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  1. I hear ya. There are only two things I know for sure are going to happen and that's this RV and death, just hopping it RVs before I die!! I have gotten so exited only to be let down so many times that I have a difficult time getting emotional. I'm still here and know that we are in a great opportunity, but I personally have tried not to get to up or down with this investment. May it RV with in the next 24 hrs!!!! here's to hope!!! It truly does look like it might happen with in a month or so and I'm all for it!!! GO RV!!!! P.S. The way 2020 has gone, it truly makes
  2. You haven’t been in this that long. I’ll get excited when I’m on the way to da bank. Not knocking ya, there is A LOT of great news. GO RV!!!!!
  3. Comment Below Was By Utah Rock on August 14th (That thread was closed due to Utah Rock hijacking the thread & telling Moderators to shut up). My point there is you are not a majority, the fact that you openly repeat a lie, “ we are the silent majority “ says a lot about you. Like our president, you don’t seam to have trouble lying, that a big character flaw. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's my follow-up from Today:
  4. I'm sorry for all of the pain you have that fills you with so much hate for people you have never met. I would imagine in your mined "you already know those #$^% and BLA bla bla bla, hate", I truly hope you find healing. As for taxes, I have no problem paying them, it comes with living is such an amazing country. I enjoy our law enforcement, fire departments, the roads we drive on, the schools we enjoy, the military that stands ready to protect, and on and on. "Last night there was an ex planned parenthood member! She recalled being in the death chamber where a so called Dr was murderin
  5. to the people that elected them, democracy, they are doing a fine job representing.
  6. Not at all my fiend, I would bet you that we actually agree on way more than we disagree. Right now is a really charged time in our country and emotions are high. I believe we all want the same thing, peace and prosperity for all, it's just how do we make that happen? I sure don't know. I was simply pointing out at the begging of this thread that there was a lot of hostility in it. Why can't we disagree yet still be dignified people at the same time. Make a strong argument and stop yelling, or don't. We all get to live in this world together, I stopped watching the news after the impeachment
  7. That's unfortunate, I enjoy trying to understand perspectives. I wish you the best in life, take care. And oh yeah, GO RVVVVV!!!!!!!
  8. Are you suggesting I get more hate and judgement in my life? Yeah, that's kinda what I thought happened as well. Love is stronger than any hate, even the hate he was faced with. So where is that which you speak of now a days?
  9. Remember that when you are attempting to enforce God's will. I'm pretty sure God can take care of right and wrong with out the Taliban or "the Christian Right of America's" help.
  10. I'm not sure he loves the American people because those people on the left.... well they to are Americans. Did you know that? All those names above of leaders in this country, American leaders.
  11. Strait to the point my fiend, I was always told that Jesus believed in love. What you just wrote does not resemble love in the lest, just hate and intolerance. I don't want to read the scriptures you are reading, they sound more like a manifesto. It's sad how a group has radicalize a belief system of love and charity to make it so hateful and spiteful.
  12. Okay, first I'm an independent, though I do lean left when it comes to social issues. I was fooled at some point in my life to believe I live in a free country so when it come to the big social issues I tend to side on "that's really not my place to make that call'. For instance, abortion is something I will never have to do and in return I would never tell some one what they can or can not do in that position, but rather would present all the information to that individual so they can make the most informed dissension. I'm not homosexual but I would never tell someone what they can or can no
  13. "You are right about that. Look around friend, it is the lefts utmost disregard for tolerance and lack of respect that has got us to where we are today. They demand that I listen to them and be obedient, not tolerant, but obedient to them and there ways. When I try to have a discussion, they do not want to hear it. You cannot reason or have dialogue with a person like that." Two wrongs do not make the second one committing the wrong correct. You are labeling a lot of people in that statement and all of them Americans. "News flash friend, GOD used war many times to get his people whe
  14. Fear is a powerful motivator and the RNC uses it very well. It is truly sad reading most of the views on this site in regards to politics, typically on the right, how much hate and name calling is used. A total lake of respect and with that lack of respect comes a loss of communication. With no communication it is very likely that in November the ugly of our country might get even uglier. Your post is a prime example of what is wrong with this country today, and you are simply a product of the current leadership navigating America. Blame, pointing fingers, they did this and on and on. Wh
  15. It’s difficult to take serious anything a Screwball says. 🤷‍♂️ go RV!!!!
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