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  2. jeepguy

    D.V. lottery pool for 5/22--5/23 2018

    poker player mega mill --- 03/25/29/59/60---23 m.m. ------------- jeepguy mega number --------- 04/25/44/65/67---18 m.m.
  3. tq navira . we argue but the last we opinion is rv . the same answer . no different
  4. Nor, ...'for smart card Key Card to pay the salaries of employees.' In this quote...i think they are equally using the same meaning(pay=raise). The iqd rate increase may have been triggered due to ongoing printing of new banknotes/smaller notes from another news article..thus the delay in paying employees their salaries because the rv has occured.
  5. maybe they want to raise but get green light to gov the rate will be exchange in may . they just waiting is true or not . because they need do many things on system if change anything things . how dare you raise but after that reduce back . so possible to stop pay for awhile
  6. do you denied the truth or me the smart card company Kart card refuses to update the program to raise salaries of state employees on the card Kart
  7. Nor, lol..refused to pay salaries, not refused to raise salaries. In essence, yes their salaries will have greater purchasing power when iqd rate has increased(meaning RV).
  8. but will be true rv is coming this days not because refuse to raises salary just because if rv the salaries should reduce because the rate will be hit means do not get the balance if give more salaries when the rates is higher . If rate still lame their should raises the employee salaries
  9. I want to couple this news article with the one on delaying to pay the employees on their salaries...these two news really tied up...some thing is really up the sleeve guys...we will see what is up tomorrow or this week
  10. dont judge . they have controlling buy dollars to join market but is very redicilious nobody respect to iran and so many sanctions things by usa . this is possible using euro more trust to them
  11. raise salaries not rise rate . in iraq everything are same if rate is rise again
  12. eighty, the reason that Iran is dumping the US dollar is because they hate Trump, America an all Americans. They would use the Zimbabwe dollar if they needed to instead of the US dollar. What I do like is the fact they shouldn't be involved in the Iraq auctions any longer buying the US dollar...
  13. Artitech

    Dr. Clarke 5/16/2018

    Dr clarke= Dont know how that happened!
  14. Muleslayer

    Holy moly!

    Just contained. P.S. we now have a liberal phantom negger.
  15. Muleslayer

    May 18, 2018 - Articles

    I believe that title could be expressed as vagrancy.
  16. Muleslayer

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

  17. My Apologies Buti . Thanks for not only this post but all your others as well . This one really picked my spirits up . My Father is awaiting surgery tomorrow. As always patience and sensible thought prevail over excitement . Let's see what news they have for us next . Thank You ...
  18. whatsfordinar?

    D.V. lottery pool for 5/22--5/23 2018

    MM 17 30 38 48 69 MB 01 PB 08 40 42 50 66 PB 08
  19. esepanama

    Buying 1M dinar

  20. I don't think the Rv would go through a card company first! JMO! 🙂
  21. dinarham

    Is this true?

    In what previous war has the US acquired such straight up gold plunder ? Tons and tons of gold ,and this is not reflected in Fort Knox records that it was indeed deposited there . Hell ,we had four times more gold there in 1941. This gold does not belong to the Fed . It belongs to us USA citizens ,and Trumpster I believe has ultimate control of this gold .
  22. dinarham

    Is this true?

    Reminds me of the movie , "The mouse that Roared " ,but not as funny . What appears to be the common factor here ? The US ,I would venture .
  23. So in essence, they are saying there is the door here is my foot; to the good ole bureaucrats and the bureaucracy, they created to keep their pockets lined with the dinar. All I got to say is ABOUT TIME!!!!
  24. Blue, I posted that article. Navira commented. I like bean King Bean feel that there must be some electronic glitch. I wish Navira's theory were true, but everyone will know when Iraq has a a change in monetary policy through the CBI and every major exchange. Think about it! How could the card company manage it's business if it were not given the heads up? The Qi card company has handled exchange rate changes since 2014. IMO, there is probably a software glitch.
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