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  1. My bad guys! I thought the coins not in circulation was new. Thought it was promising for things to come.
  2. Has the coins always been on there?
  3. Check it out. New currency for Iraq Think about what this means! Sorry if this was already posted! Here's the link: New Banknotes and Coins
  4. LMAO!!!! Rodney: if you don't respond i will take that as a perhaps one day you may carry x-currency Rodney: sweet thanks Nice work Rodney! Keep up the good work!
  5. I thought the cbi made a law stating they wouldn't sell more than $50 mil a day? Wtf!!!!!
  6. March 28th, 2011 10:38 am · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) BAGHDAD (Babuz): Minister of State and government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh that the Council of Ministers decided to Approval of the draft law of electronic signature and electronic transactions the auditor by the State Consultative Council and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles (61 / I and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution, taking into account the opinion of the Legal Committee at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the observations raised by the Minister
  7. Ahhhhh...... Ground hogs day continues! Step #1: Start "intel" on Friday for Monday/ Tuesday Cash in Step #2: Confirm "intel" on Saturday about cash in Monday/Tuesday Step #3: Make something up on Sunday about why the rate has to be way over $3.00 Step #4: Make up an excuse on Monday/Tuesday about a set back Step #5: Wed and Thursday get ready to repeat steps 1-4 Does this sound about right to anybody?
  8. If that's the case wouldn't that mean an RV of .01?
  9. March 21st, 2011 07:59 pm · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info) BondLady 3/21/11 evening [MisterFizz] Today at 04:48 Furat al-Shara: any increase in the price of oil will be distributed grants to people Date: Monday 21/03/2011 13:50 Baghdad (news) .. called Deputy for the National Alliance and a member of the Committee on Energy and oil-Furat al-Shara on the government to give great importance to the people of Iraq to grant money from the share of oil after the admission of the budget, stressing that any disturbance will lead to increased oil prices will be distributed as gran
  10. I think its mandatory to buy more Dinars every time Okie gives us a time frame!
  11. * Okie Oil Man Chat: G.E.T. 3/10/11 March 10th, 2011 01:54 pm · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info) Mar 10 9:22 AM [janna] 8:32 AM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] good morning america and ships at sea–i am like dolly parton this morn–my cup runneth over–there are so much going on and has happened there are no place to start (but it’s all good). I am sure by now all is aware of the clarification from the us treasury regarding tax statues 988 and statue 525–that our investment being in the capitol gains has been recognized. From what i am getting the final seats of the ministrial depts are all set
  12. Tell your husband to man up and continue to support the fam. It's great he sees the value of the dinar investment but he still has a responsibility. I believe the dinar will RV but he still has to make sure the family is taken care if no matter what happens. Go back to work and once it RVs then quit that fing job. Besides you will be a super hero to your fam when the RV happens. GL!
  13. Cash187


    You guys are crazy! I know the 1170 isn't new, but the .000 has never been after the 1170 on the CBI website! This has to mean a change is coming otherwise they wouldn't have put it on the website!
  14. Cash187


    It hasn't had the three 0's ever! I check the site ever night and this is the first time it has had the decimal point with zeros. First on Forex and now on CBI. They don't just add 0s for no reason!
  15. Cash187


    This could mean something! I don't think they would put a decimal point in and three 0s for nothing. Anybody else? Currency Code Sell Buy US dollar USD 1170.000 1168.000 Euro EUR 1615.653 1614.845 British pound GBP 1908.972 1908.018 Canadian dollar CAD ------ ------ Swiss franc CHF 1263.635 1263.004 Swedish krona SEK 184.543 184.450 Norwegian krone NOK 209.771 209.667 Danish krone DKK 216.695 216.586 Japanese yen JPY 14.280 14.273 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1841.065 1840.145
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