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  1. All Sounds Good............I have a feeling this is going to happen this coming Monday.
  2. We keep waiting...and waiting, and waiting.
  3. Been in this since 2005, so waiting a few more months, days, or maybe hours...I'm pretty sure I can wait a little more.
  4. Hope that SOB falls asleep he's done it before... unless he drinks a couple of black beauties to stay up tonight.
  5. Simply they are boaring idividuals who probably don't spend much or any quality time with their families. What a shame for these know it all.
  6. No respect for this Okie guy..too much garbage has come from him.
  7. Thanks.. for sharing it is amazing how anything can happen in a flash. I would have to say God had his hand and was watching over both of you. I can't imagine the heart rate in a situation of that nature, anyway glad to hear you made thru. Keep in mind we have plenty of real estate available here in Florida, you'll never have worry about ice on the road just road rage.
  8. Don't blame boredom, the wife is tired watching you run around reading dinar news/gossip. Good luck and thanks for all that Guru stuff.
  9. The piece is carried in the back pocket... I think, the load of crp is in the pants cause it appears rarely they use the bathroom. looks like that to me!
  10. We have a young man lives down the street, he looks just like the guy on the far left.
  11. Wow! this is Weird.... The alarm at my office when off last night exactly at 2:32 am, i received a call from by boss, and asked if i can go and check it out since I live closer than he does. This is very weird it almost seems we may be dinar science project.
  12. Scooter, The best researcher on the Dinar Investment. *****
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