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  1. Senator McConnell is a blooming idiot. Corporations should not have the same rights to free speech that the average Americans have. They are not citizens of the USA.
  2. If the stupid people in Congress would listen to this man we would be out of the recession already.
  3. Anybody who believes this garage need HELP!
  4. Romney has a record of putting people out of work for the almighty dollar. I doubt he will try to run on his record.
  5. If we had an 80% turn out for 2012 election Romney will be toast. Obama will win in a landslide.
  6. Everyone should like Romney. At one time he has been on all sides of every issue.
  7. Most republicans see something they don't like or is the truth they call it socialist or communist.
  8. The best spot the maddness vote all of Congress out and pass campaign finance reform.
  9. Why would anybody go see a draft dodger and somebody who shoot bear illegally?
  10. I used to be an NRA member until I found out were all the money went. Before you think the NRA is a good outfit you need to look at where the money goes and who benefits the most.
  11. I guess the people who don't believe global warming also think the world is flat.
  12. X you are so right. the birthers are nothing but a bunch of crackpots.
  13. This lawsuit is nothing but a waste of my tax money. the birthers need to find something that is not a waste of everybody time.
  14. The Georgia case is a JOKE!!!! It is a big waste of everybody time and tax money.
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