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  1. Ok, first I'll reiterate- this is simply an opinion... nothing more and nothing less. With that said: I've been away from the different forums for a few weeks because it's golfing weather in E. Tennessee and I'm trying to get my game down to the high 70s. I came back on today and read what's being said and I do notice some changes. Rates and dates seem to be a thing of the past. Since everyone called out Dokie and the lady who set up his OOM site, the other gurus have started eating their young. Half seem to deny they ever called a rate/date, half seem to imply that they know but can't talk b/c it may hinder the release. All seem to say anything to stay in the spotlight and keep their groupies hanging on every word. Okie said he was going silent- how long did that last? 1 day, 3 days- well, whatever, he's BAAACCKKK. Freeway Bill said he was leaving today- maybe... time will tell but if he acts like all the others- he'll be back. I went onto OOM when the earthquake hit them and asked why anyone would listen to Okie- didn't get an answer b/c no one can logically say - what I did get was a lot of defensive junk saying I was trying to 'hurt them and inject confusion into their faith'- how sad is that? I've seen all kinds of explanations for the ways that financial and economic realities manifest themselves in our global world. Most are laughable, some are simply ludicrous, and some have just enough of truth to make someone wonder if the author really knows something. I don't claim to know, but I can say this... the underlying goal of business is profit- the underlying goal of politics is power- and, the underlying goal of 'gurus' is to build a cult-like following to exploit in future endeavors (of course, the last is opinion- but remember... this is an opinion piece). If you accept that hypothesis, then it should be relatively simple to deduct the following: Gurus lie... a global or national event such as Iraq changing the value of their currency will not be impacted because some guru online makes a statement; the gurus used rates/dates to build their following and then when Okie and the Lady got revealed- they went to the post-RV gibberish- it's like they've hooked the fish, now they're getting ready to put them into the basket. I can see it now: if the RV does not happen- it'll be, 'boy, oh boy... rv didn't happen but I've got this great opportunity you all need to be part of- unfortunately I can't speak about the hard details... but you trust me so just send money' . If the rv does happen, it'll be, 'boy, oh boy... didn't I tell you- now, I have this great opportunity you should all be part of- unfortunately... ' Some of it's already happening: buy my cookbook, use this guy to set up your trusts, come pray with me...' These type of con men have been around for centuries- what did PT Barnum say... to everyone on every site: if I believe someone and they're wrong- you can call me ignorant; if I believe that same person saying the same wrong thing again and again- you can call me naive and persistent, however, if I continuously believe that person regardless of his/her record and excuses- you almost have to call me a fool, don't you? That' my point on writing this... if you believe that any of these gurus have contacts that feed them credible inside information concerning the RV; if you believe that any of them are setting up post-rv opportunities; if you believe any guru has an impact on the RV, or if you believe that any of these people have your best interest at heart vs their own self benefit-- then get yourself a dunce hat, a pair of pointy shoes, a clown costume, and paint your face b/c you should be dressed for the part you're playing in this staged play.. Oh well, I've sounded the bell again. Read the articles but don't put a great deal of faith in their veracity; do your own due diligence by speaking with bankers, calling financial centers and speaking with currency management people, and (this is the most important piece of advice I can give) DON'T SPEND MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. This investment is like going to Vegas and rolling the dice and nothing the gurus say can change that b/c they don't have any impact in it whatsoever. I've rolled my dice and I'm pro-RV... so I'm not anxious about the when. It happens or it doesn't- I took my chance. What I am concerned about is what the groupie movement says about the temperament and critical thinking of the American people. Think about it... it's time to remove the make-up, give back the pointy shoes, and leave the clown suit in the closet. Tell the gurus to buzz off and shut up; go out and enjoy the day/night; and wait and see what happens with the RV. Won't impact the RV anyway shape or form, but you might save some money in fees and back-end cons. Critical thinking and accountability- that's the ticket. As always, good luck all, be safe, and go RV.
  2. Hey all- just a few thoughts on what the BIG CRASH. If you haven't read the information that released this hurricane- it's a pretty informative post. All the information was readily accessible on the net, a person just had to take the time and have the expertise to gather it, so I don't think any laws were broken and my sensibilities weren't impacted at all. Here's why: I'm sure everyone has heard the sayings: 'If you mess with the bull you'll get the horns up your azz' and 'if you play with fire, you'll get burned'. Well, think about it- if in reality people have lost their homes, quit their jobs, and taken food from their families table in order to buy dinars based on Okie, Bulldog, and Bear's proclamations of blissful fulfillment- I'm sure they're mad as Hell. Now someone releases the home information of the site owner- MISKEBAM. You find out she owns several dinar sites; you assume she had to know what Okie has been doing (she actually said something to the effect that Okie didn't use God, rather God used Okie- do you remember that statement... I do); and, if that assumption is correct, you also assume she read the people on Okie's site talking about being down and out, losing their home, and counting on this to make things right. What did she expect people to do after being told it's done a hundred times at least and, as of yet- NOTHING? I hate to see anyone harassed or threatened but I believe it was predictable given the environment she helped to create. I wonder if the money was worth it? One more thing: back to those members who listen to these shrills- I understand they hold a certain amount of righteous anger- but they're not without accountability. We're all adults- we know this is a speculative INVESTMENT with no guarantee of profit- and, we are accountable to our families, ourselves, and our God for our actions. The member of these sites should do some reflecting on their 'gurus' and demand accuracy rather than feel-good promises. If they can't be accurate- tell them to buzz off; if you get banned from their site- find another one. OF course, this is just my opinion and everyone has one As always- everyone be safe and go RV.
  3. Littlefeet... I've got to say- I love that animation. Go RV
  4. Thanks for the thread... in fact, I would guess that the underlying principles are shared by a great number of people. However, I would disagree with most of your list of responsible gurus... only reason I'm not disagreeing with all is that I'm simply not familiar with some. Studley, Poppy3, Scotti G, Bear5642, Delta, Ray, Steve are in the category as Oakie in my opinion- simple shrills that hark their wares to the unsuspecting and foolish public. My grandfather used to say "if you say something that's not true once- it could be a mistake; if you say the same thing twice wrong- it could be things happen; but if you continuously say the same thing and it's always wrong- either you're a liar or a fool. I don't think they're fools- so..... My real concern is about the people who follow them with such religious fervor. I would really like for someone - anyone - to explain to me in rational terms how people can spend money for pay sites from someone who has never been correct in any predictive statement but keeps shouting "RV tonight, Rats have been exterminated, Computer glitch, but God bless and I love you". Sure they love you- they love the money your patronage allows them to generate from advertisers and memberships. REALLY- this should give concern to all Americans because this mass of people get to vote, drive cars, and own guns. Now, I own guns so I can shoot back, I drive a car in a small city so I have a little protection, however- their vote cancels mine out and when we put an idiot in the white house- I'm screwed too. Whatever happened to the common sense and pragmatic perspective that used to be a characteristic of Americans. Does the easy life we've shared for the past 50 years as a culture really breed complacency which evolves into stupidity. I don't know but the 'guru groupies' seem to give an indication. I guess my point is: People please give this investment the due diligence it deserves; don't spend a lot of money on bs being delivered from those who provide excuses rather than accuracy; and PLEASE to GOD- educate yourself some small bit before voting this year- Well, that's it folks I'm off my soapbox... and as always- Go RV. Read more:
  5. MsMortgagewiz, If you want to hide your IP- my suggestion would be the implementation of a Proxy server. and provide this service for a nominal fee. You also could google 'hiding my IP address' and probably find numerous free applications that would provide some type of anonymity. Good luck D
  6. Ok, as some will know, I don't post much any more- reasons for this are many but include: 1) I dislike the fact that free speech is censored on this site when questioning Adam; 2) I don't really believe anyone has contacts that are credible so it's just a waiting game; and, 3) I hate the way people build clay pedestals for their 'dinar heroes' and fail to insist upon performance. If you choose to be led- then get in line, you'll have a lot of company; rather, I'd prefer you to insist upon knowledge rather than speculation, performance rather than excuses, and honesty rather than mumbled innuendos of 'God working in mysterious ways'. In that context, just a few words to express my opinion about where we are: If you belong to any site, then when you visit that site, the clicks are worth money as potential marketing for advertisers. Now that's fine if it's a free site and doesn't cost the member anything; however, if you join a premium section and have to pay a monthly fee- then you should demand that the information you receive has value. For example, how many people have set up trusts, wills, traveled, paid for legal advice in regards to this RV- has any of that expense resulted in a return for you yet?? Also, these gurus who constantly predict the RV enticing people to invest or pay premium fees are not doing it for altruistic purposes: they are creating a cash stream from your participation. Fine, but what do you get? a roller coaster of emotions that it's going to RV, excuses that it didn't, but every Friday- lo and behold... it's show time again. I've worked in IT for 10 years as a network security consultant for the DOD, the Justice department, corporations, and teach computer technology at the University level... I would stake my reputation that there are no computer glitches holding this back- I mean, there are brilliant people who work in the IT field for the gov't and they've had at least 11/2 years to fix compatibility issues. Think about it? Moving on: concerning the spiritual war that a lot keeping referring to: Does anyone really believe that the God of Creation couldn't make things happen concerning the dinar? Remember, God's Prophets are NEVER wrong and they are known by their works. That's the litmus test- when they speak as God's messengers- have they ever been wrong?? Yes, people of good faith can be wrong- but, if they are, the message was not Godly inspire- it was simply the thoughts of the human vessel. They can speak of the fluidity of this situation- yes, it certainly is that; they can say this is a 'world wide event unlike any that has happened before- and, yes, it may be; they can talk of 'we don't know the rules' - and, we probably don't... but, I know this- these gurus have created a cash stream through your participation. That's capitalism and I'm all for it; however, you should demand that you get accurate information, value for your dollar, and truth... 'been told not to get into details by the boys in the black sunglasses' simply should not be sufficient. IT'S YOUR MONEY- YOU'RE the only one who will protect it. Demand answers. As always- go RV.
  7. dman13

    RV in HI!

    Roadrunner, I read it the same as you. I don't see this as saying they're cashing in, rather- he gives his 'window' when cash in will start which is after banks close in HI. Seems like these 'gurus' spout enough junk that we don't need to misquote them. Just my opinion and I know everyone has one. Anyway, if you want a laugh, read the Oakie defense recently posted explaining who he is. Incredible- I wonder if he pays ghost writers to pen that stuff? As always, go RV.
  8. This is so funny... I read my earlier post on d**** daddy. If you think I attempted to call a date, please reread the post. PLEASE, PLEASE do not put me in the same category as the guru brigade: I don't want to build a cult; I don't want to create a following; certainly won't be making prediction after prediction; will never close with 'I love you guys' nor with ' I'm going to the church and call this forward' and, most certainly, will not predict a $25 dollar reval. Yesterday's post was simply to inform the membership here that I had heard from a monied source that April 2/3 would be the new red letter days. I thought it was interesting that I had heard it from an outside source before the 'brigade' started backing up and chattering about April. That's all it was meant to be. I will give a bit of history here about the profile of the source with the caveat that I don't know this person, just know the business he is in. Periodically, he works with my brother in funding international endeavors that are refused money by the world banks. That's where the secondary paper comes in- a country, group or individual needs funding for a project- the banks refuse to back the deal so the principle looks for private funds. Monied people step forth and lend the money creating a note of some type. Now, the holder of this loan can keep it for the term or sell it to another group creating secondary paper. These deals are normally million dollar babies and most of the players have high dollar profiles. My source is one of these people- he regularly deals in international projects and has a lot of contacts throughout international finance. I don't even know if he is invested in Dinars- he simply answered a question that my brother asked him and then repeated it to me on a conference call we had. That's all it was- I meant to simply speak of the coincidence of him saying April 2/3 and then the guru's reiterating the timeframe. Hope this helps to clarify my earlier post- good luck to all and, as always- go RV. OH yes... I love you guys sorry, couldn't resist this one time.
  9. Ok... as some of you know, I've repeatedly stated that 'I don't have any sources'. However, that has changed in the past few months. I don't know this source but do know the person who repeated it to me so take it for what it's labeled- a rumor. With that said, I have a brother who has been involved in secondary paper, venture capital, and international finance for 20 years- he's 64. One of his business partners told me on Monday of this week that this was supposed to go 2 weeks ago but Europe and Mid East were not ready- so the new date is that it will be posted on April 2 and go public April 3. As I said, this was Monday evening before all the guru's started changing their predictions- I don't know where the actual source came from- didn't push b/c I'm burned out on predictions, but did want to let you know that someone completely outside the usual Dinar circus did say that April 2/3 were red letter days. To be candid, I believe anyone that takes anything the usual buffoons say as valid are too naive to cross the street without adult supervision- but... who knows? Anyway, good luck to all and as always, go RV.
  10. I saw this posted in ........ daddy. I take back everything I've said about the guru's not being idiots... This guy is truly idiotic but knowing how many times he's backed up the other gurus, it's hilarious. Anyway, part of his post is below, go to the site to read the rest.... and yes, this person votes, has the right to carry a gun, drives, and... possibly has children. What a world we live in. ArizonaHeat's post: Arizonaheat] You want answers, you can’t handle the truth. Dinarians, we live in a world where revaluations need to be completed, who’s going to do it, you Bulldog, you BGG, I have a greater responsibility that you can possibly fathom, you weep for Intel providers and you curse the world governments, you have that luxury, you have that luxury of not knowing what I know, the lack of solid Intel while tragic, probably saved someone money and my existence while grotesque and incomprehensible by you, brings Intel to 3S.
  11. I don't post much anymore... but, sometimes I'm drawn into a discussion. Just my opinion, but I don't think we can call the guru's stupid or idiotic anymore- obviously, they 'get' something from their bs... whether accolades, false esteem, or money- whatever- they get something. The ones we should worry about being dumber than a stump are the ones that follow them so closely and keep heaping cult like 'ooohs and ahhhhs' on every wrong prediction. The reason we should worry is these people get to VOTE. Now that's terrifying if you think about it.
  12. Good find but not certain it has any creedence. Translation indicates that it was published in 1978 and the person who signed off on it, Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr died in 1982. Hope they're just piggybacking on it, but I'm afraid this was a pre-war law that applied to the rates Saddam utilized. Anyway, that's how I read it... anyone who can offer another explanation- please do so b/c I'm certainly ready for the RV. God's speed all and, as always, go RV.
  13. Think of this... IF all these guru sites really do have thousands of people listening, reading, and believing every word these idiot 'gurus' say- they get to VOTE. That's frightening! I've heard over the years that people should have to take a test to vote but never backed that philosophy; however, I'm starting to lean that way now... For all, please do some real research this year before you vote- don't simply listen to the rhetoric... It's a critical election and although we may all still be here waiting for that much anticipated email concerning the revaluation, we'll definitely have a decision to make in November... do the work before you decide. Thanks- as always, go RV.
  14. Ok, I am a big believer in free speech and personal accountability and have often said that these many 'gurus' should be read for entertainment purposes only; but now I want to express my concern about the gullibility of people who seem to believe these people. All, think about it- this event has created a new income stream where someone claims 'insider knowledge, contacts, or insight' into the dinar revaluation and develops a following by proclaiming 'post RV opportunitites or daily RVs'. Ask yourself it you've been given any proof of these opportunities or do you simply receive the 'protecting my resources' blanket that seems to cover everything. Has any of the RV proclamations came true? Rhetorical questions for your considerations but.... if you're paying money for these special insights or allowing your membership to generate advertisement based on the knowledge of these 'gurus' - don't you think that you deserve hard facts like: names of banks that will participate with, perhaps, at least one document showing that a relationship exists; a name of one of these many 'high-level' contacts that can be vetted to at least establish he/she exists, they have a position where specialized knowledge is accessible, or Anything that would provide one iota of credibility for these claims. I personally think a RV will happen but don't know when; don't believe any guru has definitive sources; nor, that any have committed agreements with banks for post-cash outs. Also, I think that anyone paying a monthly fee to any site without some type of proof of understanding either has money to throw away or is too gullible to be allowed outside without an adult. Oh yes, even though I'm a believer, I'm not certain the God of creation cares about an RV and these people that keep using God or His word as a means of maintaining support for their following may be frauds. All my opinion- just something to think about. Good luck all, go RV
  15. No, sorry... it's telling me that they plan on replacing the currency and they don't mention anything about co-existance. In fact, I don't see how allowing present day currency to be valuable while adding another denomination would solve the problem of the 'size of the iraqi currency being unreasonable'. That's why it's disconcerning to me... Specific quote from the article listed below Abadi said that the size of the Iraqi currency has become unreasonable and we are not the first country in the world to replace its currency, because many countries have preceded us in this context, such as France, Turkey and others
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