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Dr Pete chat - VERY GOOD

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Dr Pete is an economics expert and a former CIA asset in Iraq. The man talks Marshall plan, currency rv's, american politics, rates, dates and he even has a wonderful recipe for apple crumble pie!!

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Thanks! great post! Does anyone know who Dr Pete is? What is his full name? I would like to forward this to a friend but would like to explain who he is.

There is a reason they won't give his full name. We could then google him and find out he is fake. Just like PTR

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I believe his name is Dr Pete Todd. He's a university lecturer or professor now. He has quite some insights and was a guest at this chat. I have no clue who the "host" is, as this was forwarded to me by a friend.

the main speaker was a participant in the Marshall plan after WWII. His name is Dr. Pete Todd

They want to shield his identity but somewhere in the interview the host screws up and clearly calls him mr Todd at some stage :-)

What I like is his relaxed manner and the way he sees the big picture and the natural role of RVs in this geopolitical game we're playing.

I like him :-).

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Great informative call on Iraq and other ME counties' background - back to the '40s. Explains the economics of this whole situation, including how banks are involved, who's holding up the RV (in his opinion USGovt) - Rep & Dems and Obama trying to get everything they can out of this situation to make themselves look good (IMO).

Lost sound around 30 min. in. - not sure if it was my computer or the call itself.

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Can't view on this old computer. Can anyone give a brief transcription of this message? Thank you

Sorry sheepdog it was 50 min. long and hard to give a brief synopsis. Maybe someone else is better at that then I am.

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