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  1. There going to have a tough time collecting all them zeros with how fast I'm buying them (dinar). Let's GO!!!
  2. I’m going to give you both credit on this one! DoD, great probe for deeper knowledge and hey, Jaygo, way to go look into it. Outstanding work you guys, keep it up 👍
  3. Sorry, good point, when did they adjust to the current rate. Thank you for helping me be precise with my words 🙏
  4. Hey Ron, thank you for all the options. A quick question, did they change the rate before before 84 days ago? thank you 🙏
  5. Why do you engage in the evils of science? There is conflict with in your thinking and you are at odds with yourself. What one dislikes in others is what they truly don't like about themselves. We see what we want to see. The world is a mirror and it is reflecting you and your views. This is more true than you might be willing to admit, but if you are able to be honest with yourself you will find this to be true. Peace, and go RV!!!
  6. They need to cash-in on that oil before this planet moves on from oil to renewable energy, jmo. RV, get paid Iraq!!!!
  7. I stopped reading your egotistical rambling some time ago because you lack decency (constant belittling name calling), reason ( ability to look at both sides of a coin) and common sense ( America is no longer what it looked like in the 40's and 50's and it's not going back). One hates in others what they truly dislike about themselves, it's a mirror. America, is and always will be, greater than any one person. God is love! Go Rv!!
  8. We create the world around use and through use God, the universe, what ever you want to call it works it's magic. For example, at one time it was extremely difficult to communicate long distances, yet today we communicate va internet because someone felt the need to communicate faster and easier. People did that, not God. You can control what you think and how you act, that's about all you can control and by relinquishing your control you give up your link with "God". Love is stronger than all else, that might be why you are having troubled with it? God is love!!!
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