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  1. instead of hitching it to a country that bans muslims, what world do you live in? Reap what you sow.
  2. Have you heard of the idea of "separation of church and state", you are the same as a Muslim extremist trying to shove your religion down my throat. You my fiend are where I will break my liberal ways and bear arms. Keep your religion to your self and let freedom rain, I have put my life on the line before for that very ideal and will do so again if need be. You have zero rights over another persons body and ideals, if you think for one second I would let you tell me what to do in that situation you're dead wrong. Go live with all the other religious fanatics in the middle east and let freedom rain here in the states!!!!! Your fanaticism is so twisted, backwards and hypocritical it makes no sense at all. I'm sure in the same breath you'll tall about proliferation of nuclear arms as a good deterrent to war, hypocrite!!! Re-read your ten commandments confused right wing dude or dude-et. When you force your religion on me you are taking my freedom, not happening. The nerve of you!!! Sit there and try and tell someone else what to do in that situation, it's hard enough to make a decision like that and that person has to carry the burden of that choice for the rest of their life. You God isn't able to take care of his flock on his own. Puritan!!!! go back to England!!!!
  3. Racer, I truly am enjoying this conversation, I have to step away. I want you to know I will respond. P.S. The sky at time is blue, all depends on the time of day and the weather.
  4. LOL, man... I don't think I can. I have tried to watch those FOX and it just shamelessly puts out propaganda that I know is one sided. At lest CNN and NPR attempt to take on both sides in my opinion. The attack on the media is one of the worst things this president has done and one of the most powerful things he has been able to accomplish. Our country has been hoodwinked and had the wool pulled over our eyes and when we all remember what facts are there are going to be quit a few Americans very upset. The scary part of that is most people, when confronted with the fact that they have been wrong for so long, rather than admit it, defend their position to no end . That's when it gets ugly and we all loose. Trump has divided this country and he continues to do so, I don't see how that benefits our country.
  5. Thank you Racer, I appreciate your response and dumbocats is a good one. I'm extremely and un-apologetically liberal when it comes to social agendas and I feel it's a strength not a weakness. If you're upset about Bengazi how can you be so complacent about the russian interference, Ukraine and on and on. There seams to be a double standard. Nationalism is an extremely scary form of government that should worry all especially as the world shrinks with technology and reliance on other nations. I do not understand how so many people are conferrable with leadership that lies constantly and uses bully tactics for almost every situation. Trump is a week person of week character. SR
  6. so you can't show that those numbers are wrong, you just hate networks that tell the truth, got it. Ignorance wins again
  7. Hey, just got a text from your high school, they want their diploma back, lol, would have said college but there's no way you have one of those, lol. butt
  8. okay, again, your attacks on me beside, are the numbers wrong as far as convictions and the lack of or is there better data that I'm missing?
  9. You prove me right by how you go low and are not worth time or energy, I'm not getting emotional here because I know I'm right, you how ever are angry with yourself, why is that? Best to you
  10. so that is miss information? please tell me who was arrested over the Hillarious situation and that those arrested for the trump investigation, they did not actually get arrested, charged? You have a chance to honestly prove me wrong and change a mind. How are the facts in that report wrong. Forget the tone, forget your lack of trust with the outlet, prove the facts wrong.
  11. wrong
  12. lol, please go back through your post and talk to me about all that partisan jargon and then call me names like lazy and how you are correct and I am wrong. Jesus was liberal by the way, or do you think he would have turned health care for all down as well? I wont say much more to you, you are way to caught up in a false ego and I have wasted to much time on you as is. Best to you my friend, may peace and prosperity find you in good health. P.S. You should look up the definition of humble, because you sound pretty sure of yourself?
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