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Dan C: Hello Rodney, welcome to May I have your account number (User ID) to better assist you?

Rodney: hey Dan , do you see the Iraq dinar making a move soon next 100 days

Dan C: Unfortunately we do not offer the Iraqi Dinar, I do not have any information regarding this currency.

Rodney: will you be offering it one day

Dan C: I am unable to speculate as to whether we will offer it in the future. It would be a decision by our upper management and trade desk.

Rodney: if you don't respond i will take that as a perhaps one day you may carry x-currency

Rodney: sweet thanks

Dan C: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Rodney: no ,thanks

Dan C: Have a good day.

Dan C: Thank you for visiting. Should you have further questions or comments please log on to chat, email, call us at 1-877-FOREXGO (367-3946) or internationally at 1-908-731-0750.

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your probly the 1000th person who asked him this today.

what were you expecting.

"actually were planning on revaluing tomorrow, but keep it on the downlow. i dont wanna this information getting out....."

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I am curious as to what people believe they are going to find. It is like some search for aliens; articles here, rumors there, trying everything to prove a point to be true. It is the same thing everyday and yet I wonder when people will either realize this is not coming or absolutely not one person on the planet is going to have an advance knowledge until it happens. Do you think Adam spends his day trying to find a needle in a haystack, yet people believe they will. I myself know I have no contacts, no sources; but I do believe Adam does. I would think if he has not heard anything that tells me there is nothing to be found, which in turn tells me nothing new to report, not lets go see what I can find he may have missed.

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All i can say is thanks for the post, all the news we can get the better off we are . But its just at the piont of waiting and hopeing . Maybe one day they will get it to gather and do something even if its wrong. :(

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The only suggestoin I could offer is to just study & inform yourself by doing research in understanding values, policies, and so forth. Doing this, to a great extent, will help you maybe understand why they will do it, and you can use the data to form an opinion of possibly when.

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