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  2. Officials Release Details of Latest Counter-ISIS Strikes in Syria, Iraq From a Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve News Release SOUTHWEST ASIA, Aug. 18, 2017 — U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria yesterday, conducting 27 strikes consisting of 40 engagements, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today. Officials reported details of yesterday's strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports. Strikes in Syria In Syria, coalition military forces conducted 22 strikes consisting of 24 engagements against ISIS targets: -- Near Abu Kamal, three strikes destroyed three ISIS oil stills, two pieces of oil equipment and a weapons cache. -- Near Dayr Az Zawr, a strike destroyed an ISIS headquarters and an ISIS media center. -- Near Raqqa, 18 strikes engaged 12 ISIS tactical units and destroyed 29 fighting positions, three ISIS communication lines and two logistics nodes. Strikes in Iraq In Iraq, coalition military forces conducted five strikes consisting of 16 engagements against ISIS targets: -- Near Beiji, a strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed two vehicles, a supply cache and a staging area. -- Near Tal Afar, four strikes engaged an ISIS tactical unit; destroyed a front-end loader, an ISIS-held building and a mortar system; and suppressed a mortar team. Previous Strikes Additionally, 33 strikes consisting of 47 engagements were conducted in Syria and Iraq on Aug. 15-16 that closed within the last 24 hours. -- On Aug. 15, near Raqqa, Syria, four strikes engaged three ISIS tactical units and destroyed four fighting positions and a mortar system. -- On Aug. 16, near Abu Kamal, Syria, a strike destroyed an ISIS media center. -- On Aug. 16, near Shadaddi, Syria, two strikes engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed a command-and-control node, a fighting position and an ISIS communication line. -- On Aug. 16, near Raqqa, Syria, 23 strikes engaged 16 ISIS tactical units and destroyed 18 fighting positions, eight command-and-control nodes, two tunnels, two heavy machine guns, an ISIS unmanned aerial system, an anti-aircraft artillery system and an ISIS line of communication. -- On Aug. 16, near Tal Afar, Iraq, three strikes destroyed 32 improvised explosive devices, 17 ISIS fighting positions, two tunnels and an artillery system and damaged three bridges. Part of Operation Inherent Resolve These strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to destroy ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The destruction of ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria also further limits the group's ability to project terror and conduct external operations throughout the region and the rest of the world, task force officials said. The list above contains all strikes conducted by fighter, attack, bomber, rotary-wing or remotely piloted aircraft; rocket-propelled artillery; and some ground-based tactical artillery when fired on planned targets, officials noted. Ground-based artillery fired in counterfire or in fire support to maneuver roles is not classified as a strike, they added. A strike, as defined by the coalition, refers to one or more kinetic engagements that occur in roughly the same geographic location to produce a single or cumulative effect. For example, task force officials explained, a single aircraft delivering a single weapon against a lone ISIS vehicle is one strike, but so is multiple aircraft delivering dozens of weapons against a group of ISIS-held buildings and weapon systems in a compound, having the cumulative effect of making that facility harder or impossible to use. Strike assessments are based on initial reports and may be refined, officials said. The task force does not report the number or type of aircraft employed in a strike, the number of munitions dropped in each strike, or the number of individual munition impact points against a target.
  3. Mutlaq: supported sit-in platforms in Anbar and was subjected to an assassination attempt Political Since 2017-08-18 at 10:13 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News The head of the National Dialogue Front Saleh al-Mutlaq accused members of the Anbar provincial council of "corruption", adding that the member of the Anbar Council could buy his voice by 250 thousand dollars in any decision or interrogation. He pointed out that he supported the sit-ins and was subjected to an assassination attempt Al-Mutlaq said in a televised interview that "the member of the Anbar Council can buy his voice for 250 thousand dollars in any resolution or interrogation, and can change it to those who pay more, so how to build a province with these corrupt politicians." He called for "the dissolution of the provincial council and the expulsion of the governor and bring qualified people chosen by the state," noting that "the options of the state is better than the choices of politicians." "I confessed my mistake. When the demonstrations took place in the country before the entry of supporters and turned into platforms, I supported them because it was a spontaneous movement of the demonstrators, and 98% of them did not have a political agenda, but rather problems," al-Mutlaq said. They wanted solutions, but they were taken advantage of by a simple turn and started to cheer on the platforms and began to divert the public to another direction. " He added that "the platforms were supported by regional countries, and I feel that the supporters of this trend do not hold good intentions for the country decided to go to demonstrations for reform has advised me not to go to many of them, including former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who told me literally that I went will not remain partners in the process Political. " Al-Mutlaq pointed out that "going to the demonstrations is worth the risk and then I got there and they received me well until I reached the platform and the plot was against me personally there. The sound was cut off in the microphone and they began cutting the ropes of the tent on the platform. Because of political blocs that wanted to end my life and keep the platforms, "he said
  4. That was cool and to the point
  5. Kubic stresses the importance of dialogue and negotiation between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region in full respect for the Constitution and laws 17/08/2017 13:55 "The importance of dialogue and negotiation between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region in full respect of the Constitution and laws," the representative of the UN Secretary-General in Iraq, Jan Kubic, said of Kubic as saying: "First and foremost, the message Of the Security Council and the leadership of the Secretariat is to each of the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq for dialogue and negotiation and find a solution or solutions that will address all issues on the agenda through negotiations, including how to deal with the issue of the referendum. "We always say that this is the way we work on any issue, that the starting point must be full respect for the country's constitution and its laws."
  6. Iraq to compete with Britain, Lithuania and Bangladesh for the post of vice president of the World Meteorological Organization Local Since 2017-08-18 at 12:18 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News Minister of Transport Kazem Vajan Al-Yamami announced the entry of Iraq into the position of Vice-President of the World Meteorological Organization. "The ministry has received an e-mail announcing the entry of Iraq's permanent representative to the World Meteorological Organization and the director general of the General Authority for Aeronautical Meteorology and Seismic Monitoring," said Hamami in a statement read by Mawazine News. June of 2017 ". "Iraq will enter into competition with the UK, Lithuania and Bangladesh for the first time in its history since the founding of the World Organization nearly 70 years ago and in accordance with the provisions of Article (82) of the General Regulations, which stipulates voting in all elections by secret ballot," he said. "This comes within the Ministry's efforts to return Iraq to the international incubator and lift the embargo on Iraq's funds in the World Meteorological Organization."
  7. Civil Society for Reform Salim al-Jubouri is elected Secretary-General Political Since 2017-08-18 at 14:43 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News The civil assembly for reform held its founding conference on Friday in Baghdad and Salim al-Jubouri was elected its secretary-general. "The members of the civil assembly for reform discussed a number of important issues related to the internal affairs of the assembly and the Iraqi national arena," a statement from the al-Jubouri office said. "We are taking the first step in our long journey that will bring us together to serve our people, our society, and before that our country and the homeland of Iraq," said Salim al-Jubouri, Secretary-General of the Civil Society for Reform. He stressed the need to achieve a cohesive and strong group that has a common vision and a clear idea to work collectively and equally. And my founders are based on strict internal regulations. " The Secretary-General also pointed out that "we are starting from the principle and sense of responsibility towards a people living in the worst conditions under the remnants of terrorism such as displacement, migration, poverty and unemployment, the spread of corruption and the absence of services and a clear marginalization of competencies," noting that all these circumstances can make the task extremely dangerous and sensitive And the difficulty requires the highest degrees of dignity and sacrifice, dedication and credibility along with professionalism and accuracy. " He explained that the Iraqi civil assembly for reform is a conservative democratic party that does not adopt any ideology but rather seeks to develop effective policies in order to develop real solutions to the political, economic and social problems facing the state and the Iraqi people. He pointed out that "the comprehensive reform process sought by the Iraqi people requires a serious reading of the data of the political arena and the aspirations of the Iraqi people, and requires a careful analysis of what the reforms required, and ways to achieve, and the quality of the paths to be taken for that."
  8. A civil activist raises hundreds of cases against government officials on charges of corruption Political Since 2017-08-18 at 14:25 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News The civil activist in the name of Al-Khashan, he has filed hundreds of cases against government figures involved in corruption. Al-Khashan said that with the withdrawal of NRT , he "started since 2013 to file lawsuits against government figures," adding that "he has nearly 350 legal calls and has made great achievements in Muthanna province." He explained that "the media did not deal with him properly, and that his activity was neglected." He added that "his activity and his calls have achieved results, and that the Director General of Muthanna Health Department, Hussein Ali Musa, was imprisoned on one of his claims, and recovered about one billion dinars from one judicial complaint, adding that" , Based on a lawsuit, but were released after they paid their money. " "The judge of the Samawa investigation court has condemned the current governor of Al-Muthanna for crimes related to corruption and waste of state funds," he said.
  9. Kurdish deputy considers his party has power in Kirkuk and threatens to boycott the parliamentary sessions Friday 18 August Alsumaria News / Baghdad , said deputy head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bakhtiar Shaways Friday that his party is the owner of power in Kirkuk and "will not allow" non - coverage of the elections, while threatened to boycott parliament sessions under any circumstances pass the provincial council elections law without resolving the Kirkuk elections. Shaways said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "We will not accept any move to pass the law of provincial elections without resolving the issue of Kirkuk provincial elections," noting that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the owner of power and the masses in Kirkuk and has half the seats in the province and everything in it militarily and security, political and administrative hand, We allow no elections to be held. " "We want the elections of Kirkuk with the other provinces at the same time and mechanisms and support the draft of the original law coming from the government on Articles 37 and 52 will not accept the postponement of elections or the enactment of a special law for them," adding that "in the event of trying to pass the law of provincial elections in parliament Force according to the wishes of other blocs and without giving the opportunity to participate in the elections like other provinces, we will boycott the meetings of the House of Representatives. " The House of Representatives Arja in his session, held on Thursday (17 August 2017), the vote on the rest of the articles related to the law of the provincial elections for the province of Kirkuk to Saturday.
  10. I have to concur with the multiple occurrence of concurrence! Coffee! Now!
  11. Hoping your right, I would have to agree!! Thanks Synopsis Your not the only one. Seem those other site cause misleading hype and big let downs everyday, from what I see from a few here...IMO
  12. They are already accepting euro trade with select countries...
  13. Imf early this said they are ready to do it...
  14. They have issued permits to a few within Iran to trade in foreign currency but what we are waiting on is coming is the interbank forex market with no limitations when they unify rates and move to a managed float with currency board. It's coming bills are before parliament now.
  15. People Thursday, August 17, 2017 Housing for Low-Income Groups Some 4,000 families under the umbrella of the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation will be given homes, according to the head of the foundation’s Housing and Construction Office. “The housing units are nearing completion and should be ready by October,” Ebrahim Bazian was quoted by news website as saying. The official said the houses are located in “some of the most impoverished regions in seven provinces,” but did not name the provinces.
  16. The reference calls for attention to retirees Political Since 2017-08-18 at 12:58 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News The religious authority on Friday called for attention to retirees, describing them in some circles during the review as "humiliating". The representative of the religious authority, Mr. Ahmed al-Safi during the Friday prayer sermon in Karbala, said that "there are problems began to degenerate society and indifference and lack of interest to the people and must educate the largest number of people to reject these behaviors," adding that "some accept dealing with the apostate and this is nothing to him." He criticized the net "behaviors rejected in society, including the lack of respect for people in some departments as well as the suffering of pupils in schools as well as the disrespect of citizens at airports and airlines," noting that "those responsible for these files do not have a soft heart in their hearts."
  17. Religious Reference: Iraq is ready to be the center of cooperation among Muslim peoples Political Since 2017-08-18 at 11:03 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News The religious authority, Mohammad Taqi al-Madaris, said on Friday that Iraq is ready to be the center of cooperation among Muslim peoples. "We salute the spare heroes of Iraq who are preparing to liberate the oppressed city of Tal Afar and to inform every member of the armed forces and popular crowd that they are still making the future of this country," the school said in its weekly statement. We will see how the sun of dignity, progress and prosperity shine on our beloved country. " "The presence of the mausoleums of the Imams (peace be upon them) and the heritage of the Islamic civilization in Iraq has made it ready to be the center of cooperation between Muslim peoples, especially in the region," he said. He said, "Shiites of Iraq are qualified to be the center of cooperation between all the Shiites in the world, especially citizens of the Islamic Republic and among the other communities, as well as the year of Iraq are the axis of cooperation between the year in the world, especially in neighboring countries, and so Kurds and Turkmans can be the link with All their brethren, their race, their race, and all other sects and races. " He continued: "God created us people and peoples and tribes in order to recognize each other's rights and then integrated we seek for the happiness of all, and the more we in Iraq to raise this banner of God, the banner of love and familiarity and acquaintance and integration raised in the region and the whole world and God is used." Finished
  18. Yota Thanks, DV.....Good now go after all of them ASAP!! GO JUSTICE
  19. In the document .. 38 candidates for the post of governor of Basra, replacing Nasrawi Political From 2017-08-17 at 16:38 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News An official document revealed Thursday the progress of 38 candidates to win the post of governor of Basra, replacing Majid Nasrawi, who resigned, fugitive and absent from sight. According to the document published today, there are about 38 candidates for the post of governor of Basra, in succession to the resignation, The governor of Basra, Majid al-Nasrawi, fled to Iran after issuing court orders to prevent him from traveling and questioning him about files of corruption he was involved with his son, according to a source in the provincial council. The governor of Basra, who holds Australian citizenship, left the province towards Iran through the port of Shalamjah border. Nasrawi, who belongs to the stream of wisdom led by Ammar al-Hakim, announced his resignation from office, attributing to the pressure of people associated with political parties, but did not name it. Nasrawi said in a statement that his departure from Iraq, fearing what he described as "arbitrary measures to beat him." He added: "I left the country forced, as I arrived an hour after my announcement of resignation, the threat and intimidation of the Nile," without revealing how he left Basra. He explained that "the methods used to prove the charges against me were carried out illegally, where a number of employees and contractors were arrested, tortured, coerced and threatened, to recognize us, but to no avail." Nasrawi said he had evidence and documents proving that detainees had been subjected to torture and coercion, and had informed the human rights organization of these abuses. The Integrity Commission, announced last Thursday, prevented the governor of Basra resigned Majid Nasrawi from travel because of incomplete investigations against him. In early July, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi referred Nasraoui to the Integrity Commission for questioning about suspicions of corruption around him. "The Prime Minister decided to refer the file of the governor of Basra to the Integrity Commission on the grounds of his attempts to put names of officials falsely, which lures suspicions of corruption contracts." Hakim said last month that "the file of the governor of Basra before the Integrity Commission, and we will defend him if proven innocent, and no one above the law, and no political cover for anyone found guilty."
  20. Pentagon: "Peshmerga" handed us millions of dollars to fight the hasty with the consent of Iraq The US Defense Department has confirmed it has handed over the Peshmerga forces since the start of operations against an organization that is calling for hundreds of millions of rounds of support by the Baghdad government. Pentagon spokesman Eric Bahon said the Pentagon had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Peshmerga to facilitate financial payments, military support, ammunition and equipment to the forces involved in the liberation of Mosul, pointing to the end of the defenses at the moment.
  21. Judges: We began to hold senior executives accountable for corruption charges after Abadi's facilities 11:25 Last updated The time now is 11:49 AM 682 Watch The Iraqi judiciary has launched a campaign against corruption symbols in the country after receiving a green light from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to pursue corrupt officials, regardless of their official positions or affiliations, the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported on Friday. Party. "In recent days, the competent courts have moved several cases that have been frozen, concerning the involvement of senior government officials in cases of financial corruption," the newspaper reported in a report. Caused the waste of large sums of public money. " "The former judges were afraid to hold those responsible accountable because they enjoyed the protection of the powerful big parties in their authority," said the judge, whose name was not mentioned. "Dozens of judges have been threatened, assassinated and abducted by armed groups to prevent them from moving cases against officials," he said. According to the source, "the judiciary has been widely criticized, especially during the popular demonstrations every Friday, as the demonstrators accused the judiciary cover up the corrupt, so Abadi recently demanded the judiciary to move to deter corrupt and prevent the interference of politicians in the work of the judiciary, which encouraged judges to move dozens of Corruption issues ". In the same context, the newspaper quoted lawyer Adel al-Azzawi, asserting that "the move of the judiciary to prosecute officials involved in the files and cases of corruption markedly in recent times." He attributed this, for several reasons, including "street pressure and demonstrations that criticized the elimination of silence on the corrupt, and the desire of the government to give up the corrupt who wasted large sums of money at the time the government goes abroad to obtain loans to fill the budget deficit, With the aim of squabbling competitors. " He pointed out that I do not rule out that the upcoming elections are a strong reason to move against the corrupt in order to gain the angry street from looting its money in favor of personalities, parties and organizations, while the country suffers from a difficult economic hardship. He pointed out that "Abadi is based in his movement against corruption to the reference of Najaf and the Sadrist movement and the civil stream." A number of officials have been arrested recently, including Anbar governor Suhaib al-Rawi, Salah al-Din governor Ahmad al-Jubouri, Basra provincial council head Sabah al-Bezouni, housing fund director Bahaauddin Mustafa, Iraqi Airways director Samer Kabbah and other officials involved. Corruption cases, many of whom were imprisoned.
  22. Today
  23. Maliki lies the news of his exposure to a stroke and prepare him "campaign of distortion will escalate" Editor Nihad Qais - Friday 18 August BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Vice President Nuri al-Maliki on Friday lied to media reports that he had suffered a brain stroke that had been reported to Tehran, saying it was "a campaign of defamation that will escalate with the elections near." "Some of the media and social media sites have published a false news that I was hit by a stroke and transmitted to Tehran," al-Maliki said in a videotape, followed by Alsumaria News. "The communications came to us from the loving people who suffered when they believed the news. The joy of enemies who want evil against others. " Al-Maliki thanked him for "those who continued and called and asked and continued," speaking at the same time, "who spread this lie," saying, "It is one of the vocabulary of lies and distortion and confusion, which will escalate as we approached the elections and succeeded in political action or achieved military success." "These people do not want the good of Iraqi society and the Iraqi brothers and wish evil because they live in an atmosphere of evil and evil," he said. "This wave of lies has taken hold of some friendly sites and satellite channels." He called on "respected satellite channels to be more cautious and accurate in publishing and dealing with the news, because we are in the face of a case of counterfeiting and forgery," warning at the same time citizens "to ratify any information issued because behind the media machine for those who do not good for Iraq and its sons." He pointed out that "this wave of lies, fraud and marginalization has not been delivered from them even the mujahideen in the fighting fronts and the world and the political world anxious, to bring Iraq back to square where it is governed by the will of evil," warning of "sedition is escalating and take from social networking and satellite channels paid opportunity To confuse the atmosphere and raise the atmosphere of chaos and suspicion among citizens. " Maliki stressed his confidence "to sensitize the citizens to sort out the correct talk about the poor and the rumors about reality."
  24. Awesome! Did I read this correctly? Did one of the articles read they were currently trading on travelex?
  25. Just remember they vote on laws traditionally on the weekend and we won't hear about it until tuesday or Wednesday..
  26. They have over 150 billion in forex reserves so this will not be an issue, the fact that these laws are back in parliament is a good thing, it's a waiting game..soon! Lol
  27. Asked why IMF did not advise a specific date for the unification, she noted that "we did not advise on an exact timing for unification because at the end, the government has to make sure the FX market is stable and it has good access to international reserves to prevent unexpected spikes in the exchange rate". Thanks SB!
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