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  1. Interesting - you would think that at the minimum, the UK Dinar would have provided better success. Why 'currently' sell if you won't be willing to buy back. Exchanges at an airport & a local bank do not surprise me though. I'm doing good, like to lurk from time to time. Being here daily is similar to trying to watch a pot of water hit a boil, just feels like forever w/o much change.
  2. Ya, doesn't seem like a promising coin by any means. The buy/sell gap is rather entertaining graph to read on one of their exchange sites. 100% premined was likely their biggest mistake. It doesn't encourage any miners, it doesn't do well in spreading the coins around, etc. They tried to copy previous coins with an "e-drop". What this basically is, is a large portion of coins dropped to a single or multiple entities. This has been done & has caused success (short-lived, however) for two coins, Aurora coin & Spain coin. Both of these coins were supposedly designed to give th
  3. 82-Pages? These LOP threads always get so much attention, it is really pretty sad at times. I didn't read all 82 pages, but I did try to skim through it (read mostly the first few pages). For the most part, it was TL,DR. Keep'm, you continue to bring valid opposing views or points to consider, but you seriously need to work on your delivery. Your delivery comes off more "troll-ish" than serious. It would be of my opinion, that you would not do well in a sales role. However, you are more analytical, which probably explains your technician profession. With all that said, a little voi
  4. Holding your coins in an online exchange is the equivalent of putting your money in a safe with the safe door wide open. If someone were able to get into your house, you would surely know if they were looking to steal that your safe contents would be missing/stolen. There is money to be made in cryptos. History has shown us that.... But I would recommend anyone interested to spend a lot of time learning & reading about them. Back-up your wallet, put it on a cold storage (USB, etc) and make sure your computer is always malware/virus free. Encrypt your wallet..... Most wallet featur
  5. I was shocked, but with crypto's new coins come & go. (some are lucky to stay) Max coin is 20,000,000 (sha-256 based) seems that its a close copy-cat to BTC I'm a little enstranged on why the call it "IQD" when more places in the middle east use "dinar" as what they call their money. IQD is obviously related to Iraq This could be an interesting & fun coin to mine while its new & diff is low - Speculation alone may pay out... dumber things have worked out Wonder how long until the GURUs exploit this. *SMH* you know that'll come in time
  6. I've been reading a lot of good things about dogecoin lately. They really appear to desire to get a good image associated with that community. They're known for tipping They've done a lot of donations (some big, some small) They're different in comparison to other coins as they are somewhat inflationary (although 10k block rewards for life after the 600,000th block may not seem like much) I think they're inflation % is still less than BTC They've grown rather quickly - and they're hitting media mainstream (i.e, some guy selling his house for dogecoin). Other coins don't seem to really get
  7. I know the feeling - hindsight is 20/20 I think an article circulated on DV after it topped $30 & crashed... Who would of thought even than was a great time to buy right? Mining can be a fun hobby - but it really depends on a lot of factors Low difficulties can be good (achieve coins easier) Higher block rewards (large rewards) Good balanced pool (too small of a setup vs a large pool means you're getting a small % of shares - too small of a pool and no blocks are being found) Than luck is a factor over all (finding blocks) If you have a decent setup and start mining on
  8. Well, I tried to warn you.. Hopefully you didn't lose too much... If I was you, I'd throw more at it through a legitimate exchange & recoup your losses. Doesn't seem the MtGox took a big chunk into the market value as I would have predicted. It wasn't the coins fault.... It was purely the exchange... I think most people realize that. Which is why it didn't take the beating some would have expected. That is sad & hilarious at the same time.
  9. Doesn't seem that it wants to hit that point ($400 level)... Either way, the news gives BTC a negative connotation for those not to aware of how they work. But if $500 level is as low as it'll go with recent bad news (& something of that serious nature) there is obviously a lot of support for it.
  10. No doubt - online exchange storage is not the smartest move... You should only be there for their purpose, which is a trade. Little background on MtGox, it used to be an online trading site for Magic the Gathering Cards... It later picked up BTC to trade & was sold to Mark in 2011. On a side note, if it were to hit the $100/mark, it most definitely would be worth buying up. Pretty sure the buying support of the coin won't let it fall that low. However, I'm surprised it hasn't fallen lower.
  11. I'm curious to hear from FIB, I think he put in a buy order on MtGox - hope he took my advice that it was an extreme risk.
  12. I feel sorry for those people. Some used MtGox as an online storage. Most people knew that MtGox had issues back in April of 2013 I'm surprised the value hasn't fallen much lower, given the recent news. I think the Asian market is providing a lot of support. And it also seems that a MtGox is not giving up... Who knows what the issue is... Either way, a slight blow to confidence to cryptos as a whole.. BTC has plummeted in the past and history shows that it always rebounds. Probably why they're not panic selling.
  13. Hard to mine BTC & be profitable. Script-based coins, different scenario. As listed in above scenario - you invest in an alt coin & it fails entirely to become worthless, initial investment is lost. Mining, you can switch coins.. Most miners dump their rewards quickly anyways (paying for costs, upgrades, etc). I'm thinking the concept is to transfer BTC to the machine so you can withdraw FIAT Probably pretty handy if you wanted to get cash to spend where crypto is not accepted
  14. Mining is essential to keep the block chain going. It can be a tough decision to make, but if done wisely, mining can get your initial investment & than some back. Pros/Cons Mining - you aren't set to one coin (you can switch to what is most profitable at one given time). Once your original investment is gained back, everything beyond that is profit. If cryptos were to suddenly crash in an overnight sensation... You still have computer gear you can sell off (GPUs to gamers). Cons - can't take advantage of surges in value if they present themselves (i.e., blahblah coin went up 1
  15. Strange... Trading is one thing while hoarding is another. Are you spending any of your alt coins? Are you mining at all, if so whats your setup?
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