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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Guess the CBI Auction Amount!


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$1.98 and the special guest auctioneer will be...


Ok, all kidding aside,

I'm thinking that if we

really are close, like

a few people think that

we are, they may just go

with one final auction and

make it a big one...


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my guess; 157,625,000.


Wow contest number 5!! :woot:

I just love these contests, lets us all have some fun and relax while we wait for the immanent RV! :)

Ok here is the deal with this one (aka The Rules)

1.) 10-3-11 (next Mondays auction) is the CBI auction you will specifically be guessing for.

2.) The part of the auction to be guessed is "Amount sold at auction price (US$)"

3.) This thread will be closed on Sunday 10-2-11.

4.) You can only guess once, 2 guesses and you will be disqualified.


Prizes are listed in my signature below, and it also includes a FREE VIP membership!!!!

EDIT: It is now Mondays Auctions you are guessing.

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