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  1. My bad guys! I thought the coins not in circulation was new. Thought it was promising for things to come.
  2. Has the coins always been on there?
  3. Check it out. New currency for Iraq Think about what this means! Sorry if this was already posted! Here's the link: New Banknotes and Coins
  4. LMAO!!!! Rodney: if you don't respond i will take that as a perhaps one day you may carry x-currency Rodney: sweet thanks Nice work Rodney! Keep up the good work!
  5. I thought the cbi made a law stating they wouldn't sell more than $50 mil a day? Wtf!!!!!
  6. March 28th, 2011 10:38 am · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) BAGHDAD (Babuz): Minister of State and government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh that the Council of Ministers decided to Approval of the draft law of electronic signature and electronic transactions the auditor by the State Consultative Council and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles (61 / I and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution, taking into account the opinion of the Legal Committee at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the observations raised by the Ministers and the Council of State. Dabbagh said that the approval of the draft law on electronic signature and electronic transactions is in line with the evolution witnessed by the advancement of institutional country’s adoption of modern technology in daily business and to raise the performance of the general departments and transactions between government departments and to facilitate some of the things that overcome the administrative difficulties and shorten the time in completing transactions efficiently and within a legal framework for electronic transactions by means of modern communications and encourage the use of the Internet and information technology, development and organization of services for electronic signature and electronic transactions and keep abreast of legal developments in and adapt the legal system, traditional in line with IT systems and modern communications, where the draft law aims to give legal argument for electronic transactions and signed mail and the organization of its provisions as well as to strengthen confidence in the validity and integrity of electronic transactions. Dabbagh said that the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers proposed a draft law in view of the evolution of electronic and adopt the draft law on the work of a model law for electronic signature and electronic transactions and prepared by a specialized committee of the United Nations has been found on similar laws in some countries in this field such as law the U.S. and England, and the UAE and Jordanian and French to be drafted according to the requirements of the need for technical electronic explained the draft law is intended to electronic transactions which applications, documents and transactions by electronic means Kalojhzp, equipment, tools, electrical or magnetic or optical or electromagnetic or any similar means used to create and process information, share, store and apply the provisions of the law on electronic transactions carried out by Natural persons or legal transactions and agreed by the parties to implement them by electronic means as well as securities and electronic business. Dabbagh said that the provisions of this law do not apply to transactions relating to matters of personal status and personal materials and the establishment of wills, trust, amendment provisions and transactions relating to the disposition of immovable property and transactions to which the fee is to the law of certain formalities, where is the electronic signature is valid and issued by the site if the available means to update the identity of the site and indicate approval as stated in the electronic document, according to the agreement and take the electronic signature within the scope of civil and commercial transactions, administrative capacity, the same legal assessments for hand-written signature if it takes into account the conditions mentioned above and that the company and defined by law as a public company services the International Network for Information in the Ministry of Communications granted licenses issued export certificates after obtain the approval of the minister and determine the technical standards for electronic signature systems, monitoring and supervising the performance of actors in the field of certification and evaluation of their performance and providing technical advice to those working in the field of electronic signature certificates and certification. Al-Dabbagh that the draft law allows for practicing the activity of issuing the export certificate in accordance with a license obtained in accordance with the provisions of this legislation to take into account the company’s number of granted licenses to practice the activity of issuing the export certificate requirements are to ensure competition and openness in the selection of the licensee and determine the appropriate period for the entry into force of the license where the licensee to render and save the receipt and digital certificates using reliable mechanisms and programs for protection from counterfeiting and fraud With the possibility to keep the form in which they were created, as well as the effect of this bill on electronic contracts.
  7. Ahhhhh...... Ground hogs day continues! Step #1: Start "intel" on Friday for Monday/ Tuesday Cash in Step #2: Confirm "intel" on Saturday about cash in Monday/Tuesday Step #3: Make something up on Sunday about why the rate has to be way over $3.00 Step #4: Make up an excuse on Monday/Tuesday about a set back Step #5: Wed and Thursday get ready to repeat steps 1-4 Does this sound about right to anybody?
  8. If that's the case wouldn't that mean an RV of .01?
  9. March 21st, 2011 07:59 pm · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info) BondLady 3/21/11 evening [MisterFizz] Today at 04:48 Furat al-Shara: any increase in the price of oil will be distributed grants to people Date: Monday 21/03/2011 13:50 Baghdad (news) .. called Deputy for the National Alliance and a member of the Committee on Energy and oil-Furat al-Shara on the government to give great importance to the people of Iraq to grant money from the share of oil after the admission of the budget, stressing that any disturbance will lead to increased oil prices will be distributed as grants to the people. The House of Representatives has voted by majority to add allocations in the federal budget at an increase in income from exports of crude oil include the distribution of financial grants to all segments of the Iraqi people. Shara said in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Monday: “things that were given attention after approving the budget is to give the Iraqi people money from the share of oil away from the ration card, especially after the rise of today’s oil prices” The deputy of the National Alliance and a member of the Committee on Energy and Oil: “After having passed the budget on the basis that the price per barrel is equal to (76) dollars has been up to (100) dollars, and thus Maydav will turn to the people. He added: As far as the select part of the money will go directly to the people and the other part will be in the form of projects of interest to segments of society. / End / (12. T. M) [bondLady] do yall realise what this is [bondLady] maybe so maybe no? [ctgal] BondLady – a passed hcl [bondLady] its the HCL [bondLady] ty ct [tebtrade] Really? [bondLady] imma break this down real quick if yall would like me too [bondLady] remember when we 1st saw the budget [lissiec76] BondLady sounds a lot like HCL [bondLady] on the other site before we even had this site [bondLady] and i had said when we 1st saw a mock of the budget [bondLady] a month and a half before it ever got passed [bondLady] it said 15% of the budget goes to the people [bondLady] i said it then [bondLady] its gotta mean the hcl profits [bondLady] so we went over the budget time an time again [bondLady] and i couldnt find no other way that 15 % could be any thing other than the 4th an final part of the hcl [bondLady] disbersments of profits from the hcl that had been locked away in accounts for years [bondLady] waiting on the 4th part of the hcl to be passed [bondLady] ok i had to re read it’ [bondLady] it says exactly what i just said too [bondLady] it says exactly what i just said too [bondLady] and there going to get any thing over the 76.5 per barrel profits [bondLady] that they recieve from the oil [bondLady] now oil has been over $100 a barrel [bondLady] and it looks like its gonna be a lot higher too before it settles back down [bondLady] because of all the unrest in all the middle east [bondLady] all except for iraq there protest are completly different from the rest of the entire middle east [bondLady] iraq is protesting for jobs services money houseing elect water [bondLady] the rest of the m.e. out side of egypt is protesting there leaders [bondLady] they are tired of being slaves to there dictators [bondLady] now this article [bondLady] its saying they are useing the hcl [bondLady] and this 15% alotted to the people in grants and services [bondLady] is from the profits of the oil [bondLady] and this belongs to the people [bondLady] and now once oil gets flowing all over iraq and thats oil AND gas [bondLady] any thing over 76.5 a barrel will go to the people [bondLady] and then on top of that [bondLady] they tell them were going to be giving u a new currency too [bondLady] a new currency to them is something they dont have now [bondLady] thats the lower denominations [bondLady] the 1,5,10,25 and 100 [bondLady] shabs worked hard the last 7 or 8 yrs [bondLady] thru the cbi auctions [bondLady] pulling back in all the trillons that were printed [bondLady] when saddam was in power [bondLady] he went on a printing money spree [bondLady] and raised his own exchange rate [bondLady] so when saddam was over thrown by us [bondLady] we had to give the iraqis a new currency [bondLady] where saddams face wasnt on it [bondLady] so thus creating the new iraqi dinar we hold now [bondLady] 25,000, 10,000, 5000,500,250 and 50 [bondLady] there was no need to have any currency lower than that [bondLady] because the paper it was printed on was a whole lot more expensive that the note itself [bondLady] which a 1 wasnt nt even a penny i dont think [bondLady] so they had to wait to realease the lower denoms [bondLady] so shabs says in dec 5th 2010 [bondLady] were goin to pull the rest of the 000 notes in [bondLady] and then when we have dried them up [bondLady] we will release the lower denoms [bondLady] that it wouldn’t happen over night [bondLady] so that was on 12/5/10 [bondLady] so on 1/8/11 [bondLady] we saw articles and videos of mad iraqis [bondLady] who did not understand [bondLady] why they didnt get the 000 notes any more [bondLady] and had to only use the 500 250 and 50 to buy things with [bondLady] they were irate when they talked in the markets about it [bondLady] they didnt like holding so much paper [bondLady] so then in the last 2 weeks [bondLady] the 000 notes had dried up so much [bondLady] that the store owners and the banks and the people [bondLady] were furious [bondLady] well even the government was complaining [bondLady] the government said [bondLady] we cant buy big purchases [bondLady] we cant afford to pay our debts [bondLady] we dont have enough currency left to do the contracts and pay for the things we have [bondLady] the store owners didnt like haveing a ton of currency stacked up in boxes on the floor behind the cash registers to take to the banks [bondLady] the banks didnt have room to put so many of the 00 notes [bondLady] so they didnt want to take them either [bondLady] and the people got frustrated [bondLady] cause they just dont understand why [bondLady] not realiseing they had to dry these up in order to release the new currency [bondLady] so if u look at it like this [bondLady] no 1 wants the 50 250 and 500 [bondLady] now [bondLady] what do u think they gonna think or how would they act being given a 1 5 10 or 25 or a 100 iqd note [bondLady] it would be a civil war over this currency [bondLady] if [bondLady] they did not rv at the same time or before [bondLady] they have too [bondLady] so i know i got off topic about the hcl article [bondLady] but all these things tie together [bondLady] and they all spell rv [bondLady] so 1 of the reasons i brot up all the stuff from dec 5th 2010 [bondLady] was shabs gave the people 30 days to get used to the idea of removeing the 000 notes [bondLady] so is he also giving the people 30 days [bondLady] so they can get used to the new notes to be brot out and using this 30 days to school them [bondLady] to instruct them [bondLady] so they dont get used or taken advantage of from crooks and crooked store keepers [bondLady] the people dont realise a lot of this stuff [bondLady] there government tells them only what they want them to know [bondLady] we know more about the goings on in iraq than the iraqis do [bondLady] so they need this time to tell them [bondLady] what to expect and u will be able to buy a whole lot more with that 1 iqd [bondLady] or that 25 iqd [bondLady] they said the 25 iqd would be like the 25,000 iqd [bondLady] tellin them just because it was small [bondLady] didnt mean it wasnt big in spending [bondLady] so what if they needed 30 days this time to get them used to it like last time’ [bondLady] in the removal of the 000′s [bondLady] what if that it started with the 1st article we saw like a week ago [bondLady] what if at the same time they released the ration cards [bondLady] like they talked about on the 3/16 article [bondLady] that they gave them all the instructions about the rv and the ld’s [bondLady] like they said they were going to do [bondLady] so back to the hcl article [bondLady] the hcl is part of the budget [bondLady] the hcl is the 15% to the people [bondLady] to pass the hcl they needed a goi [bondLady] a fully seated goi [bondLady] and 200 other plus laws [bondLady] so when we see them using the budget [bondLady] that means they are using the hcl too [bondLady] and if there using the hcl [bondLady] they have a goi [bondLady] hope i helped in some understanding here and didnt confuse any 1
  10. I think its mandatory to buy more Dinars every time Okie gives us a time frame!
  11. * Okie Oil Man Chat: G.E.T. 3/10/11 March 10th, 2011 01:54 pm · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info) Mar 10 9:22 AM [janna] 8:32 AM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] good morning america and ships at sea–i am like dolly parton this morn–my cup runneth over–there are so much going on and has happened there are no place to start (but it’s all good). I am sure by now all is aware of the clarification from the us treasury regarding tax statues 988 and statue 525–that our investment being in the capitol gains has been recognized. From what i am getting the final seats of the ministrial depts are all settled –meaning–now the complete gov of iraq is formed and opens the door for shabbi to do what he stated in regards to re-valuing iraqi currency once gov is all complete.–another indication of the absolute immenence of this r/v occurring is iraq’s ascension to the w t o scheduled next wednesday. A prerequisite being–that iraq has an internationally recognized currency. Something of monumental importance that will be overlooked by those that have not been following closely the kuwait and iraq situation is that monday the emir of kuwait will be in bagdad monday–that tells us the rest of the story [OKIE_OIL_MAN] the last time the emir of kuwait was in baghdad he went home and gave the citizens of kuwait a lot of money–this time i think it will be the iraq’s that will receive the blessings–short wait time for us–i feel now through next wed will tell the tale–we are looking at the r/v right smack dab in the middle of the eyes. (okieism) [OKIE_OIL_MAN] i have it from a source in the us treasury banking committee that the usa has been working on the revisions and clarification of this rare occurrence since last september and just now felt a need to make public what needed to be clarified so we will know what to expect and how this will be handled so all dinars will be tracked and accounted for and also adding new tax payers to the system that may have in the past evaded taxes and will no longer be able to do so * DonnieR Rumor: don't promote other sites 3/10/11 March 10, 2011 01:56 pm · Posted in RUMORS (Dinar Revaluation) · Comments Off We have received word that we are very very close. It is extremely difficult at this moment to obtain any solid confirmed details as to when the RV is going to take place. We were told it’s not weeks any longer, it is hours or a few more days. Everyone needs to start preparing by contacting a CPA, Tax attorney, Financial Adviser etc. in order to cashing in a timely manner. Get busy folks, when Shabibi pushes that button I’m holding in my hand, we are off to the races and you don’t want to be left behind. Pray for the Iraqi people and our troops! Donnie Tags: no tags * CAGEtrucker Rumor: don't promote other sites 3/9/11 March 10, 2011 01:06 am · Posted in RUMORS (Dinar Revaluation) · Comments Off [CAGEtrucker] just got off skype call make your own decisions on it, treat as RUMOR if you want. Good things happened today he would not get specific but he said the visitor was the head of IMF he said it appears from all info they got from several places that we will see this on anytime from now to 3/14 and it will be in the 3/15 basket from IMF, not sure how that make sense but good news anyway. his interpretor told him the uncle in the GOI told him with the removal off all UN sanctions Iraq is ready to move forward. DO NOT shoot the messanger just sharing what I heard ok. THANKS [mikeysue4] Hawkster maybe you really are [4HisGlory] Robinredhed …ty
  12. Tell your husband to man up and continue to support the fam. It's great he sees the value of the dinar investment but he still has a responsibility. I believe the dinar will RV but he still has to make sure the family is taken care if no matter what happens. Go back to work and once it RVs then quit that fing job. Besides you will be a super hero to your fam when the RV happens. GL!
  13. Cash187


    You guys are crazy! I know the 1170 isn't new, but the .000 has never been after the 1170 on the CBI website! This has to mean a change is coming otherwise they wouldn't have put it on the website!
  14. Cash187


    It hasn't had the three 0's ever! I check the site ever night and this is the first time it has had the decimal point with zeros. First on Forex and now on CBI. They don't just add 0s for no reason!
  15. Cash187


    This could mean something! I don't think they would put a decimal point in and three 0s for nothing. Anybody else? Currency Code Sell Buy US dollar USD 1170.000 1168.000 Euro EUR 1615.653 1614.845 British pound GBP 1908.972 1908.018 Canadian dollar CAD ------ ------ Swiss franc CHF 1263.635 1263.004 Swedish krona SEK 184.543 184.450 Norwegian krone NOK 209.771 209.667 Danish krone DKK 216.695 216.586 Japanese yen JPY 14.280 14.273 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1841.065 1840.145
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