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  1. That's not true, they've been working tirelessly to impeach public enemy number 1 and his russian agent running the show, Ivanka. she is the best spy/agent the world has ever seen. Has that poor man by da groin. Go RV!!!! Go TRUTH (open you eyes little ostrich) GO RV!!!!!
  2. Do you think Jesus cared about money as much as you do. Again with the name calling. You are not upset with me my friend, I have nothing but love for you. You may be right, I may be unaware of history, a product of liberal (as liberal as Jesus) socialist agenda but I am honestly asking question that I have never got a good answer for. As for my understanding of history it goes a bit like this, see how far I am: Homo Sapiens as we are today started running around this planet roughly 64,000 years ago. The garden of Eden or what you refer to as " the start of history" started roughly 10,000 years ago. This event coincided with what is also known as the agricultural revolution, in the regions of Mesopotamia and the Egyptian Nile. It all started with civilizations that where controlled by god states, that is they believed the rulers of the time "be" gods. This belief has gone through transformation till today and what we see. Some call it an awakening to consciousness, others call it liberal, social agenda and so on. I will not argue with you good man, you have a right to stay "Conservative (resistant to change)", upset and made at the world. I will end my side of this conversation like this however. At NO time in history have we lived in such amazing caves, been able to do and explain some much of the world around us through trial an error. It has been ten thousand years of trial and error and an accumulation of knowledge that has brought us to this point. How we use this knowledge will make or break us and there is a strong need to bring people like you to start looking at what is, not what was. The future is not set in stone, we influence it greatly, if we believe the world will end in fire and brimstone, it will my friend If we believe this is beginning only the, that there is a future for our species on this planet and out into the universe, than there is. In the manner in which you communicate with me, feels as though your respect for me and my opinion are set and I have nothing to give or be learned from. If you know every thing it leaves no room to learn, that's sad because we are constantly learning new thins every day. If you don't believe me I invite you to look at some ACTUAL pictures of Jupiter!!! Unheard of when I was growing up, yet absolutely amazing and true. I, like you,I believe in a GOD, but I believe that God is love, the most powerful energy this world has to offer. Part of it's power is how hard it is to maintain, especially in the face of ignorance and anger. I would love to have a conversation with you if you ever truly care to but I do not wish to insult one another. I am not perfect, and at times have lowered my aim, I am a work in progress. God bless you, God bless America, God bless the world and the people on it. I have nothing but love, please take care Ron!!! GOOOOOO!!!!! DINARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Do you pray for the poor and week in this country?, those that don't have the money to save the ones they love because our health system is for profit?, a pare for those we build a wall to keep "THEM" (very selective) out? I wish the conservative party would act more religious and less conservative, you know, what would Jesus do. From the republican party all you get is hate, war mongering and a selfish, egotistical perspective. It's 2019. where is the proof that God spoke to the people in the Bible or are you running on that faith ideology this? What's the proof, because there's all sorts to counter that narrative. I would rather be a fool than a hypocrite every day all day, a fool knows no better. Whats the hypocrites excuse?
  4. The Bible is the word of man, not god. Written by men and interpreted by men. Show me evidence that a God wrote any of it please.
  5. A fool is a person who clams to know something for certain for never and always don't exist. Quoting a book from 2000 years ago is foolish to me. This world and it's people have come a long way sense those times, it's time to move forward and use the past for reference not our guide. Be present.
  6. Ron, I have nothing but respect for you, I'm extremely grateful for your contribution to this site and in no way think that you are giving me the reds, I just knew I would get them here. All good I respect the fact that this site is predominately right leaning. I don't come here for my politics, but information about a currency I picked up while in a country is was in when in the military, hoping and praying like you I will some day be able to do good with that money in my community. As far as trump and money goes, we will see. I don't believe the Obama's hate this country but they very well may. That being said, I, individually was happy with the world and times of his presidency, it sounds like you where not and that between you and your God. I am in no way trying to be disrespectful and am thankful for your insight.
  7. Understand where you are coming from. I am also a globalist and would hope that some day we can all live as one race on this sphere together. As much as I love this country I would love to see our ideas spreed through this planet so that we might move past petty ideas like deities and move to the next stage in our progression towards consciousness. You sound like a religious person and that has thrown me for I don't believe a TRUE God would care about nationality and many of the other areas of contention that are dividing this country. I stand for the flag as well but respect the act of taking a knee as well, for THAT IS what freedom is and it does not always look the way you think it might or should. I say you MUST stand for the national anthem I have just done away with the very concept I love my country for, FREEDOM. Can you help me understand that?
  8. P.S. Obama was obstructed as well, slapped in the face by a Governor or mayor, something like that and given zero respect by the right as well. I will get red rubies for mentioning his name in a positive light on this site, that's how little respect the right gives him and yet he is more patriotic than trump will ever be.
  9. I am as liberal as Jesus, so yeah I don't believe he is an honest person, he loves money, a falls god, not people. I do not think he is a good person, that is true, but I am curious how others view him in light of all this damning testimony. How much evidence does a country need to see the week character of this guy? When a person is filled with so much hate and contempt maybe nothing can change that mind. I'm not trying to pick an argument, I will say that I see one side of the isle calling the other a lot of names and the other presenting fact after fact of how corrupt our current administration is. It concerns me how conferrable he is with what we use to consider bad influences, while he pushes our long time allies way and how he has been able to create such an unstable world. He has divided America more than any person in my life time and taken advantage of fear, weaponizing it to his benefit. The list is long and he has shown me nothing to counter these opinions, only further my belief. That being said, I love Obama, that being said, I look back and miss Bush. I love this country and he does not represent this country, nor does he make an effort to represent all that live, love and sacrifice in America. Through out my life I have been wrong way more than I have been right (Iraqi Dinar ) and I may be wrong here, the problem come with those who view my opinion reaction, with hostility, name calling and anger, instead of conversation and debate. The ONLY way this country will fail is from within, guess what? He talks of civil unrest, war, openly against other Americans. No I don't care for him.
  10. did some one mention wacky tobaccie? spark it up and pass her round!!! LET's GO!!!!!
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