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  1. It's a go. Madam Wu is on the move. Did China just order the RV to proceed ahead? Answer No….
  2. Having served and fought in both countries, I can tell you they are two totally different worlds. From the government, to the infrastructure, to the people, totally different.
  3. Thank you Ron, always the first place I check. Interesting thing happened last night, hoping it’s related; I was at the gym and tried to buy something to drink but there system was down. I was going to pull some cash but my online banking was also down for maintenance. I thought that was strange and then I talked to a friend who lives in a different state and he had trouble paying for dinner last might with his debit card and had to go to the atm to get cash. I started hoping it all had to do with our Dinar, probably wishful thinking but isn’t that what this darn thing has turned to ( been invested Spence 2004 and not going anywhere till I see how it ends). Thought I would share, have a great Sunday and GO RV/RI!!!
  4. You assume that I don’t have faith, I’m sorry. Maybe because it dose not look or sound like yours. I have little pride remaining with in and attempt to lose my attachment to my ego daily, if not hourly. I have nothing but love and respect for you and your beliefs. I do wish our culture was more interested in people’s action over ones faith, maybe someday. Faith by very definition mean one does not truly know, it would nice for those that have faith find their humility, an idea that is becoming more and more abstract in the west.
  5. You might be right, you also might be wrong, but you definitely have faith in what you believe, that much is sure. Attacking someone over a typo is telling, perfection is challenging yet you pull it off so effortlessly. I hope your correct, the idea of heaven above seam wonderful and I would love for that to be true. Arrogance in ones ignorance is normal and I can understand. I love all, no matter what they believe.
  6. I'm not arguing at all, why do people keep saying that. My blood pressure doesn't change while i'm responding, reading this thread at all. I have no problem with what you or anyone else believe, and I know that that belief is true for you, or, rather, no matter what a person believe is the truth it is true, for that person. That does not make what they believe true though. Now the issue is there are people who believe so strongly in their faith they feel every other belief system is flawed and that they alone know the truth. That is silly and detached from reality. Here is an example; how long has the modern human species, homo sapiens, walked this planet? The recorded portion is roughly 10,000 years, but how long did we walk here before the Agricultural revolution? Do you know? The same science that one might use to defend the arguments for there faith in any modern belief system is used to get the answer and it is one heck of a lot longer than 10,000 years. Yet all I keep hearing about is the past 10,000 years and only from the eyes of homo sapiens, yet you yourself said "Can we agree that DNA is the basics of all life? If that is true, there is NO WAY that we, or any other living organism accidently evolved. We were all created, the program is embedded into the DNA. If we are created, then there is a Creator (GOD)." Well what does ever other one of GODs creatures think God is? Have you asked the dolphins their opinion? Dolphins and whales communicate and have a complex language, so much so we don't understand it, but we know they are communicating intelligently. What you call god some might call the universe others might call it something else but no one has a strangle hold on the truth or there wouldn't be all the religious problems of the day.
  7. What does that have to do with anything? That is some made up story to cause fear, as though God is to be feared. Do you worship out of fear? I’m not sure why you believe that to be relevant, thank you for sharing, but it was lost on me. How do you know what a falls god is and what truth is? You don’t! You have an opinion about the truth and believe to your very core but you don’t KNOW anything for sure and you come here and act like I’m lost and am the one who doesn’t know because I don’t share YOUR faith, but you don’t really know what’s what just as much as I don’t know what’s what. The difference is I’m not acting like I do know.
  8. You don’t know they are true, you have faith that they are true, that is not the same. You have chosen a belief and have fait that you are correct, which is great and a very positive way to live one’s life, but by no means does that make it true. Others have the same faith in their ideology and it is just as true for them as it is for you. The Bible has been misunderstood and miss used for centuries and more to the point it is not the end all in religious ideology. I understand you place your faith there but not everyone does for a verity of reasons. You might believe in one version or interpretation of the book and someone else may believe in a different interpretation of the very same rendition, who is correct for they both have faith that their belief is the correct one. You have stated facts about your belief system but they are not facts, they are your opinion.
  9. I'm sorry you felt like this was an argument, started a new thread in off topic if you care to continue, other wise, may your days be blessed.
  10. Again sorry you seem to be so Lost but it’s not up to me it’s up to God!! Again you mock him and disrespect the one and Only True God…YES there is only one my friend but hopefully one day you will figure it out and YOU will come to know the zone and a only True God and ask God for his forgiveness!! That’s not for me or anyone else to give you so good luck with the rest of your life here on Earth it really is a short stay compared to an Eternity after!!! I'm not lost, your attempting to impose your opinion upon me. You have chosen to believe what you believe and because I don't believe what you believe you feel I'm lost. How do you know there is only one God? How do you know you will meet said god? How do you know these things to be true? I am truly excited to be let in on this absolute knowledge you have obtained and why your truth has so many different versions of absolute truth. I am listening with open ears and a clean slate ( I know nothing, please inform me).
  11. Starting a new tread in off topic, if you would like to expand thought...
  12. Sorry about that, i'm over it and moving on.
  13. I will stop here, there is a lot to unfold there and many have interpreted the message differently. This is so off topic I will let it go and agree to disagree. If you would like to continue this conversation I would love to but feel we should move it to one of the forums way down the way on the home page. I will leave you with this, if we want to pick it up on a different thread. When one creates good they automatically create bad and if you create what you believe to be bad you have judgment and if you are living with judgment how can you live through love.
  14. That is wonderful but that again is only a human perspective and an extremely old one at that. Than you for presenting it to me though. Is god a man? Does he live among the clouds? All things are made in gods image, from the turtle, to the tree, to the people that run around doing what they believe to be it's work. Know one knows the truth and because you show true conviction does not mean you are correct. The human perspective is an ever changing and extremely limited one and that includes all religious doctrine, including the bible, does not matter which version your are operating from.
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