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  2. Meetings, conferences and training with the IMF, WB, UN, BIS, other countries The Iraqi banking system is on a mission...... Looks like they're getting ready for something BIG Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV
  3. Glad 0:00 Freedom Rider 7:00 Empty Pages 12:28 Stranger to Himself 17:05 John Barleycorn 21:00 Every Mother's Son 27:26
  4. Thanks for sharing, RVWITHME...It's appreciated
  5. CBI News 12/14/2017

    We want the letters of credit to be in dinars not dollars... For that to happen, the CBI needs to increase the dinar exchange rate first.! Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go increase dinar exchange rate Go $1:1
  6. CBI News 12/14/2017

    31 December 2017 is a typo. Should have been the 13th. Look at the dates in the table. Also, it looks like all transactions for these 1 year t bills were for dinar, paid in dinar.
  7. Iraq Is Going To Attract Big Investors !

    So is this like a Bra for Iraq's Economy? Kinda like Spanx! It sure would be cool to see how Perky their currency could look again But I was thinking the Red of the 25K notes would really make it Pop!
  8. 1. Swingtown (00:00) (Written by Steve Miller and Chris McCarty) 2. Jungle Love (3:30) (Written by Lonnie Turner and Greg Douglass) 3. Take the Money and Run (6:39) (Written by Steve Miller) 4. Rock'n Me (9:32) (Written by Steve Miller) 5. Serenade (12:39) (Written by Steve Miller and Chris McCarty) 6. True Fine Love (15:52) (Written by Steve Miller) 7. The Stake (18:33) (Written by David Denny) 8. The Joker (22:32) (Written by Eddie Curtis, Ahmet Ertegün and Steve Miller) 9. Fly Like an Eagle (26:10) (Written by Steve Miller) 10. Threshold (29:14) (Written by Byron Allred and Steve Miller) 11. Jet Airliner (30:21) (Written by Paul Pena) 12. Dance, Dance, Dance (33:56) (Written by Brenda Cooper, Jason Cooper and Steve Miller) 13. Winter Time (36:16) (Written by Steve Miller) 14. Wild Mountain Honey (39:30) (Written by Steve McCarty)
  9. CBI News 12/13/2017

    I hope too my friend.! Lots of positive news lately.
  10. Well, yea I do believe there is something here. I downloaded a wallet and started mining in late spring of 2010 before most people had even heard about bitcoin. You could actually do some mining with an ordinary PC and video card back then because there was no hash traffic. I didn't get but a little over 5 coins total but you couldn't buy them very easily. I even tried selling a $25 Starbucks gift card for 10 coins but got no takers until 1 guy offered me 4 bitcoin, which I took. There were quite a few problems with the blockchain so I quit mining and put the wallet in cold storage until I heard that bitcoin had spiked to over $1,200 about 4 years ago where I dumped all of them except the first one I mined that I'm keeping as a memory of the early days. The market tanked for a couple years so I never went back in as mining became too expensive to be profitable for me. In 2014 I put my investment effort into a coin called Ripple XRP and it has been doing nicely as of late. I probably won't be selling any time soon because I see great long term potential. The bottom line for me is that I see blockchain as a technology [not just coins] that is just getting started because there are so many applications that haven't even been touched yet. There are a few more coins on my buying radar, but it's a "buy and hold" strategy so I don't miss out on big gains like I did with BTC. I have to keep telling myself that I made a great profit so as to not to kick myself for what "could have been" and that it has been way more profitable than a certain other currency "investment" I made so far, so there's that...
  11. CBI News 12/14/2017

    i read many times but not understand..haha
  12. The Republican tax bill will weaken the United States Thursday 14 December 2017 13.54 GMT By Connie M Razza
  13. In the years since the mass shooting that killed 20 children and six educators, families have memorialized their loved ones in many different ways Thursday 14 December 2017 07.00 GMT by Lois Beckett in New York Pics in link
  14. Donald Trump’s $1.5tn tax overhaul received a blow after Alabama’s surprise Senate result but is now speeding towards a vote. Here’s what you need to know Dominic Rushe in New York Wednesday 13 December 2017 19.39 GMT Donald Trump will address the nation on Wednesday as Republicans make a final push to pass their bill Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA
  15. African-American women came out in droves and voted 98% against Roy Moore, preventing what could have been a huge wrong Thursday 14 December 2017 14.58 GMT By Charlene White
  16. CBI News 12/14/2017

    Even That Doesn’t Help This Flaccid Currency - Just The Dong ...
  17. It’s the object of overwhelming projection, a place of dreams and longing. There can be no political peace there until Jerusalem the golden is understood Thursday 14 December 2017 15.49 GMT By Giles Fraser Relief of Roman troops carrying away the menorah from the Temple at Jerusalem, at the Forum in Rome Photograph: UniversalImagesGroup/Getty
  18. CBI News 12/14/2017

    That would make you a great leader.... you should run for President
  19. Iraq Is Going To Attract Big Investors !

    The World Bank confirms its support for the Iraqi economy and the reform process 12/12/2017 0 Comments {Baghdad: Al Furat News} World Bank Director Jim Young Kim confirmed the bank's support for the Iraqi economy and the reform process. "Prime Minister Haider Abadi puts in Paris on Tuesday with World Bank Director Kim Young Kim," a statement from the Prime Minister's Office said. Kim said during the meeting, "the continued support of the World Bank for the Iraqi economy and the reform process led by the Iraqi government and the great success achieved in this area."
  20. Dan Johnson, who refused to step down from state legislature after being accused of sexually assaulting a teenager, said PTSD would ‘take his life’ Associated Press Thursday 14 December 2017 02.51 GMT Dan Johnson, a pastor, speaks in church on Tuesday Photograph: Timothy D. Easley/AP
  21. Today
  22. Do you still believe that we went to the Moon?

    Yep probably a lot of fodders coming out of Uranus
  23. Robert Mueller's Russia inquiry is no witch-hunt, says deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, No 2 DoJ official, defends Mueller before House committee Rosenstein says department will take action over inappropriate conduct Sabrina Siddiqui and agencies Wednesday 13 December 2017 19.11 GMT Rod Rosenstein said: ‘The independence and integrity of the investigation are not going to be affected by anything that anyone says.’ Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP
  24. Do you still believe that we went to the Moon?

    Trouble with landing on Uranus is you have to avoid the Clingons to get there!!
  25. Women are at forefront of economic experiment in Jordan to find work for Syrians fleeing war Daniel Howden, Hannah Patchett and Charlotte Alfred in Amman Wednesday 13 December 2017 18.00 GMT Fatima, 37, is one of 19 women from Zaatari refugee camp currently employed at Jerash Garments & Fashions Photograph: Alisa Reznick/Refugees Deeply
  26. Could the Miracle He's talking about here with Taxes have anything to do with the influx of revenues to the Govt and maybe the reduction of National Debt that a Revaluation of Dinar would bring? I am no Guru, OBIVOUSLY speculating here but our friend Coorslite21 started a Thread in the VIP Section that talked about how all of these economic indicators tie together..... Just Food for Thought! Good Luck to us all..... I sure could use a "Christmas Miracle" Have a great day (to the most patient group of people I know) (except 10yearslater , but you get a free pass! )
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