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  1. Should you not just keep a little? That would suck to find out it RV'd and did not lop! Especially if you sold it all. I am unliked on this site, due to my lopster points of view, but I am selling all my Dinar at 1: 1000 rates, 10k notes 10 dollars (150 available) 25k notes 25 dollars (10 available) 5k notes 5 dollars (99 available, I gave 1 away as a gift) I have certs of authenticity from dinar trade, but if you want authenticity cert, you have to buy all of 1 denomination of one of my 3 demoninations of Dinar. Send me a message! No haters please, I realize I messed up on this site.
  2. Sure Dr. J has been right about the time, well in a way. If you go back and read some of his stuff from the last couple years you will see he was also wrong on some stuff, kinda like every one else. That being said what is happening in Iraq right now and as of late is huge and shows great forward movement.
  3. Adam you sound just as lost as the rest of us with no idea what is going on!
  4. Maybe you need to read both sides of the story before you go for browny points! Hello Storm, might be better to be short, no offense lol.
  5. And just for your information the term short has different meanings, one example is going short on stock in a public company, betting the price will go down! NSS is illegal naked short selling which translates the word short in my book to motive! Have you ever wondered why these guru's do what they do 24/7 for month and years? Motive or just making sure you and I do well? I personally would be very embarrassed if I were wrong so much! So next time you call someone out and not let it go, "maybe know what you are calling out before you dial"! Do you want to arm wrestle?
  6. wasn't meaning to down anyone that is short. Just a term, nothing to do with you or your family! But just for you I will say maybe they are tall! Ok now the tall people can drill me for calling out tall people! By the way I am 5' 6". My mother was barely 5'. "So since you seem to think that short people are less intelligent"? Where did you come up with that geeshhhh.... You need to take a pill or something and your statements made are very offensive to me and whether you could outwork me or not, I won't brag by saying you can't! Simmer down!
  7. I view most all of these so called gurus as bad fabricaters at best. These are the type of people that can be told any kind of rumor and will run with it. My question is are most of these people short?
  8. jonnyw is rating right there with him, now he says next week. these Idiots need to take a long vacation, they surely realize how stupid they look? Okie and Bulldog75 are the epitome of dirt bag gurus. I just happen to be preparing to buy some dinar yesterday anyways when I heard about their BOGUS claim about Dinar Banker not taking orders. I knew it was a lie and just to prove it, I bought 1M last night and everything went through and there are NO disclaimers or rejected orders. Those 2 are probably just a couple of fat grease heads who need to be cruel to make themselves feel better about
  9. Oh cool, another RV in Country, maybe one will stick one of these days? Is this like a dozen times now?
  10. I believe Bond Lady was ready actual news! Maybe you should go read then comment! It is completely irresponsible for BL to say the rate will change within days not weeks!! Since when has any article that's come out of Iraq told the truth? I'd really like to know. She of all people should know better and just see what happens, not take that article as gospel. I'm going to assume no one's gonna give me back all my positives when there is no RV next week.... But that's how it is around here, no one cares about the truth, just as long as you get a tingle up your leg when you hear about an upc
  11. Glad to see some are finally catching on! Ever hear about the 1%? Uh huh! Amazingly, most people do not even know there is a select group of a few people who control all the monies in the entire world. They have for centuries, and will continue to do so. When you stop and think about it, and finally accept certain distasteful facts, like the fact that wars are good for the economy, they drain off the excess population, etc., suddenly that huge lightbulb over your head goes off and you see everything in a totally different way. Whenever there is something financially devestating in the world
  12. a plus one for you! Why is everyone putting out a neg for these comments? I also agree with the statements made but some need to understand it was already very bad when O took office, he did not just make all of this happen! And what did Bush do? All of this is water under the bridge, question is what do we as Americans do to change it once and for all, no matter who is in office, Dems and Repubs imo are a total waste of time any more. We all, each and every one of us need to Yell and Yell loud. I don't know about you all but I am sick and tired of what has happened in our Great Coun
  13. When you were pumping Romney, that was enough for me. Anyone that votes for him, votes for the same ole same ole failed policies that "only" benefit a select few! Me thinks Romney is tired of being just a millionaire and now wants to be a multi Billionaire.
  14. Don't think for a minute that Timothy is a Saint, these people have cost Americans Trillions! Good I hope Geithner is long gone and gets what he deserves! What he meant to say: "I doubt Obama will have a 2nd term, so I don't expect to be here either."
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