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  1. yes! ticks me off! after the billions of dollars we spent liberating them!!
  2. Your right no wall, but do you need a list of all of his accomplishments in the past two years???? Rome wasn't built in a day. But he could cure cancer tomorrow and ppl such as yourself would complain about something else. Haters will be haters!
  3. Ok, and your point??? Why keep beating a dead horse about the caravan? Troops dispatched! Those that reached Tijuana and climb on top of the fence quickly retreated back when border patrol made an appearance! Job well done! On to other news! Such as the Democrats "finding" 80,000 uncounted votes! Which were ALL DEMOCRAT! LOL
  4. well there is an enormous amount of freshly burnt off land for them to get a good start! Just extend the wall from the southern boarder up north to the east of California's boarder.
  5. Sold all that I want to sell at this time. Thanks for the interest.
  6. What are PayPal fees? We can do it thru messenger for free.
  7. Only if you buy the VND for $780 also. That would be $4680 total.
  8. I see the going rate is 800 a million, I'll take that.
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