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  1. Okla. senator wants ban on human fetuses in food By SEAN MURPHY | Associated Press – 23 hrs ago OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A Republican state senator from Oklahoma City introduced a bill Tuesday that would ban the use of aborted human fetuses in food, despite conceding that he's unaware of any company using such a practice. Freshman Sen. Ralph Shortey said his own Internet research led him to believe such a ban is necessary and prompted him to offer the bill aimed at raising "public awareness" and giving an "ultimatum to companies" that might consider such a policy. Shortey said he discovered suggestions online that some companies use embryonic stem cells to develop artificial flavors, but added that he is unaware of any Oklahoma companies doing such research. In an e-mail to The Associated Press, U.S. Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman Pat El-Hinnawy said: "FDA is not aware of this particular concern." The executive director of the anti-abortion group Oklahomans for Life, which has successfully pushed some of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country through the state's GOP-controlled Legislature, also said he had never heard of human fetuses being used in food research. "I don't know anything about that," said Tony Lauinger. Shortey's bill would prohibit the manufacture or sale of any food in which aborted fetuses were used to develop any of the ingredients. Meanwhile, the bill has caused a stir among Oklahoma lawmakers, many decrying the proposed legislation. Self-described "pro-life" Sen. Brian Crain, the chairman of the Senate Human Services Committee to which Shortey's bill likely would be assigned, said Tuesday other issues are more deserving of the Legislature's attention. "We've got too many challenges facing Oklahomans today. We don't need to go looking for possible challenges that may come about sometime in the future," said Crain, R-Tulsa. "If it can be demonstrated that this is a challenge facing our food supply, then I think we need to act quickly, but there's been no demonstration that this is going on. "I'd hate to think we're going to spend our time coming up with possibilities of things we need to stop." First elected in 2010 to a heavily Hispanic district on the city's south side, Shortey has grabbed headlines with other bills he's introduced that have not become law. He sponsored a measure last year to crack down on illegal immigrants by authorizing law enforcement to seize their homes and vehicles, and to deny Oklahoma citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants. He also offered an amendment to a bill that would have allowed legislators to carry firearms anywhere in the state, including the floor of the House and Senate. This year, Shortey has introduced a bill seeking a public vote on amending the Oklahoma Constitution to abolish the Court of Criminal Appeals. ___ Sean Murphy can be reached at @yahoonews on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook I cannot believe the evil going on with these criminals using aborted children in food. Now this is highly wicked, and deserves severe punishment from GOD.
  2. Obama seems to be confident of victory – run for the hills Thursday, January 26, 2012 4:03 Obama’s State of the Union address set the stall for the November election and confirmed, if any confirmation was necessary, his socialist credentials. Of course the word ‘socialist’ is seldom used in the US, and then only to describe Europeans. Americans are never socialist; they are ‘liberal’, a misnomer if I ever heard one. A US liberal is someone who believes that the big state should increase its power at the expense of the small individual, which is about as illiberal as one can get this side of concentration camps (actually, our LibDems are liberal in exactly the same sense — something to ponder there). Yet even when an American ‘liberal’ himself insists he’s actually a socialist, he’ll still be called a liberal by everyone else. The economist John Kenneth Galbraith once wrote a whole book explaining why he was proud to be a socialist, but every review still described him as a liberal. At the heart of such a liberal’s understanding of economics lies egalitarianism, which for reasons of subterfuge masquerades as ‘fairness’. This Obama illustrated by using the word ‘fair’ three times in the same ungrammatical sentence (everyone should do his ‘fair share’, Mr President, not their — laws of grammar shouldn’t be repealed for the sake of political correctness) and by calling for an ‘economy that works for everyone’. Whenever this abortion of an idea is put into practice anywhere in the world, we find out the hard way that an attempt to create an economy that works for everyone only ever succeeds in creating an economy that works for no one. Fair, as defined in this way, is most unfair. But never mind the thought; it’s the word that counts. A sure way of putting clamps on an economy is to overtax the rich, thus trying to equalise down (the only possible direction). That’s precisely what Obama wants: ‘if you make more than $1 million a year, you should not pay less than 30 percent in taxes.’ What if you reinvest $900,000 into your job-creating business? Do you still pay 30 percent on a million? But then you’ll simply take those jobs elsewhere, which would be a shame in a country where over 13 million people are officially unemployed already, and God only knows how many more unofficially. In the USA over 50 percent of all taxes are paid by the wealthiest three percent of households; 90 percent are paid by the wealthiest 10 percent — how much fairer does Obama want to get? And how much more damage is he prepared to do in the name of this pseudo-fairness? On his watch the US government debt has increased by 50 percent, from $10.6 to $15.2 trillion, dwarfing in per capita terms our own mere £1 trillion and a bit, though the gap is closing. This millstone around the economy’s neck will continue to pull it down, no matter how good other indicators seem to look. Obama’s address exudes self-confidence, which belies his approval rating of less than 50 percent. But then he’ll probably win the next election anyway, considering the sideshow that the Republican primaries are turning out to be. Obama will continue to downplay the debt and the unemployment, while overplaying those indicators that are edging northwards. At the same time, whether the Republican contender will be Romney or Gingrich, Obama has a clear line of personal attack. With Romney, it’ll be his taxes first and his Mormon religion second. In fact, it was probably Romney’s revelation that he pays taxes at only 13-odd percent that made Obama rediscover his affection for fairness. Never mind that Romney pays millions of tax-deductible dollars to charities, which lowers his taxable income. To a socialist, charity is the state’s business (hence the $15.2 trillion of government debt), whereas demagogic populism is the domain of a presidential candidate. If you want to be charitable, Mr Romney, give money to the government, not the needy. And with Mormonism, as November draws nearer, Romney will be made to come clean on whether he does share some of the Mormons’ more bizarre beliefs, such as only Anglophone people being saved (on a remote planet) or Jesus having already come to America. If he confirms he shares such beliefs, American evangelical fundamentalists will cut him to shreds, and they’ll get a lot of secular helpers. If he repudiates the views he is known to hold, he’ll be accused of hypocrisy. Damned if he does; damned if he doesn’t. With Gingrich, his colourful sexual past will make even an easier target: Americans expect their presidents to be monastically pristine. Someone like Mitterrand or Berlusconi or even our own Paddy Ashdown wouldn’t be elected proverbial dog catcher there — unless the press were willing to hush a few indiscretions down, as it did with JFK. Republicans, however, tend not to receive the same compassionate understanding in the predominantly ‘liberal’ press. Neither Romney nor Gingrich gives one much grounds for optimism. It’s not immediately clear how either will make a better president than old Dubya, who said all the right things while campaigning and then turned out rather disastrous in office. And yet either man would be preferable to a second term of an unabashedly socialist president. If Obama managed to add 50 percent to the already staggering public debt while keeping an eye on possible reelection, just imagine what he’ll do when he has nothing to lose. The 2008 crisis in the US economy brought the global economy to the brink of disaster — a repeat performance could push it over the edge. And make no mistake about it: the main culprit in the ongoing crisis is governments wasting billions to promote ‘fairness’. If Obama doesn’t feel he even has to disguise his socialist, which is to say big-spending and high-taxing, intentions, the reality will be worse. Since the US hugely affects the whole world, this kind of reality doesn’t bear thinking about. By Alexander Boot
  3. Video Interview About NDAA-2012 With Stewart Rhodes Thursday, January 26, 2012 12:52 Bring your friends up to speed on the seriousness of NDAA-2012 in just forty-two info-packed minutes with one of America's foremost authorities on the dangers inherent in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Read more at Oath Keepers
  4. Obama’s State of the Union: In Debt to Nobody Thursday, January 26, 2012 1:20 Would it surprise you that President Obama only mentioned the word “debt” 5 times during his speech and none of those occasions had anything to do with the hole in which our nation now finds itself? That’s kind of an odd fact considering we are almost $14.5 trillion in debt. Since Obama has been president (3 years) debt has grown by $4 trillion. George W. Bush’s time in office saw an increase in debt by $4.9 trillion (over the course of 8 years vs. 3). The only time President Obama mentioned the word “debt” was in relation to one of his party’s favorite topics: Class Warfare. 1.But everybody else struggled with costs that were growing and paycheques that weren’t – and too many families found themselves racking up more and more debt just to keep up. 2.[W]e should be a country where everyone has a chance to go and doesn’t rack up $100,000 of debt just because they went. 3.This country should not be known for bad debt and phony profits. 4.Americans from being taken advantage of by mortgage lenders or payday lenders or debt collectors. 5.Does anybody here think that the problem that led to our financial crisis was too much oversight of mortgage lenders or debt collectors? No mention was made of the fact that virtually all of the debt assumed under Obama’s presidency was during the time his party controlled 2 out of 3 branches of government. No mention was made that it has been 1,000 days since a budget was passed. President Obama was big on talking about the rich (i.e. the drivers of the economy) paying their “fair share” (who decides what is fair?) as if this is somehow a hallmark of responsible citizenship but how irresponsible has the president’s fiscal behavior been? Dumping hundreds of millions into bad “green energy” loans which never created any jobs while killing an oil pipeline project that would have created 22,000 of them? What are Americans’ priorities in all of this? Class Warfare (mentioned repeatedly) or Debt (mentioned not at all)? A Gallup poll shows the following: So why were the overwhelming concerns of Americans not mentioned by the president? Because he’s going to blame the Republicans and the State of the Union speech was used to blame the rich to set the stage for going after the Republican nominee, that’s why. Another shameful speech ignoring reality.
  5. Democrat Code Words for Socialism Thursday, January 26, 2012 12:49 Democrat Code Words for SocialismFairness, Fair Share, income inequality, etcA Commentary by J. D. Longstreet Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats would simply drop their façade and admit they have morphed into some sort of American breed of a socialist political party? In the past few months, even years, my teeth have been set on edge when I have listened to their rhetoric about “fairness,” in this or that, and their use of the words “fair share” to drive a wedge between the American classes, and especially the words, or phrase, “income inequality” which seals the deal. When a nation seeks income equality it is assuming socialism as its core philosophy. Income inequality is the clarion call for redistribution of a nation’s wealth. It is as simple and as basic as that. In the past two decades I have slowly come to the realization that the dumbing down of Americans is near completion. It has taken approximately 50 years to realize, but the leftist movement in America successfully infiltrated and gained control of America’s public education system. Now we have a full generation and most of a second generation who have no clue what America is about. They don’t have a clue what their freedom cost. They don’t have a clue that the federal government was created by the states to serve the states as an agent. They have been taught -- and they believe -- that the people of the states are subservient to the federal government. They do not understand that the Bill of Rights is a protection for the American people from their federal government. Those ten amendments restrain the federal government in the interest of the people. Most of our young Americans today don’t know the difference between the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Don’t believe me? Ask ‘em! I have mentioned in previous articles that as a solider in the US military I was trained to meet and combat socialism on the battlefield. It was rightly recognized as an enemy of freedom. It was recognized as a form of government that was destined to fail, but before its demise, it would enslave the people of any nation that was so utterly stupid as to even try it. No nation has yet survived socialism. Europe is teetering on the edge of complete disaster simply because they have run out of other people’s money with which to pacify their populace after decades of coddling and teaching them to depend on their government for their very existence. The USSR is now a footnote in history. Yet, despite the fact that America was nearly crushed under the weight of a mere sampling of socialism, the left persists in their socialist agenda for America. In 2008, they managed to elect a socialist as President of the United States. In 2010 the people of the political right in America successfully blunted the socialist left’s endeavor to shove America deeper into socialism. Conservatives were successful in retaking a majority of the Congress. Now we have a chance to solidify conservative control of the American government by refusing to reelect the socialist in the White House this November. It was clear after the President’s State of the Union address that their next step is to incite a class war in America. The great-unwashed masses in America must be taught to hate the “patricians” and the “plutocrats” – the very people who financed -- and continue to finance -- America’s success as the greatest nation in the history of mankind. The wealthy Americans must be brought low and their wealth confiscated and redistributed to the – ahem – less fortunate among us. That is what I like to refer to as: BOVINE SCATOLOGY! Nevertheless, their efforts to incite class warfare has been more successful than most think. It ought to be. It has been an underground movement for at least nine decades now. With the left’s capture of the Oval Office the socialist were emboldened to rise to the surface and ram their agenda through the national legislature. But the right stopped them in 2010. That, dear reader, is why we now see the President’s abuse of the power of the Executive Order. Obama is intent on diluting democratic freedom in America by infusing socialism into every agency and administration under the control of the executive branch of the government. Americans must retake control of their government in November and free it from the clutches of the socialist elite who have dipped their fangs into America’s bloodstream and are sucking her dry. America needs a champion who will lead from the front. A leader who take a stand on the deck of our sinking ship of state, much as the Father of the US Navy, Captain John Paul Jones, when his ship was blown to bits and sinking from enemy fire. When asked if he was prepared to surrender Jones famously replied: “I have not yet BEGUN to fight!” Against all odds, Jones won the battle and took the enemy ship. THAT is the spirit we need, indeed, the spirit it will take to lead America out of the muck and mire of socialism, put her back on course, trim her sails, and stir for the safe harbor of capitalism and freedom. It is a life or death decision we Americans will make in November -- the life or death of America. J. D. Longstreet
  6. Biden’s Blindness Thursday, January 26, 2012 2:01 The morning after President Obama gave his opening campaign lie, I mean his 2012 State of the Union address, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on the CBS This Morning show. They also hosted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, but only gave Cantor one third the time that they gave Biden, which is no surprise ever since they started their new line-up of hosts earlier this month, the show has been extremely openly biased for Obama and the Democrats. Vice President Biden was interviewed by anchor Charlie Rose. As I listened to the interview, Biden’s prejudicial biases came shining through. Listen to a couple of the questions Rose asked Biden and then read Biden’s responses: Rose: “Many looked at that State of the Union address and said it was an address to the state of the union but it was also the opening of a political campaign and that it was almost a campaign message of which the center element was fairness.” Biden: “Well, that’s been the essence of what we’ve been talking about from the beginning Charlie. When we ran we talked about this being about the middle class. Look, the bargains have been broken with the middle class and I know that Mr. Daniels, er Gov Daniels, and others have talked about class warfare or we’re picking people, but the bottom line is simple. The middle class has been hammered, they’ve been hammered and we think we should be focusing on what’s fair is to give them a shot. That’s where our focus on manufacturing, there’s good jobs there. They’re coming home. That’s why we focused on education. That’s part of the middle class dream that you can have a kid go on to college, go on to school after high school. And that’s why we focused on the whole notion that we’re going to go out there and make sure middle class people get a fair shot…Without the middle class growing nothing happens good in this country. Nothing happens that’s positive and they’ve not been growing. They deserve a piece of the growth.” Rose: “The essence of this speech was the military metaphor. The President brought it up at the beginning, he brought it up at the end. The military he said works together. Does the administration also bear some responsibility for the paralysis in Washington in which two sides are not working together?” Biden: “Look, Charlie, I don’t think so. This President came in with open arms. He said look I’m willing to talk to anybody. I’m ready to sit down. And by the way we did on major, major issues. Sit down with Republican leadership and in fairness to them we made deals that we thought we could have, could have a deal. I shook hands a couple of the leaders saying okay, we can do that and they’d call back and say, Joe I can’t deliver that. I can’t get it done. What happened was the election, 2010 elected a group of Republicans that are a minority but seem to be the tail that’s wagging the dog. The President has reached out in every way…” Biden’s response to the first question almost made me choke on my breakfast. He made it sound like Obama and his administration were the champions of the middle class. He talked about giving the middle class a ‘fair shot.’ The Obama administration hasn’t given the middle class a fair shot since they took office. In the three years of the Obama reign, the middle class had been steadily shrinking and the poverty class has been increasing as has the wealthy class. The middle class has been hit the hardest in jobs and foreclosures. Biden was truthful when he said, “Without the middle class growing nothing happens good in this country. Nothing happens that’s positive and they’ve not been growing.” However it appears that the Obama administration doesn’t want the middle class to survive or experience a positive growth. A truly socialist nation only has two classes, the wealthy elite and the rest which are generally living in poverty and this is exactly what Obama has been striving towards. Biden’s response to Rose’s second question was absolutely delusional when he said that the Obama administration is not responsible for any of the paralysis in Washington. Does Biden forget that Obama has announced on more than one occasion that he would not consider any action of the Republicans unless it contained the provisions that Obama proposed? Does Biden also forget how many times Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the Senate would not consider any bills that came from the House unless they contained the provisions that the Democrats insisted on? Does Biden forget that the Republican House sent a dozen jobs bills to the Democratic Senate who rejected one and refused to even read the other eleven? Does Biden forget that BOTH House Republicans and Senate Democrats publicly insisted on holding their ground on the payroll tax cut issue a couple months ago? Biden must be completely blind and stubbornly ignorant of anything going on in Washington if he can honestly say that the Obama administration bore no responsibility for the paralysis in Washington. And being that blind and stubborn, perhaps the Democratic Party should drop the jackass as their symbol and replace it with Biden, but then again, there’s really no difference, is there?
  7. The Devil In Disguise… Thursday, January 26, 2012 12:58 The Anglican Church continues to show unfit for purpose it has become after decades of liberal leadership.I read that two Church of England vicars conducted hundreds of sham ­marriages to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain, a court heard yesterday. The Reverends Elwon John and Brian Shipsides allegedly presided over fake wedding ceremonies between Africans and EU citizens. Once the marriages had taken place a “strikingly high proportion” of immigrants made applications to the Home Office for the right to remain in the UK, Inner London Crown Court was told. In some cases, EU nationals were said to have jetted into ­Britain just so the marriages could take place, before being flown straight out again. The “massive fraud” allegedly took place over more than two years at All Saints Church in ­Forest Gate, east London. Nigerian Amdudalat Ladipo – herself an illegal immigrant – is accused of being the “fixer” behind the racket. What a racket. These guys should, if convicted, be de-frocked and imprisoned.
  8. CFR Madmen Itching For A Nuclear Armageddon Wednesday, January 25, 2012 3:59 Servando Gonzalez January 24, 2012 A few days ago, the U.S. Government officially declared that it is the right time to attack Iran. I am not talking about the bunch of corrupt puppet-politicians in Washington D.C., but about the true government of the U.S. The January/February 2012 issue of Foreign Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relation’s organ, published an article by Matthew Kroenig under the suggestive and appealing title “Time to Attack Iran. Why a Strike Is the Least Bad Option.” Kroenig is one of the new ambitious madmen carefully nurtured by the CFR masters as substitutes for the aging Kissingers, Brzezinkis and Cheneys. According to Kroenig, “skeptics of military action fail to appreciate the true danger that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose to U.S. interests in the Middle East and beyond.” In the CFR conspirators’ lingo, “U.S. interests” actually mean the interests of Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and transnational corporations. Now, given the fact that Russia and China most likely would not watch a U.S. direct attack on Iran sitting on their hands, one has to conclude that the conspirators’ goal is not anymore war-for-oil but war-for-total-destruction of most of this planet. It seems that the CFR madmen have decided to resort to the best eugenics tool money can buy: total nuclear war. Actually, the Rockefellers and their minions at the CFR have been preparing for it since mid-last century, and apparently they have now concluded that the time is ripe for a nuclear holocaust that will liberate them from us, “useless eaters,”[1] so they can fully enjoy the planet’s natural resources that belong to them. For many years, some people have mentioned the existence of an invisible government that actually controls this country. Of course, the mainstream media has repeatedly told us that there is no such thing as an “invisible government,” and that the ones who claim the existence of such thing are just a bunch of kooks. Now, however, it’s official. The Council on Foreign Relations has ordered their puppets in the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon, that now is the right time to wage another unnecessary long, unwinnable war against a country that poses no threat to the security of the citizens of the United States. And the puppets are running like headless chickens following their masters’ orders.
  9. Why They Lie Wednesday, January 25, 2012 3:46 by Zen Gardner I don't think people really understand how nefarious lying is. These elites actually believe what they are telling us. They believe it is what we need to hear, therefore to them it is an enforceable truth. The twisted mind of the psychopathic control freaks who slither their way into positions of power use lies not just as a cover up device, hiding truth from the rest of us. It is a thuggish, aggressive projection of an image or idea to forcefully keep us silent and subdued. Why do you think they also have to drug our food, air and water? Same plan. They're afraid of us. What's Controlling Them? Besides lust, envy, greed, arrogance, fear and insanity? Lots. You also have to wonder who's controlling them. They answer to someone as well, that's when it really gets freaky. To imagine yourself in the world of one of these creeps is horrific. This Clinton guy is said to have destroyed a large part of his nasal mechanics from snorting so much cocaine during his drug running years in Arkansas, which he covered up via crooked underlings, bought off courts and dozens of murders. Yeah. Welcome to American politics. And he presided over two terms of destruction including the government massacres at Waco and Oklahoma City. This creep still wanders the earth pretending to be someone of import, charging huge fees for speaking engagements as he scopes the areas for sex objects. Not familiar with his history? Here, have a look at this. Make time for it some time: What's Controlling Them? Besides lust, envy, greed, arrogance, fear and insanity? Lots. You also have to wonder who's controlling them. They answer to someone as well, that's when it really gets freaky. To imagine yourself in the world of one of these creeps is horrific. This Clinton guy is said to have destroyed a large part of his nasal mechanics from snorting so much cocaine during his drug running years in Arkansas, which he covered up via crooked underlings, bought off courts and dozens of murders. Yeah. Welcome to American politics. And he presided over two terms of destruction including the government massacres at Waco and Oklahoma City. This creep still wanders the earth pretending to be someone of import, charging huge fees for speaking engagements as he scopes the areas for sex objects. Not familiar with his history? Here, have a look at this. Make time for it some time: What Is Lying? My point is, lying is not a two-dimensional cover up device. When it comes to our self-appointed rulers and handlers it's brute force being exerted on the human psyche with carefully delineated objectives. And these people live whole lives that are massive lies, covering up untold weirdness and atrocities. When you see the horrendous truth about some of these characters who pretend to portray some caring father figure in the American White House it is truly dumbfounding. Never mind almost all of them being members of secret societies, most are known to participate in drugs, pedophelia and weird secret rituals--never mind their mass genocidal wars and covert operations. Yes, it pushes you past the limit of credibility, and that's where they want you. When the difference between what you're being told versus what you're seeing and sensing is so wide and seemingly unbridgeable, that's the place they want you to be. And to stay. Cognitive Dissonance This term gets a lot of play but it's so essential in knowing and understanding how we're being tooled. The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance. Source So while a lot of psychological factors are at play, even though we're living in a war mongering, violence promoting, promiscuous, sensationalized fear and scarcity based atmosphere, you'd rather believe their promises that everything is fine and getting better just to get by and not rock the boat. Overload mind-screw mission accomplished. Politicians are the perfect examples of cognitive dissonance. You're constantly hearing one thing while they do another. It's continuous so people don't just tolerate it, they expect it. And the more they do that the more illusion can be imposed. And believe me, they are piling it on. It will soon be illegal to question authority. It's right around the corner. You can bet that these shelved censorship bills will reappear buried in some new, lying label like "The Patriot Act". Oh how lying politicians put the "Moron" in Oxymoron. They Lie to Keep You from Knowing their Intentions If they told you the truth you would freak out and their machines would stop. That's only gonna happen when they want the whole thing to collapse. And sadly that's right around the corner. People are getting it more and more, but the global awakening has the elites nervous. They have a plan, a very nasty one. The depopulation agenda has been exposed thoroughly, but never so chillingly as in the words of slithery Zbigniew Brzezinski in one of his instructional talks following his clearly articulated concern over the global political awakening: “I once put it rather pungently, and I was flattered that the British Foreign Secretary repeated this, as follows… namely, in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people, than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill, than to control…” Source "Infinitely easier to kill". Get the message? That's the kind of freaks we're up against. Mind Control and Mass Psychosis Lying is like a fundamental doctrine of a massive mind control game these elite scumbags are running. The distance between this huge lie they're passing off versus the real Truth of what's going on is one monstrous mass psychosis. It's not just politics. I'm just using these jerks as the most obvious example to expose the technology of deceit. History, religion, anthropology, science, it's all been knee-capped, shredded and twisted to fit a certain need. And don't take my word for it--find out for yourself or you're perpetuating the helplessness and dependency that got us into this mess. I'm just trying to stir you up while we still have time. Know this: All this lying crap on our windshield only controls you if you don't wake up to it. Turn your wipers on. It's like the skies today. How many think those are natural as the chemtrails wisp their way across the blue? Way too many! We've been hazed, glazed and dazed and the majority doesn't even notice. That's what we're up against. Warning: when you do begin to grasp the enormity of the LIE it's not very pleasant at first. To realize virtually everything you've been told and taught is bullshit designed to keep you depressed, distracted and in the dark so you'll be a content little slave ain't a happy realization. But only at first. Do You Want the Truth? You have to decide, do I really want the truth? And by the way, as bad a mess as has been engineered with all this insanity called the perceived human societal condition, there are wonderful empowering truths that will propel you into worlds beyond your dreams. I'm sure you know that. But you have to snap out of the nightmare first. That's the key. That has to come first before you attempt to take action, or you'll just be a new part of the problem. It takes courage, but really, if you're even slightly conscious, it's a no-brainer. As C.S. Lewis famously said: “We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”
  10. This woman has more true insight than the majority of Americans. WOW!
  11. I have a solution to that debt problem, and that is to declare all debt owed to the private Federal Reserve null and void, because it was fiat money anyway. The gold that was in Fort Knox was turned over to these criminals for worthless paper money, and these thugs are still operating. These criminals should be behind prison bars, and those elite criminals over in the city of London also brought to the US, and placed in prison with them. The queen has her hand in a whole heap of dirty business, and that is obvious. Obama also should be arrested along with Holder, and all who have aided these criminals in their usurping of the white house, because they have committed multiple felonies, and high treason while running rampant over the people, and rule of law, and nobody does anything about it. The law will not honor their oath and bring these criminals to justice, nor will the military honor their oath, and uphold the law. Only thing left to do, is for the people to do massive citizen arrest to restore the rule of law, and order. Enough is enough, when does it all end?
  12. Rand Paul Stands against Tyranny A Nation Of Sheep, Will Beget A Government Of Wolves
  13. 'Romney Takes a Stand' Romney was born rich and got richer by taking down companies. Gordon Gecko would have been proud. Romney the flip-flopper knows most people have short memories. They'll go for the guy who seems the most calm and confident. Romney is a snappy dresser. His hair is well-coiffed. And, of course...he has plenty of money. Romney, Newt, Santorum or Perry--all are war-mongering rich neocons out to serve the interests of the powers that be. They are just like W. Bush. Only Ron Paul has integrity. Ron Paul won't flip flop when it comes to the Constitution. Paul takes a firm, consistent stand for liberty. Don't be deceived by the slick, status-quo flip flopper Romney who wants to keep more money and power floating toward the 1 percent. Vote for Ron Paul.
  14. It has nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do with honesty, and there is no honesty in Obama, for everything he has ever said was a lie, after lie. You people that keep believing Obama are the problem, and you need to come clean about that, and be honest yourselves, because you have a serious sickness. So you are dropping the mic, and never coming back here again? Well do not let the door hit you in your behind on the way out, because I am sure nobody will miss you. LOL!
  15. Could The Following Picture Be America's Problem? With the lies, and deceptions, and bias reporting of the main stream media, with a thug controlled government at it's controls, it's no doubt in my mind the people are brainwashed by the electric toilet.
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