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  2. I Don't Know About Those 'Mom Jeans' ? But That's A Pretty Bad A$$ Splash Guard On That Huffy !
  3. I have actually tried to listen to them but they talk about some of the most bizarre crap over there. They lose me every time I try to read or listen to them. Weird Crap!
  4. Don't Worry - SnowGlobe's All Over This !
  5. Yesterday
  6. Adam you just stay focus on getting us ready, OSI and VIP, with your plan . So when this does hit the fan we are ready.
  7. Good News here! Thank You, TigerGorZow!
  8. Oh, Yeah, ChuckFinley, and getting better by the second! Trust you are doing well, too. Look forward to meeting post event! Thank You, NannaB! Not Nite, Nite time yet is it? Looks like some more fun yet to be had here tonight. All The Best! Go Moola Nova! P.S. You All, I ran out of emeralds so will have to stop back later. This stinkin' 200 emeralds a day limit is killin' me!
  9. Rut Roe!! Something is amiss? Thank you Wiljor Englishman, davis411 and Synopsis. Have a good night !
  10. Thanks Synopsis. Trust you are doing well.
  11. Agreed Sadr! Cut those dingleberries loose and let em go. You can lead that horse to water, but you can't make it drink. For crying out loud, they cant even decide if they are thirsty or not!
  12. hahahaha heck noooooo .... it is the only way too keep sane , in dinar land
  13. Thanks Toger, and they want out.
  14. RIP James Gandolfini
  15. Just trying to get everyone back on track. Wait a second, what thread was this?
  16. DAMMMMM I didn't think anyone saw me that New Yrs Eve. Guess that's what happens when you party too much with Jose Cuervo
  17. Thanks Tiger, keep the killing machine going. I do not want to see a single ISIS left.
  18. Zemeo
  19. But her sister can be quite fun to play with.
  20. Moonlight
  21. This is why you do not mess with Tequila.
  22. Memphis
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