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  1. Hi Adam as we come close to another quarterly fee coming due I'm having trouble trying to figure how we have profited so far. we have been in a long time and I can't really remember what the rate was back in 2005-6 but could you show me where the gain would be. I know corporate fees for the last 5 years has been somewhat heavy with my budget ,maybe I just need a bit of reassurance.
  2. Not been keeping up, just waiting for the word, but this Reminder is exceptional! Thank you, you have my interest peeked again. It is fun to anticipate and fun to win, if I should live so long (jk). Got all my ducks in a row, let's RV!!
  3. Thank you Adam, if I felt you waffling I would be so in dispair, not because I would loose money but because I trust your judgement and resolve. It truly has been a long wait but "good things come to those who wait." I still believe in this investment and you. Me...Not so much so I am schooling my daughter to be ready to jump on that plane in my absence. Lord willing WE WILL have that drink together. GO RV!
  4. Thank you, reread your post and understand better.. thank you
  5. Hi newbieDA, i dont understand your comment but do appreciate your response and links. Now to do my homework...TY
  6. Good morning DV family. I have read so much and understand so little. I am VIP, OSI, OGIT, but I am not into Bitcoin. I have $100, so where do I go now. Not wanting to loose out but don't know how to jump in. ADAM, I need help please!
  7. Oh my gosh people, join already. If you got nothing, just the peace of mind would be worth it. VIP offers so much you will be sorry if you miss out!
  8. Hi there. I have a problem I can't figure out. I have several DV contacts in my mail list but I never receive ADAMS WEEKLY CHATS/reports. I receive many emails of member comments but never Adam's posts. I have to search far and deep to find his posts. Why aren't I getting his post directly? I am very concerned when he announces the RV I won't know it for days. I am OSI, PLATINUM, OGIT.
  9. Thank you Adam. Any encouragement means a lot. Been a long wait so what's a couple more months. Ready as ever! GooooRV
  10. LOL, glad I was extra busy, didn't know we had a problem. You know what they say what you don't know can't hurt you LOL
  11. Yeah! You're back, so glad to see we are still on track, waiting for awesome news as soon as you got it. ???
  12. hi Adam , I am OSI OGIT and Liftime VIP. I did not get the last two emails, had to find them in DV. Please check and correct , email address is the same , please advise. hi Adam , I am OSI OGIT and Liftime VIP. I did not get the last two emails, had to find them in DV. Please check and correct , email address is the same , please advise.
  13. Hi Adam, I have an opportunity to go to Belize on a cruise. What would you say is the most important things I would want to "check out" as a "heads up" to our OGIT trip. Thanks
  14. gramms9


    I got my money on Adam, but even he would not be disgruntled if they turned out to be right for once ! LOL
  15. Thank you Adam, for all you do. When you get excited and say "soon" I get excited. Even when we hit another delay,it is still good! It gets my mental juices flowing again (I tend to let things slip till you give a "heads-up") then I get busy again and get updated on all the processes and new information, so I'm ready to the DAY. Stay calm, cool, collected and "practice" saying RV NOW
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