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  1. After the show he put on yesterday, I have to agree ! Gung Ho ! I have been placed in a" Moderators queue " , that means that all content I submit will be approved by a " Moderator " before it will be shown .....ooooooooooH !
  2. Well, as we say in Texas " if your gonna dream , you might as well dream big " , after all everything is bigger in Texas - GO RV !
  3. Thanks Easy Good read, I think Frank watches too many old movies though !
  4. 17/05/2012 09:55 Baghdad, May 17 (aknews) – the Central Bank of Iraq charged Thursday banks except Rasheed Bank "circumvention" of percentage profit sale currency specified by the Bank, stating that the banks shifted to buyer and a vendor instead of to be an intermediary between the Central Bank and buyer for hard currency. The Iraqi Central Bank approved last Friday by a bug in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, he sought to unite between itself and the local markets at the same time denied any deterioration in the value of the Iraqi dinar. The Central Bank last week accused four nation "conspiracy" to hit Iraqi financial economics of measuring financial market to empty, stating that free trade corridors in Iraq are the means adopted for the hit the economy. Saw the dollar compared to the local currency surged during the past few days, which officials attributed to local banking companies to take additional actions in Central Bank auctions sale of hard currency. He said the Bank's Deputy Governor Mohammad appearance of news agency of Kurdistan (aknews) that "Regrettably banks except Rasheed Bank does not charge its profit rate granted by the Central Bank to sell hard currency to consumers with a $ 10 dinars." The appearance that the "banks and instead of being the link between the Central Bank of Iraq and buyer turned into final definitive vendor and purchaser and began selling foreign currency black market price to consumers." It is clear that "bankers have tricks sprains to get Commission monopoly in the economy of the country concerned", stating that "the solution lies in providing adequate foreign currency market". And local news media have reported on the growing phenomenon of smuggling hard currency from Iraq to Syria and Iran on the border and is not confirmed by the Central Bank of Iraq. And subject its nuclear programme by Iran and Syria as a result of popular protests and harsh international sanctions against the two markets to economic collapses due to poor liquidity of currency. The task of the Central Bank of Iraq in maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and foreign exchange reserves management and regulation of the banking sector. --
  5. DITTO ! , I mean really Adam I have seen you handle problems such as ( TimS ) a few weeks ago and I am quite sure you don't need any " Staff Member " threatening anyone in your behalf ! , do you ?............... Really Sad DaveH , Get a Life !...
  6. Juba - special: MP "Abdul-Hussein al-Husseini Resan" that the date of the application of the customs tariff is the first of July. A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment in the House of Representatives, "Abdul-Hussein Resan" of Al Basra (Juba) had announced determine the first of next July as the deadline for the application of tariff law, noting that he "discussed this topic at the last meeting of the Committee after it had been discussed enough during the meetings repeated with some of the official bodies and ministers. "and added that the committee had heard a lot of government officials and their support for the application of tariff law, and what happened to delay him during the previous period for more than three times was because of the absence of the mechanism needed to implement this law." said Husseini "The last meeting of the Committee with the Minister of Planning Dr. Ali Shukri, in which he explained some things, especially that there are those who are trying to delay the application of this law from the perspective of" commercial "rather than economic," noting that the final decision of the Parliament and the Economic Committee and the Government is to determine the first next July, the date for the application of tariff law., he noted, "there were opinions from some lawmakers and other parties demands to postpone the application of this law again, but the Committee in turn refused to do so as a last resort before the date of commitment by both the government and parliament."|en&
  7. I gave you a plus you on this comment ! , so hard for people to look in the mirror now days .
  8. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you !
  9. I tried to even you out Psych , don't know why someone would NEG you for apologizing for no link when Bumper removed it ! Thanks for posting , have a Great weekend +1
  10. And rightly so ........... don't you think these wonderful people that supply us with information get tired of people bashing them, some bash just because of who they are ....... so sad ! I really enjoy what Bondlady , Kaperoni , Adam have to say they keep me informed. I don't have time to search for this information they supply and I am VERY THANKFUL ! Great Post Tony + 10 for you !, Love that Bondlady.......... Thank you Bondlady for all you do for us !
  11. Not Kool ! - - - - - - GO RV ! Have a Great Friday the 13th.
  12. Sorry " K " , but Yota691 beat you to this post yesterday Thanks ! Have a Great Friday the 13th.
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