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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam's Official Chat 10-26-11


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THANKS FOR YOUR TIME - ADAM & Thank You for the QUICK Post kcw .

I really like the format, the lack of interuptions was nice also.

We sure have alot to be Thankfull for, just think of how many people are hurting that know nothing about the Dinar.

They see no end to their nightmare, I hope my 10% helps make a difference.

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Thanks kwc for posting!

Thanks Adam, great chat... I think I peed my pants I iz so excited! unsure.gif

Yo, Snap ! Time to Start Wearing Thuggies ! :o

Only 28 Days Until Thanksgiving ! B)

Hopefully We Won't Just be Getting "The Bird" !

:D :D :D

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Taking Adam's estimate that the IQD will RV at .1 USD and hit 3-4 USD in 3 years, this is what a linear 33% per month increase

would look like.

But I'm willing to guess the increases won't be linear. If there is any historical information on the progression of

consistantly increasing revaluations of a currency I'd appreciate hearing about it.


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