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  1. Just wondering, thanks for answering, God bless and let Iraq RV in our life time. GO RV!!!!
  2. utah rock

    Go Iraq

    Aren’t there certain days it’s more likely to happen than others due global banking systems, religion and stuff?
  3. lol, true, I'm with ya, let this be the week! Go RV
  4. So far 10 Years, it's been a decade and some change.
  5. I love this site!!!, thank you Mr. Montana!!!!!
  6. Didn't read the article because I got exiteted over the word next. My understanding of the translator over the years is next means this coming, as in the 30th. Great news if true!!!
  7. I do feel a bit dirty now when I check in on our investment. Guess I'm will to pay the price. GO RV!!!!
  8. I've been on this site for a while and every once and awhile I chime in when I can't stand the rhetoric any more. I always regret having an opinion here, though I do not feel bad for stating it. It is silly to scream into the wind. As for Obama and what he did, I'm a simple person, during his time in office I was encouraged by Americas stance on the environment, getting ground troops out of Iraq and Aghfganistan along with multiple social issues here at home. Was he perfect, no, but he did quit a bit while fighting a unrational opistion here at home. As for what I believe in, it's called freedom. If that's so wrong than I am happy to be so. GO RV!!!!
  9. Wining, ha ha, typo. You do know we're not advisarys. I can feel your hate but I got nothing but love. Oh yeah, GO RV!!!
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