    The old market would never have been confused with the New York Stock Exchange. It was open just three days a week. Volume was low, and government rules barred prices from fluctuating more than 5% a day in either direction. At its peak, it had about 120 listed companies -- many of them hotels and banks -- and a total capitalization of less than $30 million. The biggest Iraqi companies were state controlled and weren't traded on the exchange.
  11. The question is how long will it take to get the corruption out?.....
  12. So Obama said Trump's Economy would never reach greater than 4% GDP growth, unless he has a magic wand...well there you go! Indy
  13. ***LANGUAGE*** The Left Tries To Ridicule Trump's Economic Policies | STYXHEXENHAMMER666 Indy
  14. Botzwana

    Letus have a THINK

    So you believe in a lop too Ever?
  15. Fitton On Officials Blocking Trump FISA Declassification | Fox News So if your boss tells you to do something, and you say no, you are not going to do what he asks you to do, would you still have your job? This Deep-State to the blueprint: a separate branch of Government that does not answer to any checks or balances, and is not duly elected by the people or explicitly specified by the Constitution. Indy
  16. How are ya blue....October will certainly be an interesting month for notes and possibly coins. We must remember coins were taken out of circulation between months of October and feb the following year.
  17. GE Screwball . There is a few very good older articles with descriptions of the new notes and fil-a to come .
  18. So how many denomination of notes were printed according to the articles of old? Will these new ones make up the remainder of the nine printed originally? Or have they reprinted notes with three zeros with updated security features?
  19. Now would be a good time to watch the Cbi daily for new notes, or update notes with new security features.
  20. coorslite21

    The Deep-State | It's REAL!

    You have my vote!......CL
  21. retiredaf

    D.V. lottery game 9/18--9/19--2018

    From; The latest Powerball winning numbers for Wednesday, September 19th are 04-39-48-50-51, Powerball: 11, Power Play: 3 A lot of winners tonight! Count em; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5! Congratulations funinsun for a Powerball plus 1 match! And Congratulations Jetman, cmcd, Poker Player, and Trakkr for your Powerball matches! That was all of the winning matches here tonight.
  22. nstoolman1

    The Deep-State | It's REAL!

    Make me the U.S. Attorney General and I will do it Elliot Ness style. They would not know what hit them. There would not be enough jail space for them here but Guantanamo might be big enough.
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