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  1. This is Awesome! I have been busy working all day. Most days; trying to keep my small business afloat!
  2. Thanks Adam! PS .....................Some of these "gurus" need to be put on a leash or forced to take their medecine -this is soooo funny!
  3. This is the email I that I recieved today.. I am looking into the stock also! see below: Dear Sir, Kindly note that Asia Cell symbol is TASC. Please note that this company is currently not listed and trading on the electronic board where it is only possible to purchase a stock that is listed and registered on the Iraqi Stock Exchange and trading in the market.. For any further questions please contact us directly Best regards, ISX Department Warka Bank for Investment and Finance This e-mail is confidential and the information contained in it is privileged. It should not be read, copied or used by anyone other than the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please contact the sender immediately by return email, and delete the e-mail and do not disclose its contents to any person PS. They always think I am a guy humm?
  4. It has been great to learn about currency and to understand history more clearly. This investment will make a person really grow up and develop self-management maturity. Some breaks are good! Nice entertaining forums too!
  5. Thanks Adam, great points and heads up! Go RV!
  6. She is in my prayers along with the family. It is good that she is young, and strong
  7. Great chat..... nice comment on Germany RV perspective! .........we still have
  8. Thanks Adam, mods, and all the wonderful members on DV! Nice chat, and questions! GO RV..
  9. Hang in there and it will work out!
  10. She has been a crap apple in the past ~ let's hope she is crabbing in the right direction. maybe 33 trillion is an old figure?
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