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  2. Much appreciated Yota, Its almost time for Maliki to pay the price, the ultimate neck swing.
  3. Much appreciated Yota. IsIs dosent have much time left, there going to all be eradicated and if caught imprisoned for life or served the death penalty. But its seems to me know one is looking to take prisoners, which they don't deserve anyway.
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  5. What do you mean the participation of Green Berets forces at the Battle of Mosul Iranian regime's terrorist and militia Siqatlan in order to keep Aldaasha terrorism, or any other terrorism because it is poised to delay the war on global terrorism single state. Arab Hamid Gailani [published on 02.22.2017, the number: 10551, (p . 9)] Military sources confirmed that the extension of the floating bridges between the two shores of the Tigris River to cross to the right coast of the task of Mosul dangerous. Question Was the coalition forces can overcome the destruction of bridges during the battle to liberate neighborhoods in the left side, most of them or some of them, if the preparation and planning for the battle enough to stop the waste in the blood of fighters and in the infrastructure of the city including bridges practical function in the subsequent battle pages. James Mattis, US Secretary of Defense in his answer about the possibility of US troops to stay in Iraq after the battle of Mosul, he said, with a smile, the war on terrorism for long and we will stay in Iraq for a while, and praised the capabilities and performance of the regular army Msttrka word fleeting appreciation for the sacrifices; namely the numbers of dead avoid military leaders and cited political reasons related to the morale of the pieces involved. Government Haider al-Abadi, and accepted by the government of Nouri al-Maliki and his army, who caused all this chaos and tragedy in Mosul and other cities; deliberately hide the true numbers of casualties in the battles to absorb force trauma, and by collecting dead bodies in private, including a large complex near Baghdad International Airport places, then launch distributed by certain percentages and quotas for each province and studied Ptoukitat time calculated. Military operations in the left coast failed in some joints and fell in front of the organization Daesh attacks, because relying on counter-terrorism in sustaining the momentum of fighting forces, liver large numbers of affiliates, joint operations room had time to redraw their plans and involving other additives forces. Those failures lessons supposed to benefit from them in the battle of the right side, which began its first day in the fast liberalization of 17 village attack of 4 axes ensured by the federal police force with the participation of five teams and the assignment of military aviation. Offer is similar to the results of the first days of the Battle of Mosul, in the prelude to the liberation of the city center. Military media, and the statements of the leaders before the battle, traded easily edit the right coast in comparison to edit the left coast battles standards, but with the start of the day following statements changed to handle professional objectivity with the reality of the ancient alleyways of the city, the obstacles can not be with them involve military vehicles such as tanks and armor, including means the battle will take the kinetic nature slow and require street fighting from house to house, with the fashions of the guerrilla war that her famous Daesh of planting the bombs or the spread of snipers; Will the battle will drag on into the spring in Umm Rabiein city? The left side of the connector can be called modern Mosul since most revived almost built in the past 50 years, while the right side, which constitutes 40 percent of the city it's abbreviated life Almousliyn Aracthm, history and social fabric of, and the coexistence of religions and cultures. The population on the right side than 800 thousand people had been, and still are, to terrorize Daesh from the inside, and the siege from the outside with all the concepts of war, people are starving and thirsty and desperate. UN and humanitarian and human rights organizations deal means the blockade after the government tried to Haider al-Abadi marketing duties sectarian crowd isolation and encirclement; after successive and multi-purpose, goals and trends in the left coast violations and with displaced Hawija, too, the picture looks clearer size of the ugliness of its goals. Counter-terrorism information to provide six safe corridors to save civilians, who are the most accurate prisoners of words fist Daesh, exposed to the worst-case scenario of the warring parties; leaders in the field already offers proposals for losses expected among civilians; and means in military contexts that the losses and put in military plans, which we explicitly gateway to the expectations of a bloodbath by the type of operations and Alsnov participation and volume risks. Providing passages may help us in tracing formerly besieged cities and the results of dissolving the terrorist groups and the loss of landmarks, in the media or on the ground; what leads us to the conviction of the existence of safe corridors escape is not for civilians, but the elements of the organization of the Islamic state Bmokhtzaretha Daesh, albeit at the last minute, or even during the process the expected quality in the center of Mosul; fighters of state regulation will not commit suicide are all explosive belts or car bombs; slogan organization survival and expansion, yes, but will fight surprises in the fighting and in the tactics and variables. Safe corridors to escape Daesh elements as possible with the presence of the one who holds the western axis in Mosul They are specifically sectarian crowd; what has been leaked in a break at halftime or between editing the two banks of the arrival of supplies from the Syrian tenderness to the elements Daesh in Mosul allows us to estimate that it is not complicity only for realism and the exchange of material benefits, but to complete the task of revenge and humiliation, not to forget the most wanted on the list of divine justice for the militias of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and most of them Iraqi army officers who are full of their Mosul who contributed to the humiliation of velayat-e faqih-year Iran-Iraq war system. Battle of Mosul in the right coast, global war on terrorism, intelligence and war of unique style, victims first spies, who are in the military usages citizens sacrifice themselves for the delivery of information to the military units irregular, but in the eyes of armed groups operating with traitors deserve to die; these faction accurate information , they are a double-edged if the deal with their information without analysis and match them with lists of air monitoring and multiple sources of information arm. US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, an indication that the presence of the Americans in Iraq has nothing to do with control of oil, meaning he denied the first part of the American interest and kept the second part which is the whole point, any emphasis on staying to fight terrorism, and terrorism at America's President Donald Trump management means Iran and not only organize Daesh, because Iran sponsors terrorism and the first state in the world. So the battle on the right coast of the connector is the battle of the coalition in the Trump management time, and failure which has connotations and negative messages scattered. Not to participate in land battles of the coalition forces justified Iraqi politicians and rulers and his military commanders to possess the ability of Iraq to perpetuate the momentum of national resources, and the significance of their sovereignty over the entire territory of the country, that is enough fighters; but national resources phrase meaning lightly the blood of the sons of Iraq, which Astbaanh wisdom of the Dawa party and the state of the Iranian Supreme Leader . Field reports do not declare the presence of ground forces to the coalition forces, but the early days of the battle to liberate the city of Mosul Center shows us that the American and British forces in the activity of direct interaction with Kdmat pieces attacking movement in preparation for mapping Alastmkan and set points night to jump on the achieved goals as information a well-established treatment, and here comes the the role of an elite special forces troops called with Green Berets name, we mean their US Special forces "Delta force" and British special forces, which are mounted troops flown any airborne training and the efficiency of combat rare, representing the smartest armies in the world and supported by the highest technologies and subject to a special management and moving under international agreements, and always at the ready. Naming Green Berets associated with the forces of British commandos in World War II, and there are those worn by non-British forces because they have a common history in the fighting; strange that the Iranian regime has a special force unit called the Green Berets, and participated alongside the Syrian regime but defeats do not fit and name. Iranian regime's terrorist and militia Siqatlan in order to keep Aldaasha terrorism, or any other terrorism because it is poised to delay the war on global terrorism single state; the battle of Mosul is the battle to save the hostages and the rest on lurking.
  6. Muqtada al-Sadr, addressing the international community's mouthpiece 'man of the civil state' Initiative of paragraph 29 of the leader of the Sadrist movement to manage the affairs of Iraq include the collection of scattered weapons and securing the border and the closure of the headquarters of the armed factions. Arabs [published on 21.02.2017, the number: 10550, p . 3] Insistence on playing a larger role BAGHDAD - The launch of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, an initiative of the 29th paragraph to manage Iraq at some point after the restoration of the city of Mosul, gunmen organizing Daesh, thereby demonstrating his determination to play a greater role in Iraq, where he engaged in a fierce struggle against strong opponents from within the political family's future Shiite. And deliberately put the chest embrace closer than his opponents to the logic of the civil state, trying to do to address the international actors in Iraq and resentful of the experience of the rule of the religious parties in the country. Among the chest Initiative items, announced by his office "to secure all the Iraqi border by the Iraqi army and border guards exclusively in reference implied to his refusal to take the popular crowd border control, and demand that the government exit of all occupying forces, even friendly, from the Iraqi territory." And it calls for the initiative to "collect scattered weapons in Iraq, and handed over to the state through clear mechanisms, while maintaining the prestige of jihad and resistance, and to work on the security wire filter all of the elements of undisciplined, setting strict laws re army and other security institutions prestige and independence." Sadr also called for the initiative to "close all the headquarters of the armed factions or converted to cultural institutions, civil, social, humanitarian, and striving for the integration of undisciplined elements in the popular crowd with security forces.
  7. Chest: the next stage could see political conflicts History of edits:: 21/2/2017 23:00 • 287 visits readable [Oan- Baghdad] predicted the cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr, for political conflicts in the next phase. Sadr said during his visit today the headquarters of the central training camp under the leadership of Saraya peace in the province of Najaf and met with a group of leaders of Saraya "draw your attention to the next stage could see some of the political conflict and the Mujahideen would not shove themselves in this conflict at all." He stressed the "ready for the next period, and now must prepare for all of them because the Iraqi army and security forces and the crowd began to edit the right side of the connector and the beginning of the final victory and call them the victory always." He pointed out the chest to "prepare for the post - liberation of Mosul should be conditional love for Iraq and the yard at home and strengthen Iraq as a state and everything is in the strengthening of the state support it needs to be to judge the mind and heart by arms Vtqoah state major goal at this stage , while preserving the prestige of the mujahideen." He added , "We must be on full readiness and willingness for peace, love and stability as we were ready for jihad and fight in the way of Allah so be as much responsibility as they always Ahdnakm."
  8. Urgent Cabinet quickly directs staff salaries in the liberated areas History of edits:: 21/2/2017 18:55 • 162 visits readable
  9. A delegation from the Congress assures Ebadi continued US support for Iraq in all fields History of edits:: 21/2/2017 23:28 • 275 visits readable [Oan- Baghdad] Search Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in his office on Tuesday with a delegation from the US Congress Sir edit the right side of the connector operations and strengthen bilateral relations and international support for Iraq and the US in the fight against terrorism. A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the delegation "The delegation included Joe Wilson , a member of the US Congress for a member of the Armed Services Committee of the Republican Party and Claudia Tenney for the GOP member of the Finance Committee , and Donald Norchos on the Armed Services Committee , the Democratic Party and the Committee on Education and the forces operating and Steve Knight Republican member of the Senate armed Services Committee. " The delegation of the Congress , "continued US support for Iraq in all fields , expressing his admiration for the significant progress of the capabilities of the Iraqi forces in the fight against Daesh gangs."
  10. Newspaper: British blew himself up in Iraq had been detained in Guantanamo History of edits:: 22/2/2017 9:59 • 16 visits readable [Oan- up] revealed the British newspaper The Telegraph, that the suicide attack , which occurred near the port city of Mosul, and belonging to the terrorist gangs Daesh is a British citizen and a former prisoner at Guantanamo. According to the newspaper, the terrorist who at the age of 50, and Jamal al - Harith, the last Monday, blew himself up in a car bomb near an Iraqi military base near Mosul in a terrorist operation to Daesh. The newspaper added, "he was released from prison at Guantanamo Bay in 2004 and returned to his homeland, after having received compensation of 1 million pounds from the British government peer suffered during his imprisonment. Tiller, and code - named Abu Zakaria British, infiltrated into Syria through Turkey in 2014 to join the ranks Daesh According to some reports, it paid him the money by the British authorities, handed him to Daesh terrorist. the newspaper pointed out that the tiller, before his conversion to Islam was named Ronald Fiedler, was arrested by US forces in Pakistan in 2001, and one year later was He transferred to the Guantanamo prison.
  11. Bank Mellat has released its first financial projections for the next Iranian fiscal year on earnings per share and total revenue. Based on unaudited financial statements, Bank Mellat predicts that in the next fiscal year (which begins in March), the grand total of its earnings will increase by 20% compared with projections for the current fiscal year, according to the public relations department of the bank. In late January, Bank Mellat became the first of four banks to resume trading after a near seven-month hiatus and was the main reason behind a freefall that registered the biggest decline in Tehran Stock Exchange’s main index in more than two months. At the time, the bank’s shares dropped 37.51% to 1,206 rials per share, dragging down the benchmark by 853.55 points. Prior to that, Bank Mellat was among the banks whose shares were suspended from trading by the Securities and Exchange Organization as a result of a controversy that erupted when it was disclosed that Bank Saderat, one of the biggest banks privatized in recent years, has incurred huge losses in the first half of the current fiscal year.
  12. After his release from Guantanamo .. "British" blow himself up near Mosul Anmar Journal February 22, 2017 9 visit Follow-up - Journal News It revealed the newspaper "Telegraph", that the suicide attack, which occurred near the city of Mosul Monday, the last port, is a British citizen who belongs to the organization "Daesh" terrorist and a former prisoner at Guantanamo. According to the newspaper, the terrorist-old 50-year-old Jamal al-Harith, and he blew himself up in a car bomb near an Iraqi military base near Mosul in an organization a terrorist operation. The newspaper added, "that the British citizen was released from prison at Guantanamo Bay in 2004 and returned to his homeland. Having received compensation of 1 million pounds from the British government peer-suffering during his imprisonment. Harith, and code-named Abu Zakaria British, infiltrated into Syria through Turkey in 2014 to join the ranks Daesh According to some reports, the money paid to him by the British authorities, handed him a terrorist organization. The newspaper pointed out that the tiller, before his conversion to Islam was named Ronald Fiedler, was arrested by US forces in Pakistan in 2001, and one year later he was transferred to Guantanamo Bay.
  13. Former Central Bank governor reveals shocking information about the huge money looted by al-Maliki arabic February 21, 2017 Iraq Revealed by former central bank governor Sinan al - Shabibi, Tuesday, for the shocking information on the huge funds looted by former Prime Minister, Vice President of the Republic of Iraq, Nouri al - Maliki during the eight - year rule in Iraq. Shabibi said in a press statement, followed up (Basenyoz), " The money received by al - Maliki, was enough to build a new home can accommodate for 30 million people." He added that "al - Maliki appointed four members of his ruling party big positions within the central bank . They are not the specialists so that the bank affected and took random spread widely, and they are : Director - money laundering department, the director of the legal department, and director of the bank control, and Director of the Economic Department." Shabibi said that "when I decided to change from Maliki appointed by members of his own party ,I received a letter from Prime Minister prevents the removal of these corrupt included a veiled threat between the lines , " pointing out that "when it expelled the first elements of the corrupt gang is mad al - Maliki." Following this, al - Maliki by his partner and friend , former Chief Justice Medhat al - Mahmoud issued an arrest in Switzerland when I lecture about the new monetary policy within the international symposium for the International Monetary Fund, according to Hbibi. He pointed out that "corruption was rife within the central bank by Maliki colleagues in the party", and that "money laundering department allocates money laundering Iraq in favor of the ruling party dealers, director of the legal department gloss upon the Director." Shabibi He continued that " the banks took control director sold dollars to private banks associated with al - Maliki, in amounts less than the market what to make Iraq lose millions of dollars a day because of this corruption and the smuggling of the government 's budget to the overseas funds in favor of al - Maliki and his followers." He pointed out that "al - Maliki called on the Keywords eye, central bank governor to spoil all theIraqi state and reserves of $ 67 billion in the last days of his dominance on the government to hand over power to Haider Abadi , a budget and an empty reserve ravished." He added the former governor of the Central Bank of Iraq , saying: "al - Maliki had plunged Iraq into a major financial crisis can not recover from a decade later , even if oil prices improved today." Shabibi stressed that "al - Maliki received more money than all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq together starting from Abdel - Karim Kassem to Saddam Hussein, was being investigated by any noteworthy accomplishment for the Iraqi people and the homeland," he said.
  14. Secretariat is sponsoring the Fifth Conference of administrative units of the governorates not organized province 2/22/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / Alaa al - Taie sponsored the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the fifth annual conference of the administrative units of the governorates not organized province in Samarra University, under the slogan (heads of administrative units pillar of security and shovel construction) to discuss the fact the service, security and administrative in the provinces and come up with recommendations to support the evolution of the performance of local governments, departments and enhance the principle of decentralization. " According to a statement to be honest , he followed the " morning "that" the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, delegated the Secretary General of the Council d. Mahdi Keywords to attend the conference. " He stressed Keywords According to the statement, that" all the world 's governments moving toward administrative decentralization as an administrative system for the distribution of powers between the central government on the one hand, and local administrations on the other hand, practiced the last authority under the law, and the increasing growth in the economic activity of the state and social, and others, and in the light of the complexity of the functions of the state. " He pointed out that" the adoption of administrative decentralization, contributing to the establishment of the local government system and assist in the exchange of information between central and local administrations, "adding that" the post - 2003 represents a real turning point for the shift towards administrative decentralization is not at the level of constitutional and legal text, but on the practical application witnessed in state institutions management at the provincial level terms, so as to ensure the expansion of the powers that enable them to manage their own affairs according to the law. " in a related context, stressed the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Prime coordinating committee and management of government activity, " the importance of including government agencies in the work of the Commission on linking ministries centers unified national network within the e - government project plan." this came during the fifth meeting of the coordination and management of government activity, the private and the establishment of e - government. He authorized source told the "morning", said the meeting discussed the most important achievements, challenges and needs recorded by the three teams Committee (infrastructure team, and a team of electronic applications and services, and a team policy and legal framework), for the completion of the project.
  15. Parliament bless victories Mosul .. and academics vote on union law 2/22/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / morning voice of the House of Representatives, in its usual eleven , which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al - Jubouri , and the presence of 222 deputies, on Tuesday, the union of Iraqi academics law, while hosted the Minister of Water Resources to answer oral questions, called on the government to act quickly to liberalize 17 truck driver Baghdad residents were kidnapped last week in the area west of Lake Rahhaliyah Razzazah Anbar province. According to a statement of the Department of Media of the House of Representatives, received the "morning", said al - Jubouri Park, at the outset of the meeting, on behalf of the Iraqi Council of Representatives , " the victories achieved in the right side of Mosul at the hands of security forces in various different forms," deploring " the security breaches that have affected various areas of Iraq and led to the death and injury of a number of innocent citizens, "he read in the House of Representatives Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq of the last acts of terror victims. He ended the Council, according to the statement, "vote on the draft Union of Iraqi academics Act , which came to the attention of angel teaching and academic and upgrading of workers in this vital sector and the preparation of plans and policies that promote the process of teaching and for the establishment of councils and unions concerned with the affairs of academics and defend them and save their dignity and ensure the academic freedoms and to raise the reputation of Iraqi universities and institutes and their equality with those of civilized nations. " Council postponed the "vote on the draft law amending the slogan of the Republic of Iraq and stamped No. (85) for the year 1965. This was followed by MP Ahmad meaning of the statement on behalf of the House of Representatives hailed the launch edit the right side of operations for the city of Mosul and the joy that pervaded the Iraqis with the start of operations, calling for" accuracy and caution and good planning and treated humanely inhabitants of the city , it 's like in the liberation of the left side. " He gave Haider Alfoada statement on behalf of the House of Representatives condemned the kidnapping of 17 of truck drivers working in the livestock trade sons City torch in Anbar province, appealing to tribal leaders of Anbar in order to contribute to the release of hostages released. Through Alfoada hoped to "do the House of Representatives role and motionless to lift their families , " and urged the Prime Minister to "take immediate steps to ensure the abductees rescued and returned to their families," while the face of the speaker of parliament competent committees to "make efforts and cooperation with the competent to work on their release parties ". On the other hand, the Council hosted the Water Resources Minister Hassan al - Janabi , to answer an oral question by MP Hanan al , which inquired about the ministry 's measures to clean up the Shatt al - Hilla , which turned into a garbage dump. In reply, the cross - Minister of Water Resources is ready to answer any question submitted by any deputy in the House of Representatives, noting that the problem of the Shatt al - Hilla concentrated in the scarcity of water in the rivers , as well as the presence of more than a thousand exceeded in the province of Babylon , and from the excesses of the water quotas. He pointed out that al - Janabi , " the executive bodies are responsible for the removal of irregularities after it is informed by the ministry," he said . " The ministry can do Bakri river and maintenance, but the lack of financial allocations in the current year budget impeding the implementation of projects of the ministry." It inquired Fatlawi for "proportion stages of rehabilitation of the Mosul Dam and the seriousness of the risks surrounding it," while stressing Janabi " The ministry is continuing injection of the Mosul Dam since 1986 until the occupation by the Daesh in 2014 after the liberation of the dam by the ministry staff doing a great job for the rehabilitation of the dam , " noting that "the contract with the Italian company to 18 months in respect of the maintenance of the dam and the lower ports to plug and gates and the basin of the truce with the rehabilitation of a tunnel Overstuffing and set a new combination of materials Overstuffing stations." Janabi stressed that the percentage of completion of the contract amounted to 25 percent , and work is continuing by the Italian company 's domestic and foreign entities , retaining and enjoys the consent of the ministry, "declaring" conference held in Baghdad next month to experts dams in the world. " The Chairman of the House of Representatives thanks to the deputy Hanan al of its supervisory role and Water Resources Minister to attend to the meeting and submit important information. Then followed the Security and Defense Committee a report on the security situation in Baghdad and Mosul edit operations and operations of Hawija. The Committee pointed out in its report that "security breaches in Baghdad was the result of the dispersion of effort and intelligence failure monument surveillance cameras in the streets," calling for " the immediate project to make weapons - free cities and the reorganization of prisons and prevent it from being breeding grounds for terrorists, as well as the need to set up cameras and dissemination of wheels sonar on the roads and updating the electronic Communicating with neighboring and regional countries , the system in addition to re - work the elect to install the citizens ' records and activate the detection of criminal evidence system and the division of Baghdad into cutouts system between the security forces in various classifications and linked system complete communications and increase the proportion of employees in the intelligence effort and speed up project vehicle registration by General Directorate of traffic. " And on the liberalization of Mosul operations of the security and defense committee showed that military units have achieved advanced results since the start of liberalization the right side operations for the city of Mosul liberalization of 20 villages and reach the outskirts of the camp Ghazlani Mosul airport and with the participation of pieces of federal police and rapid response and the Iraqi army, as well as achieved by the heroes of the popular crowd at Axis west of cutting off supplies to the enemy and escape elements Daesh to the Syrian side. On the other hand, the Committee stressed the follow - up with the security authorities concerned in Anbar province , the issue of the kidnapped truck's 17 of the flame area of Baghdad drivers in order to liberate them and find out their fate, noting that the security authorities were continuing to search for the abductees. The Committee pointed out that the humanitarian situation in Hawija longer after the tragic siege from all sides for more than a year as a result of criminal technique for organizing Daesh prompting residents to flee, stressing the need to liberate the city as soon as possible before it is too late. And it announced the security and defense committee by the General Commander of the Armed Forces in charge of armaments at the defense ministry held accountable by the import of certain aircraft and weapons , shoddy and led to the occurrence of the bombing of a Shiite shrine in Daquq. And on the respect of MPs bench legislature chairman explained that " the replacement of the deceased MP Abdel Azim and Healing is by Protozoa by displaying the names of each of Ayad Abdul - Jabbar Karim who belongs to a coalition of Iraq and Abbas Ajil belongs to a coalition alternative to the Communist Party and the purity of Adnan Al - Ghanim belongs to a coalition of the alternative and the fact that the deceased belongs to a coalition alternative he Safa Adnan Abdul Majid Ghanim be a substitute for having the highest number of votes, "adding that" the replacement of the Attorney Almistozr Qasim al - Araji , both Mr. Mehdi Hussein al - Zubaidi , who belongs to a coalition of state law (Islamic Dawa Party) and the winner of Friday for a coalition of state law ( the Dawa Party Islamic) is against their being from another entity in Wasit province , "noting that Mr. Mahdi Hussein offered to object to the opinion of the legal advisers to the court. The president of the House of Representatives that " the presidency of the Council decided to approach the State Council regarding the confusion over alternative Qasim al - Araji Lists." Then led Safa Adnan Alghanim sworn deputies in the House of Representatives instead of the late MP Abdel Azim and Healing. And then he raised the presidency of the parliament session on Thursday.
  16. Canadian Minister of International Development of up to Baghdad today 2/22/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / morning up of State for International Development and the Francophonie Canadian, Marie - Claude Bebo, the capital of Baghdad on Wednesday, to discuss the development of joint bilateral relations in economic, trade and investment fields. "According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Planning on Tuesday, that" the planning minister, Salman al - Jumaili, receives Wednesday , Canadian Minister of international development Marie - Claude Bebo, at the ministry 's headquarters to discuss the joint development of bilateral relations in economic, trade and investment fields. "the statement pointed out that" the meeting will be followed by a joint press conference between the two ministers. "
  17. Abadi: «Daesh» is collapsing and our troops have achieved «miracle» 2/22/2017 0:00 Cabinet directs regardless salaries of employees in the liberated areas BAGHDAD / Alaa al-Taie Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the organization «Daesh» terrorist collapsing and our troops advancing strongly and accomplish their tasks in the liberation of Ayman Mosul battles at breakneck speed, stressing that the world leaders Menbhron trophies of our armed forces, describing victories b «miracle» and renewed Abadi confirmed that no combat troops on the ground Mosul However, the heroine of Iraqi forces, and as he emphasized Iraq's desire to establish balanced relations with neighboring countries and all the countries of the world, the prime minister stressed that Iraq does not want to engage in the policy of axes. This comes at a time in which the face of the cabinet regardless employees who joined the work in the liberated areas immediately salaries, and while the Council agreed on the draft amendment to the Civil Service Act and sent it to the House of Representatives, instructed by the Department «disarmament and militias» audited the presence of members of the Awakening in areas participating teams have transfer Awakening employees who are really into the security services or the body in the same popular crowd their customizations. The collapse of the «Daesh» Ebadi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday and attended by «morning»: «Since the early hours of the start of operations (coming, Nineveh) in the front third for the Liberation of the right side of Mosul, our armed forces have made great progress in the battle of liberation and performed their duties with high spirit and hit the ground running clear and quickly greater than the timings of time set for it, and I've loss «Aldoaash» and fled before the advance of our heroine, and {Daesh »terrorist collapses dramatically and provide our troops the biggest proof of this», However, the commander in chief of the armed forces, saying: «We do not underestimate the enemy« Aldaasha »and criminality , he is sly and cowardly enemy and has a terrorist methods taken from the civilians as human shields does not refrain from committing any crime, but that our troops have gained a lot of experience through the liberalization of the left side in dealing with the enemy, and we have informed intelligence and information from our people in the right side, enabled our forces hit targets «Daesh» with high precision and impressively ». Iraqi miracle He said al-Abadi, said that «victories of our armed forces on the« Daesh »and edit our territory rapidly and cleanliness of the battle to preserve the civilians, impressed all the leaders of the world and we have seen it in the Munich conference, where these leaders described the victories of our troops and achieved a miracle, and the right of Iraqis should be proud and Afajroa their forces heroine », the new prime minister as denying the presence of any foreign troops fighting on the ground, and said:« the only combat troops on the ground are purely Iraqi forces sacrifice herself to save people in the absence of any foreign forces », he added,« Yes, there are more foreign advisors provide support in the areas of training and logistical support and this is declared at the request of the Iraqi government. » On the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, the Prime Minister assured the meeting «more than 20 political figure to leaders of countries around the world participating in the annual conference and during the 24 hours it took a visit to Germany», adding that «all states have expressed their support for Iraq and standing by his side in the battle against terrorism and the stage post-liberation and restore stability to the liberated areas », explained al-Abadi said« the international community understands and is aware of the role of Iraq and the great sacrifices to save the regional and global security as well as the security of Iraq. » The policy of axes In external affairs, Abadi stressed that «Iraq is confident in his abilities and he stands at the same distance from all countries and that any conflicts between regional hubs Iraq will not be a part of it. Iraq does not want to engage in the policy of axes», adding that «Iraq policy with the establishment of the interest of relations with all countries are built on the basis of respect for the sovereignty of all countries in the region and mutual interests », the prime minister warned of« attempts «Doaash» policy to foment sectarian and ethnic strife and hatred between the sons of the same country for partisan gain led Iraq into what came to him from the repercussions of the entry «Daesh» on the doorstep Baghdad »and confirmed that we are« we want to win the peace, and war is not a goal for us but rather a means to achieve peace in Iraq, and our behavior must be true. » Press questions The Prime Minister answered all questions from journalists during the conference, in replying for opportunities improved oil prices and the extent of the contribution by filling the budget deficit and reduce borrowing, Abadi stressed that «oil prices rose from the previous actually, but prices remained below the required level, and have reduced our part government spending by a large margin to cover the deficit, but some aspects can not be reduced to important military and security such as those and the salaries of social welfare and salaries of citizens and the allocation of the peasants, and must inform the barrel price of $ 60 in order to bridge the shortfall in full, and we believe that we are currently still need the international attribution through soft loans secured bonds but without dumping the country's large debt, according to international experts, the oil prices will not rise to the required level until the year 2019, we sought and seek to find other resources are added to the oil resource ». And on the reports about the abduction of 17 trucker near Rahhaliyah area in Anbar government action about it, the Prime Minister stressed that «kidnapping a crime no less than terrorism, and we have a deterrent action against kidnap gangs, and frankly that terrorism wants to drag us into a sectarian war, after it has been crushed the defeat by the champions of our armed forces, but unfortunately some of the (Doaash politicians) serving «Daesh» terrorist ignorantly or knowledge of them, while promoting and ascend with every security incident is located in Iraq. » In agricultural land once dominated by some of the parties and sold to citizens file, the Prime Minister stressed that «the government is keen to provide adequate housing for citizens and provide services to them, but that some of the bands that have the political cover exploited the preoccupation of our security forces to the fight against« Daesh »and the seizure of a crooked ways and illegal on some land in Baghdad and the south, which they sold to citizens illegally, we warn that we will not allow that to continue with gangs and Sentardhm and punish them according to the law. » In a couple of questions about visiting the high Russian delegation to Baghdad, and what was discussed in it, as well as the visit of the US Secretary of Defense, Abadi said: «We have received a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow has evaluated the new Iraqi situation and the victories of our troops on terror, gave the Russian delegation vision on joint projects with Iraq is consistent with the message we were we sent them out to Putin, including areas that are looking forward to cooperation in the military and oil reinforcement, and we have the Russians future projects giant, especially in the gas and studies the field for an enormous reservoir from western Iraq »and added,« we want to transfer the case of war and disputes with neighboring countries to cooperate and look to Iraq's interests foremost. » And the visit of the US Secretary of Defense, and Washington's vision for the participation of the popular crowd in the battle to liberate Mosul, al-Abadi said: «We have confirmed to the US official, as well as world leaders in the Munich conference, the popular crowd official Iraqi institution began her law, and all of the fighters fought and sacrificed against our common enemy« Daesh »terrorist, and the discussions with Matisse constructive and emphasized the role of Iraq and its importance and the need to support economically and financially because it is the spearhead in the war against terrorism in the world, and I've found fully aware of the importance of supporting Iraq with all the officials who we communicate with them in the new US administration». Cabinet meeting The Cabinet held its regular Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi, said the statement Information Office of the Prime Minister received «morning» copy of it, that «the Council Park starting to edit the right side operations and victories achieved in the early hours of the launch was a presentation on the conduct of operations as They discussed a report on the humanitarian side and sheltering the displaced and the provision of food, was also a presentation on the results of the Munich conference of international openness on Iraq and what has been achieved in the areas of intelligence, economy, trade, investment and other security ». The cabinet voted to exempt the Ministry of Municipalities and the Municipality of Baghdad by the Council of Ministers' decision on the protection of the national product in terms of chlorine up to June 30, 2017, as the Board directed the establishment of the Department of «disarmament and militias» audited the presence of members of the Awakening in the participating teams have areas and the transfer of employees of the Awakening Who really to the security services or the same body the popular crowd their customizations and complete solution to the Chamber no later than October 31 2017. He said the government statement, «in regards to the payment of dry gas maturities of the supplier was approved recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs to postpone claim the public treasury share of profits accruing to the company's oil pipelines and be repaid the amount received by the Petrochemical Industries Company, as has been the approval of the draft amendment to the Civil Service Law proposed by the Council of Ministers and verified by the State Shura and send it to the House of Representatives. » As has been the «discuss the sale and lease of real estate and land the state and the public sector system project for the purposes of investment and leasing them was guidance to reconsider the project and hold a workshop with a number of actual investors to develop a successful and encouraging mechanisms of action on investment, was also approved to authorize the Minister of Finance to sign the loan Swede's 500 million euros to finance the Ministry of Electricity projects. » And on the liberated areas, «were presented their findings support international stability group agreed on 54 projects for the rehabilitation of water and electricity, health, education and services in the liberated areas, projects, and mentoring regardless employees who joined the work in the liberated areas immediately unless indicate towards them security issues and speed to secure the return of salaries IDPs from the camps to the left side ». In regard to lifting the ban on Iraqi stadiums «lost Cabinet eighth president and members of the International Federation of Football initiative (FIFA) to send a commission examining the stadiums in the three governorates (Basra, Karbala, Arbil) and the Board wishes a final decision to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums as soon as Council of Ministers and to thank and appreciation for the ministries of sports institutions, local governments and all those who contributed to the success of the visit of the Committee of FIFA to Iraq, and affirms the Council on continuing to provide support and backing of the Ministry of youth and Sports and the Olympic Committee and the Iraqi Committee Paralympics and the Football Association for the development of sports in order to ensure the application of international standards and receiving teams and sports teams and the public from all over the world. » He called on the Council of Ministers, «ministries and local governments to implement all international standards and to provide the appropriate conditions inside and outside the sports ground in Iraq to receive the teams and sports teams and fans and calls for the private sector's biggest and active participation to invest in sports and tourism-related project to lift the ban and set up tournaments International, Asian and Arab sports festivals for the role ».
  18. I do feel a bit dirty now when I check in on our investment. Guess I'm will to pay the price. GO RV!!!!
  19. The Washington Institute for Trump: Iraq a better partner for the United States 2/22/2017 0:00 WASHINGTON / follow - up to the morning report concluded Institute «Washington for Near East Policy» that Iraq is the best partner of the United States and its relations with «fantastic deal» and interests that bind the two parties «greatest» that are risking failure, and presented the report , which was written by an expert strategic Michael Knights tips American president Donald Trump how investment relations between Baghdad and Washington, praising simultaneously wisely the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and his approach moderate balanced in most crises and persisting in doing so bleak, the report predicted that Iraq becomes a rich «led by moderates strong economy where it can be for US companies to compete on the equal opportunities. » And the birthplace of Michael Knights, the owner of the report to his advice by addressing the US president Donald Trump permit in January 21 last , which reiterated its argument echoed repeatedly «that the United States might have been compensated Iraq war costs if seized Iraqi oil one way or another», and he stopped the writer also at the beginning of his report titled «memorandum of Trump: Iraq is far from a failure» to sign Trump six days after his statement above which an executive order banning the entry of Iraqi citizens into the United States for 90 days. He added, «despite the issuance of the Iraqi parliament to invite non - binding responded to the ban by preventing Visitors Americans from entering Iraq, but Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi chose to follow an ethical approach, In a speech on January 31, he refused to yield to domestic political pressure and canceled By contrast travel ban », and went on to say:« constitutes a restraint practiced by al - Abadi as a statesman reminder also large common interests between the United States and Iraq, especially at a time when fighting the countries together in Mosul, and whether one is interested in the fate of Iraq or not - I am interested in doing a fairly remarkable ( I mean the writer himself) - the country 's importance to US interests are simply greater than the risk of failing to be ». The report spoke in an exhibition review of the importance of Mesopotamia to the United States, that «Iraq contains the day 's fourth - most populous in the Middle East, if tired of the suffering of the 23 million citizens in Syria, or if you worry about the influx of displaced people is a safe haven for terrorists inside the country, try to imagine how the situation would be much worse if it added 36 million Iraqis to the equation », scoring American scholar also that« Iraq boasts the fifth largest oil reserves in the world, imagine if this wealth in the hands of anti - system of the West! », open the report and did advise the new US president , urging him on the need «to understand that the US partnership -alaracah are simply fantastic deal, if Trump was looking for a partner, you will not need to be looking for is Iraq over the past two years». The report predicted that Iraq becomes a rich «led by moderates strong economy where it can be for US companies to compete on a level playing field», he added, «The United States should create a new fund for" training and equipping Iraq »to support the Iraqi army Beyond the end of 2017 - and the cost of fund «train and equip Iraq» the previous $ 1.66 billion - should be a repeat of this type of investment through another plan extends over three years and supporting Iraqi forces ».
  20. Lol, that was a good one!!! Well played sir.
  21. Najafi announce his support for the initiative of the chest and supports the application 2/22/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / Sabah expressed his vice president, Osama Najafi, his support for the initiative of the cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr, for the post - liberalization city of Mosul and consisting of 29 paragraph. A statement by the coalition are united, which is headed by Najafi, received the "morning", that "At a time when Yahya coalition national spirit and hard work of the chest, he finds that the initiative include the horizon serious national, seeing encouraging, aim to develop solutions and promote national action, and the dismantling of the crises and problems that rocking the country. " The statement added that "In furtherance of the initiative declared Najafi , head of Muttahidoon, and leadership are united willingness and welcome to hold meetings with the leadership of the Sadrist movement to reach common convictions and put enforcement mechanisms, and work on accordingly, so that any effort to get to solutions, and any goal agreement advancement of the country and service citizens, have supported and blessed. "
  22. Rais: German loan gate to move the labor market 2/22/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb approaching global economic blocs in Iraq stems from its importance on the world stage and this important global effort perceived by the evolving under international indicators that put Iraq in the lead among the ten richest countries in the world. The signing of the Framework Convention on Iraq between the government and the German Development Bank on behalf of the Federal Government of Germany constructive mode guide to the stage of a new collaboration, which includes an agreement to lend Iraq $ 500 million euros aimed at the reconstruction of the areas liberated. Employ money by Baghdad forum economist Afif President of the importance of this loan , which aims to finance projects in the very important areas where military operations have led to the destruction of most of its facilities task, pointing out that real employment for the money in the projects implemented qualitatively lead to the achievement of great benefit to families in these areas and raise the economy. He said in an interview for the "morning", that this agreement includes a provision of $ 500 Mellon euros to Iraq for the purpose of rebuilding the liberated areas of "Daesh" gangs used this purpose in the reconstruction of infrastructure damaged in electricity, roads, bridges, water facilities, sewage and health sectors in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh and parts of Baghdad belt. Careful planning and pointed out that this openness with important economic blocs around the world represents a gateway to a new phase of economic cooperation needs to be careful planning how to invest in a way that would benefit Iraq. Cabinet has approved the signing of this agreement earlier, as the House of Representatives ratified through the ratification of the budget year 2017. The priority projects Rais between that will be liberated provinces referred to above to prepare lists of proposed projects and eligible for funding by the said loan and are approved by the ministries concerned with these sectors and subsequently submit to the Commission guidelines for the management of Iraq 's recovery project , which is firing mechanism projects of priority and urgency for these projects. He said , will take over the specialized teams from the ministries of housing and construction, electricity, health preparing tenders , including tables of specifications for the implementation of these projects by local companies to the private sector , which oversees the implementation, and will include such projects supplying and processing equipment, machinery and appliances required for these projects, as well as the establishment, construction and reconstruction Emaar services affected. Local industries and Rais pointed out that the 190 million euros earmarked for 2017 for the implementation of important projects have priority because it is in contact with the life of citizens, pointing out that tampering by criminal gangs long all the facilities in those cities. I pointed to the specialized committees affected all infrastructure projects in the areas of military operations in different proportions , and which has become out of service , and this increases the burden on the families of life in those areas. He stressed that the implementation of projects that cities contribute actively to move the labor market and provide employment opportunities for a large segment of young people in all disciplines, is also working to activate local industries associated with this matter, especially domestic cement that have made commitments to cover the domestic demand of this article industry, as well as move the local construction materials , which in turn create new jobs in the transport and supply sectors of the local markets and the expansion of markets , construction materials area extensively, which is likely a lot of economic problems processing market. He pointed out that this movement in the projects contribute effectively in giving young people a new opportunity for the management of various small and medium - sized economic activities and new experiences raise their competence in the field of competence.
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  24. Congress: Washington supports resolve all outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil 2/22/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / morning confirmed chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate , Robert Corker, during a meeting with President of the Kurdistan Regional Government , Nechirvan Barzani, said that his country supports the solution of all outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil, while Barzani expressed the readiness of the region to resolve these problems through dialogue and understanding. A statement to the provincial government, received the "morning", said that "Barzani met with the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate , Senator Robert Corker , accompanied by a diplomatic delegation and the military , " noting that " the delegation expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the visit of the Kurdistan region and praised the courage and bravery of the Peshmerga forces and the people of Kurdistan to protect liberated areas from terrorists Daesh attacks in addition to the receipt of a very large number of displaced people and refugees. " Corker , who praised, according to the statement, " the level of cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the battle to liberate Mosul and its environs", stressed " the necessity of having such coordination and cooperation in the rest of the other areas that have the Kurdistan region a key role in the reconciliation at the level of Iraq , " expressing his country 's support for "resolving all outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad." For his part, Barzani said, " The US support and assistance provided by the United States and the international coalition in general for the Kurdistan region had a major impact on the Elimination of terrorists Daesh and stop their threats." Barzani said that "cooperation between Arbil and Baghdad , the military side of the close and strong , " he said . "Readiness of the Kurdistan region to resolve problems with Baghdad through dialogue and understanding."
  25. It'd be ok Shabbs, everytings gonna be alrighty;. Just sit back and trust in Jesus that he got you in his hand.
  26. First everyone should take notice of the pic. They sure look extremely happy. Second, if anyone thinks that once we're done with ISIS in Iraq that is the end is fooling themselves. President Trump has already stated that we want our bases back and that He would search out ISIS anywhere in the world. Right now I would say that it sucks to be Iran or Syria.
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