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  1. DARN, you found us out.........(*puts collar close to mouth and says) "GO RED TEAM GO, Suspect has discovered us, cover blown."
  2. I was sent here TO PISS YOU OFF...And all who disagree with why dont you just LEAVE!!! or maybe if you dont want could just simply leave instead, or maybe you could just leave... either way....JUST LEAVE......
  3. yes, dont be negative otherwise the new people wont be fooled into buying more dinar next week. Gotta be positive, or the dinar sellers wont make money.
  4. I have meet him and he seems to be a nice guy...
  5. Even if proof were to surface, people would still call it smoke and mirrors or something of that nature. Funny I never see people ask for proof when they yell "RV TOMORROW AT $3.85" Every stinking week.
  6. Just so you know, the leader of this website, Adam Montana has even voiced his thoughts about the dinar doing a RD here is a chat portion [straightshot] you say the RD and RV could happen at same time... but rd takes months... coild you elaborate? [Adam Montana] if it doesn't pop before August 1 - I advise you all to turn off the dinar sites and take a month off [Adam Montana] Straightshot it only takes one day to ANNOUNCE the RD! That's what I mean [Adam Montana] obviously the whole process takes longer [Adam Montana] also [Adam Montana] they have to have lower denoms in place be
  7. This WHOLE post has been nothing but NEGATIVE ATTACKS on users of this forum. You may be 39 years of age, but your acting like school yard bully. Sounds like you should spend more time with your wife and children than looking into dinar related posts. How much of YOUR FAMILIES TIME did you waste in posting this Blog? You could have been outside playing ball with your kids, maybe taken your wife out on a date. This is obviously effecting you in a negative way. I fell for you I really do. You sound like a really smart guy, But posting on a blog and being as negative as you are right now reall
  8. Jaygo. why you gotta be so negitive? ????? And Bravo, I ll be waiting in line to.... didnt think to bring the okie chats with me a proof of the RV...
  9. Yup, this is IRAQ, you dont just fly here, get of the plane, and cruise around town looking for a hotel. I have to go through hell to get my entry visa, LOA. the regular person can't even get into this country.sry.
  10. hahaha, SO TRUE, I'm afraid you are preaching to the choir though... these are the same people that believe that the dinar is going to RV every day.. they are sheeple for the most part.. lol, I find it funny myself... I am not republican, or democrat I'm Leary of all politicians. they also love to preach be positive, be positive but i notice they are the quickest to hand out negative marks and bash those that disagree with them... all these CHRISTIANS acting the way they do? they need to read matt. 7 ver. 1 .... you all should know that one right... the little verse that says, "JUDGE NOT LES
  11. Iraq's economy is growing, this much is true. I wonder why the rate of exchange has not gotten better, instead it has been staying at the same 1168/1 rate for years. what it seems they are doing is they make more dinars as its value goes up to keep the exchange rate at the 1168/1 rate. they then sell the dinar to us investors in other countries. so basically they get our money interest free while we hold on to their toilet paper. and when they are ready they will RD which will screw us further simply because we will have to sell the dinars we have now back to them within a certain time frame.
  12. Im sorry, but last I heard this was a DINAR FORUM ... This means we discuss issues involving the DINAR. If you wanna talk about god, go to church. If you wanna talk politics, join your local polital party and talk about that all you want. freedom of speech is a 2-way street, what gives you or anyone else the right to slam others for their views. once again, THIS IS A DINAR FORUM, NOT A CHURCH OR POLITICAL RALLY!!!!!
  13. Why would the dealers sell their personal stash if its going to RV for way more than he is selling it for?
  14. the odd thing with this investment is the amount of novice investors. I would venture to say that for a good number of us, this is our first true investment. and with that many novice investors, etiquette is surely lack luster. I know all the obvious BS posts get on your nerves, and they do me as well. But the owner of this site has stated time and time again that he will allow people the freedom to post as they see fit( so long as it is in good taste and not offensive or racist) I for one agree with his policy... but with that comes the potential for people to post lies. The best advice I
  15. It seems alot of the "guru's" have been coming up MIA these past few days. One would think that there would be alot of opinions would be out there.
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